Friday, June 29, 2012

Syria Update: Clinton & Lavrov in St Petersburgh. Officials fail to break deadlock

Did she like the gift?

 Officials fail to break Syria deadlock

Senior officials from major powers and regional players failed on Friday to overcome differences on a plan for political transition in Syria  
Russian diplomats told Reuters after the meeting that Moscow could not agree to a political solution imposed on Syria.

China also has resisted attempts to impose solutions on Assad, but Russia is seen as the bigger obstacle to ousting him. One Western diplomat, leaving the meeting, said it was still "nine against two".  
Nine against two- Which means Russia and China are staying the course. 

Russia proposed changes on Thursday to Annan's plan for a national unity government in Syria, despite initially supporting it, but the United States, Britain and France rejected the amendments, Western diplomats said.
The suggested changes are related to Moscow's refusal to support the ouster of Assad.
Russia has not once, from anything I have ever read, supported the ouster of Assad. The Russian position, to date, has always been that Syria's leadership is the choice of the Syrian people. Their stance has always been the same. It is not about supporting Assad, it is about the Syrian people choosing.

Assad said "We will not accept any non-Syrian, non-national model, whether it comes from big countries or friendly countries. No one knows how to solve Syria's problems as well as we do"
For Assad to make this statement, very firm, very sure, suggests he has the support necessary to make just such a statement.

Russia:  International talks on the Syria conflict should pursue a formula for a political transition but must not decide whether President Bashar al-Assad is barred from a possible national unity government.

Lavrov: "We do not support and cannot support any kind of meddling from outside, the imposition of recipes. This applies to the fate of Bashar al-Assad. It, this fate, must be decided by the Syrians, the Syrian people themselves"

How the media can spin this as Lavrov supporting the removal of Assad is beyond belief ? 
Not really though, it is the main stream media . The  main stream media can turn "shit into Shinola"

What will the meeting in Geneva bring? 
Or what may go on outside of the meeting?
War? Would the Euro cup provide a distraction for the start of war?


  1. Great work as always Pen, just a quick snipe here. It seems all 8 (I think) US carriers have put to sea. See

    I’ve only watched this site for a few years but normally 5 means international tension, 6 major warning. Never seen this one before.

    I hear the Saudi’s have gone to elevated alert status a few days ago. That’s not so funny as they sub-contract so much to outsiders. This reminds me of the pre-Kuwait in 1990 but bigger. The key is to move to “forward positions”.

    We have seen every trick to use the colour of law for naked war aggression and it has failed. The pretence will have a finite limit. The war diaries are booked and all these delays will be causing internal tension for the PTB/W b***tards.

    Keep up the great work Pen. Never seen all the big tubs out before. That tells me that war is not far off and they don’t want to be in home port.

  2. Chuckyman!!

    I am so glad to see you have stopped by
    Many, many times I have thought about you while blogging away at the Syrian destabilization.

    The Saudis have gone on high alert. Yes. Also the Turks and the Israelis. The Egyptian/Israeli border is on high alert also with Egyptian Troops ostensibly on high alert due to the election...sure.

    If it's going to go, it is going to go big, from what it looks like.
    All the US carriers being out of home port is interesting
    Is this to avoid being targeted while moored

    Also and I know debka is so-so
    But this is curious? They issued a release yesterday

    "This military alert is reported Thursday by various Gulf sources, including the US military, pending a strike against Syria in two days. This report, according to which NATO forces are about to move to Turkey, is not confirmed by any official source. US forces in the Gulf are apparently on forward positions and high alert, as are Saudi Special Forces and National Guard. Israel too is reported in mobilization. Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is said to be preparing an extraordinary parliament session to authorize Syria intervention.

    The same unconfirmed sources cite Saturday as the day of the NATO attack, when in Geneva, the UN Action Group hold its first meeting to approve a transitional unity government in Damascus."

    Tomorrow besides being the meeting in Geneva, which would be ideal. is also the World Cup Soccer game "A Historic Rematch"
    Spain and Italy tomorrow

    This reminds me of the Olympic opening Georgia invades Russia, and Putin/Bush are both present at the Olympic games.

    1. ' Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is said to be preparing an extraordinary parliament session to authorize Syria intervention.'

      this would be to violate international law and commit the supreme war crime...till now theyve used violent islamic they the US regime has said to turkey invade!...

    2. 'The same unconfirmed sources cite Saturday as the day of the NATO attack, when in Geneva, the UN Action Group hold its first meeting to approve a transitional unity government in Damascus.'

      it seems those who claim the US is a instrument of imperialism and fear it as an intrusuve world govt...are right after all...why does noone inform these bozos that seeking to remove a sitting govt is NOT the role of the UN..but the people of that country....the UN continues its own self demolition under BankiL: the Man Who Mooned the UN.

      Has the UN no saner people in it at all? to challenge this abuse?

  3. Australians for Syria shared a link.
    14 hours ago
    Links to articles which challenge the UN story on the killings of civilians in Syria.

  4. Syrian Youths English
    Damascus: Marja Stores Cameras Reveals Culprits Of Justice Palace Bombing

    June 29, 2012

    Al-Intiqad website learned from informed sources that the culprits behind the terrorist bombing in the Justice Palace parking lot in Marja - Damascus will be identified through surveillance cameras of nearby commercial stores, and therefore be displayed after confirming the identities and pictures of those who placed the bombs in the cars.

    Other sources indicated that the security forces in charge clashed with an armed terrorist group in Doma- in the countryside of Damascus and killed a number of its members and confiscated different types of weapons. In Homs, Khaladiyeh, Joura Chayeh areas and Cairo Street witnessed clashes between the security forces and the rebellious terrorist groups, which lead to numerous killings among the armed terrorists and the martyrdom of a number of security forces including a Major-ranked officer.

    Moreover, a checkpoint for the security forces was assaulted in al-Sultaniyeh area that lead to a number of martyrs. Also, a civilian in al-Zahraa area was shot by a sniper and martyred.

    Sources clarified that the authorities in charge foiled rebellions' attempts to infiltrate the eastern part of al-Ghor, in an attempt to commit a massacre against the civilians.

    Source: al-Intiqad, translated and edited by

  5. Words are meaningless. In fact, when words run contrary to actions and facts on the ground, words are misleading. Bush said similar platitudes, like "the U.S. does not torture."

    I hate to be the Johnny One Note Pessimist, but I'm not buying Russia's act. Just look how chummy they are!

    1. Grerat comment, Walt.

      "Words are meaningless. In fact, when words run contrary to actions and facts on the ground, words are misleading."

      This is another common Psywar tactic, known as Duplicity - saying one thing, doing another. I think it is taught as in Poliical Science 101 at all the big elitist "schools", like Harvard and Yale, among others.

      These are all really one and the same thing - DECEPTION - just offered up to the masses (or should I say crammed down our throats?) in slightly different flavors.

    2. WWM: Russia's act? As much as you may not like to accept this, if not for Russia and China, NATO would have rolled over Syria, months ago.(With UN blessing)

      When Russia and China stood aside on Libya, it didn't take long at all. I covered some of the Libyan attack, the posts are here on the blog still. It was a matter of months.
      From obvious destabilization tactics to NATO attack blessed by the UN.

      The geopolitical moves on the world map have demonstrated American/Israeli/British(NATO) intent when it comes to both Russia and China. They will be controlled. By the World Army. The pipeline politics make that clear. The missile "defence" aimed at Russia makes that clear. The movement of military assets against China make that clear.

      Russia and China have not missed the movements

    3. Agreed.
      Here in the west, we understand that all politics is fake, fixed and nothing but a theatrical show to confuse the masses and control them.

      But for some strange reason all of the rules that apply to Europe, North America, Australia, Japan and all so called first world not apply to Russia????
      Putin, ex KGB, friend of Bush's seems to fit in with all the other scummy NWO puppets ruining their countries at the behest of globalist bankster scum.
      We see fake fights between Dems and Repubs in the USA while they really work together, we see the same in Canada and all of Europe. So a 'conflict' featuring the USA China and Russia is likely every bit as choreographed as the rest of the shit we are fed.

      I'm staying with my insane prediction that this slow dance in Syria will lead the world to the edge of WW3 just in time for the London Olympics. Add one or two strategically placed/timed nukes and everything will be in place for project blue beam.

    4. Good point Anonymous,

      And Obama just reauthorized an emergency order using the the threat of Russian nuclear material getting in the hands of terrorists.

      I don't mean to pick fights I just agree with you that it seems obvious to me that Russia is fulfilling a similar role as the American Democrat--the "good" cop.

      It's now hard for me to watch this play without heckling the actors on stage.

    5. Oops, wrong cite, this is the correct one:

    6. Good link, thanks.
      Amazing how media swine can make big stories out of trivial crap while they ignore stuff like this national state of emergency and the executive orders it frees up.

    7. Hmm, interesting.
      Another move to antagonize Russia? Why?

      " the United States is seizing assets and property owned or managed by the Russian Federation relating to nuclear items and programs tied to Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU)"

    8. "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"

      That is a law of nature.

      WWM: I am quite sure you do not wish to argue and I have no problem with your comment. I just don't agree with it, is all.

      Anonymous: To believe everything, absolutely everything is scripted is to accept defeat.

    9. Everything, absolutely everything does NOT equate to believing all political acts and deeds playing out in corporate media are scripted.
      I equate Putin and Russia to North America, Europe, Autralia and Japan as first world states with puppet political leaders serving globalism and corporatism while they sell out their own people.
      You seem vested in proving that Putin and Russia are standing up to the NATO machine and saving Syria. Perhaps.
      Or, this could be a scripted conflict. I simply follow along as events unfold, and the more I see, the less I believe that Russia and Putin are any different than the rest of us.

      Searching for truth is not accepting defeat, it is simply an attempt to best understand the situation in order to continue the good fight in the best way possible.

      If Russia turns out to be the white knight in shining armor you say it is, I will be very pleased. Those who rule the world keep us in the dark with their lies and propaganda. All of us have to attempt to discern truth from BS without being emotionally vested in our opinions and proving right or wrong to each other.

    10. "You seem vested in proving that Putin and Russia are standing up to the NATO machine and saving Syria. Perhaps."

      In your opinion and that is fine. Let me ask you these questions?

      Do you not think that Russia and China are "standing up" to NATO?

      Have they not repeatedly blocked motions at the UN?

      Have Russia or China's stance on Syria changed from the first UN security council to the last?

      Don't you think Syria would have already met the same fate as Libya?

      "White Knights"??
      There are no white knights in this scenario.
      This is about moves and counter moves.
      Russia has interests.
      China has interests
      NATO has interests.
      Do you really think their interests are the same?
      I don't.
      I don't think Russia or China have any interest in being controlled and balkanized by NATO.
      From being denied access to shipping corridors, to being denied energy access.
      Or even the ability to conduct commerce with a nation of their choosing?
      What advantage would they as nations gain from being controlled to that degree?
      What do Russia and China have to gain from accepting that mode of global control being forced upon them?

      "All of us have to attempt to discern truth from BS without being emotionally vested in our opinions and proving right or wrong to each other."

      I would agree completely.

      Are you suggesting I am emotionally vested?
      If so, you would be mistaken.
      My opinion is my opinion, it is not necessarily right or wrong. It is what I think about any given subject at any given time, based on the information I have been exposed to and what makes sense to me, based on my entire scope of experience and information

      Russia will not be a white knight and I have never said they will be.

    11. The timing and duration of the NATO assault on Syria is playing out differently than Libya, but most of us believe the end game is the same.
      The stance of China and Russia clearly are a factor, but that does not necessarily mean we can assume they are not in on the game.
      If the timing of the big crisis has been planned to coincide with the London Olympics, this 'opposition' makes sense.
      In any case the point of my last comment was that viewing Russia as an NWO team member is not accepting defeat, it is simply taking a different view of what team Russia plays for. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

    12. Your welcome Anonymous

      "If the timing of the big crisis has been planned to coincide with the London Olympics, this 'opposition' makes sense."

      How so? In your opinion?

    13. It makes sense only if the idea in my original comment is one that is worth considering.

      "I'm staying with my insane prediction that this slow dance in Syria will lead the world to the edge of WW3 just in time for the London Olympics. Add one or two strategically placed/timed nukes and everything will be in place for project blue beam."
      June 30 7:01 AM.

  6. 'The AKP hierarchy and the then prime minister Gül were in favor of letting the U.S. forces through Turkish territory. It was the opposition and some rebel backbenchers of the AKP party who voted against it:

    The AK party won a sweeping victory in the 2002 elections, which saw every party previously represented in the Grand National Assembly ejected from the chamber. In the process, it won a two-thirds majority of seats, becoming the first Turkish party in 11 years to win an outright majority. Erdoğan normally would have become prime minister, but was banned from holding any political office after a 1994 incident in which he read a poem deemed pro-Islamist by judges. As a result, Gül became prime minister. It survived the crisis over the 2003 invasion of Iraq despite a massive back bench rebellion where over a hundred AK Party MPs joined those of the opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) in parliament to prevent the government from allowing the United States to launch a Northern offensive in Iraq from Turkish territory.

    and...oh yes..,the Guardian is also a shill and football for empire..what utter frauds!

    1. That last sentence needs putting up in lights, Brian. Sadly, many well meaning people are seduced by the poison because they think it comes from a left liberal source which wouldn't distort on issues like Middle East foreign policy, would it? A nasty publication with an agenda.

    2. Hey Brian and Felix: sadly isn't almost all the msm shilling for the war agenda?
      The BBC was pretty bad, So is the CBC

  7. After seeing that Syrian video from the guys on the beach when the AA guns opened up on the Turkish F-4 I've always had a nagging doubt that they hit their target much too easily and quickly with what, I'm assuming, are rather low-tech weapons. So I found LVB's drone with remote-control self-destruct theory quite probable. However the Syrians claim to have recovered the wreckage with bullet holes in the tail and returned it to Turkey. So that seems to rule out a self-destruct drone. Just how intact was the wreckage, was it really at 1300m depth as first reported? Its quite likely I've missed something.

    Now we have a strange story that it wasn't the Syrians but the Russians who shot down the F-4:
    Syria, Turkey and Russia: The Phantom of the Stealth Fleet
    What do you all make of that then?

    1. Hmmm?
      gotta think about this one

    2. Great points Freethinker.

      I too now think the drone scenario first raised by LVB is the top theory. Why endanger a pilot when it's not needed?

      Plus, without a pilot, the drone is going to be much more able to test the limits of Syrian defenses without fear. So basically they probably just pushes and pushed until the Syrians were able to hit it. Why fake a Syrian hit on the plane when they can provoke them into doing the real thing?

      As far as the video I wondered why the guys were on the beach in the first place and why they were filming. Had the plane been flying around for a while and they were all on the beach watching? That's what I suspect. The Syrians claim it was 20 minutes or so of invasion while the Turks claim it was only seconds. It makes more sense the F4 was making repeated intrusions and the Syrians were taking shots as it approached.

      As far as the story about Russia shooting the F-4 down--I'm highly dubious and it leads me to suspect Russia is playing the controlled opposition game.

      Why won't Russia insist on seeing the plane? This would prove Turkey's aggression. By not pushing this issue I believe Russia gives away the game.

    3. Hey Freethinker: I read it again and again.
      First. Is this the video your referencing? If so I can't see a dam thing!

      It's possible of course, anything is possible.
      There seems to be some information out there, as LVB puts it that the jet was squawking Israeli codes
      LVB will have to clarify if I am using the right terminology

      So who knows?

      If Russia did shoot it down? Did they shoot it down before it got over Tartus?
      That's possible.

    4. Oh and did you see the latest, in my newest post.
      I am going to link this as a possible connection within that post

    5. Yes Penny, that's the video. I can't see anything either, but there is another video around based on this with stills purporting to show the plane as a tiny spec near the horizon. Its a crappy cell-phone video so I'm not really interested in the detail of what it shows, but the audio is clear enough and seems to indicate that the plane was shot down quite easily. Maybe just a lucky shot, maybe they have higher-tech AA guns than I'm assuming. The guys seem quite relaxed at the beginning so I infer that there was no shooting prior to the start of video.

    6. I noticed that about the video, at first it is just a day at the beach and then, it is something else entirely.

      One thing we can be sure of the shootdown was most definitely not as presented via the msm

  8. This is a link to a recent mention of the Syrian refugee preparations, it's not the report I mentioned yesterday but it's interesting none the less.

    Don't you think it's nice that all the EU foreign ministers will be in such close proximity to the 'action' over these next few months?

    LOL Penny - Did she like the gift?


    1. Hi Marie:

      I didn't think she liked the gift. When she turned around her face looked, more wicked then usual.

      This is interesting:

      Cyprus, which on 1 July will assume the rotating presidency of the European Union, is ready with its European partners to evacuate refugees from Syria, the foreign minister claims

      July 1, is that also soccer day?

  9. One last comment: The Turkish army, is equivalent to the Egyptian army.

    It is not truly controlled by the nation's leadership, the army controls the nations' leadership.

    That is something to bear in mind.

  10. I had some old posts regarding Turkey's military situation.

    If I find more, it will be posted.

    "(7) The IMF also played an important role in this regard, as Turkey has been one of its biggest clients for decades, thus enabling the West to run the country by proxy."

    From a GEAB report:

    "Turkey is a double-bridge: between East and West, but also between Black Sea and Mediterranean. Moreover, in the 21st century, a bridge will also (especially) be a pipeline (gas or oil), a field where Turkey is also a central player thanks to the Nabucco project whose key is Iran."

  11. Did she like the gift? She didn't seem exactly overjoyed - probably just as well, or the video would have made me puke. I suppose she could give the box to Bill for his cigars ;)

    From what Lavrov said it seems to be a recording of a Russian program called 'Formula of Power'. Here's a trancript. Oh oh, I think I really am going to puke.

    1. Yea, what softball questions!

      Hillary couldn't have written better questions for herself. I love how the Russians are basically asking her to run for president and she gives the typical politician answer. Yuk.