Monday, June 11, 2012

Syria: it is looking ominous

Very briefly-

There are reports that "Syrian Helicopters have fired on rebel strongholds"
The news preceding that was the "US fears another massacre"

Addressing the first  linked story. Where is the information coming from? The articles claim the information comes from the UN monitors. But, is it? Or are the UN monitors getting information from the rebels?

U.N. monitors say the Syrian government is using helicopters for air attacks against rebel strongholds, and there are fears that many civilians are trapped in besieged cities.

Exactly where the news is originating from is not being mentioned. Or intentionally omitted?
The use of helicopters gives NATO the justification to launch airstrikes. 

The second linked story- Fears another massacre. In conjunction with news of helicopters being used feels alot like were being prepped for a false flag to justify intervention


"Mr Hague said that Britain was (HAD?) training activists who were monitoring and recording atrocities, including that in Houla last month in which 108 men, women and children were killed.

Was training or had trained activists to monitor and record?? Or create and video?

Mr Hague, does not rule out intervention. Of course.

From Gulf News

Beirut: Six Syrian soldiers were killed and another 26 were buried with official ceremonies, as attacks by rebels across the country increased the pressure on President Bashar Al Assad’s army.

The soldiers died in Deir Al Zor in the country’s eastern oil-producing region, and rebel fighters also attacked a checkpoint in the village of Qusair in Homs, causing several casualties, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in an e-mailed statement on Monday. Four security personnel died when an explosive device hit their vehicle in Idlib in the north, while army helicopters attacked rebels in the city of Al Rastan, the group said. 
So, it is the Syrian Human Rights group reporting the helicopter attacks... via e-mail?

“The government is using helicopters more often now because of major losses to its tanks,” Rami Abdul Rahman, the head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a phone interview from the UK on Monday.

 Please read this for additional updates and info


  1. "UN monitors" is a source that can't be checked . . . conveniently. Because you would have to check them all and know that there weren't any more monitors lurking somewhere who might have been 'the source'. Impossible.

    "The use of helicopters gives NATO the justification to launch airstrikes."

    Yes, I can feel a "no fly zone" coming on, Pen.

    1. Plus the "UN Monitors" gives perceived authority
      People just love perceived authority figures

  2. Yesterday I heard the BFBS (British Forces) news reported that Syria is using 'unmanned drones' to target civilians! Seriously, when I heard this I just couldn't believe that they are spewing something as obviously ridiculous as this. How many countries even own drones apart from the Western military power machine? Now they want us to believe that Assad has drones!

    Naturally, it IS A LIE, because BFBS reported this only in one news bulletin (I have it on in the background most of the day) and the later bulletins just quoted 'the fear of a new massacre!

    So there was an attempt to set up the story with 'drones', which they later changed to 'helicopers' obviously because everyone knows Syria doesn't have any drones!!

    aka Marty

    P.S. Unfortuantely, the Cypriot news channels are ALL sourcing SKY news for their information on Syria - they don't have anyone in the area - my other sources are BFBS radio or the internet!

    1. Unmanned drones?
      That's a first.

      Then drones morphed into helicopters

      Way back when the destruction of Syria started I had a post up on claims that gunboats were being used in Latakia to attack the people. That fabrication originated with the "opposition" NATO goon squad. It turned out to be completely false.

      When I read this, my mind went back to that false story
      So many lies. So many lies

  3. Marie, I heard that ridiculous drone story somewhere else also - can't remember where. Unfortunately the masses are so programmed and gullible that they will either accept it or shrug and say they don't know what to believe.

    'NATO preparing vast disinformation campaign' (yet another one)
    Syrian TV, which is all foreign satellite based, is going to be hijacked and false stories inserted.
    Source at Voltairenet (slow), mirror at LandDestroyer (faster)

  4. Hey Freethinker

    "NATO preparing vast disinfo campaign"

    How many has that been?
    Shall check that out!

  5. is there such a thing as a manned drone? the US is full of drones....

    1. "is there such a thing as a manned drone?"
      Hillary Clinton...

      They're a bit small for people but considering their weapon weight capacity, they have the muscle.
      Drone implies unmanned.

  6. great system,...USrael ship in armed jihadis who want to die for allah! let these fools reduce the syrian peoples defences...then there are fewer to stand up to US NATO forces invasion

  7. Islam as a religion of peae and compassion is being slaughtered by the jihadis in libya and syria....and no surprise that behind the islamic terrorists lie the US and their phony war on terror and israel

  8. Great posts sister..i also saw one of your articles at alethonews..nice going..stop by my blog.and check out first link...think you will like it..

  9. Ominous indeed.

    SANA reports that 2 bus-loads of passengers have been kidnapped near Homs.

    Two very bleak articles from Syrian News today-
    Creeping betrayal and a weak leadership?
    About massacres, weapons arsenals and abused children

    Syria issued a 24hr ultimatum to the terrorists 2 days ago. Do they have the resolve to go through with it? Will Russia support them? Clearly Syria can't get aggressive without the agreement of the Russians.

    Russia meanwhile prevaricates by trying to pull Iran into a new Russian peace plan which has zero probability of being accepted by USrael. What is Russia's game?

    1. I should have read this first: Russian Warning Shots - Voltairnet

      "In Turkey, opposition legislators have visited the Syrian refugee camps. They have confirmed the absence of more than one thousand refugees registered by the United Nations in the main camp and noted, by contrast, the presence of an arsenal in the camp. They have also demanded in Parliament that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan reveal the rising amount of humanitarian aid being given to phantom refugees. The deputies maintain that the refugee camp is a cover for a secret military operation, sheltering in reality combatants, principally Libyans who are using it as a rear base. The deputies are asserting that the combatants are those who were introduced in the district of Houla when the massacre was being perpetrated.
      Colonel Vadim Koval, spokesman of the Strategic Missile Troops of the Russian Federation (RSVN) confirmed the test of a Topol—launched from a silo near the Caspian Sea, but has not confirmed that of the Bulava from a submarine in the Mediterranean. But the firing was observed from all over the Near East, Israel and Armenia and there is no other known armament that leaves similar tracings in the sky [9].

      The message is clear : Moscow is ready for world war if NATO and the GCC do not comply with the international obligations as defined in the Annan Plan and persist in aiding terrorism.

      According to our sources, this this shot across the bow was coordinated with the Syrian authorities. Moscow equally had encouraged Damascus to liquidate the Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr once the authority of President al-Assad was confirmed by constitutional referendum, as it also encouraged the president to wipe out mercenary groups present in the country as soon as the new Parliament and new Prime Minister were installed. The order was given to move from a defensive strategy to offensive action to protect the population from terrorism. The national army moved to attack the strongholds of the Free "Syrian" Army. The combat in the coming days is going to be difficult, all the more so in that the mercenaries possess mortars, anti-tank missiles and, as from now, surface to air missiles."

    2. Bring it on. Better the world die than live under zioUS tyranny.

  10. USUK special forces operating in Syria are committing atrocities.

    That report came from an "activist."

    Now, propagate it.

  11. Here come the rape camps, acid mines, refrigerated body storage trucks, etc., etc., etc.

    I hear tell there's even been some rich men spit on.

  12. Hey all
    please check out the latest post, I updated it and IMO the story is urgent

    Someone blocked UN access to the town Washington has been suggesting will have a massacre

    I have updated yet again
    Apologies for non response to above comments..
    I am concerned about news out of Haffa and am paying attention to it