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Turkey deploys Anti-aircraft Units Along Syrian Border

Turkey Deploys Antiaircraft Units Along Syrian Border

That was the headline the NYT's initially had up. Now it's changed. Was it giving to much away?
Interesting paragraph in the article:

"Rebels initially sought to present that attack’s perpetrators as a defecting unit of the elite Republican Guard assigned to the television station, but local residents told journalists that the only guards there were local security guards, not military units. The attack on the Republican Guard base earlier in the week was described by the rebels themselves as only a probe by a small unit of fighters.

 Can you imagine the rebels fabricating something? Anything? Lots of things?

Also interesting, while the meeting is going in Geneva, there is another meeting going on this weekend in Cairo, Egypt. 

 All of Syria’s non-government opposition forces are expected to come together at a meeting convened by the Arab League in Cairo on Sunday. That such a gathering is happening for the first time in the 16-month-long uprising is telling. 

Yes, it is. Very telling. Anyone still think the elections in Egypt were legit?

Regarding the Putin visit to Israel  

 Iran, Syria, And A Red Carpet: What Was Vladimir Putin Doing In Israel?

 Indeed, the two sides couldn't find a common position on the threat of a nuclear Iran.  Netanyahu urged Russia to call for tougher sanctions on Iran and to demand that Tehran stop its nuclear enrichment program. Israel, the United States and a number of Western countries believe (there is that "belief" thing again, not fact, not truth, just belief)Iran is attempting to build nuclear weapons. (While Iran says its nuclear program is solely for peaceful purposes, Israel has threatened a military strike if Iran refuses to stop enriching uranium.)

Putin's response was that he saw negotiations as the only solution, and that it was "unacceptable to think of mutual destruction" ...( I don't know what the rest of the quote is but what follows is not it, and is Israeli spin) as would result from a nuclear conflict between Israel and Iran.

Progress wasn't forthcoming on the other point of contention, Syria. Russia has supplied arms to the embattled Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, while Israel has called for him to step down.

"Russia today is aspiring to re-emergence as an international power and it is interested in stability. [It] wants to do business and it is not in Russia's interest that there be chaos in Russia's former client states," said Dekel Chen.

Golan noted that the Russian-Israeli couple is not alone: There is a third partner in the room, and that's America. "The Russians are in a political competition with the United States, and one of the things that motivate the Russians is to maintain a relationship with Syria and Iran because that gives them a standing vis-a-vis the United States," she said.

Re: the quote from Putin

"Putin stressed that all disputes should be resolved on the basis of international law. “We think it is unacceptable according to international law to think of mutual destruction, regardless of who is voicing such threats,” he said in comments translated into Hebrew"

Who is voicing those threats?


 CIA arms Islamic rebels, Syria downs Turkish warplane - June, 2012
This blogger has some interesting commentary. I will just quote a bit and hope you read the rest.

 "Even before these latest incidents, Syria had begun reporting increasing number of military loses to better armed Islamic rebels. It's clear that Western powers and allied Turco-Islamic interests are now pushing the envelope in the Levant. I personally think it's a time concern for them. It was clear last year that the West sought armed intervention in Syria by this spring. They were planning on a Libyan scenario. What Western powers may not have anticipated, however, was the steadfast resistance it has been shown by Moscow.

Let's call it as is, had it not been for direct threats by Moscow, had it not been for Russian arms shipments to Syria, I have no doubt NATO forces would have been operating inside Syrian territory by now.The primary difference between Syria and Libya has been the Russian factor. Thus far, it has been the provisions of Russian made anti-ship and anti-aircraft missile batteries and the willingness of Assad's forces to use them is what's keeping Syria's enemies off of Syrian territory. Once the cradle of Arab nationalism, Syria has become a victim of Arab treachery and stupidity. Arabs remain amongst the world's most easily manipulated and sacrificed sheeples Libya and Syria are glaring examples of who the leadership of Sunni Arab states throughout the Arabian peninsula and North Africa serve. Recent events also prove beyond any doubt that "Al-Qaeda" is the Islamic paramilitary wing of Western intelligence agencies. There should no longer be any doubt about this.The Western alliance has turned the stomping grounds of Mohammad into a stinking brothel and it has done so with the willing participation of brain-dead Sunni Arabs.

Needless to say, much is now dependent on Moscow. How far will Moscow go if NATO and its regional allies up-the-ante by invading Syria? Will Kremlin officials decide to go to war in defense of Syria as it has been suggested by some Russian officials or will they continue supporting Damascus from the sidelines? How will Moscow respond if Russian interests in Syria get attacked?  If NATO invades Syria will Moscow react by moving military units into Georgia? If Damascus is facing an imminent NATO military intervention will Iran respond by sending military units into Syria? What will Iraq's Shiite majority government react to all this? Will renewed fighting flareup between Israel and Lebanon's Hezbollah? What role will Kurds play? What role will Sunni Arab dictatorships throughout the Arabian peninsula play?

In light of this comment "If NATO invades Syria will Moscow react by moving military units into Georgia? " I am relinking this-  Georgia’s Parliament moves from Tiblisi to Kutaisi

 Now, even more reading


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    Bear with it

  2. Here are my problems with the analysis:

    1. Russia has been decreasing the number of arms it sells Syria, right? I can't find it now but I saw the numbers have dramatically decreased. Russia should be increasing its arms supplies if it wanted to help with the defense.

    2. Russia also took a similarly weak position diplomatically. Russia implied future arms deals will be less likely and insisted it was only following through on existing contracts. Why take this minimalist position? Why not say they have every right to arm their allies in the region from attack, just as the U.S. would arm Israel from attack.

    Now, the little hint about mutual destruction in interesting . . . to keep my cynical hat on for a moment, is this carrot that's being dangled to Iran? That Russia might consider an attack on Iran to be something to go to war over?

    1. Or, is Russia saying Iran has nuclear arms capabilities?

    2. Hi WWM:
      Your right Russia had decreased it's weapons shipments. For some time now. Long before the destabilization campaign had begun. I have seen that myself.
      And dam it is the one thing I wish I would have saved.

      I have my own theory on that.

      As for the mutual destruction part? No real knowing what he actually said unless the entire quote can be found.

      He did make clear to Israel that he saw negotiation as the only way.

      The mutual destruction doesn't have to be nuclear, conventional warfare can do plenty of damage

    3. WWM......I found the quote from Putin, the whole quote.

      I would suggest it was aimed at Israel

    4. Oops, should have said it's added to the post!


    The NYT merely a leak to bring the covert into the semi overt?

    Remember this story about Syrian commandos captured?

    1. could be, could be.

      I saw there was another report that had anti-aircraft and troops moving.

      They may have moved into place before the plane shoot down.

      Entirely possible

    2. Saudi Arabia's military was put on high alert on June 27 per the King's order:

  4. What I found very interesting about the other bloggers commentary..

    To much to get into but the bit about Georgia

    "If NATO invades Syria will Moscow react by moving military units into Georgia?"

    I had that post up on Georgia making this weird move of their entire Parliament. One of the reasons for this, and of course this was speculation, was exactly what the blogger is claiming is possible.

    I am going to add it to the post
    and quote this tidbit from there

    "When we take a look at a map of Georgia and surrounding area. We notice the most direct route to Syria or Iran, across land, is through eastern Georgia. Is this a reason for concern?

    If any of the Georgians are about....??? Kaspi?

  5. Here's another good one from Scott Taylor. I wonder if he's heading over there soon? He was on the ground during the farce...sorry, I meant "stunning NATO liberation" of Libya. :)

    1. "NATO aircraft, ably led by Canada’s own highly decorated Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, bombed the bejeezus out of Libyan targets without suffering a single casualty."

      How many civilians killed? Oh never mind.

      Allied leaders, including Prime Minister Harper, cheered the demise of a tyrant when Gaddafi was captured, beaten, sodomized, and executed in cold blood by a mob of rebels. True to a Hollywood-style script....

      Like so much of the war making today, all presented "holly wood style"

      good guys and bad guys- one dimensional characters
      black and white
      keeping it simple for all the stupids-sigh

      I had an article about the Canadian plans to put boots on the ground.

      Morons- after the kick in the face from the Pentagon over Afghanistan?

      I am sure Canadians will lay down and die for the one world order.

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  7. The black flags of Khorasan are coming to free the holy land from the hands of the false jews. The murdering of Palestinian children by zionists is going to end soon. This army cannot be bribed or intimidated or co-opted so USrael/NATO is powerless to stop it.

    In any war it is always those who are most morally right that are willing to fight harder and who are victorious in the end.

    Is Rothschild's USrael/NATO morally right any longer? Are they not fighting wars of aggression for economic gain?

    There is your answer.

    And sitting out here in the Western blogosphere I can see clearly Rothschild's attempt to conquer the world is now coming to an end. The synagogue of satan is being defeated. Nothing you or I can write or say or do is going to alter that result.

    1. "In any war it is always those who are most morally right that are willing to fight harder and who are victorious in the end."

      Sun Tzu

  8. FYI

    1. It's not online yet, but when it is I will post the link to today's Cyprus Weekly article...

      Cyprus preparing for influx of Syrian refugees creates 'Project Focus'! Logistic planning of what is seen to be the next refugee challenge for the island.

      Sounds ominous don't you think?

      aka Marty

    2. Thanks Brian


      Project Focus?
      How much longer till the Olympics begin?