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Syria: Machinations, Assassinations & the messy canvas that benefits Israel

Were going to peruse a gamut of topics- So were going long, but, there is much worth reading.
Of course, primary is Syria. And, everything that surrounds that situation!
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The reported death of Bandar Bin Sultan better known as Bandar Bush.
Thanks Gallier and Egoigwe , news originated with Voltaire Network

Refresh yourself here

Bandar had just been appointed head of Saudi Intelligence and then he is reported to have been killed.
The timing of this all seems odd. So, is he dead? He could be. What also seems possible? In order to do his dirty work and bring Syria to ruin, Prince Bandar Bush may have had to go very very covert? And, what better way to do this then to die.

One thought that did cross my mind regarding the news of the Prince's death.
How connected is the death of the Prince to the death of Omar Suleiman?

Powerful Egypt Spy Chief, Dies. On  July 19/2012. Then just 7 days later  on July 26/12 Prince Bandar is dead?
"There had been no public reports that Mr. Suleiman was ailing or that he had gone to the United States for medical care, so the news of his death came as a surprise." Yes, it did.

Suleiman and his ties to the CIA, like Prince Bandar, are simply legendary.

Suleiman: “That he died in the United States was, to his Egyptian critics, emblematic of his close ties with the C.I.A.”
Bandar: “The CIA's man in Riyadh”

On to Iran.

Anonymous left this " Irans Revolutionary Guard behind embassy attack in India 
and queried-" Timing?"
Thanks Anonymous, whoever you are! As for the timing?  All the better to scapegoat Iran.

Flashback Alert!

 Feb 13/12 Israeli envoy "targeted" in India and Georgia. UPDATED 

Feb 14/12- Who benefits from the alleged bomb attack in India?

Stating the obvious- Turkey’s Parliament Member: Hatay Province is a hub for Mossad

 A member of Turkey’s parliament says the country’s Hatay Province on the border with Syria has become a hub for CIA and Mossad spies moving into Syria.
The legislator of the Republican People’s Party, Refik Er-Yilmaz, said that thousands of CIA and Mossad agents are currently in the province and are moving freely in the area, Turkish media reported.

Turkish police remain mute spectators as the spies carry various types of identification, Er-Yimaz said.

He also accused the authorities of allowing American and Israeli troopers on Turkish soil without any approval from the parliament.

Er-Yilmaz’s comments came after the deputy of the Republican People’s Party, Osman Faruk Logoglu, on Monday blamed Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party for fomenting the unrest in Syria.

Logoglu criticized the Turkish government for aggravating the situation by sending military forces and vehicles towards the Syrian border.

Two Italian Technicians held in Syria - released!
Good news for their families. Curious?

“It is not yet clear who kidnapped Cantari, 64, and Tedeschi, 36. A group of relatives including Cantari's wife and son were at the airport to welcome them.”

What is clear is that it was not the Syrian Army or anyone affiliated with the Syrian government, or the media would have been sure to “report” that.
The SANA news agency in Syria reported Friday that the men were seized by an armed terrorist group and freed by Syrian troops in the province of Damascus.
That makes sense.

Aleppo’s Christians arm against Islamists- sigh...

Let us hope that Syrians who have been neighbours for years do not turn one against the other. If this happens then the corrupting NATO powers win.  I shudder at the thought.

NATO's terrorists and mercenaries from above article

“As evidence mounts that foreign Islamists (TERRORISTS) are fighting alongside Syria’s increasingly radicalized rebels,(allegedly)  Christians in Aleppo and elsewhere are taking up arms, often supplied by the regime.(Often supplied by the regime?)

I don't know if that is accurate or supposition to create the perception of sectarian conflict being created by Assad.

The headline of this article is as follows: Syria's Muslim Brotherhood waiting in the wings
Not being one to skim headlines.. I quickly notice the contents contradict the attention grabbing headline

Though the Muslim Brotherhood has reemerged as a major political force since the turmoil in Syria began in March 2011, no one can say for certain just how popular it is within the country, said Syria expert Thomas Pierret.

"You can't reconstruct a popular base within a year's time - from abroad," said Pierret, a lecturer in contemporary Islam at the University of Edinburgh and author of the upcoming book "Religion and State in Syria."

"This is a movement in exile that has not had any activity within Syria for over 30 years," Pierret told DW "It is difficult to prove how powerful they are since they have been operating underground.
Therefore, it is NATO's "muslim brotherhood" waiting in the wings.

Last but not least, certainly not least, a gem just waiting to shine! Don't miss this or you will regret it!!! Syria’s messy canvas
It’s written by Eric Margolis.  Far better then usual and that’s why it getting posted. Guaranteed this opinion would never be published in the western main stream media. (Correct me If wrong!) He makes absolutely clear Israel is the biggest beneficiary of the ruin of Syria. Something we all knew or should know!

He starts out by clarifying all the noise about chemical weapons..

In the kind of urban warfare now going on in Syria, chemical weapons would have little use. Far more effective and deadly would be the thermobaric fuel air explosives employed by Russia, US, and Israel that rip apart the lungs of soldiers fighting from cover in ruined buildings or bunkers. Israel has the Mideast’s largest arsenal of chemical and biological weapons.

Israel’s military establishment and rightwing parties have made no secret of their yearning for revenge against Hezbollah, which inflicted a sharp defeat on Israel’s army in southern Lebanon in 2006. Nor have Israel’s expansionist rightists given up the ambition of former leader Ariel Sharon (who remains alive but in deep coma) of turning Lebanon into an Israeli protectorate ruled by Maronite Christian rightists.

Israeli officials also threatened to occupy what’s left of Syria’s Golan Heights to supposedly prevent them from turning into a “terrorist haven.”  Today, Israeli heavy artillery on Golan is only 30 km from Damascus.

Is Washington giving Israel a green light to attack Syria as a consolation prize for delaying an attack against Iran? Certainly, overthrowing the Assad government has become an obsession in Washington. The road to Teheran runs through Damascus, chant US neo-conservatives and many bellicose Republicans.

Further raising the temperature, Turkey is threatening to occupy a heavily Kurdish chunk of northern Syria which it claims is being used to launch attacks into Turkey. Why Turkey is thinking about acquiring more rebellious Kurds when it can’t handle its own remains unclear. But formerly neutral Turkey is getting more deeply involved each day in Syria.  Ankara’s machinations in Syria threaten to undo the success of its previous “no problems” policy with its neighbours.

The US, France, Turkey and Israel have all finalised plans for attacking Syria.  The biggest winner in such a scenario would be Israel, as it was in the US war against Iraq.  Sending Syria into turmoil would eliminate the most important supporter of the Palestinians resistance, cut off Hezbollah, leave it vulnerable to a final assault, isolate Iran, and cement Israel’s annexation of Syria’s Golan Heights

Thank You . Thank You. 
Via the western msm we are always informed that we should believe Israel prefers stability.
Bullbiscuits!! Horsefeathers!!
It has been said here, on multiple occasions, Israel is the biggest beneficiary of all the destabilization in the Middle East. Clearly!!

James Holmes: Dr Jimmy or Mr Jim ?

The man and the contradictions.
The brilliant student. Recipient of NIH grant given to outstanding neuroscientists
Or tormented psychiatric patient?
Or, something else entirely? Thanks Marie! Don't miss the priceless little audio clip there.

 Dr. Jimmy or Mr Jim?

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The "impending massacre" meme precedes yet another UN Security Council meeting

I had a very different post planned for today. However, Tozz had left a comment here that seemed to be needing of some following up or clarification. Or whatever I can dig up?

Here is a part of the comment

Tozz: Yesterday Al-Arabiya tv (which is an anti-regime channel as you know) CONFIRMED that the regime will use the Chemical weapons SPECIFICALLY in Aleppo, also CONFIRMED that there will be a massacre TODAY or TOMORROW!!!

What's can you say about that.??

The main area at this moment is Saladin, most of its population migrated to other areas. There's great number of the rebels in it now, and the violent clashes started from 5 hours ago.

Ok, let's talk a chemical weapons attack. Since the rebels have invaded portions of Aleppo with the help of Turkey, no doubt. Turkey was instrumental in bringing down Libya. Turkey was instrumental in filling Syria full of Libyan terrorists.  Turkey has most likely aided or assisted in accessing chemical weapons from Libya, and guiding them into the hands of the NATO backed Al Quaeda terrorists.

The western main stream media has been spinning chemical weapons for a good while now.
On Friday (July 27/12) we had the UN chief urging Syria not to use chemical weapons under any circumstances

I had left this link for Tozz,  Syrians: NATO-backed Militants Seen Donning Gas Masks
Just in case anyone else had missed it?

I had covered the presence of Libyan fighters and weapons coming into Syria way back November 2011
That's when we first meet the AVAAZ "hero" Wissam Tariff Libya to Syria : Guns for Human rights


 "The Telegraph has also learned that preliminary discussions about arms supplies took place when members of the Turkish-based Syrian National Council [SNC] — the country's main opposition movement — visited Libya earlier this month.

"The Libyans are offering money, training and weapons to the Syrian National Council," added Wissam Tariff, a human rights campaigner with links to the SNC.

Turkey has dirty hands in this matter. They have been aiding the rebels to commit any and every atrocity imaginable against the Syrian people. Keeping that in mind. It is not a stretch to suspect Turkey will aid the NATO terrorists in bringing a chemical attack to bear on the Syrians

The Saladin neighbourhood Tozz mentioned appears to be a real hotspot- Filled with rebels, empty of fleeing residents- Bahrain news

"According to London-based Syrian Human Rights Observatory helicopters partook in clashes at the gateway of Saladin neighborhood and bombarded the neighborhood, pointing out that violent assaults are going on between regime forces and opposition forces at the entrance of Al-Sakhoor neighborhood.

From my reading through this area is a crucial highway to Damascus- If mistaken, feel free to correct?

Aleppo itself is crucial to the NATO rebels- If it falls to the terrorist crowd? ????
There is a Citadel located in Aleppo. Built upon a hill. If the terrorists take the Citadel they can rain misery down on the Syrians

Aleppo Citadel:

You can see the Citadel, sitting high over the city in the picture below


 As noted, on so many occasions, everytime the NATO nations hold a "get together. That could be  a "friends" meeting or another UN Security council meeting we get via the main stream media, a defection, a massacre or both.

France is going to take this all back to the UN. The first I had seen of this news was earlier this am.

France to call UN Security Council meet on Syria

France, which is taking over the UN Security Council's rotating presidency in August, will call an emergency ministerial meeting on Syria, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius said on Monday. 

Fabius told French radio station RTL he would chair the meeting himself and that it had to be held urgently to stop President Bashar Al-Assad's regime carrying out further massacres in Syria.  

Fabius also expressed fears of a massacre in Syria's most populous city Aleppo.

The massacre narrative has been well played through out the media. Like a virus, the meme "massacre impending in Aleppo", has been spread and is infecting brains the world over.

As always ask yourself, who will benefit from such an attack? 

It won't be the Syrian people, the Syrian Army or the Syrian government. Any massacre that occurs now will play into the hands of NATO and Syria's western destabilizers.

Update: Syria is declaring victory after capturing key Aleppo district 

Syrian troops said they had recaptured a district of Syria's largest city Aleppo
Rebel fighters, patrolling opposition districts in flat-bed trucks flying green-white-and-black "independence" flags, said they were holding off Assad's forces in Salaheddine. However, the government said it had pushed them out.

"Complete control of Salaheddine has been (won back) from those mercenary gunmen," an unidentified military officer told Syrian state television late on Sunday. "In a few days safety and security will return to the city of Aleppo."

I am unsure if this is the same area Tozz was referencing?

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Israel's attack on Iran "Preparing for a war by surprise"

A rather interesting article-
Worth reading entirely.
Israel will need to find a way to quietly place the IDF on high alert before an attack on Iran.

On Saturday December 27, 2008, Col. Ofer Levy, then deputy commander of the Givati Brigade, was out for lunch when he received a phone call informing him that Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip had begun.
Brig.-Gen. Herzi Halevy, the commander during the operation of the Paratroopers Brigade, was at home with his family when he received a similar call about the extensive air strikes the Israel Air Force had just carried out against Hamas targets scattered throughout Gaza.

Why weren’t they at their bases preparing for the operation that would see them a week later inside Gaza in the largest ground invasion since Israel’s withdrawal in 2005? The answer is simple; They didn’t know that the operation would be beginning that Saturday.

The reason for the high level of secrecy ahead of the operation was obvious: the IDF wanted to draw Hamas out from its underground hideouts to be able to hit as many operatives and command posts as possible in the opening series of air strikes, a mission referred to as “Birds of Prey.”
This meant keeping the operation a secret even from the brigade commanders who would be leading troops into Gaza just a few days later.
That's the background narrative. How does that relate to the present?

"When considering possible Israeli military action against Iran, two challenges frequently overlooked are how to launch such a mission without the entire world finding out beforehand.......
  and how to ensure that the IDF is prepared for the war that will ensue without letting out that the war is coming.

In the Iranian case this applies mostly to the Northern Command, which would be expected to wage war against Hezbollah in Lebanon if the guerrilla group decides to attack Israel following a strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, as Israel expects it will. The forces would need to be on alert and at a high level of readiness to be able to move into Lebanon and begin working to reduce the rocket fire into the Israeli home front.
But how can they do that if they do not know that a strike against Iran is taking place, let alone a war they will be called to fight in?

When comparing a possible strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities to the bombing of Syria’s reactor in 2007, there are some similarities but also major differences. The main difference is that very few people knew about the existence of Syria’s reactor – including top Syrian officials – let alone about Israeli plans to bomb it. This meant that when Israel finally carried out the bombing it had both strategic and tactical surprise.
With Iran, this would not be the case. Israeli political and military leaders say every few weeks that the IDF has a credible and viable military option that could be used to destroy and set back Iran’s nuclear program. Just this Wednesday, Defense Minister Ehud Barak – in some of the strongest remarks he has ever made on the issue – said that Israel was better off bombing Iran than living with an Iranian bomb.
This means that all that is left for Israel is tactical surprise regarding if, how and when it will carry out such a strike.
When it came to Syria’s reactor, the IDF not only needed to prepare for the strike itself but also needed to invent an excuse why war with Syria was possible. (interesting? The IDF needed to invent an excuse to strike Syria, hence a non-existent reactor narrative)
By way of deception?

Very few IDF officers knew what was happening, which made the invention all the more genuine.
That is how the IDF discovered the English word “miscalculation,” which senior officers repeated often throughout the spring and summer of 2007.
They were referring to a misunderstanding that could occur between Israeli and Syrian military commanders stationed along the border that could then evolve into an allout war.
President Bashar Assad, the IDF explained, was questioning the IDF’s strength and capabilities following its poor showing during the Second Lebanon War the previous summer.
Due to the potential for conflict, these officers explained, the IDF needed to ramp up training and beef up its troops on the Golan Heights.
The problem was that in Israel, people had difficulty believing that the Syrians would actually attack Israel due to the obvious advantage the IDF had over the Syrian military.
The IDF explained that the Syrians had learned the lessons of the Second Lebanon War the year before and that even though they were lacking the military capability to defeat the IDF and capture Israeli territory, they had developed a new strategy based on some of Hezbollah’s tactics used successfully against the IDF.

Creating a phony narrative via a compliant media

The IDF made sure to pump the Israeli media full of stories about Syria’s new Hezbollah-style antitank units, which even rode on motorbikes like their Lebanese counterparts. Reporters were then told about Syria’s investment in constructing underground defense and tunnel systems like Hezbollah’s infamous nature reserves to replace the famous Syrian pitas – small, pitashaped defensive positions they had constructed atop little hills along the border in previous decades.
The stories did the job and the IDF began to prepare seriously for a potential war with Syria. By the time Israel bombed Syria’s al-Kibar nuclear reactor on September 6, the country was completely poised for war.

How familiar does that all sound?

Spin for an attack on Iran

For Israel, the question now is how to reenact the success of 2007. Most of the work on this is being led by Military Intelligence’s Information Security Department.
One way may be to use the current volatile situation in Syria – and specifically fears over the possible proliferation of its chemical weapons – as the pretext for why the IDF needs to be on alert at all times along the northern front. Then, when the military is prepared, Israel will attack Iran.
The other option is to simply place the military on high alert – even for a period of several months – and to explain that it is being done due to the possibility that Israel will attack Iran.
The advantage in this case is that by placing the military on high alert, Israel will get the world’s attention and possibly create pressure leading to the imposition of new sanctions. Putting the military on high alert might also get the Iranians scared to the point that they will finally believe Israel is serious about using military action and suspend their enrichment of uranium.
The problem with this option is that keeping a military on a protracted high state of alert comes at a price. It is expensive, soldiers will complain that they are not allowed furloughs and it will affect the military’s overall training program, which will need to be suspended.
No matter which option Israel chooses, the most difficult part appears to still lie ahead: a decision on whether or not it should attack Iran. In recent weeks, the political establishment has been rampant with rumors about how Barak is trying to persuade Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu about the need for an attack and vice versa. In the army, senior officers walk around with gloomy faces, as if war is inevitable.
Barak’s comments Wednesday night at the graduation ceremony for the IDF’s National Defense College about the need for an attack against Iran are a clear break from the quiet that had overtaken the government in recent months with regard to Iran. Speaking at the same ceremony by video, Netanyahu also spoke about how the best defense when facing a missile threat, like Israel does, is the ability to attack.
The political zigzag this week involving Netanyahu’s attempt to split Shaul Mofaz’s Kadima Party as well as Tzachi Hanegbi’s return to Likud and the government add to the confusion. On the one hand, if Israel was preparing an attack against Iran in the near future, how could Mofaz leave the government at such a critical time? On the other hand, why did he hint that Netanyahu’s decision to take Hanegbi into the government was part of a scheme to create a majority in a cabinet vote on a strike? (as mentioned in the previous post!)
 Flashback: " Netanyahu managed to initially win over only four Kadima Party lawmakers, leaving him with a relatively fragile majority at first, from my reading presently,  it looks as if that has gotten up to seven Kadima Party lawmakers on board." As explained Netanyahu has his majority.

Barak, in his remarks, went even further, admitting that Israel and the United States view the threat differently and according to different timetables. Israel, he hinted, is limited in its capabilities and therefore cannot wait as long as the Americans, who could still attack and destroy Iran’s facilities even once they have been fortified and moved deeper underground.
At the end of the day, though, Barak stressed, Israel will decide what to do based on its own national interests. For the time being, this sense of urgency is mostly on the verbal level. Once it starts to take a physical form, it will probably be the right time to begin cleaning out the bomb shelters.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Israeli/Turkish "Kiss off" results in Syrian attack with Olympic spirit?

There have been reports of fighting near Syria’s business centre and 2nd largest city, Aleppo.

Location, location, location

We are speaking of Northern Syria today. Turkey is making lots of noise about threats from Northern Syria involving the Kurds. The Kurds have been mentioned countless times here, don’t worry no flashbacks coming. Just the latest.
Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday Turkey could act against a “terrorist” organisation in northern Syria if it sees it as a threat, in a warning to Kurdish militants believed to be active in the region.

 Erdogan believes Kurdish militants are in the area? If they are???? Then they have to be with the Turkish backed FSA!!! So the alleged Kurdish threat that Mr Erdogan “believes” is kind of, no, it is incredibly lame. When it comes down to reality vs some “claim” keep it mind that incredibly lame and highly questionable claims can be woven into a credible narrative that can be used to justify the intervention Turkey has been working towards for a very long time now.
Additional propaganda promoting a war making agenda comes from the Telegraph, promoted by Michael Weiss. Who this man is and his affiliations, have been covered previously, I won’t bore you all yet again “An interview with an insider” You gotta love that kind of spin!

Concluding the Turkish angle: We have to act against the Kurdish terrorists in Syria

Now let us take this from the Israeli angle-

Israel has been “fretting” over alleged WMD’s. The very threat of these WMD’s may give Israel the justification to intervene. Today we are supposed to believe Israel is still really, really, really worried.

Israeli officials are more worried about the possibility that the weapons could fall into the hands of Islamic militants from Lebanon's Hezbollah or other groups should the regime fall.

"For us, that's a casus belli, or red line," Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Wednesday. He told Israel Radio that the government would act immediately to prevent that from happening as tensions rise along Israel's northern border.”
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak disclosed over the weekend that he had asked the military to prepare for a possible attack on targets in Syria”

If Israel is tracking these weapons as claimed then why the 'fretting'?

Spy satellites, advanced reconnaissance aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles are just some of the systems that Israel is using to track events in Syria and specifically to keep an eye on the country’s chemical weapons arsenal.

WMD’s aside, what this is really about for Israel is the Golan Heights
“The Golan holds tremendous strategic importance for Israel, both as a territorial buffer that protects northern Israel, including the Sea of Galilee, and as a key water source.”

 If Israel is “forced to intervene” they will just have to clear the Golan Heights issue up once and for all.

If Israel attacks from the South and Turkey attacks from the North....

Mavi Marmara

But wait just one minute. Israel and Turkey would never work together. Why, they are very angry with one another!!!! You know the Mavi Marmara incident?

Well what if Israel apologized?

I had speculated previously that if Israel issues some sort of an apology to Turkey over the Mavi Marmara stage show this would be a signal that an attack on Syria is imminent  

So this is interesting- US-Pakistan apology may yield Israel-Turkey detente
Gov't official: Israel ready for rapprochement after US apology to Pakistan over accidental killing of soldiers sets precedent.
On Monday, Netanyahu met in his office an eight-member team of senior Turkish journalists in a high-profile attempt to break the ice between Israel and Turkey.

Israel today is in a mood to compromise. The recent inclusion of Kadima Party in the ruling coalition marginalizes "hardliners" like Lieberman.(Wasn't it convenient that the Israeli government had it's brief meltdown? Splitting the Kadima Party and giving Likud a tiny majority) Netanyahu himself was never in two minds that rapprochement with Turkey was in Israel's interests.( Only four Kadima members were necessary to accomplish this feat.)
Digression and clarification- Netanyahu managed to initially win over only four Kadima Party lawmakers, leaving him with a relatively fragile majority at first, from my reading presently,  it looks as if that has gotten up to seven Kadima Party lawmakers on board. Goodbye Lieberman. Your influence is done.

The second factor is of course the upheaval in Syria. The alienation from Turkey hurts Israel and accentuates its regional isolation and limits its options on the ground to be proactive despite Israel's unquestionable military superiority over Syria.

 The short point is that closest possible cooperation with Turkey at the level of the military and intelligence is needed to optimally handle the fallouts.

The Israeli statement following Netanyahu's meeting with the Turkish media personalities quoted him as saying:

    "Turkey and Israel are two important, strong and stable countries in this region, which is very turbulent and unstable. The Turkish people and the Jewish people have had a long relationship. Turkey and Israel have had a long relationship. We have to keep looking for ways to restart the relationship we had because I think it is important for which of our countries, and it is particularly important now for the stability of this region at this time."
Netanyahu told the Turkish journalists: "Since I believe in a common interest, both Israel and Turkey should do as much as they can to restore their relationship. We would like to restore our relations again and both countries are looking for opportunities to do so."

I will reiterate. When Israel apologizes to Turkey. They will jointly attack Syria sometime afterwards
This is theatre for the masses. It will play via the media as a really big deal. A huge rift sealed
Israel and Turkey kiss and make up. Wowee!

As phoney as a wooden nickel. Israel and Turkey have been colluding against Syria for a very long time now.  The apology will be the catalyst to kick off the attack. Don’t be surprised if it is all done in the spirit of “global brotherhood” with the Olympics as the background.

As Pope Benedict said  

“I pray that, in the spirit of the Olympic Truce, the goodwill generated by this international sporting event may bear fruit, promoting peace and reconciliation throughout the world”

Wouldn’t peace and reconciliation between Turkey and Israel be so swell for the global community? The dynamic duo (Keeping on with the batman theme)  could then take on the dastardly Syrian government. Besides “war is peace”, right? Humanitarian intervention and all.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh Canada? Caves to global gun treaty & RCMP's Tactical Armoured Vehicle

The Canadian mainstream media is making a really big deal about the shooting in Toronto.
Along with the requisite calls for "gun control"

YaYa covered that in this post -Global weapons agenda aided by mass shootings, bombings
The aim is to move all weaponry into the hands of the ruling psychopaths

In a nutshell, that is the agenda. To leave the masses powerless in the face of the impending police state and global government. What, you crazy!? Global Government? Yup.

 YaYa-  "During the past week, as in the recent multiple, almost simultaneous, "zombie" flesh-eating incidents, we've seen a rash of "lone mass killer" incidents in North America and abroad. The public are systematically being encouraged to fear everything and everyone, and to beg their governments to exert greater control."

Once you all start begging for safety the government of Canada and the US will be more then happy to comply-

Ask yourself, always, who benefits? And, who doesn't?

Since I am not a coincidence theorist.... I can't help but notice that all this media hysteria is timed to coincide with a GLOBAL ARMS TREATY. Most certainly not the kind that will end war. These so called treaties are lip service for you and blank cheques to the powerful and their government lackies.

Lip service- "this will make you safer" Reality: It won't.

Coincidence. I think Not!

When Gatekeeping outfits such as digital journal are resorting to adhominem attacks to discredit people who are connecting the dots between the obvious beneficiaries you best beware.

 The Canadian government has already caved to the UN Global treaty

"Canada has modified its controversial position on a United Nations arms control treaty.
In a new position paper submitted to the UN, the federal government has dropped its proposal to exclude all sporting and hunting firearms from the international Arms Trade Treaty, an agreement that seeks to regulate the import, export and transfer of all conventional weapons."
Hmm, I thought the Conservatives were all about smaller government??? Because that is what they said when they won/stole the election. Hardeeharhar.. What they are all about are  really big, fascist, police state government.

Anyone find it odd that Canada's crime rate is again, for how many years in a row, despite the governing Conservatives trying to turn everyone into criminals, the lowest in 40 years??? Notice that?

Toews takes the credit after Canada reports lowest crime rate since 1972 … just as Harper heads to Toronto gun summit.

 What a disconnect!

 How does Toews take credit for this? Why does a country that has the lowest crime rate in 40 years need to sign on to a global gun treaty? Why is the media making such a big deal of the latest shootings?

See the graphic above? Crime has been dropping steadily since before1990. To reiterate, crime has been dropping steadily for more then 20 years in Canada.

So why a global gun treaty?
And why is the RCMP getting these little gems?

RCMP Debuts New Tactical Armoured Vehicles


The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) has become the world’s first police or security force to make use of the International MXT Armoured Personnel Carrier. Navistar Defense Canada announced yesterday that it has delivered on a US$14 million contract from the Government of Canada, to supply 18 of its vehicles to the RCMP.

The world's first police force to "make use of these" Make use of these? For what? Against who?

The largely unarmed, aging populace of Canada?

Ask yourself, why?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Syria, Saudi Arabia and what the hell is happening here!?

That's a hat tip to the Tragically Hip song Boots or Hearts 
(Trying to lighten the tone somewhat with some music)

"What the hell is happening here" I am trying to make sense of this all.

“Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has ordered that his chief of general intelligence be replaced by a former ambassador to the United States, the official Saudi Press Agency reported Thursday.

Abdullah's move came with his issuance of a royal order relieving Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz of his post and appointing him instead as a ministerial-level adviser and special envoy to the king.

To fill the vacated spot, Abdullah appointed Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, who will retain his current job as secretary general of the National Security Council.”
Bandar bin Sultan sometimes known as Bandar Bush. Some may recall him from the time frame of 9/11 and the attack on Iraq.
Bandar & Rumsfeld

Bandar and Bush
Earlier today I had seen a story from Haaretz about Bandar. I went back to get it, but there was only a 404 error page. (Slozo et al: here is the link to that 404- "Resource not found")
What is a blogger to do? Of course get the cached page!

CIA’s favorite Saudi prince is laying the groundwork for a post-Assad Syria

  Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar bin Sultan, 62, fell in love with the United States when he was still a pilot in his country’s air force and took aerobatics training on an American air base. The romance was renewed several years later when he was named his country’s ambassador to Washington, a tenure that lasted 22 years, during which he was a regular guest of both George Bushes and was the only ambassador who was guarded by the U.S. Secret Service.

Last week King Abdullah named him director-general of the Saudi Intelligence Agency, replacing Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, on top of his post as secretary general of the National Security Council, which he’s held since 2005.

Bandar’s appointment to the most important position in the Saudi security echelons is no coincidence. Aside from the fact that he is very well connected to the kingdom’s leaders (his wife, Haifa, is the daughter of King Faisal who was assassinated in 1975, her brother, Turki al-Faisal, was once head of Saudi intelligence and another brother, Mohammed al-Faisal, is one of the kingdom’s richest men), it seems that the primary reason for his appointment now is that Saudi Arabia is preparing for the next stage in Syria, after President Bashar Assad finally gets off the political stage, one way or another, and Syria turns into a focus of international struggles for control of the inheritance.

There is already an intense campaign over this inheritance between the United States with the European Union and Russia, but the ramifications of Assad’s fall on the positions of Iran and Hezbollah – and no less so, Iraq – are more important. And when Egypt is hobbling on crutches in its effort to establish its “Second Republic,” and its position in the Middle East is that of a disabled person needing nursing care, and when the Arab League is paralyzed, Saudi Arabia is left to assume responsibility for drawing up the new map of the Middle East.

From Washington’s perspective, Bandar’s appointment is important news. Bandar, the rugby fan and man-about-town, whose wife, more than a decade ago, was being investigated by Congress about her connections to Al-Qaida activists, is considered the CIA’s man in Riyadh.

 The CIA's man in Riyadh. This means it is the US drawing up the new map for the middle east.

 He’s known as a can-do person who makes quick decisions and doesn’t spare any resources to achieve his objectives.
When there was a need to transfer money to the rebels in Nicaragua in the 1980s, Bandar was the one who dealt with the Saudi “grants” that were requested by the White House. He was also the one who arranged things when Saudi Arabia was asked to help fund the mujahedeen’s battles in Afghanistan against the Soviet conquest.
Bandar is a member of that part of the royal family that is against the revolutions in the Arab states, and who see the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood no less of a threat than Iranian influence in the region.

He helped King Abdullah (when the latter was still crown prince) to formulate the Saudi peace plan that later became known as the Arab Peace Initiative to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and he fashioned the tough Saudi stance against Syria and Hezbollah after the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005. A few years afterward, he suggested that the king change course and reconcile with Syria in an effort to cool the relations between Syria and Iran.

When the revolutions broke out, even more so when the Shi’ite rebellion began in Bahrain, Bandar supported sending troops to that small kingdom to quell the revolt, which Saudi Arabia perceived as Iranian intervention in the business of the Gulf states. At the same time, Saudi Arabia decided to quickly support the new Egyptian regime financially, depositing more than $3 billion as a guarantee in the Egyptian central bank.
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi knows very well that this aid does not stem from Saudi Arabia’s great love for the Egyptian revolution, let alone for the Muslim Brotherhood, but is meant to block Iranian efforts to gain a foothold in Egypt. As a result, when Morsi was invited to Tehran for a conference of non-aligned nations, he decided to stop first in Riyadh for a visit, so as not to give Iran the political satisfaction of being the first host of the new Egyptian president.

Saudi commentators say that Bandar was the one behind the decision to give money to the Syrian rebels, and even to buy weapons for them, and that the tough Saudi demand that Assad must step down is part of Bandar’s own strategic concept, which guides the kingdom far more than the positions of the 88-year-old king, whose health is failing.

The Saudi policy on Syria is being closely coordinated with the U.S. administration, both of which (like Israel) want to separate Iran from its most important Arab base and undermine the flow of weapons to Hezbollah. These goals have not escaped Iranian eyes, which is why Tehran is strengthening its positions in Iraq and in the Kurdish zone of northern Iraq. Moreover, according to reports from the Syrian opposition, Iran is also making clandestine contacts in Europe with rebel representatives.
There is no way to know what Syria will look like after Assad, and in which of the rebelling factions it pays to invest. Saudi Arabia, as is its wont, is investing in all of them. It is hoped that the United States will get the payoff.

 I should have just underlined the entire article, there is an abundance of interesting information.

 Considering Bandar Bush is the CIA’s favourite Saudi.... should this news come as any surprise?

Members of the Syrian Free Army have announced the arrest of Husam Taher Husam , a self proclaimed former Syrian intelligence operative, who testified in the investigation of the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Syrian opposition fighters posted a video on the internet allegedly showing Husam surrounded by men with machine guns.

The man identified himself as Husam and that he was witness in “the assassination of president martyr Rafik Hariri.”

“I have information, just get me to Beirut and i will give you surprises that you have never dreamed of,” the man told his captors.
Is this man going to implicate Syria in the assassination of Rafik Hariri?
You may recall that the UN tribunal initially attempted to frame Syria for that “suicide bombing” the hallmark of the NATO goon squads....

But, wait. Is there something else going on with Saudi Arabia? NYS points this out-

Blast hits Saudi intelligence building, killing deputy spy chief
Islam Times - A blast has hit the builing of Saudi intelligence service in Riyadh, killing deputy of the newly-appointed intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan, according to reports.

The explosion took place on Sunday when Bin Sultan’s deputy was entering the building, Yemen's al-Fajr Press quoted eyewitnesses as saying.

Saudi media have so far refrained from showing any reaction to the blast.
Still more: Saudi calls for extraordinary Muslim summit

Saudi Arabia has called for an extraordinary summit of Muslim leaders to be held next month to address risks of 'sedition' threatening Muslim countries, state news agency SPA reported on Sunday.
Saudi King Abdullah has called for 'an extraordinary Islamic solidarity meeting to ensure unity during this delicate time as the Muslim world faces dangers of fragmentation and sedition,' SPA quoted Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal as saying.

Is this Muslim Summit called for by the Saudi's going to deal with the new map that the CIA's Bandar is "drawing up" (Or has already)

Why am I having 9/11 flashbacks?? Why am I thinking about the whole WMD's in Iraq scare tactics?
Is it because it is playing out all over the media, yet again?
LVB clearly picked up that same vibe and put together a great post Where's Waldo? And his WMDs - Again???

With Obomba as Waldo!

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Secret Battle for Syria

Thanks to NYSC aka Ali  for pointing this out. As NYS points out, everything myself,  Ali and so many others have blogged on, for so long now was TRUTH.
The media whores have been lying and lying and lying in their narratives. Framing a patently false narrative. Presenting fraudulent videos. The media whores and presstitutes obfuscated. The played fast and loose with the facts. They have blood on their hands. Marc Ginsberg hopes for more

 Amb. Marc Ginsberg "The Secret Battle for Syria"

 Marc Ginsberg begins, sort of, with this

"It's a shame Assad himself was not in the same room when the bomb went off."

Hmmm.... no lack of bloodlust on his part.

With the assistance of "non-lethal" U.S. strategic communications equipment and reconnaissance support carried into Syria by Turkish military teams through refugee safe havens on the Turkish-Syrian border, units of the increasingly organized Free Syrian Army have lethally deployed anti-tank weapons and shoulder-fired grenade launchers smuggled from Libya and Lebanon courtesy of elements of Gulf Cooperation Council military council. 

 Turkey has ramped up ammunition transfers and reconnaissance support, including the occasional overflights to detect Syrian troop movements (the Syrians shot down one of Turkey's jets a few weeks ago). U.S. CIA drones have also overflown Syria outside the prying eyes of Russian forward intelligence based on Russian ships stationed at its fortified naval base in Tartus. CIA operatives are also desperately attempting to identify and monitor Assad's WMD stockpiles.... (so they can set off a false flag of their own as previously mentioned here)

 Also assassination squads trained by Free Syrian Army commanders (with the assistance of Turkish and Saudi sniper trainers) have been picking off key Syrian military commanders in Homs and in Syria's northern and southern provinces sowing fear and increasing discord among Syrian commanders.
Sickening. Mr (bloodthirsty) Ginsberg fails to mention how the NATO/GCC trained snipers terrorized ordinary civilians. How these assassins/killers laid siege to entire towns. Terrorizing and ethnically cleansing the populace. Have no worries, that was mentioned here and at NYS blog and by many others.

Turkish, Qatari, Saudi military instructors have been training young Syrian opponents of the regime on the fine arts of basic military tactics, including hit and run tactics and night-time assaults on Syrian army barracks. 
" In virtually every Syrian city, town and village there is a veritable Star Wars bar scene of unsavory thugs, killers, opportunists and criminals"

 And NATO/GCC/ Israel are continuing to arm these monsters enabling them to commit atrocities

Ginsberg continues spinning the narrative-

Think about what it what must feel like to be a civilian Syrian family inside a besieged neighborhood today struggling to survive the firestorm of indiscriminate artillery leveled at them by the Assad regime.
Yes, think what it must be like. A civilian family in a town the rebels have laid siege to and the military has to come in to take back the town from NATO's terrorists. Think about what that must be like. Being threatened, held hostage,  terrorized, watching people in your community being killed. Used as bait. Think about all that....

Al Qaeda Terrorists from Iraq and Yemen: (Libya etc.,) Have infiltrated into Syria from neighboring Iraq. Their goal is to inflict as much havoc as possible instructing Syrians on the proper construction of IEDs and recruiting younger Syrians to al Qaeda in the bargain. 
All the while NATO supports them..... think about that

 Saudi Freelancing Clerics: Nothing like a good ol Sunni/Shiite civil war for Saudi clerics to take advantage of to spread their extremist Wahabi gospel. Money is the mother's milk of arms purchases, and there has been a free flow of Saudi funds from a particularly evangelical branch of the Saudi clerical establishment funding the creation of local religious social "welfare" cells that are dispensing everything from desperately needed medical supplies to baby formula to arms. Saudi clerics have dispatched local Sunni religious operatives to create local Wahabi social councils in each Syrian city to plant the flag and to contest control from more secular Syrian opposition elements fighting the regime.

Criminal Gangs: Vast swaths of Syrians are getting shaken down by criminal gangs which are extorting protection money from anyone and everyone... never mind religious affiliation.  

The extortion is a hallmark of the Muslim brotherhood/Saudi fanaticism But, it worse then that.

"Abducting and converting Coptic girls to Islam is not only a result of the paranoid and racist incitation against the Copts, but it is an organized and pre-planned process by associations and organizations inside Egypt with domestic and Arab funding as the main role in seducing and luring Coptic girls is carried through cunning, deceit and enticement or through force if required"

This is why there has been so many Christians fleeing Syria. They have been terrorized by these NATO bought and paid for fanatics

The spillover from Lebanon has been palatable. Lebanese Sunni Palestinian militiamen have been smuggling arms to their Free Syrian Army colleagues across the porous Syrian-Lebanese border. Qatari intelligence operatives, alongside their Saudi counterparts, have used Beirut as a staging area of help smuggle arms to Free Syrian operatives.

 Regarding Israel's involvement:

"And although Israeli intelligence operatives have been working with Jordanian counterparts on the Syrian-Jordanian border to monitor developments and share intelligence with American and European counterparts, they have refrained from directly interfering inside Syria"
Nice spin Mr Ginsberg. Israeli intelligence operatives have been working with, but, not directly interfering. Working with intelligence operatives involved in destabilizing a nation is directly interfering with Syria. No matter how one words it..

Then the most bizarre conclusion:

1- Syria reached this abyss long ago and has fallen into, courtesy of the diplomatically felonious Russian rackets operation on behalf of Assad

 2- A countervailing "run for the hills" attitude of the Obama White House

Syria's abyss was not courtesy of  Russia. Ginsberg has laid out the players. He named Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the US.  Obomba's White House has had a hands on proactive destabilization involvement as part of the NATO war machine. Ginsberg's conclusion is non-credible

As for the personal validation of this all. While it is nice to be correct in one's assessment, for almost a year and a half now, it was all pretty obvious anyway.  If one was really paying attention.
What is disheartening? That despite working my elbows off , a nod to Clothcap, many innocent people have come to harm. Their lives destroyed. Another nation is being laid to ruin. All so psychotic whore leaders can play geopolitical games for the $$$$ , power/control advantage for their bankster/oil/ military industrial paymasters.

And that just makes me sick.

Humanity does not want or need this abuse. We all want to live life, love our loved ones, grow old, smile, eat well, watch the kids and grand kids grow up, make a living, but not be enslaved. It's not to much. It is our human life after all.

Me rambling

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Syria: False flag with a "pre-emptive" attack via Israel?

This post has been updated multiple times. The tone of the main stream media is alarming, very alarming.

There may be a brief extension of the UN observer mission according to Susan Rice-

She said the U.S. might be prepared to consider a final brief extension of the observer mission "if it would allow for the monitors and the civilian staff to withdraw safely."

Then she makes clear-

Rice stressed that the United States is not pinning its policy on the unarmed observer but will instead intensify its work "with a diverse range of partners outside the Security Council to bring pressure to bear on the Assad regime and to deliver assistance to those in need."
It appears that a narrative is being created the use of chemical weapons with Israel having to "protect itself"

Read this one!- 

We have been reading the chemical weapons/wmd narrative quite intensely this past week or two

Fears grow that Syria will use chemical weapons

 British military intelligence chiefs told The Daily Telegraph there was a "high probability" of the Assad regime resorting to chemical agents
Any attack would be made to look "accidental" with either barrels of nerve agent or mustard gas dumped in a disused building that would be subjected to an artillery barrage to release the chemicals.
 Alternatively Syrian intelligence could use al-Qaeda proxies to place a dirty chemical bomb in Homs to allow Mr Assad's regime to deny involvement and possible risk of prosecution by the International Criminal Court. 
What the hell?! This won't be Syria using al-Qaeda "proxies" this will be NATO. They have been using their al Qaeda proxies all along.

May I remind you from yesterdays post...Who will start the fire in the ME? How badly will it burn?
"a frantic effort is being made (including on-the-ground activities attributed to Turkish, British and perhaps US special forces) to identify the locations of the Syrian army’s non-conventional arms –"

A frantic effort, including on the ground activities attributed to Turkish, British and US special forces to locate Syria's non-conventional arms. Locate them? Or plant some chemical weapons somewhere "on the ground"?

You can see Homs on this map. Looks to be located right on a waterway that goes through 
Lebanon  & Turkey. Easy access and departure for Special Forces

 Syrian rebels took control of all border crossings between Iraq and Syria on Thursday, Baghdad's deputy interior minister told AFP.

"All the border points between Iraq and Syria are under the control of the Free Syrian Army," Adnan al-Assadi told AFP by telephone.

"The border points and all the outposts are under the control of the Free Syrian Army.
"The Syrian army are focusing on Damascus."

Assadi also said there was fighting under way between the Syrian army and rebels across the border from the northern Iraqi region of Sinjar.

The top official said Iraqi border guards had witnessed the Free Syrian Army take control of a border outpost, detain a Syrian army lieutenant colonel, and then cut off his arms and legs.
"Then they executed 22 Syrian soldiers in front of the eyes of Iraqi soldiers."

The account of the killings could not be independently verified.

Assadi added: "If this situation continues, we are going to close the entire border with Syria."
Earlier, an Iraqi border police lieutenant colonel told AFP that clashes began at noon at the Albu Kamal crossing in Anbar province."

"And then in the evening, we saw the Syrian flag being brought down and the flag of the Free Syrian Army replaced it," he told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"We saw people wearing dishdashas (traditional Arab robes) and holding guns and they were walking inside the border post. We closed the border and we sent more patrols and more checkpoints along all the border with Syria."

Going to try and find out more...

Israel at the Syrian border

 Defence minister says Israel will block Syrian refugees from entering illegally occupied Golan

Defence Minister Ehud Barak, standing within earshot of fighting in Syria, said Thursday that Israel would stop Syrian refugees from entering the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights if they try to flee there. (Golan Heights is Syrian territory, it is illegally occupied by Israel)

Barak was touring the Golan, which Israel captured from Syria in the 1967 Mideast war.

 IDF raises alert in north, limits soldiers' leaves

Israel will have to take care of Syria before Iran

But before Israel can rain retaliatory hellfire down on Iran or Hamas or Hezbollah, it has other concerns that need addressing first. Syria somehow become even more unstable over the last day or two, and that, combined with concerns that the rebellion is becoming increasingly Islamist and less pro-democratic, threatens to present Israel with a sudden security nightmare along its northern flank

Next paragraph begins with "The sudden destabilization of Syria "?????

Israeli officials are reported to be working with U.S. military planners on possible options for a pre-emptive attack on the weapons.  

Looks as if Israel is going to start the attack on Syria.

Syria: There will be no happy ending to this civil war
President Bashar al-Assad will be toppled, but Syria will be left bitterly divided, adding to the instability of the Levant 

A transitional government will be put in place by the United Nations Security Council containing members of the Syrian National Council, one or two of the internal Leftist opposition to placate the Russians, and some token relics of the regime to reassure Syria’s Alawite, Christian and other pro-Assad minorities that they are not about to be subject to vicious retribution.(yes they are)The Russians and Iranians, humiliated in the face of world opinion, will acquiesce in the arrival of Western “expert advisers”, perhaps behind a front of Arab League peace-keepers, to secure Syria’s chemical and other weapons stocks

 As we are all aware Russia and China vetoed at the UN

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who will start the fire in the ME? How badly will it burn?

 This is going long.

Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Syria Turkey, NATO and more.  All the countries mentioned, everything going on within and outside of their borders is connected.  The control of energy. The pipeline politics. War is profitable. Money can be made from misery. And there is much of it ongoing and yet to happen.
The Olympics are soon to start. A show of global unity and a time for global discord.
It's looking ugly.....

The area in discussion

View Larger Map

Marie mentioned some media/news reports about a week back. Lets expand on this one-

"-A 24 year old Lebanese Hezbollah member, holding a Swedish passport, was arrested after being 'tailed' for a week as he followed Jewish tourists around the island in preparations for a terrorist attack on Cypriot soil - which sent major alarm bells ringing everywhere! Police apparently tipped-off by Mossad and the US state dept" 

An alleged Hezbollah member with a Swedish passport arrested after being tipped off by Mossad and the US State Dept.

Same scenario in Thailand, same in India. False flag, fake passports and tip offs from the US and Israel.
If you are unaware of what is being referenced check back through the blog.

Lets take a gander at DEBKA, and their mention of a real curtain raiser scenario-

Saturday, the Cypriot police captured (an alleged) Hizballah terrorist before he could blow up an Israeli El Al flight and tourist buses in Limassol.

Tehran is feared to be focusing on the Mediterranean island (Cyprus) as part of a plot to set Israel’s Mediterranean gas field Tamar on fire. The field is 80 kilometers west of Haifa.

It would be a spectacular curtain-raiser for the closure of the Strait of Hormuz and for strikes against Gulf oil installations.

Navy Commander, Maj. Gen. Ram Rothberg called last week for an extra five warships and submarines to safeguard Israel’s burgeoning gas fields at the cost of a billion dollars.

These oilfields are not entirely Israels, not like that would make a difference
 I have covered that issue in previous posts- One here.  And an in depth read here.

If Israel already has ships present in the area and are bringing in five extras along with submarines, would Israel set alight the hotly disputed oilfields themselves??? This would enable them to claim full control of the fields and justify the attack on Lebanon they so badly want to undertake.

Speaking of oil wells in the Mediterranean. Again not far from Cyprus, this time in Egypt's territorial waters-
Israel takes over 2 offshore Egyptian gas wells, geologist says

Odeh said in Cairo on Monday that the wells are located in the Mediterranean Sea between Egypt and Cyprus, IRNA reported.

He added that Israel took advantage of Egyptian officials’ inaction and started drilling operations in the area in April 2012.

Odeh also stated that the wells are over gas fields containing about $100 billion worth of gas reserves.

One of the wells is 19 kilometers north of the Egyptian city of Damietta and 235 kilometers west of Haifa in the occupied Palestinian territories, and the other well is 114 kilometers north of Damietta and 237 kilometers from the shores of Palestine. 

Order out of chaos 

You can see the oil fields in this map (click to enlarge)

"Will Israel do it?"

Which should be- "Will Israel do it, blame someone else and the US will come to its rescue?"

Israel and its backers have been hinting at possible military intervention in Syria on the pretext of preventing the transfer of its chemical weapons stockpiles to the Lebanese resistance. Such a step would set the region ablaze. 


It would seem that we face a very high risk of a major explosion in the coming weeks. By explosion, we are talking about a confrontation that could erupt with Israel.

Reports, mostly based on intelligence sources, have indicated that a frantic effort is being made (including on-the-ground activities attributed to Turkish, British and perhaps US special forces) to identify the locations of the Syrian army’s non-conventional arms – meaning not only its long-range missile arsenal, but also what the West says is the biggest stockpile of chemical weapons in the region.

On the ground activities attributed to NATO nations and their special forces. Frantic effort to locate?
Exactly, for what purpose? Let us not pretend the only possible reason is "securing" any possible non-conventional weapons

Foreign Policy magazine that the US State Department had sent diplomatic notes to Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia warning them of possible attempts to move Syrian weapons of mass destruction into their territory.

Just who would be attempting to move such arms out of Syria? Doubtful it would be the Syrians? Is it the FSA with their NATO assistants in the form of the aforementioned special operatives?
All this news caused Israel to have a hissy fit and issue multiple threats against Lebanon.

The Israelis did not stop at this. They also unleashed a sudden torrent of threats against Lebanon and Hezbollah, with numerous officials warning that utter devastation would be inflicted on the country in the event of a fresh confrontation with Hezbollah.

Recall the oilfields disputed by Lebanon a war would give Israel the control they want if they can win it.

Faced with this, it seems that the US and the West have reverted to seeking a role for the neighborhood bully, for whom the dirty work is left when all else fails.

 Israel is thus perceived as preparing itself for a possible military blitz against Syria, under the pretext of getting rid of its WMD

Recall the Egyptian oilwells already  taken over by Israel? One of the anonymous commenters left the link below. Thanks! Israel to deploy Iron Dome anti-missile system on Egypt border

Boy, oh boy, there is much at play here. It's like the whole place is being set up to burn. Keeping on the DEBKA theme of fire.

Of course the big oil players love instability. It's good for profits

"Brent oil gains on Syria, Iran tension"

It was heading for its highest close since May 29. Brent crude was up 40 cents to $104.40 a barrel by 1340 GMT, after settling 63 cents higher on Tuesday. U.S. oil rose 18 cents to $89.40 a barrel after ending up 79 cents.

The United States will hold Tehran directly responsible for any attempt to disrupt shipping in the Gulf region and will be able to defeat any Iranian attempt to shut down seaborne commerce.

Yet, Iran is willing to insure all ships

Iran said it would insure any foreign ships that enter its waters, in an effort to skirt a European Union ban on insuring ships carrying Iranian crude that has hampered the country's oil exports. 

I don't think Iran is going to start a confrontation... no siree.

Syrian minister killed today-

Syrian state television said President Bashar Al Assad's brother-in-law senior military official Assef Shawkat was killed in a bomb attack in Damascus on Wednesday. Defence minister also killed. Intelligence chief hurt.

Britain says Syria bombing shows need for UN resolution

London: British Foreign Secretary William Hague said a suicide bombing that killed two top Syrian security officials on Wednesday showed the need for a UN resolution to end the crisis.  
"We are aware of reports that the Syrian defence and deputy defence ministers have been killed and a number of others injured by an apparent suicide bombing in Damascus," Hague said in a statement.
"This incident, which we condemn, confirms the urgent need for a Chapter VII resolution of the UN Security Council on Syria."

Britain. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Shameless. Hague must have been jumping for joy. The crisis would end if you stopped fomenting the destabilization Mr Hague.

Defence minister and Al Assad brother-in-law killed
Syrian state media said the suicide attack in Damascus killed defence minister General Daoud Rajha and President Bashar Al Assad's brother-in-law Assef Shawkat.

NYSC over at thenakedfacts has been busy as always

Including a link to video footage of rebels shelling Syrian neighbourhoods.

Well, that is it. At least for now. Oil fields on fire. Explosions. Unconventional Weapons. Suicide bombers.
Destabilization. War. Killings.

Why do humans tolerate these conditions? Why do the vast majority of humans allow a tiny minority to cause so much harm? Why don't humans think? Question? Ponder?