Monday, July 16, 2012

Humanitarian war soon? Egypt/Gaza. Oh Canada?

What is up with the msm? Acknowledging Tremseh is not massacre? Why?

In a remark to Felix, July 14/2012,  I asked: "Felix: do you get the impression the spin is working in another direction with this latest massacre?" The reversal on the massacre came quickly. Unlike Houla. With some admitting the truth was closer to what had been claimed by the Syrian government. What!?

"In a stunning report, the New York Times on July 14 actually suggested that the Syrian government’s version of the violence may have been the right one:
Although what actually happened in Tremseh remains murky, the evidence available suggested that events on Thursday more closely followed the Syrian government account."

Stunning alright!  The answer to my 'why is the media spin different', broke over the weekend.
The msm following along with the NATO news script was being more honest so this could be spun into a civil war narrative. As mentioned in the preceding post:

Red Cross ruling raises questions of Syrian war crimes

The Red Cross now views fighting in Syria as an internal armed conflict - a civil war in layman's terms - crossing a threshold experts say can help lay the ground for future prosecutions for war crimes.


However, much more then war crimes are at stake
Recall this?

US completes military planning for Syria- Civil war designation

 Georgetown University Law Center adjunct professor Gary Solis says a civil war designation would trigger the Geneva Conventions on conducting war, specifically protections in Common Article 3. "And Common Article 3 provides basic protections for those who are out of the combat, for example, soldiers who have surrendered or who have been wounded and are captured; for civilians; for any non-combatants. Common Article 3 provides basic protections and that is why it is so important.

And so to say there is a civil war suggests that Common Article 3 now applies and that is significant of course for the victims of the civil war," said Solis. But Solis adds a very important caveat. "The problem, however, is that there is no supra-national body, including the U.N., that can say with authority, 'all right this is a civil war; this is not a civil war.' 

There is no international body which can give a binding opinion that this is indeed a civil war," Solis explained. 

So much has changed in just a month, hasn't it? 
From no,so called, international body able to give a binding opinion to this-

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is the guardian of the Geneva Conventions setting down the rules of war, and as such is considered a reference in qualifying when violence has evolved into an armed conflict.

I guess the adjunct professor, Gary Solis: Georgetown University Law Center, was simply unaware that the International Red Cross had that authority????!!  If you believe that.......

With the "civil war designation" being official could a humanitarian intervention be far behind?

Thanks to the anon who left this tidbit, this unsurprising tidbit: Egypt's new president signals there won't be dramatic changes in Gaza policy

 Egypt's new president holds the key to blockaded Gaza, but he is signalling that he won't rush to help the territory's Hamas rulers by striking a border deal with them, even though they are fellow members of the region's Muslim Brotherhood.

Hamas was jubilant over Morsi's election in neighbouring Egypt in June, hoping the Egyptian leader would lift years of travel and trade restrictions that have hit the Gaza economy hard.
But for now Morsi is keeping Hamas at arm's length, focusing on his relationship with Egypt's powerful military and with the U.S., which gives Egypt $1.3 billion in annual military aid.

Those who pay the piper, call the tune!

It is not a coincidence that Hilary went from Egypt to Israel. The two biggest recipients of US largesse in the ME.

Canadian Encryption software aids in the destabilization of Syria

After a user installs Psiphon on his or her computer, all Internet traffic is encrypted and securely funnelled through a server located outside the country. This server acts as a relay, bouncing typically censored sites back to rebels and dissidents. It is, essentially, a complex act of digital sleight of hand – one that foreign governments are constantly trying to decipher.

“It’s like we designed the world’s best bot net that you agreed to become part of,” Mr. Rohozinski said. And he’s not joking. After all, he added: “What’s more survivable than really well-written computer viruses? The difference is that viruses are designed to take control of your system.”

As a commenter at G&M notes- "My guess is the providers of kiddie porn will be the next biggest users."

NATO destabilizers and kiddie porn providers and users? Is there a difference when it comes to scum?

Another one for the Canadians. This will warm your tuques!

US Police can make arrests on the Canadian side of the border
A cross-border agreement with the United States will see American police authorized to arrest people in Canada.
 Well, I have the warm fuzzies......


  1. Why did the MSM acknowledge the apparent truth in this one instance?

    To make it seem like they're fair and balanced and so they can better spread lies in the future.

    1. Hey WWM:

      "To make it seem like they're fair and balanced and so they can better spread lies in the future."

      It's possible.
      But, I doubt the media concerns itself with credibility.
      In my opinion, that is.

    2. But it works with liberals and progressives in the U.S. at least.

      People like us have been making noise about the Western media bias. And now they can point to one instance of the western MSM played it straight. Many liberals will be comforted that the media is not totally corrupt. And the Guardian got to bask most of the glory, right?

    3. I have a much more optimistic take. The MSM simply no longer has the control of information that it did in the pre-internet period. The minute they made the massacre claim, bloggers were on top of it. Yourself, b over at MofA, among others. Not only that, other news venues such as RT and PressTV, while not so widely watched, still do have an impact and their videos get circulated on youtube. IIRC, the angry Arab (Yeah, I know you say he's a perp, but still) mentioned a while back that with the decline of Al Jazeera RT's Arabic service is much more widely watched. I'd love to see Russia push this forward.

      In short, let us imagine this "massacre" was alleged to have happened in Kosovo in the mid 90's. Clearly, there would be no countervailing view, and anyone who opposed military intervention was a monster who eats children.

      In short, its a positive development, akin to the enemy forced to make a withdrawal. Of course, he will try to attack again, but at least you've won a moments rest to prepare.

    4. Good point Lysander.

      I imagine there was a small group of people that had a countervailing viewpoint during Kosovo, but now the internet amplifies that information, for sure.

      Unfortunately I can't trust Angry Arab's claims about prevailing cultural trends in the Middle East anymore (I once did).

      And I didn't need him to tell me about Al Jazeera. But now that I think about it . . . I remember b at Moon of Alabama citing Angry Arab for some of his information on Avaaz. This is actually an interesting line of inquiry. Which blogs were first covering the fake videos and media propaganda coming out of Syria? I'm sure Penny beat Angry Arab to the beat, right?

      But perps often release damaging information to establish their bona fides.

      But it was obvious Al Jazeera's coverage was pro western long before . . . I guess Angry Arab may be making a distinction between the Arabic and English versions of AJ, but see above about me not trusting him as a source and I doubt the two versions differ much as far as their agenda.

      And AJ's reporting on the Syrian war has proved beyond all doubt in my mind that Al Jazeera is more than negligent, it is complicit.

  2. Another benefit to admitting the FSA was defeated is it will renew the calls to bring in NATO or to better arm the rebels.

    The 'rebels in disarray' story will also be spun the same way, I'm guessing:

    Josh Landis is on the panel as an expert discussing the inner workings of the Syrian opposition.

    In fact, it's quite funny to see Al Jazeera having to go all the way to the U.S. and get American professors to explain what's going on "inside" Syria.

    "Inside Syria discusses with Randa Slim, an adjunct research fellow at the New American Foundation and scholar at the Middle East Institute; Najib Ghadbian, a member of the Syrian National Council and associate professor of political science and Middle East studies at the University of Arkansas; and Joshua Landis, a Syria expert and director of the Center for Middle East Studies, who is also a professor at Oklahoma University."

    1. "Another benefit to admitting the FSA was defeated is it will renew the calls to bring in NATO or to better arm the rebels."

      That's a possibility

  3. Debka continues to harp on the chemical weapons angle while the Turkey, Russian dance gets more intricate. Erdogan heads to Russia this week to discuss tensions. The Russians fire a shot across the bow with their comments on Saudi suppression. Lavrov was out this morning saying the conflict was progressing to "inter confessional" stage? say what? Interesting choice of words, no?

    From RIA Novasti
    "The conflict in Syria “is gaining a religious dimension” and al Qaeda forces are becoming active in the country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday. “We are very concerned by the situation in Syria which is getting more and more complicated, and the conflict is gaining an inter-confessional dimension,” Lavrov said at a news conference before talks with UN special envoy to Syria Kofi Annan in Moscow.

    And here the US once again asserts its rights to intervene anywhere per Hilary in Israel..

    "The United States will use 'all elements of American power' to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said late on Monday at a press conference in Jerusalem."

    As for the southern flank do you get the feeling that Mubarak is either in a resort home in KSA or 10 ft under. Seems he slips in and out of a coma then recovers and is now on his way back to jail. Might the military be using it to send a message of law and order..

    "Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was moved back to prison from a military hospital on Monday following notable improvement in his health, Egypt’s al-Ahram newspaper said."

    Flipping over to Asia,the Indian and US dance is also getting more intricate as the US takes up position across the east coast of Africa. With the Iran oil sanctions (India having been bought out of the IPI via GE nuke deal) biting and India flouting them (until they got "wavered"), today Obama was heard lecturing India on opening its markets (after it rolled back US push to dereg the retail market).

    "The unprecedented remarks by the United States President Barack Obama in a media interview suggesting how the Indian leadership should run the country’s economy in the optimal interests of the partnership between the two countries raised a storm in the Indian teacup. Government ministers, opposition politicians and India’s business circles expressed indignation. "

    Then today the mishap in the PG with an Indian fisherman dying in the process.

    "An Indian fisherman was killed and three others were wounded on Monday when a United States (US) navy ship fired at their small boat off Dubai in the tense waters of the southern Gulf, officials said. "

    Takle a look at the INRUSD chart. Sanctions passed end of 2011 and India proceeds to reject them. India major gold consumer. Could be pure coincidence that the INR begins to tank in Jan/Feb 2012. You have heard of capital punishment - this is current (account) punishment, maybe...^USDINR

    And finally, Voice of Russia catching up on the Myanmar cold war brewing.

    "Myanmar is becoming a new arena of confrontation between China and the United States. This is how Russian analysts assess the situation in this country after the revival of US-Myanmar relations. Recently, US President Barack Obama announced a partial lifting of sanctions against Myanmar, which is opening its doors to American business."

    Recall China deployed naval assets to the Mekong last year.

    Dancing on a pintip.....

    1. Incidentally, it was Frank Wisner - of Sarkozy relations fame and close confidant of Mubarak (deployed as intermediary during the beginning of the Spring)who took on the role of banging own the door to the insurance market in India via his role at AIG.

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  5. Good discussion - but why the NYT coming over all genuine? It's full of perps and would surely collectively wet itself over regime change/NATO invasion. You wouldn't catch the spook-controlled Guardian/Telegraph doing that. (we always ignore the Times because it's behind the pay wall...) I think I go for the civil war option.

  6. New Syria : seems Syrian Electronic Army (a group of Syrian patriotic activists) have screwed Anonymous 'neatly':
    'Anonymous' gets its ass kicked!


    A brigadier general close to President Bashar al-Assad’s inner circle denied his defection and his family’s escape to Jordan in a phone interview with the pro-Syrian regime Dunya TV channel on Monday.

    The high ranking officer Rustum Ghazala’s wife, along with her sister and brother-in-law, were reported to be at a center for refugees in the Jordanian capital, Amman, sources from the Syrian opposition told Al Arabiya correspondent.

  8. beware Josh Landis:

    a WAPO columnist quoting Josh Landis of Syia Comment: Liz Sly @LizSly
    Josh Landis: Syria's Assad can't solve the crisis, he's "a loser" who is "living in this little world where everyone else is an extremist"............funny because currently syria is besieged BY extremists,...what world are Landis /Liz living in?
    Liz Sly @LizSly
    Syria expert Josh Landis shifting his views,wondering whether US involvement, "decapitation" of regime may be needed ....well Landis is american!
    Aziza ‏@Aziza23
    If Professor @joshua_landis is really arguing that "decapitation" would settle the matter in ‪#Syria‬, then he's more confused than I thought!

    1. Regime of Bashar Assad in Syria will not overcome the uprising against it, although it might survive for anywhere between another two months and a little more than two years, Military Intelligence Chief Major General Aviv Kochavi told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday. Kochavi said that the Golan Heights region could turn into a theater of anti-Israel operations, similar to the Sinai Peninsula region, due the growing presence of global Jihadists in Syria. (haartez)

      Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will use chemical weapons against opposition forces and may have already deployed them, Nawaf Fares, the first Syrian ambassador to defect. (times of india)

      Syrian forces use helicopter gunships to battle rebels in Damascus; Activists (? - The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Damascus-based activist Maath al-Shami said the fighting concentrated in Kfar Souseh, Nahr Aisha, Midan and Qadam) say helicopters fired heavy machine guns in Syrian capital during overnight clashes; Damascus relatively quiet on Tuesday morning after three days of intense fighting.

      While China says no mas,
      : China’s top newspaper said on Tuesday that there can never be a pretext for foreign intervention in Syria no matter how good the intentions, ahead of the U.N. Security Council vote on a Western-backed resolution that threatens sanctions. The resolution, proposed by Britain, the United States, France and Germany, would extend a U.N. observer mission in Syria for 45 days and Annan’s peace plan under Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter. “Foreign interference to bring about regime change to forcefully prevent a humanitarian disaster sounds like a fully just and responsible thing to do,” the newspaper said in a commentary, according to Reuters. “But is it not a humanitarian disaster that more than a decade after regime change that there are attacks and bombings which there are no way to stop?” it added, in an apparent allusion to Iraq.

      and Iraq/Turkey heats up over oil exports
      Iraq warns Turkey against violating Iraqi airspace and territory (Reuters)

    2. I love how it begins "influential Syria expert . . ."

      The main reason he's so influential is his propaganda is getting catapulted. I wish someone would diagram the number of media references he's gotten over the last year. I'm sure the plan was to promote Landis--hell, he's an integral part of the psy op team, The Three Amigos (I always imagine these three jokers, Landis, Cole, and Angry Arab, flipping their guns in the air and shuffling back and forth in three card monte fashion).

      But I for one didn't know who Josh Landis was before this year . . . or I don't recollect reading him.

      And why does it have to be U.S. professors who are always the experts? They have jobs teaching, running blogs, manning e-mail and phone communiques from their vast information networks in the Middle East, sit for media interviews, etc., etc. and these guys are the experts about what's going on "inside Syria?" Why not someone like Narwine Sharmini?

    3. Josh Landis' recommendation for Syria:

      While horrified by the violence, Landis suggested that the current policy of limited external support for the opposition and tightening sanctions on the regime might be the best for the time being. “There isn’t an innocent Syria out there waiting to come in,” he said."

      Limited? My ass.

      More sanctions? So Landis wants to starve the people he loves so much to force them to do what he wants, which is what exactly?

    4. Landis is an academic from the midwest and longtime "Syria watcher". That should sum it up for you

  9. a eg of the lies the FSA and its ilk uses to deceive people:
    Linda Juniper ‏@LindaJuniper
    Pictures of Shahed a girl who was killed in clashes in ‪#Yemen‬ r being posted with claims that she was killed in ‪#Syria‬
    Linda Juniper ‏@LindaJuniper
    That's the original article that MasrawY an Egyptian page has taken the photos of the murdered child Shahed from ‪#Yemen

  10. Just noted this from the Evening Standard (London) security correspondent's report (July 16) on the militarisation of the olympics (back door job through alleged failure of regular contractor):
    However, contingency plans are already advanced for troops, planes and ships to be sent to the Gulf should things really kick off with Iran this autumn.
    Well advanced!
    Probably related to this from May :

    Syria not going to plan, unfortunately.