Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh Canada? Caves to global gun treaty & RCMP's Tactical Armoured Vehicle

The Canadian mainstream media is making a really big deal about the shooting in Toronto.
Along with the requisite calls for "gun control"

YaYa covered that in this post -Global weapons agenda aided by mass shootings, bombings
The aim is to move all weaponry into the hands of the ruling psychopaths

In a nutshell, that is the agenda. To leave the masses powerless in the face of the impending police state and global government. What, you crazy!? Global Government? Yup.

 YaYa-  "During the past week, as in the recent multiple, almost simultaneous, "zombie" flesh-eating incidents, we've seen a rash of "lone mass killer" incidents in North America and abroad. The public are systematically being encouraged to fear everything and everyone, and to beg their governments to exert greater control."

Once you all start begging for safety the government of Canada and the US will be more then happy to comply-

Ask yourself, always, who benefits? And, who doesn't?

Since I am not a coincidence theorist.... I can't help but notice that all this media hysteria is timed to coincide with a GLOBAL ARMS TREATY. Most certainly not the kind that will end war. These so called treaties are lip service for you and blank cheques to the powerful and their government lackies.

Lip service- "this will make you safer" Reality: It won't.

Coincidence. I think Not!

When Gatekeeping outfits such as digital journal are resorting to adhominem attacks to discredit people who are connecting the dots between the obvious beneficiaries you best beware.

 The Canadian government has already caved to the UN Global treaty

"Canada has modified its controversial position on a United Nations arms control treaty.
In a new position paper submitted to the UN, the federal government has dropped its proposal to exclude all sporting and hunting firearms from the international Arms Trade Treaty, an agreement that seeks to regulate the import, export and transfer of all conventional weapons."
Hmm, I thought the Conservatives were all about smaller government??? Because that is what they said when they won/stole the election. Hardeeharhar.. What they are all about are  really big, fascist, police state government.

Anyone find it odd that Canada's crime rate is again, for how many years in a row, despite the governing Conservatives trying to turn everyone into criminals, the lowest in 40 years??? Notice that?

Toews takes the credit after Canada reports lowest crime rate since 1972 … just as Harper heads to Toronto gun summit.

 What a disconnect!

 How does Toews take credit for this? Why does a country that has the lowest crime rate in 40 years need to sign on to a global gun treaty? Why is the media making such a big deal of the latest shootings?

See the graphic above? Crime has been dropping steadily since before1990. To reiterate, crime has been dropping steadily for more then 20 years in Canada.

So why a global gun treaty?
And why is the RCMP getting these little gems?

RCMP Debuts New Tactical Armoured Vehicles


The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) has become the world’s first police or security force to make use of the International MXT Armoured Personnel Carrier. Navistar Defense Canada announced yesterday that it has delivered on a US$14 million contract from the Government of Canada, to supply 18 of its vehicles to the RCMP.

The world's first police force to "make use of these" Make use of these? For what? Against who?

The largely unarmed, aging populace of Canada?

Ask yourself, why?


  1. Short on time. I will be getting back to Syria and more

  2. Replies


    The Charge d' Affaires to Cyprus, Lamia al-Hariri had defected apparently! I don't know where they are getting their information, this report says Reuters.

    I can tell you there have been NO demonstrations about Syria AT ALL over the past few months in Nicosia, except for the molotov thrown by someone from an adjacent building the other week in the middle of the night!


  4. I guess the more fascist the government the better equipped are the police and military. I wonder if Santa's little elves are cobbling jackboots during the off-season to give them all for Christmas.

  5. yeah, to go with the nice new uniforms, with 'North American Union' badges on them no doubt...

  6. I was wondering when our government would sign in on this gun control affair. I have had a few discussions with family and they are all thinking it is a good idea! They all buy into the BS and think me an alarmist... sigh.

    But then, yesterday I mentioned Fukushima to one yesterday and he had no clue what I was speaking about until I jogged his memory hard.

    Welcome to the land of hockey and brain damage from too many pucks to the head!

    When do ya think Harper will don a uniform?

    Regarding those tanks. In BC a year or two ago the military handed over some of its used tanks to the RCMP and no one knew what they were planning..... Now we know?

  7. Hi Penny,
    Just a short article on Syria from Pravda, interesting though, remember to take a breath every now and then :-)


    Iran's UN envoy yesterday accused Israel of staging a suicide bomb attack on an Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria.

    The envoy Mohammad Khazaee said Israel staged the attack, in which five Israelis and their Bulgarian driver were killed, as part of a campaign of "state terrorism operations and assassinations aimed at implicating others for narrow political gains." The comments in a UN Security Council debate on the Middle East outraged Israeli officials, who have accused Iran and their Lebanese militia ally Hezbollah of carrying out the July 18 attack near Burgas airport.


    Syrian Foreign Ministry said Thursday that the Syrian ambassador to the United Arab Emirates ( UAE) has been off-duty since June 4.

    The ministry's statement came on the heels of media reports circulated a day earlier about the defection of Abdulatif al- Dabbagh along with his wife, Lamia Hariri, who is also said to have defected from her diplomat post in Cyprus.

    Reports said that Dabbagh and Hariri have headed to Qatar.

    But Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi told Xinhua that Dabbagh arrived in Syria on June 4 for consultation upon the request of the ministry, adding that the embassy in UAE " since then was run by charge d'affairs and now we notified the UAE that he is no longer an ambassador."

    The ministry, meanwhile, made clear that Hariri is not ambassador, but a diplomat that has been running the Syrian embassy in Cyprus till an ambassador is appointed.

    The Syrian Foreign Ministry also charged that some capitals are encouraging Syrian diplomats to defect their countries and duties in return for some offers, which have been exposed after many of the Syrians, inside and outside the ministry, have repeatedly rejected.

  10. Military cars were used in the past by South African apartheid state against native Africans protesting crowds.
    Today Israel uses these military cars to chase, and shoot to kill Palestinians with impunity.
    Canada is now one of the closest allies to Israel under Steve Harper's government , and is heading into the same direction as Israel.
    Harper is one of the biggest admirers of Bibi Netanyau.That says a lot about Harper himself.
    Israelification of Canada process has been going on smoothly under Harper's regime.
    Harper's government new proposed laws, and others already passed want people now in Canada not even criticise Israel or they'll be called racists.
    In the past,Canada was always admired for it's neutrality, but not anymore.Thanks to Harper and company.
    May be criticisng Israel in the future will be enough to throw a Canadian citizen handcuffed in one of these new uncomfortable police vehicles.