Sunday, July 1, 2012

Syria: Car bombs or Mortars at a Funeral? Or, another activist production?

Marie commented on the news of an alleged car bombing at a funeral procession.
The situations seems a bit confused. Confusing? Intentionally so? Or not.
 Was it a car bombing at a funeral? Or  mortar fire as originally claimed ?
Or an entirely fabricated incident, created with altered photos and  footage from other opposition activities?

This was published by Ynet - 07.01.12, 00:52 Israel News

In the single most serious incident, mortar fire killed 30 civilians who were attending a funeral in the town of Zamalka, six miles east of Damascus, the Syrian Observatory for Human rights said.
The Observatory did not give any further details on the Zamalka incident but published two videos from people on the ground.

The first showed several dozen people, mostly men waving Syrian revolutionary flags and shouting slogans as they accompanied the funeral cortege, when the picture was interrupted by an explosion.

Funeral attack in Syria-claims by euronews-en

The second, which could not be confirmed as being shot at the same scene, showed people running away from a cloud of dust that gradually dissipated to show numerous bodies lying on the ground. ( Does Ynet not find this credible? )

I think the above video shows the two clips together, but, I don't know?

There is also this one

Then as mentioned by Marie, the same town, a funeral procession but 85 dead and a car bombing.

At least 85 die in bombing of funeral procession in Syrian town, human rights groups say

 At least 85 people were killed when a car bomb exploded during a funeral procession Saturday evening in the Syrian town of Zamalka, activists and human rights groups said.

Hazy video clouded by dust in the first moments after the explosion showed dozens of mangled bodies lying on the road and the stretcher carrying Halabi's body on the ground nearby.

Although protests and funeral processions have been attacked with gunfire and shelling, activists said it was the first time they could recall a bomb targeting such a gathering.

No one claimed immediate responsibility for the attack, but Abu Omar laid the blame on government forces.
 30 dead from mortar fire? 85 dead from a car bombing? At the same funeral procession in the same town?

 Firemen at the scene of two huge bomb explosions outside the Palace of Justice in Central Damascus on June 28/12.

There was a car bombing in Damascus outside of the Palace of Justice just a few days ago.

 More here

A strong explosion has blown up several cars in the Palace of Justice parking lot, next door to the compound that houses several courts in Syria’s capital Damascus.

The Justice Palace is close to the ministry of interior. Witnesses said that three cars rigged with improvised explosive devices hit the area. The three blasted cars, known to be judges’ vehicles, were charred black.

Some articles have a total of 85 dead over the past few days.

It is almost as if the "activists" are creating a narrative by combining footage from the earlier car bombing &  a funeral process they (the activist crowd) likely created and attacked ( like a low budget movie)  to promote a narrative of wanton killing and destruction by the Syrian military/government.
Timed to coincide, of course,with the fact that the outcome in Geneva was not the one hoped for.

Syrian opposition rejects new international plan allowing Assad role in political transition

Syria's main opposition groups rejected on Sunday a new international plan that calls for a transitional government because the compromise agreement did not bar President Bashar Assad from participating. Their reaction held out little hope for an end to more than 15 months of carnage ....

It has always been all or nothing with the NATO created opposition crowd

So would the opposition fabricate an event, which would then be reported on by the mainstream media?
It has happened previously. Why not now?

One more article here.
Accompanied by this photo? Anyone?

Right now I am leaning to this incident, not being what the Syrian Observatory for human rights is presenting it as. There have been far too many  videos and photos that from the activist crowd that never seem to support that which they have claimed.

UPDATE!! - From Fitzhenry Mac at  Images that Lie

I requested some assistance from Fitzhenry and he outdid himself. It looks as if the above photo has been altered and used on a few different occasions to present different narratives.
Worth taking a look at!


  1. Hey Penny,...At this point it is pretty safe to assume all the destruction is controlled by yiddish psychopaths in hel aviv.

    Like 911, 7/7, Madrid, Bali, no-one else makes sense?

    Assad? Qui bono? Not Assad.


    1. Hey V!!

      Not a way in hell this benefits Assad or the ordinary Syrian citizen.

  2. Looks pretty fake and single-sourced to me. Note also the "dead" guy at 1.36, far left, in this video - Assad's army - set off a car bomb in zamlka +18 who suddenly lifts his head from being dead, just to check he is still alive,then dies again. It's very elaborate, though nothing Pinewood studios or equivalent couldn't rustle up quickly.

    1. He lifts his head?
      I will have to see this one!

    2. Great eye once again Felix!

      Reminds me of the Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode where Danny Devito's character is playing an extra in a zombie (!) film and he is supposedly be playing dead but he can't resist eating his jerkey stick and ruins the shot.

      That lift of the head was not natural. It was not the writhing movement of a dying person. It was a quick jerk by someone that thought he was done, or saw something, etc.

      Plus, it doesn't look natural that the bodies would all be piled up in a group like that.

    3. He certaily hasn't got spinal or neck injuries, Walt. The same thing happened in a Libyan rebel video of the "taking of the base at Shahat (Cyrene) in Feb 2011. Guy playing dead, has a quick look around, then dies again. That was a re-enactment/reinvention sham video at the real location.

      There's another here, 17 FEB 2011 - guy at 0.33 in Benghazi with very strong neck muscles.

    4. I have only one very basic and visceral reaction to this video, and it has nothing to do with whether the "victim" shown is faking the neck injury or not, although I do tend to agree with you there.

      My reaction is one that tells me on a gut level that these people are simply illiterate, violent and absolutely insane maniacs who (I hate to say it, but...) look like they are in desperate need of some serious and brutal police state ass kicking from the Syrian military and/or police. Ya know??

      From what I'm seeing, I wouldn't blame the Assad govt for one second IF they did give a proper amd violent counterattack to the these maniacs.

      In fact, if the Syrian govt did NOT pursue this kind of lawlessness, anarchy and violent threats to their nation and people, I would say they are no longer fit to be the leadership - not the other way around, you see.

      To me, it seems very clear that Assad and his military have every right and a very clear justification to be defending their nation and trying to restore some level of order and stability in the midst of this clearly orchestrated series of violent events no doubt being planned and led by CIA, MI6, Mossad and any number of other usual suspects.

      I mean, come on now...these are not peaceful farmers turned "Minutemen", or intelligent and good natured people debating what is best and most fair for all Syrian citizens - that is NOT their version of "revolution". These people shown are freakin murdering savages - and somehow WE are supposed to identify with and support THEM for behaving like that?? Oh, I don't think so. And the UN, NATO will surely want to hand these people many billion$ of our tax dollars to "form a new free deomocracy", even as WE are in the midst of the world's biggest economic crisis in...ever???

      Our priorities are SO f-ed up, and I think everyone in the world has to be sensing that just on a very basic spiritual level...even without seeing blatant examples of it in your face, like this video.

      Come on, man...SO many things are VERY wrong with this entire picture. I think everyone (including us) is being played for fools on so many different levels, because none of it benefits anyone except for - you guessed it - the Globalist Ruling Elite.

      They want chaos, they want murder, they want destabilized nations, they want high unemployment, they want degrading social services and healthcare, they want people dumbed down as far as possible...and they want control over ALL of us - everyone and everything on the entire planet. Ask yourself WHY?

      Are we learning yet???

    5. "Our priorities are SO f-ed up, and I think everyone in the world has to be sensing that just on a very basic spiritual level"

      I agree LVB. Some are more aware, some are less aware, but there is a disconnect that people must sense.

      This is one of my favourite rants in life
      How off kilter we are as a species.
      How all the technology and entertainment affects are cognitive abilities
      Anyone who will listen to me, while on my soapbox of course, I tell them to shut the f'n tv off!
      It is the single largest mind control device in your home.
      Then the video games. Parents, if you buy those for your kids your nuts. Off your rocker. Lame and Insane.
      Those "war games" are not games. They are training.
      I shudder when I see parents buying them..
      How that is training the brain to kill, kill, kill.
      The military uses video games also
      It's a great training tool
      So what do these idiotic parents think there training or preparing their kids for?
      Killing, just like the military does.
      I shudder at the thought

    6. I know what you mean LVB.

      I too feel anger at these perps. It's such an evil act to fake attacks like this. Because even though it's fake, they are causing real violence! So basically these actors are not just laying down for their $100 a day or whatever, they are creating the situation where there really will be a terror attack like this but they will be bringing it about.

      And you're right that whether true or not the images effect us. That's why it will also be effective if they do what freethinker suspected and actually bombed their fellow "protesters" to create sympathy. And there is a combination of real and fake deaths already . . . . although I think they reserve the real deaths to attacks on the police and army and Alawite and Christian communities . . . . for now. I wouldn't be surprised if we see Neda style (and Tunisian style, etc.) sniper attacks on FSA people.

      The producers running this whole show are even more evil than the FSA insurgents or even the common peasants they paid to play dead.

  3. Penny, the above video is the same one is saw last night BUT only up to around 00:16 After that it's different.

    In the video shown on the CYBC, after the 'God is Great' shouting there is clearly 'orange/yellow' dust in the air, and through it you see black pieces of things on the ground but NO ONE is moving around and you don't see the mangled metal. I think you are right - this looks like TWO videos joined together!


    1. Hey Marie:

      thanks for letting me know about the story. When I started digging it seemed very contradictory and not making sense

  4. It needn't be fake - anyone can fire a mortar, or trigger a bomb. Remember that this phony civil war was kicked off by death-squad snipers firing at both sides. The Allah'u Ackbar crowd are just as dispensable as the loyalists.

    As V says - Qui bono? Not Assad, for sure.

    1. Your right, it doesn't have to be fake, could have been a real mortar or bomb.
      But when and where?

    2. Good point freethinker.

      Just because there have been many faked videos in the past doesn't mean this one is fake.

      It feels weird doubting something really horrible happened to people when it appears like it did . . .

      But that's what the perps are taking advantage of. They are taking advantage of the fact that these images are very powerful in our brain whether they are real or not. And they are taking advantage of our compassion/empathy and reluctance to speak out.

      You're right Assad or the Syrian government have not benefited from these attacks. That's why these terror videos have been implausible from Day 1. It's an outrage the western media has peddled this obviously false propaganda from Day 1, and continue to do so.

      As you allude to, what possible motive does the government have to publicly assassinate or terrorize the people shown in the video? Who has this motive?

      Who has a history of faking videos? The insurgents in Syria.

      And like past videos we see more shoddy production values like the actors being unable to play dead. Btw, I'm sick of the online rules of evidence some want us to follow. The terrorist up the ante by creating fake acts of barbarism and triggering basic things in people, and then we have to play reasoned skeptic that can never come to a conclusion until we have conclusive smoking gun proof--that the perps control and we will never get to see.

      But we do have enough circumstantial evidence to come to basic conclusions.

      Like I'm assuming this is fake western-backed war propaganda unless proved otherwise (I'm open minded and can change my mind). I don't think they're onto sacrificing their own yet. The one benefit of using fake deaths over the real deal is the perps don't have to commit the same crimes to do so and may be more willing to go along with the operation. But I think you're right that if need be the FSA freedom fighters will be quickly killed by their Western backers . . . and filmed for propaganda value of course.

      Who would a known the west would start doing snuff films all the time?

      How long before we see the Assad snuff film?

    3. WWM:Hello!

      You have mentioned you post other places???

      The last picture I put in the post, with the news story, if you check out the link to Fitzhenry Macs you can show it to other doubting persons.

      That picture has been used on two other occasions once in November of last year, then again in December of last year and then again this past weekend

    4. Penny,

      That's a good catch by Fizhenry Macs. We've seen them reusing and altering photos on other occasions as well.

      I think they showed a still shot from the horror movie 'Final Destination' recently. That's how desperate our cinema warriors are. And sloppy.

      But the idea of the western media putting on fake war videos is too shocking for some people to accept. Your blog is one of the few places where I see people getting wise to it.

      It's cognitive dissonance, I think it's called. But I fail to see how we can come to any other conclusion than the media is not merely negligent, it's complicit.

    5. Walter and Penny,

      Great comments, and yes, it is absolutely cognitive dissonance, and it is absolutely used all the time in mass media to confuse and influence our beliefs and behavior. Here's what I wrote in a previous article a few years ago, and it is now ringing truer than ever:

      "Cognition is the scientific term for “the process of thought”.

      Dissonance is a state of disagreement or conflict between two or more things - things that don’t fit together. In music, dissonance is expressed as being “a mingling of discordant notes, a clashing or unresolved musical interval or chord".

      The simplest explanation of this in music is that dissonance sounds bizarre and disturbing to the ear. Notes that don’t sound good together.

      “Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously. The theory of cognitive dissonance proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce this dissonance by changing their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, or by justifying or rationalizing them.

      The important thing about cognitive dissonance in mass media is that when a person is confronted with such contradictory ideas, it creates a conflict or disturbance that is usually not even noticed on a conscious level.

      Instead, it is internalized and processed by your subconscious mind, your autopilot system, in the same way that your autonomic nervous system controls your breathing, heart rate and blinking your eyes -without you ever thinking about it consciously."

      So, think about that for a second - this massive level of increase in sensory input to our poor little brains from mass media, loaded with manipulative ideas and imagery - most of which is being processed only internally by our AUTOPILOT - especially and increasingly so considering the fast paced blur of modern life.

      This is a recipe for deception (and disaster, in my opinion), as well as a Disneyland (pun intended) sort of global playground for the programmers of mass mind control - the Globalist Ruling Elite and their many puppets in mass media.

      And further, for what it it's worth - both the FAKED and "REAL" (depending on how you define that term) videos/still images and staged events have been used to great effect in provoking wars.

      The events before, during and after the Bosnia/Kosovo wars are prime examples - REAL bloody, gruesome death carnage in the streets of the Markale marketplace bombings in Bosnia, but perpetrated by the Bosnian side with planted explosives, NOT Serbian artillery fire - as witnessed by UN observers (who were not popular with the higher ups for saying so btw), and all of the post-incident evidence (type of craters you find with artillery, lack of shrapnel, etc).

      The same goes for the Racak "massacre" - yes, there were lots of dead bodies, but ALL of the forensic autopsy evidence (done by THREE independent teams) showed clearly that these people were killed in a military firefight - none had wounds consistent with innocents being executed at point-blank range as you would clearly see if that had been the truth of the situation.

      Yet, this was used as the "galvanizing incident" by the degenerate monsters Albright, Clinton, NATO, the UN (and obviously the globalist mass media!) to provoke and justify the full scale bombing of Serbia, including (very few) military and (many) civlian area targets.

      And it was all said to be "the right thing to do" and even blasphemously code-named "Merciful Angel" by the very evil and despicable powers that be.

      So, I believe that what you, Penny and I are saying is all true - and that it serves the propaganda purposes of "the Empire" whether these incidents are, in fact, REAL or FALSE.

      The result is that people see/hear it, absorb it and are thus influenced by it; i.e., Psychological Warfare 101.

  5. I am going to update the post to include some work down by Fitzhenry Mac on that photo that was being used in last linked article on the funeral.
    It seems that photo has made the rounds over several months now

    Serving many purposes. Be sure to check it out!

  6. I hesitate to bring anything from such a dodgy source but the first (gruesome!) video shown here apparently is a sequel to the video Penny linked. It looks to me to have been a car-bomb - there is a smouldering front half of a car shown at 0:33 and there is a cluster of bodies around what looks to be the rear end of the car some distance away. There are well over a dozen bodies shown, and they look real enough to me. As for where and when...

    1. Freethinker: your video link

      Is it me? Or does the audio not match the video?

      Am I hearing the usual Alla however you spell it? and then in the background a crowd chanting in reply?

      Which is out of sync with the scene, which appears to be the aftermath of something, car bomb, explosion, don't know? and people moving around offering assistance.

      And wouldn't the people turn however briefly to look at someone screaming so incessantly and loudly?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I'm not sure Penny. I almost managed to convince myself that the sound was fake then at around 2:12 there is a large white board dropped on the ground and the 2 sounds that makes seem genuine.

    4. Hey Freethinker:

      Listen without looking, so you block out the other stimuli around the thirty second mark it seems noticeable.

      Going to recheck your time marker

    5. Some of the bodies definitely look more real in this video. Some bodies look more recently dead than others. Some of the dead are very gray and dirty while some other look fresher.

      Maybe they dumped a few bodies at the scene to make it more believable. Probably have easy access to corpses.

      But I see another unconvincing acting job at about 2:15 in the video. This is the guy laying on the ground with an apparent gut wound. It almost appears like his stomach has been pierced but I don't see any blood or guts coming out like I would imagine. Then when he's lifted on the stretcher he lifts his head a bit and moves his arm. So he's alive, which explains the stretcher, but how come his eyes weren't open or he wasn't making any other movement other than the pretty strong and confident hand and head movement?

      No wonder the camera rarely stops on a dead person for more than a second and the camera movement is very shaky. It's more difficult to play dead than you think--especially when you're using extras in a war zone.

  7. I could here something, but, I am not sure if it was the board
    Or wind
    Don't know and it is hard to look at
    (admitting my wimpiness here)

  8. The news sites have switched to reporting about many sites in Syria where 'crimes to humanity' are being 'sanctioned by the regime'.

    In other words they are personally after Assad now.

    Faceless 'torture victims' are saying how they were electrocuted, including a young boy, and there are even very well drawn artist impressions of the torturing which 'activists' hope will be used to bring the perpetrators to justice.

    In other words they are after Assad!

    It's pretty blatant propaganda reporting as I can't see how a victim of the terrible things they are saying would be able to decribe to the artist how his torturers were standing and looking and their expressions, and what they are wearing, even their 'military style' hair cuts etc. as clearly as shown in the wonderful drawings supplied to the media today!!!


    1. Yeah. Pure propaganda. Notice the use of hair styles as propaganda . . . the FSA insurgents wear beards without a mustache, right? Are they trying to bring this style to Syria?

      And they are after Assad . . . but that's just the pretense. They are after Syria. The West is pretending that they have principles and that they will go away with their armed terrorists and leave Syria alone if Assad goes . . . bullshit.

      Russia will use this as an excuse as well. They are already hinting that they want to drop Assad if it stops war. So they will be able to blame him for what happens and minimize Russia's failure to protect an alleged ally from attack.

      I was listening to NPR a week or so ago and it enraged me that they had a BBC "reporter" that was supposedly in Syria and they interviewed a crying child saying he was a victim of the Syrian government.

      These news organizations have blood on their hands. They know full well what they're doing and there is ZERO chance they are simply getting duped by FSA propaganda. This is straight up war propaganda from Britain, or the U.S., or one of their allies.

    2. And they brought war crimes charges against Qaddafi, right?

      How long before Assad is brought up on war crimes charges?

  9. I wish if this video will be helpful. It's about the first news in the revolutionary sites and pages after the Incident of Zamalka. It was deleted from the net, except in some sites & facebook pages. I've translated it into English, and corrected it after the instant translation on facebook, you can see that at the end of the video.

  10. Thanks Tozz!
    I am going to check it out

  11. Tozz:

    is the area in which you live occupied presently by FSA?

    Is your home under siege?

    I see by the info at my space and on the computer screen you are in Aleppo.

    This has been? Maybe still is a much battled area? Are you safe? Is FSA near by?

    Kind of scary, to think about.

    1. Thank you for your Kindness Penny,
      And Thanks for GOD that's Aleppo until now is little bet the safest city (as I hope that for all over Syria). Maybe more than 60% of its population are pro-regime, and there's a boodle of the Security Forces in it, especially in my area.
      So the FSA can do nothing, or can only aim some security men and patrols, or the "known" pro-regime people, by using small bombs or another ways, most of it causes only material damage. The demonstrations and riots is in some popular neighborhoods, but the violent clashes is in the rural areas, especially in the north and north-west rural of Aleppo, which is adjacent to Turkey.

      GOD Bless You.

    2. Tozz

      Apologies for not getting back to address this comment sooner.

      Thanks for the blessings.

      Aleppo is relatively safe? It's hard to know from the media reports in the main stream.

      60 % of the population are pro-regime?! WOW
      That would not be commonly known given the reporting from the main stream western media.

      I am going to use your video in a post and hope that will be ok?

  12. Dear Penny,
    I know that you are working hardly everyday, doing great job. So don't worry about late. I've also delayed due to some problems in the internet.
    I'll answer you about Aleppo in a comment on your "new post about Zamalka" which is Great Honor for me that you've posted it in your blog.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Let me try that again!

      Hey Tozz:
      Doing a great job? Thanks. I try.

      Your problems on the internet?
      Would this be because of the varying attacks on infrastructure?
      Thought I had read previously there are times when there is no electricity in parts of Syria
      Have you experienced such shortages?

      The honour belongs to you, for making the video.

      I will include your latest one in a post today
      Thanks for taking the time to do that for myself and all the readers here. And for sharing your personal experiences.
      This gives all the readers here more clarification and understanding of the situation in Syria