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Israeli Media reports "Syrian Rebels Claim to Take Over Chemical Weapons"

Freethinker mentioned this, unfortunately the  link left by him didn't work, at least for me.
I take this news story as a big warning-  A big false flag warning
This "news" seems to be originating within the Israeli media.
It doesn't appear to be based on anything legitimate.
It seems like it is just "out there". But why?

Allegedly in Damascus......

"The Supreme Military Council of the Syrian rebels released on a statement on Tuesday which said that the rebel forces took control of an army missile base in Damascus, in which ten ready-to-launch missiles were found. Some of the missiles, according to the statement, were converted to carry non-conventional warheads.

“During the successful operation, the operatives of the Free Syrian Army found a large number of rockets ready for launching, with enormous destructive capability, and they were very surprised to find missiles that were converted to carry non-conventional warheads and which can be equipped with chemical or biological warheads,” said the statement which was translated by Arab affairs expert Dalit Halevi.

The Supreme Military Council of the rebels went on to claim that it had confirmed the report by examining photographic documentation of the scene.

The Council warned that these facts indicate that the Assad regime is getting ready to bomb cities in Syria using these missiles, and the possibility that he will use missiles with unconventional warheads cannot be ruled out.

The Council called on Arab countries and the international community to immediately intervene in order to protect the lives of the Syrian people “before the regime moves to a new level of crimes, which will have tragic consequences for the entire region.”

On Monday, French President Francois Holllande warned that any use of chemical weapons by Syria would be sufficient reason for Western countries to intervene in Syria.
Hollande said that France was working along with several other countries to create a protective zone around Syria, to be in position to move in if necessary.
A similar warning was made last week by U.S. President Barack Obama, who said that President Bashar al-Assad should heed U.S. warnings to neither use nor move chemical or biological weapons.

“We cannot have a situation where chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people,” Obama told reporters at the White House. "We have been very clear to the Assad regime -- but also to other players on the ground -- that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized.”
He added, “That would change my calculus; that would change my equation.”
Israel has expressed concerns that Assad’s chemical weapons will end up in the hands of the Hizbullah terror group if his regime falls.

Syria has admitted it has chemical weapons and has threatened to use them if attacked by external forces. It claimed it will not use these weapons on rebels fighting to oust Assad.
Recent reports from Syria indicated that Assad has transferred a battery of advanced missiles to the al-Masna border crossing, which is the central route used to transfer equipment and weapons to Hizbullah. Members of the Syrian opposition said that one of two major chemical arsenals of the Syrian regime is located near that border crossing.
This facility is located just 24 kilometers from a missile base belonging to Hizbullah and was first exposed by the London Times newspaper in May of 2010.

Meanwhile in Aleppo...... 

Syrian rebels unveil regime plan of using chemical weapons

 Aleppo: A stockpile of gas masks was discovered by the rebels in Syria, likely to be distributed amongst members of President Bashar-al-Assad’s regime in case it unleashes chemical weapons in its ongoing civilian assault, Al-Arabiya reported on Wednesday.

The claim was made by the Free Syrian Army’s Abu Dujana brigade in an amateur video obtained by Al-Arabiya, showing resistance fighters uncovering the large stash in what appears to be a government building in a suburb of Aleppo.

“The use of chemical weapons requires gas masks to protect the Shabbiha and supporters of this criminal regime. As we can see, this is only part of the large amount found in one government building in Deir Hafir. These amounts exist in all government buildings and all Baathist buildings.”
It is to be mentioned here that both United States and United Kingdom have warned the Syrian regime to avoid using chemical weapons against rebels.
In my humble opinion these claims by the rebels are as false as their claims to be in Syria to free the Syrians.
However, they are  both good for perception management and as the base of false narrative creation

The usual blurry photo allegedly of gas masks

BTW: India says no to foreign intervention in Syria

In his statement at the summit, PM Manmohan Singh opposed external intervention in the conflict in Syria.

PM Singh's speech  was broadly in tune with the sentiments expressed by the Iran - that there should not be external intervention in Syria and sympathetic to the "long suffering people of Palestine."
"As the world's largest democracy, India supports popular aspirations for a democratic and pluralistic order. Nevertheless, such transformations can't be prompted by external intervention, which exacerbate the suffering of ordinary citizens.

One last item before signing off - Watch it! Manufacturing Dissent

Love the old lady hitting the NATO merc with her shoe! She is great.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Syria: No Security Council Vote- Expect NATO 'intervention' for humanitarian aid, of course.

We are going long today. Apologies. I wanted to get some news posted yesterday, now there is more today.
Settle in, sit a while, get your drink of choice and get comfy
Even worse, I have added another link you will see it as Breaking news.

The straw that will break the proverbial camel’s back.
The precipice of world war. Perilous times indeed.
At least, that is the way I see it.
First, news from yesterday, still extremely relevant or I wouldn't use it.

About that transitional government that France appeared willing to hastily recognize.....
It appears the NATO warmongers have been working on an alternative or partner to the SNC.
Unsurprisingly. It would be foolish to assume NATO didn’t have a plan b, c or d.

Britain and US plan a Syrian revolution from an innocuous office block in Istanbul

“An underground network of Syrian opposition activists is receiving training and supplies of vital equipment from a combined American and British effort to forge an effective alternative to the Damascus regime. 

Dozens of dissidents have been ferried out of Syria to be vetted for foreign backing

The training takes place in an Istanbul district

"We are not 'king-making' in Syria. ( lie) The UK and the US are moving cautiously to help what has been developing within Syria to improve the capabilities of the opposition," said a British consultant overseeing the programme. "What's going to come next? Who is going to control territory across Syria. We want to give civilians the skills to assert leadership." “

The UK and the US are king making. They are hand picking stooges to form a government, on the ground in Syria. This was an issue with the SNC, since they had no support within Syria itself. Plan B has NATO  creating a transitional government on the ground, in Syria. The call by France to the opposition forces on the ground  to unite was therefore a well timed call. The US and UK must believe they have enough control to make their next move.

Read the article entirely. Sort the spin from the facts.

Egypt’s President shows his true “stooge” colours for all to see. Puppet boy. From three days ago!
NATO’s boy Morsi/Mursi .Egypt's president says time up for Syria's Assad /August 27, 2012

"Now is the time to stop this bloodshed and for the Syrian people to regain their full rights and for this regime that kills its people to disappear from the scene," Mohamed Mursi said in his first interview with an international news organization.”

Geez, he sounds exactly like Obama, Cameron, Hollande and the rest of that sordid company!
No surprise there.
Brief, but not a  new prognostication-This man, along with his "compatriots" in Israel, are setting up a war in the Sinai. Yes, Mursi/Morsi is servile to the US/UK/Israel axis of warmongers.

Lavrov: Intervention in Syria is a catastrophe August 28/2012

After a meeting in Geneva between representatives of the five member countries of the UN (United Nations) and others bordering Syria, a spokesman for the U.S. State Department, Patrick Ventrell, said the absence of a resolution does not impede the actions of the United States.”

Patrick Ventrell US State Dept, spells it out loud and clear-

"We have to continue working under the aegis of the United Nations, but we also have a broader strategy that should be respected.  We do not intend to stop doing our job just because there is no resolution," added Ventrell.”

In other words NATO world army cares not for the international community. NATO world army has an agenda and everyone else can 'suck wind'

Continuing on-

"The United States has expressed its intention to intervene, ignoring the UN Security Council," countered the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, during an interview with Sky News.
"I believe that the statements from Washington and other capitals that the declaration of Geneva is a dead letter are completely irresponsible.

It looks as if the next UN meeting upcoming will see Russia and China hold their position on Syria and it isn’t going to matter at all. The US/NATO world army has set it’s course.

As for the next UN meeting the latest news- NO Security Council vote!
“Deadlocked U.N. Security Council ministers to discuss Syria aid”
Diplomats said that aside from possible announcements of aid initiatives by individual countries on Thursday, there would be no further action on Syria from the Security Council.

No further action from the Security Council.
France is spinning we wanted a “humanitarian” blah, blah, blah and but “we faced a double refusal”

 "The United States and Britain believe we have reached the end of what can be achieved at the Security Council, and Moscow and Beijing said that such a resolution would have been biased."
Therefore expect the NATO world army to attack without a UN resolution. Under the guise of a humanitarian no fly/ buffer zone. France decided to continue on and hold the UN meeting anyway, so they could spin the narrative via the NATO media.

I see today Freethinker has left a video, very timely, very relevant video- Thank You!


It makes sense out of nonsense from the NATO media

The special forces would indeed,  be on the ground attempting to disable the anti-aircraft missiles in preparation for the no fly/buffer zone.  Special forces have been slithering into Syria for sometime now.

Brian has left a link bolstering the fact that Mursi, is a stooge. Thanks brian! Singing the NATO tune in Iran.

That was clear when he made his statement days prior to the Iran meeting. 2nd link from the top.
Wished I would have had the time to get that up sooner. Sigh...

BREAKING: Israeli media gloats- Egypt has chosen who to identify with – and it's not Iran

Those who expected that Morsi's presence at the conference would bring Egypt and Iran closer together, would have to wait for another opportunity.

Morsi, who will be hosted at the White House in three weeks, does not intend to change Egypt’s foreign policy toward Iran

LOL, who expected Morsi to bring Egypt and Iran closer? The gullible?

If you have the time and can read through the spin, this  Aug 29th. NYT’s piece is interesting in that it lays out how the US is funneling money for arms through to the rebels, despite their bullshit and lies to the contrary. Oh wait a minute. Bullshit. Lies. Same/same. I leave it for emphasis.
Just a bit to whet the whistle-
-"From a one-room office in an unfinished glass tower three blocks from the White House, an amorphous network of activists is doing what the Obama administration will not: attempting to arm the rebels. The Syrian Support Group.”came together late last year”
- “The group became more organized last spring when it formally incorporated, started its Web site and, in May, hired a former NATO political officer, Brian Sayers, as its director of government relations in Washington."
-"That same month, it applied for a license from the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control to raise money for the rebels.-The group cannot ship weapons, it can send money that the rebels can use to buy them."
-"The group has not disclosed its fund-raising efforts so far, though its license requires it to report each month to the State Department how much it raises and sends."
What?!! Are your alarm bells ringing? Are your spidey senses tingling? Mine were when I read that two page article

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Syria: "Rebels" eyes bigger then stomaches & Iranian soldiers??

So be sure to jump in with some thoughts on this article-
Odd to see such honesty, mixed in with the usual spin, on just how bad the rebels have been faring.
 Not sure what to make of it?

Syria's rebels: More than they can chew

A MONTH after rebel forces launched a blazing attempt to capture Aleppo, Syria's second city, they are starting to wilt. The regime claims to have routed them from their main stronghold in the Salaheddin district. Clashes continue in the southwest of the city and around the airport, but the best that rebel commanders can now hope to achieve is to draw the regime into a quagmire.

This is hardly the outcome the rebels were looking for, but it is not surprising either. Commanders have long acknowledged that they find it difficult to hold cities.  

Many Syrians--as well as outside observers--conclude that the rebels overreached by taking the fight to Aleppo. 

Part of the problem is that the rebels are failing to win hearts and minds among the urban middle class in Aleppo. The same was true of the failed attempt to take the capital, Damascus, in July. Most Aleppans cannot stomach the regime, whose brutality has left some 20,000 dead. But they find the rebels' tactics off-putting too, including summary executions such as that of Zaino Berri, head of a pro-regime militia. Some rebel groups have sent captives in booby-trapped cars to blow up checkpoints.

Imagine my surprise that Syrians would find that off  putting . NOT. I am being facetious. These NATO backed terrorists would have anyone normal questioning just what type of freedom a bunch of hired killers is delivering?  

Meanwhile, the political opposition is as divided as ever. Much to its dismay, America's secretary of state, Hillary Clinton snubbed the Syrian National Council, a group of exiles, during her recent visit to Turkey. The group is "on the verge of irrelevance", says a Western diplomat.

 Hence the call by France for any murderer or thief to form a transitional government and the French in their infinite wisdom will recognize it ? Come on!

Foreign powers are trying to strengthen civilian institutions inside the country.

Some (spin see below) help from Western governments, including intelligence, is still reaching the rebels. 

Without a no-fly zone or plenty of surface-to-air missiles to bring down regime jets many rebels think they will struggle. (Well, we know the NATO merc/killers have those)

Competition for resources and personal feuds have already led some groups to fall out. The two main rebel forces in the Homs area, the Khaled Ibn Walid Brigade and Farouq, both work out of the rebellious town of Rastan, but their leaders are at loggerheads. Some groups like Tawhid claim to work under the Free Syrian Army, whose secular figureheads are based in Turkey. (Secular figureheads?)But this (Tawhid) is more of a brand than an organisation. (Aren't they all brands?)  Others choose to distance themselves. One of Idleb's largest groups, Saquor al-Sham, churns out mini-documentaries, each starting with its logo morphing into a falcon as thunder crackles in the background. These films are used to attract funding, which comes mainly from wealthy Syrians abroad and Gulf traders. Because the West will not arm and defend the opposition, weapons must often be bought with cash. So far at least there is no sign of its running out. But that may change if the rebels cannot prove they can hold big cities.

 The branding of  rebels,  a point I have made repeatedly here , but, interesting to see it used in the msm
And a spin outfit complete with a morphing falcon logo?
To much. Way to much.

Also interesting. Yet, again not sure what to make of it? Seems alot of hype and not much substance.
Tell me what you think?
Iran Said to Send Troops to Bolster Syria
Are they? It's really not clear

"Today we are involved in fighting every aspect of a war, a military one in Syria and a cultural one as well," Gen. Salar Abnoush, commander of IRGC's Saheb al-Amr unit, told volunteer trainees in a speech Monday. The comments, reported by the Daneshjoo news agency, which is run by regime-aligned students, couldn't be independently verified.

Top Iranian officials had previously said the country isn't involved in the conflict.

But, "two Iranian newspapers quoted Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi as saying. Syria hadn't asked for assistance yet, he added.
"Syria is managing this situation very well on its own," he said. "But if the government can't resolve the crisis on its own, then based on their request we will fulfill our mutual defense-security pact."

Israeli media is spinning as if Iran is involved, not a surprise, nor necessarily true.

Monday, August 27, 2012

France to Syrian rebels "Form a transitional government & we'll recognize it!

 With an attack to follow? Likely and I will explain.


France. France. France.
Calls for a no fly zone. Aiding in destroying Syria. The new boss that’s the same as the old boss.
Sarkozy./Hollande?  Hollande/ Sarkozy? Can you see a difference?

The name may have changed, like Square Shreddies to “Diamond Shreddies”, but the product stayed the same. (You can apparently once again purchase "original" Shreddies?)
Talk about your marketing scam?
Marketing reference done for now, but, keep in mind everything is about selling you some thing

Holland “the new/old boss” of France has suggested the rebels form a “provisional government” for Syria and France will quickly recognize it. Quoting verbatim as reported here

“Hollande also said France was ready to recognize a provisional Syrian government once it was formed and urged rebels to establish one as soon as possible.

Calling for an "intensification of efforts for the political transition to take place quickly," Hollande urged the Syrian opposition to form a "provisional, inclusive and representative" government.

"France will recognize the provisional government of the new Syria as soon as it is formed," he said.
A bunch of hired killers can form a "transitional government" and France will jump on that killing machine!

Wait a minute.  Whoa! Where has that exact action played out previously? Oh, ya. Libya!
Most recently that is, but, this is a much older  sick twisted game then that.
After reading the RT piece here,  I had a flashback, to a couple posts, if you have the time to read them here and here and here

It’s not necessary, really, but if you want to understand just how the tactic of provisional government formation and invasion works, understand by reading up on how it has been done and for how long this method has been employed.

Hollande’s call for the rebels to form a “transitional government” is interesting for a couple of reasons

1st: Turkey had already undertook that with the formation of the SNC. A group of NATO lackies
who could never manage to “get it together”. I have covered that previously so I won’t bore you all, yet  again. However...... if France is urging the formation of a “transitional government”???
Does this suggest the SNC is being rejected?
Or is this simply an attempt to  rebrand the tarnished SNC? (See “diamond” shreddies analogy)

2nd: Is this call for formation of a “transitional government” suggesting that  military intervention is on the horizon?
Does this suggest a change in tactic with more direct NATO involvement?
Such as a so called coalition of the willing being formed? Without UN approval?
A  transitional government was formed in Libya prior to the NATO attack.
Then “elections” took place and it has been hell on earth since.

Ditto for Somalia. Gone from calm and working towards unification to transitional government (internationally approved, of course) to attack by proxy via Ethiopia and then “elections” with the right western leadership winning.
No wonder I am prone to flashbacks-hehehe ;)

Finishing up with the situation in Syria.

If the rebels can actually form a transitional government, I would expect that invasion on some pretext, most likely the use of “chemical weapons”  will be just around the corner.

To quote Hollande, who bolsters the narrative creation of “red lines” drawn by Obama last week

French President Francois Hollande warned Monday that the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime would be a legitimate reason for a foreign intervention.

"We with our allies (we) remain very watchful to prevent the use of chemical weapons by the regime, which would be for the international community a legitimate cause for direct intervention,"
Bolstering the narrative as mentioned by the NYT's-

The French leader also reiterated a warning made by President Obama a week ago, seconded a few days later by Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain, that that military intervention could be justified if the Syrian government used unconventional weapons or moved them in a threatening fashion.
That's called  reinforcing the propaganda, to "catapult it" Bushism

Could this rumour, of a planned massacre be connected? From Friends of Syria

News spreading around the terrorist sites, is that they are planning another massacre in the next few days, to blame on the government.

US decries death of 300 in Syria this weekend; not backing French call for opposition gov't

 The US plays "good cop" to France's "bad cop"

 The Obama administration expressed opposition at French President Francoise Hollande's call for the Syrian opposition to quickly form a provisional government, saying it was premature when the opponents to Syrian President Bashar Assad are still so fractured.

Because the US "cares" that the opposition is fractured (facetious) As if France would make the transitional government call without US approval? Does anyone really believe it?

France confirms it is working to establish buffer zone within Syria

France has confirmed that Western states were working with Turkey to establish buffer zones within Syria 

“We are working … [on] the initiative of buffer zones proposed by Turkey,” Mr Hollande said. “We are doing so in co-ordination with our closest partners.” 

That  quoted statement from Hollande would indicate the US, despite claims to the otherwise, is fully on board, which is not a surprise or should not be.

And this spin  about the  massive influx of refugees "overwhelming"  Turkey???

I had a news story in a previous post indicating Turkey had closed the border to refugees.

Close to 10,000 refugees wait in Syria as Turkey builds more camps, tightens security checks

Turkey is building more camps for fighters, just like they always have. If they have tightened security checks, this indicates Turkey is only letting the fighters through.

 "Some 10,000 Syrian refugees are waiting on the Syrian side of the border....."

"Turkey was also carrying out more stringent security checks on the refugees"
From the Telegraph article regarding refugees...

Thousands of refugees massed in makeshift accommodation on the Syrian side of the Turkish border yesterday as Anakara sealed its crossings, claiming its camps were full.  

If the lying/whore/NATO media is reporting10,000 Syrians are on the borders in Syria, you can bet the numbers are vastly higher. Likely even 10 fold. This also verifies the news I reported on more then a week ago that Turkey closed the border to refugees. You can find that news here August 16/2012

On July 25, a Turkish official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Ankara would close Turkey’s border crossings with Syria until further notice. 

This info looks to be correct and indicates there have been no refugees coming into Turkey for a month now!!!

Interview with Ali from "THE NAKED FACTS"

Just wanted to bring this to your attention

Ali over at the naked facts was interviewed by an individual from Shoah - The Palestinian Holocaust.

The topic is Syria and Ali discusses the behind the scenes players including Israel.
Prepare to unravel the spider web. Or realize just how inbred these psychopaths are?
However you want to look at it?

You can listen to the interview here. And, you should.
So. I hope you do.

This was my comment for NYS.

"I listened intensely, sat right in front of my computer and OMG I think you did excellent, I mean really excellent"

And you said you were nervous Ali....

The interview is approximately 1 hour in length. It was a little tough to hear the interviewer, but Ali came through quite clearly. The material Ali is referring to is available at his blog,  the naked facts. Linked above and in the sidebar.

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Syria: regime change prep; France "no fly" US special ops & Iran

Title changed to reflect new content, scroll down for additional info-

But an international coalition of the "willing" will be necessary......
Read on-

US, Turkey in regime change talks

"Operational Mechanism"

  In Ankara, Turkish and US officials began their first “operational planning” meeting aimed at bringing about the end to the Syrian regime. The meeting is expected to coordinate military, intelligence and political responses to the crisis in Syria where a deadly crackdown on peaceful protests that began in March 2011 has according to activists claimed more than 23,000 lives. The officials are also due to discuss contingency plans in the case of potential threats including a chemical attack by Al Assad’s regime which Washington has said would be a “red line”.

Turkish foreign ministry deputy under-secretary Halit Cevik and US ambassador Elisabeth Jones are leading the delegations made up of intelligence agents, military officials and diplomats at the Ankara meeting
Aleppo "In Aleppo, troops wrested control of three key Christian neighbourhoods from rebel control, according to actvists."

Troops were staging an intense counter-offensive across Syria on Thursday, with operations in several districts of the country's two major cities reported.

Forces loyal to President Bashar Assad launched assaults in several districts around the south of the capital Damascus, as well as the nearby town of Daraya.

"The use of imprecise weapons, such as unguided bombs, artillery shells and mortars by government forces has dramatically increased the danger for civilians," said senior crisis response adviser Donatella Rovera. (Amnesty's war whore ) Cause it's better that NATO drops massive bombs on the cities right Donatella war whore?

Refresh my memory, is this the same woman that set up Libya with her prolific propaganda?

Last one- France signals support for a "partial no fly zone"
Love that spin? How is a partial no fly zone different then a  regular no fly zone (ala Libya) and how is this not an act of war?

"France signalled Thursday that it was prepared to take part in enforcing a partial no-fly zone over Syria, piling pressure on President Bashar Assad's embattled regime as it widens a major offensive against rebels in Damascus and surrounding areas.

French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian urged the international community to consider backing a no-fly zone over parts of Syria, but cautioned that closing the Arab nation's entire air space would be tantamount to "going to war" and require a willing international coalition that does not yet exist."
Looks like France is willing to circumvent the UN! 


The Pentagon has made contingency plans to send small teams of special operations troops into Syria if the White House decides it needs to secure chemical weapons depots now controlled by security forces loyal to President Bashar Assad, senior U.S. officials said.

President Barack Obama warned this week that any effort by Assad to move or use his arsenal of chemical munitions in the country's conflict would cross a "red line," implying it could prompt swift U.S. intervention.

 Securing the sites probably would involve stealthy raids by special operations teams trained to handle such weapons, and precision air strikes to incinerate the chemicals without dispersing them, the officials said. 

"You shouldn't interpret what Obama said to mean that there would be automatic military action, but rather that we would respond as part of an international effort," said one senior official.

Officials said Obama could make a unilateral decision, however, to stop weapons of mass destruction from falling into the wrong hands.

 'Syria's rebel army? They're a gang of foreigners'

The level of destruction these foreign fighters have inflicted on Syria is sickening
But the very last paragraph is the one I want to quote. And, how many times has this been reported in the western msm. I have seen it on several occasions in the Russian and ME media. But this is the Belfast Telegraph. The lone time I have seen it in a western media outlet.

"But the thought cannot escape us that the prime purpose of men like Sergeant Dawoud – and all his fellow soldiers here – was not, surely, to liberate Aleppo but to liberate the occupied Golan Heights, right next to the land which the "jihadis" apparently thought they were "liberating" yesterday – until they discovered that Aleppo was not Jerusalem." 

Iran banking on American straits strategy 

An interesting take on the Straits of Hormuz


 One last one- Link left by AP over @ Twelfth Bough

Syria And Iran Dominos Lead To World War.

Well worth reading. 5 points made and expanded upon

1)  Syria And Iran Will Join Forces

2)  Iran Will Shut Down The Strait Of Hormuz  (read above article on Iran and the Straits) 

3)  Israeli Action Will Draw In The U.S. 

4)  Syria Will Receive Support From Russia And China

5)  Economic Implosion Will Become “Secondary”…To The Banksters’ Benefit  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yara Saleh- Hostage of the "Free Syrian Army"

Much thanks to Gallier for bringing this to my attention. Merci!
The video is 23 minutes long and worth taking the time to watch and listen.

Read the accompanying article here

Journalist of the privately-owned Al Ekhbariya TV channel, Yara Saleh was taken prisoner with her team by the Free Syrian Army. She was spared and held hostage while a large mobilization in Europe put pressure on the French President to order his FSA friends to release her. Rescued in the end by the Syrian national army, she agreed to respond to the questions of Voltaire Network.

 Also, I saw the video released on the Japanese journalist embedded with the NATO terrorists.
It's everywhere, of course. It uses words (subtitles) to create a narrative that that does not fit the images shown. I have seen dozens and dozens of videos such as this while covering the destabilization of Syria.

Still looking for input on the earlier post from today. 

 "Operational Mechanism" talks on Syria begin today in Turkey....

"Operational Mechanism" talks on Syria begin today in Turkey....

and more
Now updated with UN accusations against Iran

First, because it sets up the post lets start with the "Operational Mechanism" talks, taking place today in Ankara, Turkey

The " Operational Mechanism" Turkey and the US have decided to set up during US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's recent visit to Turkey is going to hold its first meeting in Ankara tomorrow.



The meeting will start in the morning at the Foreign Ministry. Owing to the nature of the meeting which will center on technical matters, it will be closed to the press. The operational mechanism decided upon by Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutog(lu and his American counterpart Hillary Clinton when Clinton paid a visit to Turkey on August 11 comprises diplomats, military officials and intelligence agents.

The American delegation to soon arrive in Turkey for the meeting will be headed by Ambassador Elizabeth Jones, a high level official at the US State Department and a high level official from the Turkish Foreign Ministry. 

More here and here 

Not much in the way of details, clearly, NO PRESS allowed.
Just diplomats, military officials and intelligence agents. That should tell us something?

Just for the heck of it. Cause I love words and their meanings/uses. I am including the words defined, to shed some light on just what this "Operational Mechanism" could be suggesting?

Operational: adjective 
1. of or relating to an operation or operations
2. in working order and ready for use
3. (Military) Military capable of, needed in, or actually involved in operations

Mechanism: noun    

1. A system of parts working together in a machine; a piece of machinery.
2. A natural or established process by which something takes place or is brought about.

So, could this  preplanned, previously agreed to meeting have something to do with preparations/coordinations (militarily) of all the players, like a well oiled machine, to bring about regime change in Syria? 

 Is this why Turkey is floating their “safe zones” concept, yet again,  because they (allegedly) cannot handle the refugees?

Is this why Saudi Arabia and Turkey are  suddenly at this time jointly planning “refugee camps”?
Is there going to be an influx of boots on the ground??? Such as the influx that was suggested by Obama, just the other day?  When Obama suggested "U.S. forces could move against him" (Assad) In language that was very suggestive of placing boots on the ground?

Ahmet Davutog(lu, Turkey’s foreign minister, speaks at the Center for Strategic & International Studies in Washington DC, February 10 (CSIS)

Turkey's leaders can shed all the crocodile tears they wish, does anyone believe their concern is legitimate?
The refugee problem is a made in Turkey problem. It is a crisis they brought on to themselves and could have stopped at any time. But chose not to.

Not to be left out of the fray Egypt and the Sinai, what's new?
What is going on? The war dance?
I have previously covered the movement by Israel of tanks and troops to the Sinai.
Egypt responded in kind. Israel is complaining

 Egyptian tanks arriving in Sinai city of Rafah

Egyptian tanks arriving in the Sinai city of Rafah (JP photo)

Egypt is suggesting that every move they made was with the OK of Israel and the US

An Egyptian military source said Wednesday that the recent deployment of troops in the Sinai peninsula was fully coordinated with Israel, refuting media reports that the move violated the Israel-Egypt peace treaty.

In light of Israeli qualms over Egyptian troops in Sinai, he said, the Egyptian leadership has been conducting direct talks with Israel on the subject in order to secure Egyptian control over the Sinai Peninsula

The U.S. State Department said it supports Egypt's military deployments in Sinai, but insists such actions be coordinated with Israel while observing the 1979 peace treaty.

"The Egyptians work hard now to defeat terror and turn back other security threats in the Sinai, we've been supportive of those efforts," said U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland in Washington.

So the US is aware that Egypt is deploying to the Sinai.

Which would indicate to me that Israel is well aware of the movement of all those US supplied weapons (many of them programmed with the right codes to make them useless against Israeli weapons) 
Why the complaining Israel?
Also, why is Victoria Nuland giving me a real April Glaspie vibe?  “the United States took no position on the border dispute between Iraq and Kuwait”  Of course the US took a position.

I still think Israel wants the Sinai, still think Israel with the help of the US and the new poodles in Egypt are going to give it to them. Hope I am wrong.

Related reading: Israel should retake Philadelphi

Thought this was interesting. 

A firm that tracks the pathways of the Internet says a Chinese company is keeping war-torn Syria connected to the Internet as other telecommunications companies withdraw.

Hong Kong-based PCCW Ltd. is now carrying most of the Internet traffic to and from Syria, according to Renesys Corp., a Manchester, New Hampshire, company that studies the structure of the Internet. (Studies the structure of the Internet?)

PCCW has shouldered the load as Turk Telecom, the main phone company in neighbouring Turkey, dropped away Aug. 12. It's not clear what killed its connections to Syria, but Turkey has protested the Syria regime's actions.(which would indicate to me Syria cut the connections to Turkey for what should be obvious reasons) China is one of Syria's few international allies.

Renesys said Tuesday that Telecom Italia of Italy and Deutsche Telekom of Germany also carry some Syrian Internet traffic, but the Italian company's share is declining for unknown reasons.(?)

Syria is connected via undersea cables to Cyprus, Lebanon and Egypt, and PCCW is a part-owner
It was the "studies the structure of the internet" bit that caught my attention-

Renesys Corp- The Internet Intelligence Authority
Commercial and government customers turn to Renesys to address strategic, tactical and operational challenges.
They have an interesting blog. I saved the link. Found it all so amazing. The tracking of the internet traffic.
Around the time of the Iran elections? Syria. Jordan. Cyprus.  And more. Fascinating stuff, in my opinion.
You? I don't know.

UPDATE:  UN (conveniently) points fingers at Iran over what APPEARS to be arms shipments to Syria 

Iran appears to be supplying Syria with weapons, the United Nations said on Wednesday.

The U.N. accusation backs (bolsters) charges (Charges? Not facts. Not intelligence. Not knowledge. Just charges) by Western officials that Iran is providing funds, weapons and intelligence support to Assad in his bid to crush the opposition.  

How timely with the US and Israel wanting any justification to take out Iran 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Obama's "red line" for Syria? Chemical weapons. Dam the election

 Now with additional background info!

So, just who is going to gas the rebels? Who is going to do the deed?
One of the other "rebel" factions? Al Qaeda?
How about some of the many special ops from varying countries working to destabilize Syria?
The Brits? The French? The Americans? Perhaps some private for hire mercenaries?
Or perhaps some Syrians in the occupied Golan Heights? That could be spun as an attack on Israel?
Why do I ask? Glad your asking.....

President Obama, speaking to reporters at a White House briefing, said the deployment or use of biological weapons would widen the conflict in the region.

He said: "It doesn't just include Syria. It would concern allies in the region, including Israel, and it would concern us."

He warned President Bashar al-Assad and "other players on the ground" about the use or movement of such weapons.

He said: "A red line for us is [if] we see a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around, or being utilised. That would change my calculus."

Chemical weapon use would be cause for military intervention. But not just use, if Syria even moves these alleged chemical weapons....

U.S. President Barack Obama warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday that U.S. forces could move against him, notably if he deployed his chemical weapons against rebels trying to overthrow him.
In some of his strongest language yet on Syria, on a day when UN observers pulled out after a fruitless bid for peace and Mr. al-Assad’s forces mounted new attacks, the U.S. leader said Mr. al-Assad faced “enormous consequences” if he crossed a “red line” of even moving unconventional weapons in a threatening manner.

reporting by the BBC (first link)

The US has seen unconfirmed reports recently that the Syrian authorities have been moving the country's chemical arms stockpile.

Continuing on from the Nobel Peace Prize winner  for best bullshit(farce)
(nominated just 12 days after his 'election')

Seeking re-election in November, Mr. Obama noted that he had refrained “at this point” from ordering U.S. military engagement in Syria. But when he was asked at a news conference whether he might deploy U.S. forces, possibly to secure Syrian chemical and biological weapons, he said he could change his view.
“We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized,” Mr. Obama said. “That would change my calculus.”
“We cannot have a situation where chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people,” Mr. Obama told an impromptu White House news conference. He acknowledged he was not “absolutely confident” the stockpile was secure.

The US can of course fix the intelligence to get the desired outcome. 
The US can of course supply the chemical weapons to anyone willing to use them.
Recall we have seen the images of the brand "rebel" fighters with gas masks?
Even though Obama has an election coming up, if chemical weapons came into play all the "bleeding heart  manipulated humanitarians" would be frothing at the mouth for the slaughter!
Cause you know, you have to kill to save!

Fukushima: contamination from fish to nuts and mutant butterflies

Two quick posts for today, news that caught my eye or had bookmarked previously.

Lennon's assassin makes an appearance and Fukushima, the disaster that is continuing unaddressed and unabated. Oh well as long as the war/gas/control agenda is still on.

The mainstream media silence on the Fukushima disaster is  maddening, glaring and makes clear the obeisance of the media to it's corporate masters. Kudos to  more independant but smaller outlets for at least trying.

Post-Fukushima, Japan's irradiated fish worry B.C. experts

 Are fish from the Pacific Ocean and Japanese coastal and inland waters safe to eat 16 months after the Fukushima nuclear disaster?

Governments and many scientists say they are. But the largest collection of data on radiation in Japanese fish tells a very different story.
In June, 56 percent of Japanese fish catches tested by the Japanese government were contaminated with ce-sium-137 and -134. (Both are human-made radioactive isotopes—produced through nuclear fission—of the element cesium.)
And 9.3 percent of the catches exceeded Japan’s official ceiling for cesium, which is 100 becquerels per kilogram (Bq/kg). (A becquerel is a unit of radioactivity equal to one nuclear disintegration per second.)
Radiation levels remain especially high in many species that Japan has exported to Canada in recent years, such as cod, sole, halibut, landlocked kokanee, carp, trout, and eel.
Of these species, cod, sole, and halibut, which are oceanic species, could also be fished by other nations that export their Pacific Ocean catch to Canada.
The revelations come from the Japanese Fisheries Agency’s radiation tests on almost 14,000 commercial fish catches in both international Pacific and Japanese waters since March 11, 2011, when an earthquake and tsunami triggered multiple meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.
The wrecked plant spewed enormous amounts of radiation into the Pacific.....

Lengthy article, read above.

Concluding with:

Authorities in Canada dismiss the calls for monitoring.
(if Canada is not monitoring, nor is the US)

It struck me as such a poor public-health decision not to monitor. This requires urgent action, but it just doesn’t seem to register on anyone’s radar,” she said.
Frank is now writing a book about the struggle to get authorities to monitor fish after Fukushima. She said she thinks of it as a murder mystery. “There are no bodies, but as a specialist in preventive medicine, I worry about increased mortality from the fish,” she said.


Fish species
Masu salmon landlocked
(aka sockeye) landlocked
All fish
Average cesium
in contaminated fish
in June (Bq/kg)
% of catches with
cesium in June
% of catches over
the Japanese
ceiling in June
Highest cesium level found in 2012, in
Bq/kg (month found)
18,700 (Mar)
18,700 (Mar)

California Pistachios contaminated. Tested in Japan.

and what would the world be like without Mutant Butterflies from Fukushima

 Always remember nuclear power is "green energy" according to the man made global warming crowd.
Clean and green and will save the planet and humanity. If you believe that tripe you will believe anything.

" Here we show that the accident caused physiological and genetic damage to the pale grass blue Zizeeria maha, a common lycaenid butterfly in Japan. We collected the first-voltine adults in the Fukushima area in May 2011, some of which showed relatively mild abnormalities. The F1 offspring from the first-voltine females showed more severe abnormalities, which were inherited by the F2 generation. Adult butterflies collected in September 2011 showed more severe abnormalities than those collected in May. Similar abnormalities were experimentally reproduced in individuals from a non-contaminated area by external and internal low-dose exposures. We conclude that artificial radionuclides from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant caused physiological and genetic damage to this species."
Keep in mind this will go right up the food chain

Lennon's assassin up for Parole

Some interesting news stories for today

Mark David Chapman is up for parole again.
Will he be freed? Or not?
 The outcome of his parole hearing is likely predicated on how big of a distraction is required in the very near future.

Mark David Chapman, the son of a military man.
Allegedly abused by his father(trauma based mind control)
Found himself in the midst of a war in Lebanon?
Relocated to a 'Vietnamese refugees in a resettlement camp at Fort Chaffee, Ark."
The lone "nut" who assassinated John Lennon.
"It was like a snapback to reality. I realized that I had a wife and she loves me. I told her I was going to kill someone and I whispered -- I remember whispering it in the phone -- John Lennon. I was going to kill John Lennon. She said, Come back, and thats when I came back."

Chapmans demons were gone, but only briefly. 

Good thing his wife saying "come back" could exorcise his demons! ;)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lavrov worries about US intentions for Syria

Found this interview with Sergei Lavrov interesting, particularly on the Geneva meeting and an upcoming  meeting at the UN. This may give us insight into what direction the Syrian situation is going with the new mediator, the Algerian diplomat Lakhdar Brahim. Interview originated here

You can read the interview entirely at the link, just an excerpt below

Sky News Arabia: Still, the United States has said that it does not rule out the use of a substitute for a no-fly zone.
 Lavrov: The United States never rules out anything.

Sky News Arabia: Do you have any information on the United States’ movements outside of the framework of the UN Security Council?
Lavrov: The United States has already announced that it will move outside the framework of the UN Security Council and it is a the position that is incomprehensible to us because they announced it a few days after the Geneva meeting which led to the formation of a working committee that issued a statement detailing Annan’s six point plan and which was approved unanimously. But when we started the discussion about it in the Security Council, we were ready for approval, literally without adding amendments, but it became clear that our partners were not ready for it. They tried to interpret the statement as if it was a mandate to bring down the regime and excluded it from the negotiations, which is not what was included in the statement at all. It stated in clear, simple English the need to stop the violence by all sides and for the government and the opposition to propose names of negotiators to come together to reach consensus on a transitional body comprising representatives of government and opposition through consensus by the Syrians themselves.
I think that what we hear from Washington and some other capitals about the death of the Geneva statement is irresponsible for it is the most consensus that has been reached on Syria with the participation of the West, the United States, the Europeans, Russia, China, leading Arabi countries and Turkey. To say now the statement is dead means that there are those who are looking for any pretext to declare there is no prospect for peaceful settlement and to resort to military action. This is what worries us and it is the road to a major disaster in the area.

Sky News Arabia: You have called for a meeting of the Security Council. How can this step be interpreted? Is it an attempt to revive what was reached in Geneva?
 Lavrov: What was reached in Geneva was not buried by anyone. At least we did not bury it. Nor did we hear that the European countries or China backtracked. This is also the case for the Arab States and the Turks. The United States declared that a page has been turned on this agreement; something that lacks any basis or factual reality is that the Geneva statement contains all the necessary factors for the transformation of the dispute into a political discourse – that requires not just for the Syrian parties to hear this call but also for foreign actors to convey because they have different degrees of influence on the parties in Syria. Those who attended the Geneva meeting and also Saudi Arabia and Iran, which did not attend, should send the same signal to all the Syrian players who are fighting each other now.
If we were all ready to do so the situation would be completely different situation. An Arab observer mission was set up last year, but for unknown reasons the mission was terminated. And now the international observer mission is coming to an end and will be replaced by a UN mission in Damascus. All this is in addition to the attempts to bury the Geneva statement alive and reinforces the impression that there are those looking for an excuse to prove the futility of finding a political and justifying and legitimizing military intervention! We in fact want to hold a meeting in New York for the permanent representatives of all the countries that attended the Geneva meeting in addition to Saudi Arabia and Iran to say yes, we were in Geneva and we held fair and constructive negotiations and we ended up with a unanimous position still retains its purpose and we are ready to apply it to the ground. The U.S. State representative sought clarifications about the meeting to which she was invited, saying her country is not aware of what is being talked about. I say that everyone knows everything and U.S. officials do not have to pretend they are not aware, which is not in fact not the truth. At least we gave an answer without hesitation to those who asked about the meeting, but if some have tried to wriggle out of this, it means either that they were not sincere in Geneva or they changed their minds now. They should talk about it openly!

Sky News Arabia: Besides that, does Russia plan on presenting an initiative to solve the Syrian crisis alongside what you have planned on doing during the Security Council?
Lavrov: We adhere to a clear, traditional line to resolve all crises – the need to arrive at collective positions which are implemented unanimously and that is what happened in the Security Council with the adoption of the Annan plan and committed ourselves to Geneva statement as external players to pressure all Syrian parties to implement this plan. Here are all the initiatives. Our goal is not to create initiatives that provoke a storm, such as establishing no-fly zones or safe areas. We do not seek to satisfy domestic public opinion. Our goal is to understand the essence of the dispute which can only be done on a consensual basis and collectively as was the coordination in Geneva. Our efforts today are to apply what was been agreed in Geneva.

Sky News Arabia: In your opinion, what can the successor of Kofi Annan accomplish in solving the Syrian Crisis, and after appointing Lakhdar Ibrahimi, the former Algerian diplomat, what can Al-Ibrahimi given that Al Assad’s government refuses to stop the violence?
Lavrov: Everyone refuses to stop the violence and one of the most important points in the context of the Geneva statement talks about the need for an end to violence by the government and the opposition. Our western partners are evading this agreement and violating commitments they have made. They are now calling for the Syrian government to stop military actions of one side and pull armed elements and military machinery from Syrian cities. Only after that they be prepared to ask the opposition to stop military action!
Let us assume that the regime declares an exit from all cities and withdraws all its forces – and this is something that is not necessary – do you think that the opposition will hand in its weapons after that?! The opposition will take over those cities and put them under its control as happened during the autumn with the attempt to implement the Arab plan. The matter is not linked to our objectives or to advice we give Assad. Rather, the matter is not realistic from the perspective of any politician or any military operation. And when they talk about the need to disarm the Syrian regime, the goal is not to calm the situation or save the lives of civilians, but rather regime change in breach of the principles of the United Nations charter. So when we talk about what should be done by Kofi Annan successor, it should be noted that the strength of his mission will be less than the task of the observers – their number was a few dozen – and there are plans to divide them into military observers, politicians and a third group to help in the implementation of humanitarian initiatives and the delivery of aid. I doubt the ability of the members of this mission to visit the Syrian cities or get out of Damascus due to the ongoing violence, so it is clear they will focus on political actions and statements that allow the start of political dialogue – but this is subject to the success in stopping the violence and not the success of the person, Lakhdar Ibrahimi, despite his experience and wisdom – just as in the past it did not depend on the international observers who oversaw the cease-fire announced last April. We propose a halt, similar to a ceasefire, under the responsibility of external actors who have influence on the government and armed opposition groups. If we are successful in the political process it is necessary to collectively pressure all armed opposition groups to ceasefire and convince them to quickly appoint negotiators send them to a location agreed by everyone to start agreeing on a transition body and determine the fate of key laws including the constitution and of course preparing for elections.

I find Lavrov's interview quite frank. I wonder why? PR before the meeting at the UN? Attempting to pressure the NATO/GCC nations and their terror mercs?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A new UN ringmaster for Syria. Iraq & Turkey and how about Kurdistan?

Recall the mention here of a replacement for Annan?
“The United States and several allies are likely to shortly endorse a replacement for Annan"

Meet the ringmaster for the UN circus
Algerian diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi to replace Kofi Annan as mediator on Syria

Susan Rice :
Rice said that the US is willing to consider an alternative UN presence in Syria, stating that there was no point renewing the observer mission as there was no longer a ceasefire for the monitors to observe.

"That portion of UN activity is not able to function, so that will not continue as far as we are concerned," she told reporters, as quoted by Reuters. "We would certainly be willing to entertain other conceptions of a UN presence.”

"There will be a country team, there will be a humanitarian presence, and perhaps there will be recommendations that are more political in nature that we can consider favorably."

How to interpret that!?

Earlier this month it had been reported that rebels were using tanks they had captured from the Syrian military.  However DEBKA is claiming something entirely new. Is it entirely true?

“The Syrian rebels’ Western and Arab sponsors have ratcheted up their military assistance by giving them tanks, 20 Russian-made T-62 tanks from Libya, debkafile reports. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave the nod for the transfer to the rebels of their first heavy weapons during her brief visit to Istanbul Saturday, Aug. 13, as the prelude to the next step of the war. Qatar is paying for the tanks.”

They could use the tanks to gain ground for a no fly zone, however, that appears on the backburner

"We have planned for a number of contingencies that could take place and one of those possible contingencies is developing a no-fly zone. But we've also pointed out difficulties in being able to implement that," Panetta said. "It's not on the front burner as far as I know."

DEBKA suggests an alternative use for the bulldozers

Sources in Ankara report that Turkey has drawn up plans for carving out those safe havens between 5 and 25 kilometers deep inside Syrian territory and on its borders with Turkey and Iraq.  Ankara is concerned less with the military aspects of those safe zones than with using them to relieve Turkey of the burden of hundreds of thousands of displaced Syrians who have fled and continue to flee across the border into Turkey as destitute refugees.

Maybe? Considering this news reported yesterday
 Reports say Turkish police have clashed with Syrians seeking shelter at an area in Turkey’s southern province, Hatay, located close to the Syrian border.

Similar incidents have also been reported in the southeastern province of Sanliurfa near the Syrian border over the past few days.

At least seven Syrians were injured in a similar confrontation in Sanliurfa in July.

On July 25, a Turkish official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Ankara would close Turkey’s border crossings with Syria until further notice.
Lets speak of the Kurds. Having spoken of them on multiple occasions since the destabilization of Syria began.....

Kurdish aspirations may play a role in why the FSA went into Aleppo (The FSA controlled, trained etc in and by Turkey)


"The battle for both the regime and the opposition has taken on a multidimensional strategic aspect"
 The descent of the Free Syrian Army on Aleppo is tactically and strategically motivated.
Heavy weaponry from Turkey (tanks?) reportedly has already begun to be transported to the rebels in Aleppo, signifying that the attack on the city was no less a Turkish than a rebel decision.

The move against Aleppo also has been taken with two objectives in mind for the Turks and the rebels. Seizing Aleppo, besides pushing back or forcing the regime's forces into submission, affords the Turkish government a say over the future of the Kurdish Qamishli area in northeast Syria and helps to prevent irredentist stirrings in the Turkish Hatay province in which a significant number of minorities reside. Given that the Kurds of Qamishli have refused to join the Syrian National Council yet claim opposition to the regime, Turkey has grown concerned about a future autonomous Kurdish enclave along its border.

This strategic maneuver by the Turks, however, has been affected by two misgivings, prolonging the battle for Aleppo at the expense of a great loss in property and lives as well as creating circumstances under which unintended consequences could alter the makeup of power within the opposition.(?) Turkey has supported the Muslim Brotherhood within the Syrian National Council and has exerted significant influence over the decisions and movements of the Free Syrian Army, whose main bases are located in Turkey and alongside the Syrian-Turkish border.

Aleppo also has taken on a strategic dimension for Ankara and the rebels. Capturing the city has become essential not only to deal a severe blow to the regime but also to check potential irredentist and hostile actions close to Turkish restive areas.


Can't help but notice the oil, gas and business industry is considering the creation of Kurdistan as a real possibility. This should tell us quite a bit!

Double Dealing in Iraq and Syria: The Kurdish Independence Gamble

Adding Syria to the Baghdad-Irbil equation makes for a rather interesting geopolitical sum, but there is no clear winner emerging just yet as everyone from international oil companies, Western governments, Turkey and the Syrian regime attempts to buy Kurdish patronage with promises of independence.

Iraq angered by Kurdish deal with French Total

Oil workers in Iraqi Kurdistan where the French oil company Total signed contracts for exploration with the regional authorities

  Of the world’s top nine oil companies, three have recently signed contracts within the Kurdish region.

France's Total was only the latest.
 Gazprom, the Russian mega-company that is partly overseen by the government, signed a deal for Kurdish oil at the beginning of August. Exxon Mobile, who is the world number four, set off a firestorm in June when it signed its exploratory contract. The Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, warned that the oil deal could lead to war and the disintegration of the current Iraqi state and finally, Chevron.

One more just to bring the point home-

Oil's big players raise the stakes in Iraqi Kurdistan

  Output in this region bordering Turkey, Syria and Iran is an on-off trickle for now in global terms but, given the right investment and an export route, it could reach 1 million barrels per day (mbpd) by 2014, and 2 million five years later, according to Ashti Hawrami, the KRG natural resources minister.

An independent Kurdistan could be a petrol giant. Just a thought. Maybe one Saudi Arabia has yet to consider? Who knows?