Monday, August 27, 2012

Interview with Ali from "THE NAKED FACTS"

Just wanted to bring this to your attention

Ali over at the naked facts was interviewed by an individual from Shoah - The Palestinian Holocaust.

The topic is Syria and Ali discusses the behind the scenes players including Israel.
Prepare to unravel the spider web. Or realize just how inbred these psychopaths are?
However you want to look at it?

You can listen to the interview here. And, you should.
So. I hope you do.

This was my comment for NYS.

"I listened intensely, sat right in front of my computer and OMG I think you did excellent, I mean really excellent"

And you said you were nervous Ali....

The interview is approximately 1 hour in length. It was a little tough to hear the interviewer, but Ali came through quite clearly. The material Ali is referring to is available at his blog,  the naked facts. Linked above and in the sidebar.


  1. Everything Ali says is correct, I have said before this battle is for the control of the desert religion. The Zionist want Judaism to be the leading religion and to destroy the others. Syria was always going to be the battle ground because of it's history. However they have failed as it is quite apparent in Latakia, the Sunni's did not rise up in fact they joined with Shia's Armenian's, Christians in forming militias to destroy the rats.

    I also mentioned weather and the price of silver watch these two if Silver remains consistent at $32 (currently at $31.17) then we know the Empire is going to struggle to subdue it's people as the economy will tank soon after.

    Neptune is in the Uranus-Pluto conjuncture, this was forecasted by the Mayans in their Long Count and is manifesting itself in the Ninth wave. Bad weather will hit the USA and it's allies.

  2. Hans: I tried to look into some of that Mayan stuff you said there was alot of "new age" mumbo jumbo associated with this ninth wave, well I can't tell new age from anything
    Leave me one link you consider valid or relevant.

    As for Ali, he did great!

    "The Zionist want Judaism to be the leading religion and to destroy the others."


  3. Yes Ali came through very well. Its always a struggle however to understand Sammi.

    You might also appreciate this: Jonathan Azaziah - The Arab Spring A bit strident, but no pussy-footing - he tells it like it is.

    1. Thanks freethinker
      I am going to listen to that interview today
      "The Arab Spring"

    2. Hey Freethinker

      Mr Azizah has a style that is reminscent of a preacher, which is why I find him a tad difficult to listen to
      I have only listened to him one other time.
      What really caught my ear was, and him and I are on the same page, with the Egypt/Israel situation

      You may or may not recall, on more then one occasion, I have said... I think the whole area is going up.

      IMO Egypt and Israel are being prepared for war
      Israel will retake the Sinai
      And the MB will help them, oddly enough just wrote to AP this am about this very situation

      Like Dominos. Like Dominos

    3. Agreed. I prefer his writing (Mask of Zion) to his preaching, but that is simply style - the content is hard to argue with, and his writing has the bonus of being rigorously referenced.

      Like dominoes - I wish I could disagree. :-(
      The Muslim Brotherhood have been imperialist stooges from the beginning - British, American and now Israeli.

  4. "The Zionist want Judaism to be the leading religion and to destroy the others."


    It is all to do with Khazar Empire and the "The Thirteenth Tribe". The Khazar Empire was strongest during the URANUS-NEPTUNE CYCLE, Use google to find about the Khazar empire and battle with Islam and Byzantine empires.

    1. Hi Hans
      I am aware of some of the Khazar stuff. Though not much
      I have the "thirteenth tribe" book, but haven't read it yet..
      I am working on a meme book at the moment
      Oh and the Trivium. I have a bloody workbook along side that one!!
      But, it's great if anyone is interested.
      A way to learn that makes sense

  5. Thanks for support..bc format was freestyle I didnt mention 90%, of what I actually one I def will.. I am not running blog lately bc im running business..I am posting on facebook..under pedro ali alves feel free to add me

    1. Hey NYS

      I don't have a facebook account, and won't get one either

      I figured you had more to talk about and there is so much to talk about!
      Just on Syria alone there are likely more then two hundred posts here covering Syria, I don't even know, maybe 250?

      Can't even imagine the amount of time you spent prepping!
      My husband and I both sat and listened to you. He thought you did really well too!

    2. Thanks sister...I didnt prepare at all actually lol I had forgot about date, son when hours came before show, then they told me 5 questions they would ask, wich I freestyled..luckily I remembered, few facts, however my next one will be the real gem, as ill truly lay out my files...if I wa nth to be interviewed let me know, so I set it up