Friday, August 31, 2012

Israeli Media reports "Syrian Rebels Claim to Take Over Chemical Weapons"

Freethinker mentioned this, unfortunately the  link left by him didn't work, at least for me.
I take this news story as a big warning-  A big false flag warning
This "news" seems to be originating within the Israeli media.
It doesn't appear to be based on anything legitimate.
It seems like it is just "out there". But why?

Allegedly in Damascus......

"The Supreme Military Council of the Syrian rebels released on a statement on Tuesday which said that the rebel forces took control of an army missile base in Damascus, in which ten ready-to-launch missiles were found. Some of the missiles, according to the statement, were converted to carry non-conventional warheads.

“During the successful operation, the operatives of the Free Syrian Army found a large number of rockets ready for launching, with enormous destructive capability, and they were very surprised to find missiles that were converted to carry non-conventional warheads and which can be equipped with chemical or biological warheads,” said the statement which was translated by Arab affairs expert Dalit Halevi.

The Supreme Military Council of the rebels went on to claim that it had confirmed the report by examining photographic documentation of the scene.

The Council warned that these facts indicate that the Assad regime is getting ready to bomb cities in Syria using these missiles, and the possibility that he will use missiles with unconventional warheads cannot be ruled out.

The Council called on Arab countries and the international community to immediately intervene in order to protect the lives of the Syrian people “before the regime moves to a new level of crimes, which will have tragic consequences for the entire region.”

On Monday, French President Francois Holllande warned that any use of chemical weapons by Syria would be sufficient reason for Western countries to intervene in Syria.
Hollande said that France was working along with several other countries to create a protective zone around Syria, to be in position to move in if necessary.
A similar warning was made last week by U.S. President Barack Obama, who said that President Bashar al-Assad should heed U.S. warnings to neither use nor move chemical or biological weapons.

“We cannot have a situation where chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people,” Obama told reporters at the White House. "We have been very clear to the Assad regime -- but also to other players on the ground -- that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized.”
He added, “That would change my calculus; that would change my equation.”
Israel has expressed concerns that Assad’s chemical weapons will end up in the hands of the Hizbullah terror group if his regime falls.

Syria has admitted it has chemical weapons and has threatened to use them if attacked by external forces. It claimed it will not use these weapons on rebels fighting to oust Assad.
Recent reports from Syria indicated that Assad has transferred a battery of advanced missiles to the al-Masna border crossing, which is the central route used to transfer equipment and weapons to Hizbullah. Members of the Syrian opposition said that one of two major chemical arsenals of the Syrian regime is located near that border crossing.
This facility is located just 24 kilometers from a missile base belonging to Hizbullah and was first exposed by the London Times newspaper in May of 2010.

Meanwhile in Aleppo...... 

Syrian rebels unveil regime plan of using chemical weapons

 Aleppo: A stockpile of gas masks was discovered by the rebels in Syria, likely to be distributed amongst members of President Bashar-al-Assad’s regime in case it unleashes chemical weapons in its ongoing civilian assault, Al-Arabiya reported on Wednesday.

The claim was made by the Free Syrian Army’s Abu Dujana brigade in an amateur video obtained by Al-Arabiya, showing resistance fighters uncovering the large stash in what appears to be a government building in a suburb of Aleppo.

“The use of chemical weapons requires gas masks to protect the Shabbiha and supporters of this criminal regime. As we can see, this is only part of the large amount found in one government building in Deir Hafir. These amounts exist in all government buildings and all Baathist buildings.”
It is to be mentioned here that both United States and United Kingdom have warned the Syrian regime to avoid using chemical weapons against rebels.
In my humble opinion these claims by the rebels are as false as their claims to be in Syria to free the Syrians.
However, they are  both good for perception management and as the base of false narrative creation

The usual blurry photo allegedly of gas masks

BTW: India says no to foreign intervention in Syria

In his statement at the summit, PM Manmohan Singh opposed external intervention in the conflict in Syria.

PM Singh's speech  was broadly in tune with the sentiments expressed by the Iran - that there should not be external intervention in Syria and sympathetic to the "long suffering people of Palestine."
"As the world's largest democracy, India supports popular aspirations for a democratic and pluralistic order. Nevertheless, such transformations can't be prompted by external intervention, which exacerbate the suffering of ordinary citizens.

One last item before signing off - Watch it! Manufacturing Dissent

Love the old lady hitting the NATO merc with her shoe! She is great.


  1. an interview with Julia Assange on his stay inEcuadors 24 min he is asked about syria: he admits theres been a lot of media manipulation such as the BBC and the photo of dead bodies. mentions cables showinf US special ops on the ground...

    but julian doesnt understand what 'democratisation' means in regard to syria....thats a means to get into office a party that serves US interests

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    6h Linda Juniper ‏@LindaJuniper
    AlArabyia tv website posted Syrian Pro-regime rally photo that they changed & edited into anti-regime protest. #Syria

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    So far, all Assad is doing is actually a favor to USA; getting rid of Islamic fundamentalists. But he's doing it on his soil! Big mistake

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    AQ lines up with USrael

  4. aussie media told of Manfacturinf Dissent documantary:

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