Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Syria: Al-Quaeda's presence.Turkish Jordanian combined assault?

It appears as if the rebels have withdrawn from Aleppo, Syria. Or parts of it? It’s hard to tell.
Syrian government said they had retaken Saladin but the terrorists have said they launched a counter offensive

Regarding Salah al-Din

State media said government forces had taken control of Salah al-Din, but the Free Syrian Army later announced a successful counter-attack.
However, according to this report from Jim Muir in Beirut. It would seem that the rebels are gone. And Syrian Army is cleaning up

After several weeks of bombardment and skirmishing, it seems the real battle for Aleppo may now be under way. Syrian state television ran urgent news flashes saying government forces were "completely combing" the Salah al-Din quarter on the south-west side of the city. 

To my mind the Syrian Army would only be doing that if Salah al-Din was by and large under Syrian military control 

It said many rebels had been killed, including a number of non-Syrian fighters, and that booby-trap bombs left behind by the armed rebels had been defused.
If booby traps that the rebels have left behind have been defused, this again indicates retreat by the FSA terrorists
Local commanders of the rebel Free Syrian Army confirmed that a big attack was taking place but denied that the opposition forces had been completely dislodged.
Okay they denied they have been retreated but the reporting indicates otherwise

Salah al-Din has been one of the main battlegrounds in the struggle for Syria's biggest city, and much of the quarter has been very heavily damaged by bombardment.

Regarding the presence of Al Quaeda in Syria?

The piece from the CFR in yesterdays post ballyhooed their presence in Syria as a good thing, for now.
The very loud elite western media acknowledgement of the presence of NATO’s left behind armies in Syria is worrisome.

 In reality there is no difference between the FSA and the Al Quaeda fighters. Both groups are fighters brought in from elsewhere. Both groups are mercenaries being well paid for by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Sure they may have picked up some gullible or impressionable Syrians along the way. But, by and large the destabilizers under either the Brand FSA or the Brand Al Quaeda are bought and paid for fighters.

I ask , is the media differentiating between the two groups, to create a specific impression or perception that at some point in time  Brand Al Quaeda will have to be dealt with in Syria. For future narrative creation?

I am using the word Brand in this context: 'A trademark or distinctive name identifying a product or a manufacturer. Yes, I am suggesting that Al Quaeda and FSA are both BRANDS used in a marketing campaign to sell war via the msm.

 Moving along. “Syrian rebels feel abandoned by the US” Boohoo.
This is, of course  completely untrue.

“America will pay a price for this,” he said. “America is going to lose the friendship of Syrians, and no one will trust them anymore. Already we don’t trust them at all.”

So you see America better get involved. They better get that ‘no fly zone’ in place.
"they (rebels) have repeatedly appealed for a no-fly zone “
Because the hired killers “won’t trust America” Mom or Apple pie for that matter.
Seems odd to read about a bunch of hired killers whining?

The reason a "no fly zone" has not materialized as of yet, is due to the rebels being unable to gain enough ground (territory) in Syria to make this NATO destabilization appear to NOT be a NATO destabilization lead by the US.(And Israel/Britain/France etc.)

NATO could conduct air strikes out of Turkey, for exampel,  but that would reek of imperial invasion rather then having to intervene for humanitarian purposes.  The ‘humanitarian intervention’ claim that serves as swill for the gullible. The intoxicating swill that keeps western humanity drunk, fat and feeling smug about these types of horrific interventions

Came across an interesting article : The Hunger Games: what would a joint Turkish-Jordanian assault on Syria look like?

Don't you love the movie reference?

The rumors of a military strike on Syria have begun and those voices have only got louder in the last week. Informers in the Jordanian government say army generals have been training in Turkey for the past four weeks.

Saudi has allegedly delayed regular aid money to Jordan, (??) pushing the Hashemite Kingdom into supplying military assistance to the FSA. Clearly they have the funds and they’re not afraid to use them to ensure another Sunni ally in the region. Qatar too has been happy to provide financial help for the rebels although not as aggressively as the desert Kingdom.
In our possible scenario, it looks like Saudi would provide the main source of money but channel it through the two neighbors: Jordan and Turkey.

Lengthy read. Take the time.

This is good also: NATO’s Neo-Ottoman Spearhead In The Middle East

Turkey has an ‘in’ for invading Syria
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated the following in an interview televised on August 5: “The tomb of Süleyman S,ah and the land surrounding it is our territory. We cannot ignore any unfavorable act against that monument, as it would be an attack on our territory, as well as an attack on NATO land. Everyone knows his duty, and will continue to do what is necessary.” The gravesite of a Seljuk sultan who was reputed to have drowned in the Euphrates River while on a campaign of conquest is now proclaimed a NATO outpost in Syria.

If confirmation was required that a neo-Ottoman Turkey is determined to reassert the influence and authority in Mesopotamia it gained 700 years before and lost a century ago and, moreover, that it was doing so as part of a campaign by self-christened global NATO to expand into the Arab world, the Turkish head of state’s threat to militarily intervene in Syria with the support of its 27 NATO allies should provide it.

This new assertiveness of Turkey could lead down some very interesting roads.
One that may see the younger Saudi "elite" generation none to pleased with  the preeminence of Turkey  in the region.

I would like to expand on this thought in the future, for now, this should do


  1. Since the US declares that it has the right to enter any country "harboring" Al Qaeda terrists, having the brand inside Syria leaves it open for the US to infiltrate, invade, drone attack, send missiles, etc. -- unless the government can prove it's handled those Al Qs.

    Seems like a time bomb is being planted, which can mean the US has a "right" to enter Syrian territory.

    1. Oops, anon. above is jawbone.

    2. Hey Jawbone!

      You got it a time bomb is being created

      Brand AQ is present in Syria
      The US is at war with BRAND AQ
      Therefore the US can invade Syria not necessarily for "humanitarian" reasons, but to get the AQ brand boogey man created by some PR Firm

    3. US would probably adopt the Pakistan drone model. Yesterday Clinton warned against outsiders flooding into Syria. Then today there was a throw away headline how a no fly is off the table.

      "Assad ‘determined’ to crush uprising, U.S. warns against sending ‘proxies’ to Syria. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday that the crisis in Syria must not be allowed to descend into sectarian warfare and she warned against “proxies or terrorist fighters” being sent to join the conflict. "

      There is another possibility which is the Yemen|GCC model. Doubtful it can work (as it hasn't in Yemen). Small article this morning talking about the army rebelling as the "elected" president moves to carve up the army and defang Saleh son who head the Repub Guard.

      "Hundreds of Yemeni soldiers have abandoned their posts in the south in protest at a decision by President Abrabuh Mansur Hadi to restructure the armed forces, a military source told AFP on Wednesday. They were protesting against a decision to incorporate into the southern military command the second infantry brigade of the Republican Guard led by the elder son of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, the official said on condition of anonymity. On Monday, state media reported that Hadi had ordered a restructuring of army forces, reducing the number of units under the command of rival chiefs including Saleh’s son."

      Haaretz once again pounding the drums of war with iran on a new NIE form the US..

      "Defense Minister Ehud Barak confirms Haaretz's report that Obama recently received an NIE report which shares Israel's view on Iran's progress toward nuclear capability; Israel, U.S. positions on Iran now closer, says Barak"

      If you are looking for the daily head scratcher, it has to be this:

      The spokesman for the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Ahsanullah Ahsan, has denied reports that the militant organisation has threatened to kill cricket star turned politician Imran Khan if he holds a planned march to their tribal stronghold. Khan is an enigma and probably worthwhile keeping in mind as the US pulls back out of Afghan. A few days ago another US congressman was talking up support for factions inside Pakistan, this after the Baluch hearing few months ago. The table is being set and the question is who is Imran Khan?

    4. This is slightly off topic but related. With today's article discussing the NIE from the US and the US "concern" over Iran defense programs, it makes that timeline of Russian vs. US exercises in Sept. all the more relevant. Per Russia: "live ICBMs, anti ship missiles and SLBMs? Now move back to a few days ago re the Russian space program. you will recall there has been a litany of problems in their launch programs with another few satellites lost a few days ago. A proton rocket. It was a proton rocket that lost a few of their GPS constellation satellites (Dec-10). You will recall Russia recently lost their Mars satellite during launch for which the head of Russian space accused the US of interfering with hgih powered radar in their blind spot.,8599,2104251,00.html

      NASA just landed its own Mars probe...(Russian Mars probe)

      "The ship, named Phobos-Grunt (or Ground) fell a wee bit short of its target, never making it out of Earth's orbit after an upper stage booster failed."

      NASA just announced they will resume domestic launch programs this past week.

      Finally there is that XB-37 that was 15 month mission?

      Skip over to the Indonesia Sukhoi Superjet plane crash and similar Russian allegations of sabotage

      (reminds of the Polish crash which is topical in view of the Poland comments this week over the mistake in agreeing to US based missile defense)

      Disparate data all of it. But it sure does make the exercises on either side of Iran in September all the more interesting...

    5. S. Arabia: We'll intercept any IAF aircraft en route to Iran. US officials transmit message from Riyadh saying any Israeli aircraft crossing its airspace en route to Iran will be shot down. Israeli officials claim Saudi threat is yet another American attempt to foil strike,7340,L-4266427,00.html

      As for the Iran powow on Syria...interesting list of attendees, especially india

      Iranian media has reported that China would also be present, along with at least 15 others, including Iraq, Algeria, Tajikistan, Venezuela, Pakistan, India and several members of the Arab League.

    6. That saudi article adds another dimmension to the Bandar rumors and even thos suggesting a saudi CHina detante on missiles.

      There is also this on a new cyber virus spying on social media/email etc. in the Middle East...

      'virus has been found in the Middle East that can spy on financial transactions, email and social networking activity, according to a leading computer security firm, Kaspersky Lab. Dubbed Gauss, the virus may also be capable of attacking critical infrastructure and was built in the same laboratories as Stuxnet, the computer worm widely believed to have been used by the United States and Israel to attack Iran's nuclear program, Kaspersky Lab said on Thursday.",7340,L-3083,00.html

    7. Anonymous 11:19 am

      the article headline is no fly zone not off the table

      Hilary warning against anything indicates this is what she wants-more terrorists into Syria

      "Haaretz reported on Thursday that the National Intelligence Estimate report on Iran was supposed to have been submitted to Obama a few weeks ago, but it was revised to include new and alarming intelligence information about military components of Iran's nuclear program. "

      Oh I see fixing the intelligence to conform to the desired outcome?
      Hmmm when has that happened previously? Thinking......
      Iraq, yes Iraq.

      re: TTP good to know there are some left in Pakistan... that they haven't all gone to Syria

    8. anonymous 11:38

      I have some posts here on the x37b and that one is an oddity.
      never quite sure what was going on with that one...

      Odd that russia problems begin over the western atmosphere and if NASA is restarting their own taxi service that effectively shuts the russians out???

      The Polish crash! Talk about a blast from the past

      I did some extensive digging on that!!

      Something was going on there. Banking issues. The missile system.
      The immediate framing/blaming of Russia when it seemed Russia was trying to woo Poland
      Not sure why that plane went down, but, recalling the media immediately jumped all over Russia and I didn't see the gain for Russia in playing a role in that

    9. thanks for all the other links

  2. 'this video has come out of these thugs lining up captured Syrian government supporters and executing them in such a way as to remind anyone of what the NAZIs did in occupied Poland. According to al Jazeera one of those executed was a member of parliament from Aleppo named Zeino al-Barri. These same prisoners were featured the other day in news reports where the FSA showed them off to globalist reporters and told them they were getting great treatment. As you can see, many of them are bleeding and have apparently been beaten while in the custody of these “rebels” which Barack Obama supports with his “secret orders'

    1. Zeino al-Barri?

      Would this be someone from the large Barri family in Aleppo?
      A member of the family that had quite a few members previously executed?

    2. The other rationalization being brought out as reason to invade is the possibility of those WMD, chem/bio weapons, getting "into the hands of the wrong people." It's tied into the Al Q presence, of course.

      David Sanger of the NYTimes was on WNYC, NYC's public radio station, this morning laying the foundation for Obama's being forced to go into Syria. He would be "forced" to do so due to those terrists.


    3. Yes, Obama would be "forced" into action and the media has presented so many viable narratives

  3. For anyone who finds the SANA website blocked - try using their IP address directly:

    Branding? - yes indeed. Bernays would be proud.

    An interesting and wide-ranging read:
    Pied Pipers Of The Truth Movement: Where Exactly Are They Trying To Lead Us?

    1. Glad you liked the BRAND concept
      It was time to call it was it is.
      So I did

  4. Very acute from you to interprete the multi-branding of the terrorists (we should call the things by their name) as the construction of a new narrative of damage control.
    On this news story (disclaimer: that I haven't listened to yet because of proxy issues)
    a commenter Odalisque noticed also the change of narrative of mainstream media (BFM is a private news channel belonging to media mogul Alain Weill). Now it is possible to hear about the FSA and Al Qaida (aka islamists) and a third group you missed, the rebels. There is apparently the effort to create 3 distinct groups, but as you have brillantly shown, these are only brands of the same scums.
    It is also duly noted that things that were tabu in the mainstream media are coming slowly out, things we already know here around for months.

    1. Thanks Gallier
      Glad you liked the multi branding. Agreed we should call things by what they are. Not what we are supposed to believe.

      I will check it out, but, if it is in another language....
      I might have to rely on you to come back and tell us about it?

      YOur right I missed BRAND "rebels"

      FYI: I will be using the term BRAND from here on in

    2. Oh, I gave the link not for you to check it out. it was only to back up what I said. Sorry for that.