Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yara Saleh- Hostage of the "Free Syrian Army"

Much thanks to Gallier for bringing this to my attention. Merci!
The video is 23 minutes long and worth taking the time to watch and listen.

Read the accompanying article here

Journalist of the privately-owned Al Ekhbariya TV channel, Yara Saleh was taken prisoner with her team by the Free Syrian Army. She was spared and held hostage while a large mobilization in Europe put pressure on the French President to order his FSA friends to release her. Rescued in the end by the Syrian national army, she agreed to respond to the questions of Voltaire Network.

 Also, I saw the video released on the Japanese journalist embedded with the NATO terrorists.
It's everywhere, of course. It uses words (subtitles) to create a narrative that that does not fit the images shown. I have seen dozens and dozens of videos such as this while covering the destabilization of Syria.

Still looking for input on the earlier post from today. 

 "Operational Mechanism" talks on Syria begin today in Turkey....


  1. So the rebels have tavistock training wi th their good guy bad guy routine (end of vid). I must confess i found her not convincing in some spots. Overall much good info.

    1. noticed that good cop/bad cop thing
      Throw the hostages for a loop kind of headgames

    2. For compariaon, voltaire has another story about another woman who was usedto interrogate females who are then brutally murdered, or rapedand murdered, and their bodies thrown by sewers. Completely different rebels seems to me.

      Please see under news inbrief section.

      What explains the contrast?

      Also see truthdig, an article by chris hedges called The war in the shadows which describes the role journalists play in The spook games.

      There seems to be different groups of rebels under different leaderships and being used for varying purposes in the psyops narrative.very similar to howwe saw the role of standard troops vs special ops and their behabior in iraq. Blackwater, fallujah, etc., some fighters have different training than others. More recent examples being the "lone" gunman who killed all those peole in a village outside the base, to find out later it was a dozen or more lus choppers.

      All narratives must be examined critically. No exceptions, in my opinion. If something holds, it holds.

    3. I did see that video with the woman.
      And yes, it seems there are different rebel groups involved

      Way back when Tozz was still able to leave comments here, he left a video for a new group of rebels that had come to Aleppo

      I am going to quote Tozz on this one

      This was a different brigade that had come to Aleppo-

      "The FSA which came to Aleppo is the UNITED OF ALL THE BATTALIONS of Aleppo's rural. In addition to other battalions from other areas, Arab members.. etc. Under the name "Liwa' Al-Tawhid" (Unification Brigade), which is the greatest number of the FSA until now.
      That means they're not from the city, they're Salafists."

      In this video you can see their flag, which is different than the revolutionary one.
      Really, nobody here want this kind of people. We want to see them killed, even after the fall of the regime. We don't want them.

      GOD Protect Syria.

      Tozz's comment is here entirely

      Makes me sad to read it.

      If you watch the video, you will indeed see a different flag, not the three star one the "rebels" were flying originally

      So there appears to be all different groups of fighters.
      Tozz points out that Salafists and Arabs etc., were fighting under this flag.

      Tozz's last visit here was prior to the drop off in service reported August 12 when Turk Telecom dropped
      And Turkey is complaining...

    4. OOPs Tozz's comment can be read entirely here

    'The BBC narrator admits that forcing prisoners to become suicide bombers “would certainly be considered a war crime.”'....but s the BBC knows their terrorists dont commit war crimes!...that 'would certainly be' is pretty damning to the BBC!

  3. .CIA smuggles 14 stinger missiles tothe rebels. Great.

    My ipad malfunctions and will not let me give you the link.its at there are no snglasses.

    1. I think the killers already had these supplied to them.
      So this has to be more of them!

  4. BBC experiments with a little truth then gets cold feet and pulls the story -
    From SyrianGirl original BBC/NYT video
    BBC News HD - Syrian rebels try to use prisoner for suicide bombing 2012
    and SG's version with comments
    Syrian Insurgents Force Prisoner to Become a Suicide Bomber
    I expect Youtube will delete these soon.

    "I must confess i found her not convincing in some spots." glad it wasn't just me. I get a manipulative vibe from her - very eager to play the 'I'm only a girl' card.

    1. Oops, I see Brian has already covered this.

    2. She did not seem allthat traumatized under the circumstances. I found heremotionally inauthentic. Not saying she was not there or anything likethat, just saying.

      Someone wanted to rape her but she did not allow it? Well what is her secret. She looks pretty scrawny. Women would love to know. Also, very lucky in general all the way around. Possibly lucky lucky lucky. But i couod be overly cynical.

    3. "I must confess i found her not convincing in some spots." glad it wasn't just me. I get a manipulative vibe from her - very eager to play the 'I'm only a girl' card.

      What are people speaking of? It's obvious that she struggles with the language and don't forget that that interview was taken just hours after her rescue (it's mentioned somewhere on the voltairenet site, may be oly in the french version). She looks imho very tired and close to be a nervous wreck. Who wouldn't after the ordeal she went through. That her narrative is close the the regime's pov is obvious, being an official journalist and all that, but I hadn't the impression that she was lying (that's what you're implying by fiding some spots not convincing), especially because the interview is a little rough sometimes.

    4. I'm with you on this one gallier2

      I'd be VERY careful playing Sigmund Freud with this kind of thing, based only on a short video excerpt.

      Traumas of all degrees manifest differently in every different person - you freaking out wildly after your favorite puppy is no longer alive after an accident, could and would seem way over the top to other people who had no clue about the depth of your attachment, or more likely their complete lack of empathy as the person "looking down" on and judging the situation from a dissociated and detached view - such judgment is unfair at best, and dead wrong and very offensive at worst.

      Different people handle trauma very differently, and there is no exception to this. Some of us can witness a horrible car crash, blood, guts and all, and we manage to remain calm and give a report about what we saw in detail...and then go home later and have a big drink or a cry - or maybe not. One very common thing is that severe traumas have a way of numbing you, at least temporarily, so that any outward emotional response will not be shown for quite some time.

      Some people just feel numb, and really show no outward expression of being shaken or rattled at all, especially as it relates to combat releated horrors, rape being one of the worst. And to that the "pride" and how people do not want to show weakness (or what is preceived to be weakness) and so they put on the big tough act for quite some time, maybe forever.

      Many victims just show nothing and keep on moving, which is really just delaying the inevitable, because one way or another, when you least expect it, that trauma will resurface, triggered by bad news in the family, or whatever...and when it comes, there may be a LOT of bad shit bottled up in there that needs to come out.

      I've known plenty of guys and gals who have been through horrendous stress and trauma in life, and most have handled it pretty well, but that's really only one person's opinion. NO ONE really knows how they are handling it except them, deep down at their core, in the middle of the night, alone.

      Pray for everyone who has been through these kinds of deeply traumatic and life-changing traumas, and do NOT ever ridicule someone just because you THINK they don't seem to be showing enough pain or misery - for YOUR arrogant standards.

      /End of lesson.

    5. I'm just a nasty old cynic. I'm glad she got out unharmed, and it's a shame her colleague didn't.

    6. Yeah freethinker you nasty old cynic :P
      Everyone is going to interpret this video in their own way. I watched it twice from beginning to end.

      See how she talks with her hands?
      I have been told... some people find this off putting.
      Want to take a guess why someone would tell me that?
      Yes, you got it!
      I am a hand talker. Born and raised.
      Expressive vocally and with my hands, they go in unison.
      (Now you know I have a European/Mediterranean background)
      She is struggling to communicate in English, that much is clear
      I noticed she counts down as opposed to counting up
      When in English it would usually be said 50-75

      It seems when she was about to get quite emotional the video was edited.
      I noticed her emotion would well up in her face, it was visible in her cheeks in particular.
      Her emotions welled up, when she was recounting traumatic events. Her eyes looked tired.
      Her information was credible. It jibes with so much of what I have read and covered here.

      Sigh..... so many Syrians have been through this and worse. And we know nothing of them.

      It is all so despicable.

    7. BTW: did anyone watch the video on the Japanese reporter, with subtitles?

      No offence to the reporter, but..... none of what was claimed to be going on was shown.

    8. RE: the BBC video
      Do you notice the reporting
      "this video was shot by the NYT's while they travelled with A GROUP that fights under the banner of the FSA

      A GROUP of what?
      A GROUP of who?

      "They say he is "shabiha" he has bruises, but, the "rebels" are nice to him (IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA) giving him cigarettes, the rebels tell him he will be freed, but they arrange for him up to drive a bomb to kill many people (the lack of detonation is the only thing that prevents the mass slaughter)

      Seriously? What shit

    9. I am intimately familiar with trauma, thanks for the lesson anyway LVB.

    10. Hey A Peasant -

      Sorry if I offended you with that last line - that was not my intention. My intention was to offer a lesson in arrogance - by being arrogant, literally!!

      Obviously, I have no way of knowing what you or anyone else here has been through related to trauma. But what I do know that there is nothing "typical" or predictable about the ways people react to traumatic events.

      In fact, very often those who are FAKING a reaction to some false trauma are often those who provide the TYPICAL and expected reaction - precisely because it IS EXPECTED!! And that is exactly what will be SHOWN - this word is key, because it IS A SHOW, designed to manipulate and provoke an emotional response in the target audience.

      Consider the following, which involves a young girl named Nayira:

      "Every big media event needs what journalists and flacks alike refer to as "the hook." An ideal "hook" becomes the central element of a story that makes it newsworthy, evokes a strong emotional response, and sticks in the memory.

      In the case of the Gulf War, the "hook" was invented by Hill & Knowlton. In style, substance and mode of delivery, it bore an uncanny resemblance to England's World War I hearings that accused German soldiers of killing babies.

      In fact, the most emotionally moving testimony on October 10 came from a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl, known only by her first name of Nayirah.

      According to the Caucus, Nayirah's full name was being kept confidential to prevent Iraqi reprisals against her family in occupied Kuwait.

      Sobbing, she described what she had seen with her own eyes in a hospital in Kuwait City. Her written testimony was passed out in a media kit prepared by 'Citizens for a Free Kuwait' - a PR front created by Hill & Knowlton for the Kuwaiti Royal Family.

      "I volunteered at the al-Addan hospital," Nayirah said. "While I was there, I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns, and go into the room where babies were in incubators. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die."

      Three months passed between Nayirah's testimony and the start of the war. During those months, the story of babies torn from their incubators was repeated over and over again by mass media. President Bush told the story. It was recited as fact in Congressional testimony, on TV and radio talk shows, and at the UN Security Council."

      "Of all the accusations made against the dictator," MacArthur observed, "none had more impact on American public opinion than the one about Iraqi soldiers removing 312 babies from their incubators and leaving them to die on the cold hospital floors of Kuwait City."

      At the Human Rights Caucus, however, Hill & Knowlton and Congressman Lantos had failed to reveal that Nayirah was a member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family. Her father, in fact, was Saud Nasir al-Sabah, Kuwait's Ambassador to the US, who sat listening in the hearing room during her testimony.

      The Caucus also failed to reveal that Hill & Knowlton vice-president Lauri Fitz-Pegado had coached Nayirah in what even the Kuwaitis' own investigators later confirmed was false testimony.

      Following the war, human rights investigators attempted to confirm Nayirah's story and could find no witnesses or other evidence to support it.
      Amnesty International, which had fallen for the story, was forced to issue an embarrassing retraction. Nayirah herself was unavailable for
      comment - like, forever!!

      This pattern of deception and psychological warfare underscores what Napoleon meant when he said "it wasn't necessary to completely suppress the news; it was sufficient to delay the news until it no longer mattered."

      The Art of War = Deception. Indeed.

      Thanks for your comment, AP - keep up the good work.

    11. Penny - re FSA groups - see post by Bearer of the Sword on this Islamic Awakening forum page I don't see the "Lions of Tawheed/Tawhid" there. (there is a FB page of that name, however).
      A fuller version, nearly 8 mins, of the NYT footage with CJ Chivers of the NYT is here

      Associated article here

      More warning bells - it's being puffed by the creepy Enduring America blog

      It's all shit.

    12. Thanks LVB, no problem. I was hesitant to remark on my doubts about the video but i know that the people who read here have been paying attention long time. I am a student of human behavior, have been rolled many many times by deceitful people. Sometimes the sweetest most harmless looking ones get the lie past us.

      I am familiar with the incubator story.
      I watched the voltaire interview again. Is is just my impression but i do not see her as a nervous wreck, not at all. She has just witnessed the death of close friends and a couple hundred rebels. I found her overall description of the rebels as hapless losers, ignorant people. She humanizes them somewhat. At the end when meissen asks her to speak to all those in the public who tried to help her, i found her response off. Like she knew those efforts had nothing to do with anything but she went through the motions of thanking people because that is the proper thing to do. Just my gut impressions, fleeting things. I guess i am seeing a sympathetic upside for the rebels in the whole thing. Like, they are the underdogs and not so bad. That is what i am suspicious of.

      Might i be reading too much into it? Absolutely. I tell you though, i dont go against my gut instincts on this sort of thing and this is not a short interview. So i apologize if anyone is offended by me questioning her. She was supremely lucky, i think we can all agree. I think she said she went into the area out of interest for civilians, but in the end it was all about the rebels.

    13. Hey AP,

      Thanks for the reply. I appreciate what you have to say, and even more the WAY you say it - rational and calm, that goes a long way. ;)

      I definitely get your points about this woman that is being interviewed. And regardless of whatever is or is not actually true, I would always agree that you should go with your intuition and gut instincts.

      The other thing I would say is that it seems we both come from the same school of thought (or is it "hard knocks"?), which has taught us well to be suspicious of ANYONE that is being presented to us via any form of mass media - which also includes the "alternative media". (cough)

      Take care!

    14. Hi AP, I agree with you that the thanks at the end don't look sincere and I wouldn't even blame her for that. It's the Syrian army that liberated her, not the armchair warriors that sent an email to Flanby (the nickname of Hollande, Flanby is a brand of caramel pudding). We should not forget that she is a professional TV presenter and give therefore not the same impression on camera as normal civilians.
      As for the image of the underdog fighter, you're also right and it has already been mentioned by Penny and others, that they are for the most usefull idiots, fighting a fight they don't understand. This is exactly the perversion of our ruling elites, they get people to fight for things that are against their own interests, with enthusiasm. One only needs to look at our world wars.
      That she discribes these guys with a bit of humanity and that we find that strange, is more an assessment of the lack of humanity in the depictions in our media. That is the thing that is always a shocker when you actually have contact with people from these countries (the so called axis of evil), how level headed, good mannered and educated they are.

    15. Well i am good with all that. I did not know who the people meissen was referring to that she should thank, so that is my badbecause if they were a bunch of hacktivists i did not know that. I hope she is sincere as i would be happy to stand corrected, but as already noted, i just dont trust the talking heads. As a major hand talker, i could very much relate to her on many levels which in a way surprised me and i thought what is she doing in this situation? Hiw did she get into this and out of it? Because i know the trouble *i* get in so i looked at her hard. I will leave it there.

    16. You guys!!
      Is it any wonder that I repeatedly say to anyone who will listen to me, there is the best bunch of regulars that contribute here I could ever have hoped for!!!!!

    17. Gallier:

      "As for the image of the underdog fighter, you're also right and it has already been mentioned by Penny and others, that they are for the most usefull idiots, fighting a fight they don't understand."

      Look at the reports of these absolute idiots believing they were fighting Israel to free the Palestinians?!?!?

      Tozz mentioned the religious angle of the fighters also
      The reason the repeatedly say "Allah Akbar"
      That has something to do with believing the ground will open up and swallow the Syrian Army up???
      In amongst the mercs and terrorists, they have definitely reeled in some really unsuspecting almost doltish characters.

      I have got another one bookmarked that I will add to this post or put in a new post

    18. Felix

      recall I did the "brand" rebel post way back?

      They are all terrorists, some are professional mercs that go from country to country for the money
      Some just simpletons.
      But they are getting paid and probably a dam good wage by SA and Qatar.

      I see the creation of the Brigades and different factions as simply a specific BRAND sell.
      Like an AA battery is an AA battery, but there is Eveready, Duracell, Mallory etc
      But still an AA battery is an AA battery.

      That's how I see the varying brigades and the flags etc
      So the western media can sell this to the audience in NA and EU etc as wow look at all these people coming together... fighting dictator blah, blah blah

      Then to the Syrians for psyop purposes it creates the perception of a greater/broader range of opposition.

      It makes them question their leadership, must be bad if all these people are willing to fight to remove him.

      Does that make sense?

    19. Makes sense to me Pen. I also read somewhere recently that they are told they will be paid after ten days. Of course many dont make it that long.

    20. Excellent point, Penny.

      This is pure psychological warfare, and you can see how effective it could be, especially since they are jamming communications and spreading their own false media reports to people in Syria. Convice the enemy that they are losing even when they are winning - classic propaganda / disinfo campaign, as the CIA always does.

      Creating that false perception, as you said, is the goal.

      I hope the true citizens of Syria are very suspicious of all outsiders right now - but I fear that the NWO
      will just try to outlast them and wear them down slowly over time if they can't win any other way.

      The UN and NATO just seem to believe they are entitled to unlimited amounts of our $$$, even with the world going bankrupt, so they just keep waiting and murdering. Libya took longer than they wanted, but I think Syria has really surprised them - and I do respect Assad and his soldiers for that much.

      I wish all these globalist "we are all one" idiots would wise up and realize that THIS is the true face of one world govt right here and now - the elite do whatever they want to, and we never get a vote or a voice in anything.

      When was the last time the UN or NATO even mentioned what the public thinks or wants? Never, is the answer - they just decide for us and do whatever they want to do. Unelected bureaucrats = global tyranny.

      Serious food for thought.

    21. That is serious food for thought
      When has the UN or NATO every concerned themselves with what the public really thinks, wants or needs
      Answer: never

      They serve the elitist class,bankster scum, politicos, ultra rich and huge multinationals

  5. The link for AP's stinger story, from the UK Mirror (Robert Maxwell's old paper): CIA spies 'smuggle 14 Stinger missiles into Syria so rebels can take out regime warplanes' Mostly good comments too.

    For completeness- Therearenosunglasses

    1. Thank you! Ihave somany technology issues for monthsnow. Veryfrustrating.

    2. Thanks for the link and thanks for trying AP
      will check it all out :)

    3. Won't those stinger missiles come in handy if the NATO world army can get their no fly zone??