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Man who "captured Gaddaffi" dies of injuries?? Kind of, sort of, maybe?

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Back, however briefly, with this tidbit. It is timely because I see in the previous post there is continuing discussion on the now deceased Libyan Ambassador
LVB mentions some reporting on how " Ansar al-Sharia, headed off to meet their al Qaeda controllers"
Interesting, but, likely typical msm spinning. Ansar al-Sharia fought valiantly on behalf of their NATO masters to destroy Libya and murder Gaddaffi.  So by al Qaeda are we talking Al CIA/Mossadah? Or al-NATO?
Interesting too that Obama is saying this "wasn't a mob action".
I would have to agree with that.

Murdered Gadaffi- crude gesturing from msm reporter

1.Ambassador Stevens & Gadaffi- Did they meet the same fate? Psyop film & Egypt!

2.Could Libyan embassy attack be an election game changer...

3. The Ambassadors death advances AFRICOM goals and the global war agenda

Bringing this post up to speed. I stumbled across this story and found it most curious. Most curious!? First the story and then the numerous curiosities?

Man who helped capture Muammar Gaddafi dies of injuries: September 27, 2012

 The young man who purportedly found Muammar Gaddafi hiding in a drainage pipe 

He is the latest victim of persistent violence and instability in the North African country.

The death yesterday (Sept 26/2012) of Omran Shaaban, who had been in hospital in France.
Mr Shaaban was praised as a "dutiful martyr" by the National Congress, although his family says he never received a promised reward of 1 million dinars ($770,000) for capturing Gaddafi 
The Libyan government said it would honour Mr Shaaban with a funeral befitting a hero. His body was greeted at the airport in his hometown, Misratah.

Mr Omran Shaaban, died in hospital in France September 26/12, His body was greeted at the airport as of the above news story September 27/12. Dead and shipped back to Libya for a hero's funeral all in one day.
Wonder what airlines the body was flown into Libya on? NATO air?
This whole story smells a bit off to me-

" he and three friends had been on their way home to the western city of Misratah from a holiday in July"
A holiday in July? Where were they on "holiday"?
Out of country? Were they in France? Germany? Were they with the Ambassador?

"when they had been attacked by gunmen in an area called el-Shimekh near Bani Walid"
President Mohammed el-Megarif visited Bani Walid this month and secured the release of Mr Shaaban and two of his companions. 
 When Mr Shaaban was finally brought home, he was "skin and bones" - still paralysed, frail and slipping in and out of consciousness, according to his brother, Abdullah Shaaban.
Omran Shaaban later was flown to France for medical treatment.

So Mr. Omran Shaaban the man who allegedly found Ghaddaffi in the drainage pipe, dies in France and is flown home to a hero's welcome.
At the time Gaddaffi was allegedly found in the drainage pipe in Libya, reminiscent of Saddam and the spider hole narrative, I had done a post covering that news.
Shall we all flashback to that time?? Of course we shall!!
In that post is a link to the story of the "hero" who found Gaddaffi and shot him with Gaddafi's own Golden Gun!! Young rebel shot Gaddafi in the head

As I said then:  "Note the New York Yankees Cap" 
America: mom, baseball, apple pie and death?

According to the article, at the time this happened,  the young man with the Golden Gun who captured and shot Gaddafi, the hero, whom the crowds cheered wildly for was not Omran Shaabaan.

No it wasn't, why it was none other then Mohammed al Bibi
excerpt below

The announcement he had been killed — as his stronghold of Sirte became the last city to fall to the revolution — sparked jubilation across the country the maniac ruled with an iron fist for 42 years.
The young freedom fighter who found him hiding in the pipe under a road was hailed a national hero and paraded shoulder-high.

Grinning Mohammed al Bibi, 20, was greeted by wild crowds in Sirte amid volley after volley of celebration gunfire.

He told how the tyrant was armed with only his James Bond villain-style "golden gun" — which he was often photographed with — when he was discovered.
The young rebel — wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap instead of an Army helmet — said that as he grabbed it, Gaddafi begged: "Don't shoot. Don't shoot."
He was still brandishing the ornate souvenir as overjoyed crowds surrounded him chanting: "God is great!"
Omran Shaabaan?     Mohammed al Bibi?

I knew this story was full of holes. Now onto the questions..
 Recall the body of the Ambassador was allegedly brought to the airport in Benghazi?
Was Omran Shaaban or whoever this really is brought to the airport at the same time?
Was he really attacked by gunmen near Bani Walid? Or was he caught up in the melee at the consulate?
His time of death makes me think this man was connected to the melee and the consulate.
Was this person really connected to the killing of Gaddaffi?
And if he was, as the Ambassador was also,  is this all a tying up of loose ends or some kind of cleaning of the house?  If you recall there was a whole lot of questions about just exactly what had gone down when Gaddaffi died and now with the Ambassador gone and the alleged hero gone.....
The official narrative can continue on without challenge. Along with whatever the hell else was/is going on in Libya?


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Battle for Syria: View from the Frontline

Our film crew has spent 2 months on the frontline with the soldiers of Syrian army and civilians trying to answer these hard questions:
Who is the Syrian army fighting?
What is the armed opposition fighting for?
And why are there so many interested parties in this conflict?

This film was made in field conditions to better tell the story of what's happening here.
Not for the faint of heart

Also, if you have the time LVB has a relevant documentary linked a@ LVB Research

The Weight of Chains (Full movie)

It covers a theme that should be familiar to us all.

The US delists MEK terror group, how timely and convenient

For the US/Israel NATO terror agenda-

In case you missed this news. The US delisted their handy dandy terrorist group the MEK
From the Arabist
Years of hard work by the MEK, their lobbyists, parts of the Israel lobby (esp. when it overlaps with the anti-Iran lobby and the neocons) have finally borne fruit. A rather strange, cultish organization that once bombed Iran's parliament is no longer on the US list of designated terrorist organizations. It comes at the time of the most concerted effort to put pressure on the Iranian republican regime since its creation, and with much talk of war as background chatter.

The many other reasons the MEK — a fundamentalist guerrilla movement, essentially — will now make a handy recipient of US (and other) funding (as if they weren't already?) should things continue to heat up with Iran. Or indeed the story of how this was possible: perhaps not so much because geostrategic calculations as intense lobbying and a lot of money.

ADHD drugs "suspected" of hurting children

The article I am linking deals specifically with Canadian children and the absolute uselessness of Health Canada in protecting children. Not really a surprise, Health Canada, like the FDA in the US, are really servile or consorts  to the pharmaceutical corporations. They are not working to support or protect the citizens of the US or Canada they legitimize pharmaceutical claims and back the industry.
Article excerpted below-

  A growing number of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and parents are reporting that they believe attention deficit drugs are causing major health problems in patients, many as young as 6 and 7 years old.
The federal government is not listening. Health Canada, which collects these adverse reaction reports, does not alert the public to the magnitude of these side effects. This is because the regulator has not analyzed the data it collects. It has allowed the industry to largely police itself. “It is primarily the (drug company’s) responsibility to monitor the safe use of their products,” Health Canada told the Star.

The regulator  (why call Health Canada a regulator?)says the benefits of the drugs, when properly prescribed and used, outweigh the risks. Health Canada and the drug companies also say the side-effect reports show only a suspected connection between the drug and side effect but no medical proof that one caused the other.

Health Canada should consider the reports a “red flag” and move quickly to find out if doctors and patients know enough about the drugs’ risks.
All parties involved agree that because doctors and nurses are not required by law to report adverse effects the regulator only learns of a minority of cases.
“It boils down to a simple thing: we need good safety monitoring for medication,” said Dr. Kenny Handelman, an ADHD specialist in Oakville. “That will help us be safer in prescribing medicines to people.”
The Star’s data analysis revealed 7-year-olds were most likely to suffer a serious side effect.
Ten per cent, or nearly 60 cases, of the nearly 600 reviewed involved boys and girls 7 years old.
A nurse said a boy suffered amnesia, mania and psychotic disorder while on Concerta. A 7-year-old girl on the same drug developed Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a potentially life-threatening skin disorder, as well as 13 other side effects, a doctor reported. A boy the same age and on Strattera thought about killing himself.
Twenty-two youths aged 8 to 18 tried to kill themselves and two demonstrated suicidal behaviour. Seven completed the attempt. All boys. An 11-year-old, one 14-year-old, two 13-year-olds and three 15-year-olds. One of the 15-year-olds who ended his life was on an antipsychotic that the reporting nurse believed was partly to blame.
The reports of the 11- and 14-year-old Canadian boys were found in the U.S. government side-effect database. Tuesday, Health Canada contested the accuracy of those reports and was continuing to look into the issue.
The Star also found four deaths that were not suicides, including an 18-year-old girl who died after a cerebral hemorrhage in 2011.
“This is ugly. This is really ugly,” said a concerned Conservative MP Terence Young, when presented with the Star’s findings. Young has been pushing for stricter regulation of the drug industry since his 15-year-old daughter Vanessa died while taking Prepulsid, a digestion aid, in 2000. Health Canada pulled the drug from shelves a few months after her death.
“Every parent who makes a decision about one of these ADHD drugs for their child should be given this information that the Star found on the adverse drug reactions that other children have suffered,” Young said.
Each of the nearly 600 adverse reaction reports reviewed by the Star is the opinion of the doctor, pharmacist or parent that a particular drug has caused a side effect. Anyone can make a report but most of the time it is doctors who do so. Patients’ names are taken out of the reports to protect their privacy.
The drugs in the Star study are commonly prescribed to help manage attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a term used to describe people with poor focus, impulsivity and hyperactivity.
Though the number of Canadian kids with the disorder is unclear — one estimate puts it at one in 20 children — parents are increasingly turning to these drugs to deal with the diagnosis.
In the 10 years reviewed by the Star, 76 kids on ADHD medications thought about killing themselves. One-third of these were children younger than 10, some as young as 6.
When presented with this number, Dr. Sohail Khattak, a behavioural pediatrician and ADHD expert in Whitby, shook his head and said: “This is an important number. I think (this) information should be available to everyone. If I am going to be on the front line of prescribing the medication, I need to know.”
In 52 of these suicidal ideation reports, the attention deficit drug Strattera is listed as the suspected cause of the side effect. In 12 of the reports, Concerta is listed as the suspected cause. It is also listed as the suspected cause of one completed suicide.
Canadian doctors also prescribe Adderall XR (an extended-release formula), Ritalin, Vyvanse, Biphentin and generic versions to treat ADHD. Unlike other ADHD medications, Strattera is not a stimulant.
“Additional scientific investigations are needed to establish a cause and effect relationship between a medication and an adverse reaction,” said a spokesperson for Eli Lilly Canada, maker of Strattera.
The reports are supposed to play a crucial role in regulating the drug companies.
After a controlled-setting clinical trial involving thousands of participants, if a drug is approved for sale, the reports are often the only way a government can monitor how a drug performs in the much-larger general population. (A clinical trial may not reveal serious drug reactions that occur infrequently or take a long time to materialize.)
The Star found the reports are piling up in Ottawa at an increasing clip: more than one-third of the 600 serious ADHD medication side-effect reports were filed in the past two years alone.
While the reports accumulate, the Canadian regulator says on its website it does not have the expertise to analyze the information for trends and is relying on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for help. When asked about this in late August, the regulator told the Star that the plan to partner with the FDA had been dropped and another strategy would be launched this month.
In the meantime, the drug companies note that they are required by law to forward adverse reaction reports they receive to Health Canada, and say they closely monitor these reports and consider patient safety a priority.

Toronto psychiatrist Dr. William Wehrspann, who treats kids and adults, says this regulatory system is like “the police investigating themselves.”

“What bothers me is that it’s left to the pharmaceutical companies to evaluate the effects of the drugs. That’s a conflict of interest,” he said. “It’s unfair.”
Yes it is unfair. It's nonsensical. It's absurd. It's criminal, really.
Read the entire article at above link
UPDATE:  Health minister sidesteps worries that ADHD drugs are harming children

Surprised? You shouldn't be.
 Health Canada works on behalf of the pharmaceutical cartel
Not the people.

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The Middle East and Africa on edge- Resumed and Concluded

This has now turned into that  long rambling post I warned you about earlier. There is simply so much going on, all over the place, it is overwhelming and begs coverage. So here it all is!

Still reading up on Libya.

The brigade the CIA is pointing fingers at for the attack on the consulate is a US proxy fighting group, as far as I can tell. This group fought to overthrow and murder Gadaffi on behalf of US/NATO. The group I am speaking of is Ansar al-Sharia and it's leader has been making the mainstream media rounds in the West, oddly enough?

Then we allegedly have Libyan citizens storming Ansar Al Sharia's base and demanding "Libya" "Libya" and "No more Alquaeda"
 "Rally participants paid tribute to US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the other Americans killed in the assault on the US consulate in Benghazi. Ansar al-Sharia has been accused of involvement in the September 11th attack.
“Libya lost a friend,” read one banner carried by protestors. “We want justice for Stevens,” said another."

This story of the storming of Ansar Al Sharia's base, I don't know, did it really take place?
The whole story sounds so contrived.

According to this article Libyans believe the US is behind Alqueda
"“People here don’t believe that Al Qaeda is this huge scary thing that is moving everywhere and behind everything in the whole world. They think that is American propaganda.”

In amongst all the confusing and contradictory information, that is difficult to sort through, I am left wondering if the agenda here is simply "muddying the waters" in order to put people onto the wrong path or misdirect them?

 Egypt, while the tool Mursi is away: “Shadowy Militants” “Peace agreements needing to be addressed”
Much meme planting. Warming up for that military intervention that has been previously mentioned here, on several occasions.

Egyptian official threatens Israel over Sinai

“The unnamed official warned Israel against trying to provoke Egypt adding that the country's military command is handling the issue "with wisdom and calmness." He noted that Egyptian military is following the recent developments on the border including "Israeli threats" to initiate a military operation in Sinai.”

“The unnamed official”.  Suspicious? Oh yah.  Is Israel creating a narrative of a threat from Egypt that will necessitate pre-emptive action? Same as the one being created and reinforced regarding Iran?
It's a possibility

Israel tells Egypt to keep troops out of Sinai

Another one that reeks of narrative creation. Another one quoting some unnamed official

“ an adviser to Mohammed Morsi, the Egyptian president, said it was "a matter of time" before the pact is changed to bolster Egypt's control over the Sinai peninsula, which borders Israel.”

What adviser? What did he say, exactly? The words “a matter of time” indicate nothing to the reader of how these words were being used, or in what context. Only Israeli media spin is providing the context.

This is worrying- Israeli defense chief proposes West Bank pullout if peace talks remain stalled

Israel pulling settlers out of the West Bank, would only make sense in the context of plans to attack the area

Particularly important if the 1979 peace treaty goes the way of the wind.

That so called “Peace” accord looks as if it could be headed to the curb. Israel will be the biggest beneficiary of that action. No Palestinian state and taking back the Sinai. Win/win.

Continuing on...
Turkey - Growing Public Discontent sees Erdogan fall in opinion polls

Public approval of the Turkish government’s foreign policy has reached its lowest point – a mere 18 percent – in the past decade.

Might this explain the news link left by anonymous?

Erdogen purging his security ? What is he worried about? 
 Is Erdogan concerned about assassination or overthrow? Or both.

Five chiefs of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s security detail have been removed from their posts in an effort to avoid any security weakness, daily Hürriyet reported today.
Four police commissioners were also appointed to different police departments as a part of the security operation.
Four bodyguard teams in Ankara and one in Istanbul will be completely replaced by new officers soon, reports said.
The training of newly appointed bodyguards is reportedly continuing.

 Turkey and Saudi Arabia (from the article noting Erdogans rock bottom approval rating-

Encouraged by the U.S.,(to meddle in Syria)  as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which have together invested massively in Turkey since the AKP came to power in 2002 and have pledged to invest more than 12 billion dollars more this year.

I wonder what kind of investments are being referenced? Perhaps these?
Saudi millions and special forces expertise train mercenaries to destroy Syria

The men, who use the code names Radwan and Mohammed, come from Scandinavia, but have requested that the country not be disclosed.

Though they refused to speak, saying only that they were “here to help”, recruits in the Free Syrian Army told this newspaper that the men were ex-special forces working as military advisers.

Yes, the Scandanavian's are "here to help". The question is who exactly are they helping?
Continuing on with the influx of foreign mercenaries ready to terrorize Syrians-
How much are these foreign fighters/mercs costing? "The foreign mercenary fighters joining the war against Bashar al-Assad"

It's the Guardian, so you gotta expect the NATO narrative to be promoted in the headline despite the content disconnect
"It was enough for Abu Omar al-Chechen. His ragtag band of foreign fighters, known as "muhajiroun brothers", was huddled in the doorway of a burned-out apartment building in the university district of Aleppo. One of the brothers – a Turk – lay dead in the road around the corner and a second brother lay next to him, badly wounded and unable to move. They had been unable to rescue him because of the sniper.

Abu Omar gave an order in Arabic, which was translated into a babble of different languages – Chechen, Tajik, Turkish, French, Saudi dialect, Urdu – and the men retreated in orderly single file, picking their way between piles of smouldering rubbish and twisted plastic bottles toward a house behind the front line where other fighters had gathered.
Hundreds of international fighters have flocked to Syria to join the war "
“Hundreds” you gotta love that spin. How many “hundreds”? 20 hundreds. 30 hundreds? 100 hundreds?
 Of course the NATO news, whether it is in the UK/US or Canada isn’t going to report that the actual  numbers of foreign fighters is easily in the 10's of thousands. Yes, that is right the tens of thousands.
There has been a steady stream of fighters flowing over the Syrian borders for many, many months now.
In fact for approximately a year and a half now, fighters have poured into Syria through Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon. They have been shipped in from just about every where you can imagine! Pakistan. Chechnya. Libya.  The US special ops and CIA agents. Turkish troops/Israeli/French/British/Jordanians special ops. This destabilization has cost untold multiple billions of dollars. Yet, the Guardian would have you believe there are only “hundreds” of foreign fighters. The Guardian would play you for a fool if you believe that rubbish.
Let's not kid ourselves, or be fooled by the NATO media  all of these fighters are Mercs, every last one of them. NATO mercs. As has been covered incessantly here.

The FSA and all the other batallions are foreign mercenaries. Bought and paid for by NATO, for the most part. One can imagine all the ways the money is acquired to pay these ruthless killers. If you can’t, let me suggest some possibilities.  Drugs. Humans. Organs. All trafficked through certain NATO protected/occupied nations. Just off the top of my head Afghanistan, Kosovo and Israel. If anyone else can think of any other nations involved in these highly profitable trades feel free to leave a comment. All money laundered through the big bankster operations as has been mentioned on two occasions at this blog

Two more bits of news left by an anonymous commenter Spy Rocks, seriously?!
One blown up in Iran. 
"A spy device camouflaged as a rock exploded when it came into contact with Iranian troops near an underground nuclear enrichment plant, The Sunday Times reported this week.

Last month, Revolutionary Guards at the Fordo nuclear facility, near the northern city of Qom, came across the rock and attempted to move it, according to sources who spoke to the newspaper.
The guards, who had been on patrol to check terminals connecting data and telephone links to the site, reportedly witnessed the disguised spy device exploding when they came into contact with it"
 In Russia: A lump of rock, a sophisticated spying device, and an embassy left red-faced
Devices like the "rock" have been used in intelligence gathering to send encrypted messages for several years, although it remains unclear why agents should have chosen a Moscow street for their alleged spying operation.
An FSB official told the programme that one of the diplomats identified by Russian authorities had been authorising payments to Russian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) including civil rights activists. The programme claimed to reveal a document which it suggested was an authorisation for the transfer of £23,000 to the Moscow Helsinki Group, a leading human rights organisation which has been a persistent critic of President Vladimir Putin's government.

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Dershowitz & Ross "Obama has Israel's back" Was that ever in doubt?

Freethinker left a couple of links in the comment section If you missed them here they are with comment
"How naïve do you have to be to believe for a moment that President Obama would risk upsetting the lobby in an election year?! He's more likely to get pregnant.

No, what we are dealing with is an elaborate scam to fool the world into believing that the United States won't be part of an Israeli attack on Iran. While in the past I always discounted the likelihood of such an attack, I am now less convinced. The fact that Obama is risking upsetting Satan's little helpers so close to the presidential elections is a strong indication that he's planned an attack before the ballot. Once the war is in full motion, all the Jewish voters and media who previously got fooled by his 'fall-out' with Netanyahu over the Iran war issue, will be reassured that no-one beats him at putting 'Israel first.'"

Hmm, a recycling of the fake Turkey-Israel fallout?  "

 Despite the  theatrics presented lately via the media of  the "conflict" between Israel and the US. 
Or Netanyahu and Obama. There is no conflict. 

Dennis Ross
Dennis Ross and Alan Dershowitz, high-profile supporters of both Israel and US President Barack Obama, told The Jerusalem Post Thursday they were confident the president would support Israel should it attack Iran in a last-ditch effort to stop a nuclear bomb, and that Obama would attack Iran himself if necessary.

“The US as its (Israel) one true ally in the world needs to be there and will be there. I have no doubt of that, regardless of who’s president,” Ross said.

Dershowitz echoed that, based on his own conversations with Obama. He said that while “the administration can do and say a little more” so that Iran understood it won’t be allowed to acquire a nuclear weapon, he trusted that Obama would take military action if it became necessary.

Of course Alan Dershowitz "trusted" that Obama would take military action- He, with his one vote and untold lobby money has the President's ear and attention "based on his own conversations with Obama"

And Dershowitz stressed that he was “absolutely” certain the US would support Israel if, as a last resort, it undertook an attack on its own.

Despite some of his criticisms in the past, Dershowitz said as of now, he planned to vote for Obama in November.

Mr Dershowitz is going to vote for Obama in November. How nice.

My only quibble with the dissident movement piece is the theatre is not directed at the US non participation in an attack. What the script writers want us to believe is that the US will not participate in a first strike on Iran. Which is nonsense. They will participate and will give all manner of support. As is happening right now. The active participation will be presented as necessity after the fact. Which will be a lie. The US is now a present and active participant, they have been a past active  participant and will be a very active participant when Israel launches it's strike on Iran. Likely the most active participant.

 Of course the featured picture  @ PBS is the sacrificial lamb, the USS Enterprise

Related:  As Israel's Threat to Bomb Iran Looms, U.S. Vows to Keep Aircraft Carrier Strike Group in Persian Gulf 

"The U.S. Navy is vowing to keep commercial sea lanes open in the international waters off Iran, despite a view among a small number of critics that Washington’s military muscle may inadvertently (intentionally) stoke tensions with Tehran"

Israel has threatened to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities

That's right boys and girls Israel is threatening to attack and all the big guns are present and ready to back that country up.

But wait. There is more. 
For how long have the US and Israel been conspiring against Iran? 
- Cyberwar on Iran more widespread than first thought, say researchers?
 -Could US be behind Iran power line blasts?  'In recent years, the West’s stealth war on the disputed atom program has been waged through industrial explosions, cyber viruses and targeted killings, but the recent blasts could mark the first time that Iran's civilian infrastructure is targeted.
Just for a laugh- Deputy FM: Israel doesn't meddle in internal US politics

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Syria Crisis: West staked on Extremists

A bit short on time today. Interesting interview. Including commentary on the Ambassador's death in Libya- 

Gennady Yevstafyev, retired Lieutenant General of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, believes there is no blanket support for the Western cries about democracy and modernization in the broader Middle East. One can't ignore the fact that people who killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens are active in Syrian affairs and this is the kind of people which America and the West support.  In Syria, they are the driving force for the opposition to the secular regime..

 What exactly does Russia know? No doubt they have been watching the ME/Africa all along. Recall at the time of the Ambassador's death Russian media ran news comparing the killing of the Ambassador with the killing of Gadaffi. Thinking of how staged the movie protests are and how the US is changing the narrative surrounding the incident in Libya...

Sir, I’m very happy to greet you here. What is your impression because it looks like the situation is really ambiguous? On the one hand the Western community is saying that those actors who have gathered in Cairo are unable to resolve the Syrian issue but on the other hand the Arab street seems to be exasperated with the Western involvement. So, how do you see the situation? Perhaps Turkey, Iran, Egypt and perhaps Saudi Arabia might really do something.
The feeling you are getting from recent publications and speeches and statements is such that the situation is nearing the climax and this climax is not very much in favour of the Western community which has opened factually an open war against the Syrian regime and is very detrimental to the far reaching interests of many countries of Europe in this part of the world. On the other hand Turkey which was very enthusiastic in supporting many of the Western things done against Syria is now burden with its own problems which are unraveling in the southeast area of Turkey and the activity of Kurdish opposition and military Kurdish opposition is growing. So, very soon Turkey is going to forget about the whole thing.
In the sense the group of 4, which includes Iran, could play an important role in searching the positive result as far as compromise is concerned, of course if it will be allowed to do this because the Western friends are going to really sabotage the positive activity of the group. On the other hand there is a very interesting situation after Libya, after the death of the American Ambassador, this tragic death, many people look at the whole situation through different spectacles. There  is no blanket support for the Western cries about democracy and new generation, and modernization, and democratization of the broader Middle East.
No, you now have information which is growing that those guys who killed Christopher Stevens are really active in Syrian affairs and this is the kind of people which America supports and the Western-European countries support, in Syria they are the driving force for the opposition to the secular regime. It is becoming more and more strange to look when the so called democratic countries are really supporting the most extreme terrorist forces against whom they promised to fight, and even George Bush promised to wage a war against terrorism. All this kind of forces are fighting over there and in many groups and numbers because the strength of purely Syrian opposition is getting weaker and weaker and I think it is going to disappear very soon.
It is not by accident that the Human Rights Watch and other organizations are now speaking not only about the atrocities of Damascus’s regime, but they now admit that if there are atrocities there, they are committed by both sides. Of course there could be no participation of extreme terrorist forces on the part of opposition without atrocities and that’s what we were saying all the time openly but the terrible domination of the Western propaganda in mass media was really eliminating every reasonable word that was saying that there are people who are committing atrocities on the side of opposition and on the side of the forces which are waging a war against the lawful regime which was elected and which was trying to suggest certain things to try to find a compromise.
It is not to say that I’m very optimistic because despite the tragic results of American support of the Arab Spring in the countries of the Middle East, there is evidence that Americans are continuing. You know, they have a tremendous force there initially, and especially in the election period they cannot abandon their line of supporting those destructive forces, they would try to continue. And this is the diplomatic inexperience of the Secretary of State Hilary Clinton who has clearly indicated in her reactions to what is happening now in the Middle East even after the death of their own Ambassador who was in the first place one of the initiators of the Arab Spring.
So, what we have now is a very fluid situation, very tragic situation which is going to last quite a long and that’s why I’m not very much sure that Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi, who is an extremely capable and extremely influential negotiator, and he is an Arab himself, would be able to find a compromise any time soon. I hope that the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry recently, yesterday or the day before yesterday, that we will not allow to pass any resolution through the Security Council which would deal with the use of force in Syria, it is a really serious signal to those who are still playing with the idea of no-fly zone over Syria and so on. This no-fly zone is not supported by anybody around Syria because everybody has seen the real effect of the no-fly zone and the result of it in Libya.
And I think the sooner, but I don’t think it is going to happen soon, but maybe after elections in the US if Obama retains his cabinet in the White House, there could be some rethinking of American policy in the Middle East.
Sir, you are saying that the US has developed huge inertia. But on the other hand we know that Turkey which is one of the closest allies of the US in that region seems to be somehow shifting its position on Syria when the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said that there was a need for, like he put it – regional ownership of the issues of our region.
That’s what I was talking about. That Turkey is burden with its own problems and the Turkish people who are Islamists by nature, those who are ruling now – the Turkish Government – I think are afraid of an uncontrolled chaos which could find its place into the areas of this part of the Middle East which contains very explosive areas of Kurdish dissidents, religious dissidents and so on. And I think that Turkey is thinking twice before continuing what was initially the very aggressive line against Syria because they thought this Syrian regime would be overthrown in a matter of weeks but now we have already 18 months and it is clearly a sign that the population in Syria, most of it, is in support of its Government and only a minority is trying to wage a war against the regime.
The interesting thing about this meeting in Cairo was its format in which the four parties, like you said – Iran, Egypt, allegedly Saudi Arabia and Turkey were sitting…
No, it is no wonder because this is a committee which was constructed and established on the proposal of Mr. Morsi – the new Egyptian President – who is supposed to Islamist by nature. But he is an Islamist with I would say a rather wise outlook on the matters of the Middle East.
In fact I was thinking whether Iran could really contribute, whether it could play some considerable role in the situation around Syria because there is an illogical position of the Western countries – on the one hand they are saying that Iran is pretty much involved in that situation; on the other hand they are denying Tehran a role in negotiations.
No, this is a continuation of the Western policy towards Iran – it is a policy of a comprehensive isolation of Iran from any possible political context. But this is an extremely wise action on the part of Morsi who has suggested that Iran should participate and it was very clear that these people admit that without Iran’s participation there could be no solution for the situation around Syria. And Iran is playing I would say in certain respects a crucial role and of course there are rumors and information that the Iranian military people are participating in actions in support of Assad’s regime. This could be exaggerated but the fact is that Iran is breaking through the isolation around it and is playing an active diplomatic role in the search of solution over Syria. It is very important.
So, do you think that potentially Iran can make a difference?
No, I don’t think it would be allowed to make a difference but the point of view of the Syrian Government is very much represented by Iran. And Iran is not going to allow for any kind of military actions against Syria. And anyway, I think Iran can influence the approach of Mr. Morsi. It is not going to influence the approach of Saudi Arabia but it could affect the approaches of Egypt and to a certain extent of Turkey.
Interestingly enough, Saudi Arabia was absent from the meeting. They sent no one.
That is a clear indication of where this country stands.
Sir, thank you so much.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Israel launches largest ever "surprise" or "snap" live fire drill.....

The timing of this  live fire “snap” drill should indicate this is no ‘snap’ drill.  Nor is it a "surprise" drill, despite the silly headlines used by the media. When considering the timing and location of Israel's live fire drill and how very provocative the undertaking of this drill by Israel is, consider this- 25 Nations Practice War Against Iran

Israeli defence officials say the military is conducting its largest snap drill in years. The exercise comes against the backdrop of tensions with Iran and the civil war in Syria.

A military spokesman says Wednesday's drill under way in northern and central Israel is a planned, routine event.

But other officials say the exercise is unique in terms of number of soldiers and senior officers involved. Part of the exercise is in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights next to Syria.

A little more

Wednesday's drill comes only a week after the IDF held an even larger, multi-day maneuver, in the adjoining Galilee region facing the Lebanese border.

Regarding live fire being used

IDF launches surprise live-fire drill in Golan Heights- The drill, to include Northern Command, Central Command, and Air Force troops, is meant to test the IDF’s readiness for an ‘emergency situation.’
An emergency situation or something else?  IDF launches surprise live-fire drill in Golan

You may recall the mention of the Golan Heights as the perfect place to launch a false flag of sorts...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Canada/Iran "diplomacy" & Updates to Libyan Consulate attack

Tying up some lose ends here-

Canada closing the Iranian Embassy and suspending all diplomatic ties with Iran-
Covered in this post Worrisome scenarios....
The topic was narrative creation and who was truly being troublesome
Stumbled across this after putting that post up- Why did Canada suddenly suspend relations with Iran

“Suggestions in some foreign media that Canada bailed out of Tehran because Iranian security suspected our mission there had been collecting intelligence for the U.S., Britain and perhaps Israel — and that we were on the verge of expulsion, or even worse.”

Now there is an interesting line of thinking! One that has to be seriously considered along with this news, immediately following the Canadian action. The IAEA receives ‘significant intelligence”

“ The UN atomic agency has received new and significant intelligence”
“The diplomats say the information comes from Israel, the United States and at least two other Western countries “

Could this intelligence have come from Canada?  Was Canada in cahoots with the US, Israel and likely Britain? Was Iran getting wise to Canada’s interference?

Keep in mind after the suspension of diplomatic ties Stephen Harper was rewarded for servitude, er “statesmenship” concerning Israeli interests..

The Ambassador killed in Libya
Three posts on that. Here,  here and here
Recently......US, Libya differ on accounts of Benghazi attackThe narrative changes-
US authorities initially leaned more toward the premeditated, well-planned assault angle
Not anymore-

The US ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice: “"People gathered outside the embassy (consulate) and then it grew very violent and those with extremist ties joined the fray and came with heavy weapons, which unfortunately are quite common in post-revolutionary Libya and that then spun out of control,"

"But we don't see at this point signs this was a coordinated plan, premeditated attack.”

The Libyans still see it as premeditated- "The way these perpetrators acted, and moved... leaves us with no doubt that this was pre-planned, determined, predetermined," Mohammed al-Megaryef, president of the Libyan National Congress, told CBS News.

"It was planned, definitely, it was planned by foreigners, by people who entered the country a few months ago. And they were planning this criminal act since their arrival," he added.

Planned by foreigners who had previously entered the country? That could be just about anyone?

Why is the US changing the story? It appeared to me from all early reports we were looking at two attacks. The first one the distraction to cover for the second hit. Is the US really going to continue on with the absurd movie protest angle? Why? Is it easier then addressing the killing of the Ambassador as a hit that they or their allies may have been connected to?

And what to make of this news brought to my attention by Ali at thenakedfacts


Just 5 days after the attack on the consulate in Libay

 South Sudan army on Saturday said that 10 of its soldiers were killed and 50 others were still missing when a unit of the army mistakenly bombed a small boat which was carrying southern Sudanese soldiers at Upper Nile area.

"The Sudan people's Liberation Army hired a small boat to transport the soldiers at Upper Nile area. The boat sailed at night and was obstructed by an army unit which tried to stop it. When the boat did not stop, fire was opened on it," Philip Aguer, spokesman for South Sudan's army, told Xinhua correspondent in Khartoum by phone.

"Due to the intensive shooting, the boat drowned. Bodies of the 10 soldiers have been lifted and another 50 soldiers are still missing. Rescue teams are still looking for survivors," he added.

As Ali mentions in his commentary and has been mentioned here previously CIA/Mossad are all over Sudan- playing a direct role in the balkanization of that country.

It would not be that difficult, for well trained, carefully prepared group of soldiers to flee Benghazi and head back to Sudan via the Nile

Benghazi is located roughly below the eastern tip of Crete

Just a thought. Could these have been the “foreigners” that arrived previously in Libya waiting for the Ambassador’s return and the cover of movie protests?

Larken Rose- The Cult of Government

I have listened to him being interviewed on a number of occasions by divergent interviewers.
Always finding him thought provoking!
How about you?

If you enjoy his thoughts, interviews can be found at Gnostic Media and What on Earth is Happening

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Ambassadors death advances AFRICOM goals and the global war agenda

Going long... Much is ongoing, much has gone on-
Let’s rehash to move forward
Libya: The attack on the consulate in Libya- which is not an Embassy.
Apparently there is a difference
Quickly: a Consulate has more to do with promoting trade and servicing expatriates
“The word consulate literally means office of the consul, who is a diplomat appointed to foster trade and take care of expatriates.” Consulates are generally located in busy cities

Embassies are much bigger deals.
The word embassy comes from the French ambassy, or office of the ambassador. Ambassadors are high-ranking diplomatic representatives who serve as spokespersons for their national governments. With that greater importance comes greater security.

Therefore it would seem Ambassador Stevens was being hung out to dry in a measly consulate. For what reason? Probably more then one.
One obvious reason is advancing  the war agenda- The other, may be connected to getting sensitive documents-  Let’s look at the sensitive documents first,  because it is the easiest to address Oil Contracts, Names of Collaborators missing from US Embassy in Lybia

“Chris Stevens had been back in the country only a short while and the details of his visit to Benghazi, where he and his staff died, were meant to be confidential. Sensitive documents have gone missing from the consulate in Benghazi and the supposedly secret location of the "safe house" in the city.
Some of the missing papers from the consulate are said to list names of Libyans who are working with Americans, putting them potentially at risk from extremist groups, while some of the other documents are said to relate to oil contracts.

What other papers might there be? Did Chris Stevens make deals with the wrong people?
The list of Libyan names rather then targets could also offer potential contacts for “interested parties” The oil contracts, would have lots of potential. So who took the papers?

The attack on the Consulate was carefully planned and came in two parts-
The first attack being linked to “protests” over that psyop film. The first protest was clearly the distraction. The second attack is most likely the one in which the Ambassador and all the others died and sensitive documents were stolen.

 Heavily armed militants used a protest of an anti-Islam film as a cover to launch a well planned and well executed attack-
Since it has been reported that the so called protests began in Libya, over the psyop film, this would suggest an interested party “fomented” the protests so they could be used as cover for the attack in Libya. The protests were then ‘encouraged’ to spread as cover for the attack in Libya and to achieve other political agendas.
Advancing the war agenda and Africom- 
Immediately after the operation at the consulate in Benghazi...

“The United States dispatched two destroyers to Libya and deployed a Marine time to bolster security in  Tripoli”

Two destroyers and Marines to Tripoli? Where no attack took place.Additionally the US has sent  Marine Team to Yemen and Sudan However,  no Marine Team has been sent to Egypt. Clearly not necessary with the useful idiots in charge!

Do the Marine units being deployed in Sudan, Yemen and Libya have more to do with (updated link)Oil Choke points and control of waterways? (list of chokepoints)   

Look at the map, it is important. Remember location, location, location!

 Today it is being reported there will possibly be military strikes on Libya. Why?

Allegedly the US “intercepted” communications that linked al-Qaida in Maghreb to Islamist brigade Ansar al-Sharia . Not sure what this has to do with anything.
 Ansar al-sharia didn’t take credit for the attack in Benghazi. In fact they denied it!

“Ansar al-Sharia, whose leader denounced Libya’s July elections as un-Islamic, has denied it was involved in the attack as a group”

Anonymous left this link to an interesting news story about special ops in a plane crash...

With an thought provoking comment

“if there is an aq link established what arte the odds that it is a camp in Mali? French are already calling for an incursion. AFRICOM looking to get involved.”
You must have been reading my mind Anonymous!

It looks as if the US is desperately trying to make an “alquaeda link” to the Libyan attack by claiming that Ansar al-Sharia, is “linked to AQ”  

Recall Ansar al Sharia  denied being connected to the consulate attack as I already mentioned...

That isn't stopping the US from making connections.  And speaking of connections?

Clinton says U.S. had nothing to do with film that sparked violence

I don't believe her. The US is connected to that psyop film
 (If there even is a film?  Or is it just a clip placed on Youtube? Which I am more inclined to believe)

We have seen this type of psyop played out previously and we even have one of  the same players connected to the psyop.

As mentioned in a comment to WWM- you can refresh that psyop memory here,   
here and here.
Also the level of internet connectivity in all "arab spring" nations 

The film is a psyop, perhaps one that is really for  western consumption only
 Attention has been drawn to this clip guaranteeing many of us in the west with internet connections will run off to YouTube, view the video and feel an air of "racial superiority"..... "Look at how irrational those people are" the brainwashed will smuggly claim. After all we (in the west) have given them. The  video will be used to promote a concept in the minds of the massively manipulated, gullible western audience that "intervention"  of the imperialist kind is  a must. Intervention that western powers are in the process of undertaking surreptitiously presently in preparation for overt intervention in the near future. Meanwhile the western brainwashed masses will feel very comfortable in their state of managed perception of the rightness and necessity of these actions.

Related: Armada of British naval power massing in the Gulf as Israel prepares an Iran strike 
Thanks Felix- glad to see you around!!

Related: Salafism+CIA: The winning formula to destabilize Russia, the Middle East
and Africa . Thanks KamNam!

Couldn't help but notice the Salafists playing their role in the protests-

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Could Libyan embassy attack be an election game changer?

Following up on yesterday's post-

Ambassador Stevens & Gadaffi- Did they meet the same fate? Psyop film & Egypt!

Interesting read- CBC

The attacks on the American embassies in Egypt and Libya have jolted the U.S. presidential campaign, as foreign policy, which had been mostly neglected, has suddenly become a major focus.

Whether it remains a key issue over the next couple of months remains to be seen, but if events continue to unfold in the Middle East, they could have political ramifications for the November election, analysts say.

"This could become a new defining moment for the campaign or it could fade away in a week," Larry Sabato, professor of politics and director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, told CBC News.
"I'm old enough to remember when the Iranian hostages were seized. Most of the commentary at the time suggested it would be resolved very quickly. I remember those stories: 'This is going to be resolved in a matter of days,' Yep, 444 of them."

Stuart Rothenberg, editor and publisher of the Rothenberg Political Report, told CBC News that, at least in the short term, the attacks could boost support for U.S. President Barack Obama.

"There’s a rally-around-the-flag effect where people tend to be supportive of the president as our national figurehead," Rothenberg said. "The immediate reaction is, 'Well, I'm going to stick with my president.,"
Rothenberg added that the events give Obama, who does have foreign policy experience, an opportunity to talk about his national security record. As well, the attacks take the focus away from dismal job numbers.

But Rothenberg said Obama could run into trouble if the crisis continues over a period of weeks or months. "If the situation deteriorates, and suddenly there are questions raised about his effectiveness and his toughness, and his success in the international area, then he could have a problem."
War of words between Obama and at link
 More important is this:

The impact of the embassy attacks on the election may also depend on who really is responsible. There are reports that the attacks may have been a co-ordinated strike by al-Qaeda groups. If that is the case, Obama could respond militarily, which would boost his support as the country rallies behind him.

"If it turns out that they can trace the targeted attack on [U.S. Ambassador] Chris Stevens to a jihadi camp or an organization, (or a country?) they will respond, probably with airstrikes," Aaron David Miller, a scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, told CBC News.

Miller said Americans would rally behind the president, giving him huge support, and boosting his presidential image.

"Running for president from a campaign bus in Iowa is one thing. Running for president from the White House with all the perks, the stage, the theatrics is quite another," Miller said.
A question?  What country (Israel) is pushing hard for airstrikes on what nation (Iran) 
Keep that thought in mind

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ambassador Stevens & Gadaffi- Did they meet the same fate? Psyop film & Egypt!

 Let’s talk Libya & Egypt

Very doubtful the US Ambassador’s killing in Libya had anything to do with the highly questionable “film” made by an Israeli that  allegedly sparked protest in Egypt. (The protests could have been staged just as easily as so many protests have been)

 Version # 1- According to the msm Ambassador Stevens was killed by an RPG. 

Ali at thenaked facts brought this to my attention.
Version # 2- Information suggesting that Ambassador Stevens may have met the same fate as Ghadaffi, he survived the ambush on the heavily guarded embassy, but was taken, tortured, killed and body paraded about-

There is some interesting language being bandied about that seems to indicate that version #2 is the more truthful version-

From the Telegraph and the Guardian

T- 10pm Libyan time on Tuesday - The consulate's main compound begins taking fire from unidentified assailants. Around 30 people - both Libyans and Americans - were in the consulate at the time.
G-Officials said the consulate began taking fire at about 10pm Libya time. Fifteen minutes later, the attackers got past "robust security"- American and Libyan - and into the building, setting it on fire.

It seems with only 3 people actually inside the building there was indeed a robust security contingent outside. Approximately the 27 remaining people.

According to the Guardian & Telegraph the Ambassador was taken to hospital and treated for smoke inhalation sometime after the attack-

G- the ambassador either escaped the consulate or was helped out and was taken to hospital by Libyans. It is not clear if he was alive at that point.

T- At some point between becoming separated from his security detail he is taken to a Benghazi hospital, which chimes with accounts from a doctor who said he treated Stevens for smoke inhalation. It's not clear how he got to the hospital but the Americans did not take him there.

10.15pm - The security officer makes it outside and but rushes back into the building with reinforcements to try to rescue the two others. They find Smith's body but are unable to locate the ambassador and are forced to retreat. His whereabouts remain unknown for the next several hours.

11.20pm - US and Libyan security forces make another attempt to regain the main building and this time succeed. As the shooting continues, they move all remaining staff into the annex building.

Midnight - The annex comes under heavy fire which continues for two hours. Two more Americans are killed in the fighting. They remain unidentified but are State Department officials.

0.45pm - US security personnel launch a counter-attack from the consulate's smaller annex and try to regain the main building, which is still aflame. They come under heavy gunfire and have to retreat.

2am Wednesday - Libyan forces regain control of the compound. It's not clear whether the attackers are killed, retreat, or flee.

Early morning - Stevens's body is returned to US officials at Benghazi airport. 
US officials did not discover what happened to Stevens until his body was returned to them at Benghazi airport at about dawn.

Therefore Ambassador Stevens initially alive and treated for smoke inhalation was returned to Benghazi airport at approximately 6 am. That is 8 hours unaccounted for.
As of 5:pm est the Guardian is reporting
 49m ago Senior US officials: No confirmation on how Stevens died

No confirmation on how Stevens died.
So what happened? One thing seems clear Ambassador Stevens was not killed by RPG fire. The US has not confirmed how he died. It appears the US does not want the details to come out. Did Ambassador Steven meet the same fate as Ghaddafi?

From the NYT’s

 A prime-time news report (out of Russia)  pointedly juxtaposed images of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens’s death with Colonel Qaddafi’s, pointing at their similarities.
And why would the Russian media do this? Unless these were similar deaths?

In Italy, the Web site of the newspaper Corriere della Sera showed images of what it said was the American Consulate in Benghazi ablaze with men carrying automatic rifles and waving V-for-victory signs, silhouetted against the burning buildings. One photograph showed a man closely resembling Mr. Stevens apparently unconscious, his face seeming to be smudged with smoke and his eyes closed.

Cellphones in hand. How often do we see that? Very often. In fact when Ghaddafi was killed, we saw those very same types of images.

Want to point out this fact- The cellphones used to take these pictures were provided to the mercs in Libya by the US.  The internet connectivity and cellphone connectivity was all provided for the Libyan mercs by the US. Same as all the weapons. Provided by the US and it's NATO allies
Is that ironic? Or is is karmic? I don't know.
These individuals have all the accoutrements of death that the US and NATO provided to them to destroy Libya. As you sow, so shall you reap? I don't know?
What I do know is the US shipped these killers via Turkey to torment the people of Syria

From the woman who has made this statement regarding the Ambassadors death
This “Attack... should shock the consciences of people of all faiths'

I am going to remind readers of Hilary Clinton’s reaction upon the death of Gadaffi

“We came. We saw. He died” hahaha

Evil woman. Evil.

Regarding the film that allegedly caused a stir in Egypt.... this is an utter psyop!
An Israeli psyop.
Attempting to cast Egyptians in a bad light, so that Israel's government can cry wolf-
 Oh, poor us. We must do something about the dangerous Islamists in Egypt. Like invade the Sinai.
From the Guardian
References to Islam in film were overdubbed: report

About that "film," "Innocence of Muslims": its every detail seems to disintegrate under the first light of examination.

On the Media now reports that every reference in the film to Islam appears to be overdubbed. The film apparently isn't, or wasn't, about Islam at all:

    If you watch closely, you can see that when the actors are reading parts of the script that do not contain Islam-specific language, the audio from the sound stage is used (the audio that was recorded as the actors were simultaneously being filmed). But anytime the actors are referring to something specific to the religion (the Prophet Muhammed, the Quran, etc.) the audio recorded during filming is replaced with a poorly executed post-production dub. And if you look EVEN closer, you can see that the actors’ mouths are saying something other than what the dub is saying.

CNN quotes from a statement the news organization says was "released on the behalf of the 80 cast and crew members of "Innocence of Muslims" – although who released the statement and how CNN is sure of its authenticity is unclear.

The statement condemns the film and claims the actors were duped:

    "The entire cast and crew are extremely upset and feel taken advantage of by the producer. We are 100% not behind this film and were grossly misled about its intent and purpose," the statement says. "We are shocked by the drastic re-writes of the script and lies that were told to all involved. We are deeply saddened by the tragedies that have occurred."

U.S. media said the film was produced by an Israeli-American property developer

Israel claims he is not an Israeli citizen. But, wouldn’t Israel have been the most expedient place for this man to flee to?
Israel, however, sought to distance itself from Bacile.

“It’s obvious we’ll have to be vigilant. Anything he did or said has nothing to do whatsoever with Israel. He may claim what he wants. This was not done with, or for, or through Israel,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said on Wednesday.

The two-hour movie, “Innocence of Muslims,” cost $5 million to make and was financed with the help of more than 100 Jewish donors, said Bacile, who wrote and directed it.


UPDATE BEGINS- Ambassador Chris Stevens' final hours a mystery 

"At some point in all of this,(From 10 pm to 6am) and frankly we do not know when, we believe that Ambassador Stevens got out of the building and was taken to a hospital in Benghazi. We do not have any information what his condition was at that time.(It would seem he was alive, read above)

"His body was later returned to US personnel at the Benghazi airport."

The FBI has now opened an inquiry into the attack and the circumstances of the deaths of the three who were killed.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PM Harper "World Statesman of the Year" from a NY foundation

Here is another one that is guaranteed to make you want to hurl. Especially if your a Canadian!
But, not solely if your a Canadian, because these type of gratuitous "awards" are given to many leaders for their "services" Services of what type? Services to who?

Stephen Harper will travel to New York this month to receive a “World Statesman of the Year” award from an organization called the Appeal of Conscience Foundation.
The ACF, founded by New York-based rabbi Arthur Schneier, has previously given the award to former British prime minister Gordon Brown, as well as to France’s Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Mr. Harper’s foreign policy has certainly had critics, at home and abroad, who have charged he shifted towards emphasizing the military, oversaw a losing bid for the UN Security Council, and aligned Middle East policy with Israel’s conservative leadership.
The G&M article is surprising short on details about this "Appeal of Conscience" Foundation

I went to do a bit of digging- It didn't take long
The rabbi....

Rabbi Arthur Schneier
Affiliation: Founder and President, Appeal of Conscience Foundation
Fields: Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism; terrorism and hate groups; the Holocaust; Catholic-Jewish relations
Tel.: 212-535-5800

Web site: 

To put it plainly this "award" is being given to PM Harper, not because he has a conscience, or a soul, for that matter. He is being given this award, so he is perceived to be a man of conscience. Clearly, he is being given the award because he is servile to Israel. Judging by the comments at G&M, people are not fooled- 

That's the Prime Minister's reward for outsourcing Canada's Middle-East policy to the Israelis.

 I guess "Boot Licker of the Year" was too obvious

The ACF, founded by New York-based rabbi Arthur Schneier, what a surprise harper being given an award by his jewish/israeli masters 

 Netanyahu Sycophant of the Year is more like it. 

How ironic that a man who appears to have no conscience should receive this award.

Death Angel(ina's) role reprisal- Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan

Death Angel(ina) Jolie,  CFR member, is at it again. 

The UN "goodwill" Ambassador is repeating, her starring role in the war/killing/psycho/death destruction machine. This time she is touring 'refugee' camps in Jordan. 
Previously it was Turkey. Prior to that Libya. Noticing a pattern?

And her "eyes filled with tears"....
As she listened to "horrific" tales.
As she wept over "heart breaking' accounts.

Heart tugging emotional triggers guaranteeing irrational responses-
"We encourage the international community to do everything they can to support these refugees, and there is much to be done," Jolie told a joint news conference at Zaatari refugee camp, 85 kilometres (53 miles) north of Amman in a desert area near the border with Syria."

"It has been a very heavy experience," she said of her tour of the camp. It is very emotional to be with people who are wondering who is on their side."

Angelina is an actress. She can cry on cue. This is the grossest form of manipulation.

I have covered this evil individual previously on two occasions

Angelina Jolie goes where no humanitarian group can go.

Make no mistake about it. This woman is vile. She doesn't care about human suffering.
 Her role is to create support amongst the gullible for killing and slaughter.
She presents/bolsters the official narrative and fails to touch on the facts of what  is really ongoing in Syria. NATO destabilization. She did the crocodile tear act to advocate for the slaughter of Libyans.
If she cared for humans, humanity or anything decent on this planet she would not be acting a role for the global war machine

She bears false witness and manages your perception.