Sunday, September 2, 2012

Canada does not need a so called digital economy! Humanity does not need a digital economy

Really? You got to love the spin on this piece.

Canadians have waited years for a digital economy strategy. Paradis should dispense with the well-worn clich├ęs and opt for an ambitious plan that generates genuine excitement and broad public support.
Have Canadians waited for years for a digital economy strategy?
Most definitely they have not!
Canada needs a real economy!
Canada needs real jobs. Real paying jobs. Real commerce.

A digital economy is about the ultimate control of people's lives. The control of their money. The control of their spending.The control of the who, what ,where and when of their lives.
Canada doesn't need a digital economy.  
This does not benefit the human beings resident in Canada in any way shape or form.
Which is why this oped was featured in the business section of the Toronto Star.
The so called digital economy is all about control. Control of you. Control of me.
It benefits big business. It benefits banks. It benefits government.
It does not benefit humanity
It can be spun that way, but that is a lie
This is more state sponsored tyranny and repression of human beings.
And, that is not over the top

It is not a coincidence that there is a Digital Agenda for Europe 

This is part of the global smart grid technocracy. Agenda 21. And the control of "human resources"
Like so much cattle!


  1. Too funny not to share.

    Happy Labor Day (though I'm not sure Canada has such a thing lol)

    23 million unemployed...all except for the ONE guy who doesn't deserve or DO his job. ;)

  2. Hey LVB yes we have labour day
    I tried to enjoy the long weekend
    but the news, the lies kept calling out to me
    so I posted, but no commenting
    Oh and yes, we have mass unemployment in Canada and austerity

  3. Ahh, so you guys do have Labor Day, yet you choose to misspell it like your Brit masters, eh?? LOL

    Hope you had a good one. ;)