Sunday, September 2, 2012

Could a state for Greater Kurdistan be on the horizon??

Didn't I ask that very same question just over two weeks ago?
 Oh, yes, I did!
August 16/2012: A new UN ringmaster for Syria. Iraq & Turkey and how about Kurdistan?

 Can't help but notice the oil, gas and business industry is considering the creation of Kurdistan as a real possibility. This should tell us quite a bit!
An independent Kurdistan could be a petrol giant. Just a thought

For persons that have been following along on the blog for a while now, much of this will seem familiar.
Because, much of it has been said here, on multiple occasions. Therefore the potential for an independant Kurdish state should not be a surprise
Pepe Escobar

Certainly, not all of the article- 

Kurds are carefully paying attention to how Ankara decided to boycott NAM - even though Turkish President Abdullah Gul was personally invited by Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi proposed a Syria contact group - Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran - to try to solve the Syrian tragedy.

This means that Egypt - under a Muslim Brotherhood president - privileges mediation for a civil war inside a fellow Arab country, while Turkey sticks to a colour-blind regime change strategy, which would only be possible with a NATO no-fly zone (it won't happen).
So the pressing question for the Kurds becomes how to profit from Ankara's each and every move.
And the winner is... Israel

Not even Turkish public opinion knows what exactly are the contours of Ankara's policy for Syria - apart from regime change. President Gul claims that Damascus weaponises PKK guerrillas (there's absolutely no evidence), and that would be a casus belli.

Damascus for its part does not want a war with Turkey.

Tel Aviv avidly bets on Ankara becoming the hegemonic regional power in the - still hazy - event of a post-Assad Syria. As Israel has been deeply infiltrated in Iraqi Kurdistan for years, with very good connections - the Mossad uses it as an operational base against Syria and Iran - this will be manipulated as a bargaining chip to seduce Ankara.
Meanwhile, in Syria, the red, green and yellow Kurdish flag is now flying in places like Girke Lege - only 35 kilometres from the Iraqi border and only 15 kilometres from the Turkish border. Over 3 million Syrian Kurds now see an ideal opening to revert the official Ba'ath Party Arabisation policy.
The Kurdish PYD (Democratic Union Party) President Salah Muslim vehemently denies that there was a tacit agreement with the Bashar al-Assad government. But in fact there was; as long as Syrian Kurds don't attack Damascus forces, they can do whatever they want in Western/Syrian Kurdistan, which by now is assuming the contours of a an autonomous region.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, by the way, has already delivered the message to Ankara; even in a post-Assad Syria, this should be seen as a fact on the ground. And it happens to dovetail with Israel's charm offensive among Kurds - emphasising what would be their common agenda.

 Ending with this-

Make no mistake; each day makes it more likely that an unintended - or rather intended - consequence of this Great Game remix will be the emergence of Greater Kurdistan.

Intended. Completely intended. 


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  2. Links

    China's top newspaper said on Monday that a Turkish proposal for a Syrian "safe zone" under foreign protection for civilians fleeing intensifying violence there would not help resolve the worsening humanitarian crisis in the country. China has repeatedly condemned any plan which hints at outside interference in the Syrian crisis or proposes "regime change". Both China and Russia have vetoed proposed United Nations (UN) Security Council resolutions intended to put pressure on President Bashar al-Assad.

    Though everyone wants to see a Syria free of turmoil, Russia and Western countries have different views on how to solve the prolonged crisis, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Saturday. Russia and the United States shared common goals on solving the Syrian crisis but differed on the future of President Bashar al-Assad, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.

    he United States seeks to predetermine the events in Syria and oust Assad, while Russia urges the observation of the Geneva agreements, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters in Vladivostok on Monday. ‘Americans want to topple Assad, namely, to impose their scheme of the settlement of the Syrian crisis. We, in turn, propose a ceasefire that should be discussed by the authorities and the opposition at the negotiating table,’ Lavrov said.

    Also china reminding us about intervention oin south china sea as secstate lands in Indonesia

    China on Monday warned the United States against taking sides in territorial disputes, as it prepared for a visit by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.