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Man who "captured Gaddaffi" dies of injuries?? Kind of, sort of, maybe?

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Back, however briefly, with this tidbit. It is timely because I see in the previous post there is continuing discussion on the now deceased Libyan Ambassador
LVB mentions some reporting on how " Ansar al-Sharia, headed off to meet their al Qaeda controllers"
Interesting, but, likely typical msm spinning. Ansar al-Sharia fought valiantly on behalf of their NATO masters to destroy Libya and murder Gaddaffi.  So by al Qaeda are we talking Al CIA/Mossadah? Or al-NATO?
Interesting too that Obama is saying this "wasn't a mob action".
I would have to agree with that.

Murdered Gadaffi- crude gesturing from msm reporter

1.Ambassador Stevens & Gadaffi- Did they meet the same fate? Psyop film & Egypt!

2.Could Libyan embassy attack be an election game changer...

3. The Ambassadors death advances AFRICOM goals and the global war agenda

Bringing this post up to speed. I stumbled across this story and found it most curious. Most curious!? First the story and then the numerous curiosities?

Man who helped capture Muammar Gaddafi dies of injuries: September 27, 2012

 The young man who purportedly found Muammar Gaddafi hiding in a drainage pipe 

He is the latest victim of persistent violence and instability in the North African country.

The death yesterday (Sept 26/2012) of Omran Shaaban, who had been in hospital in France.
Mr Shaaban was praised as a "dutiful martyr" by the National Congress, although his family says he never received a promised reward of 1 million dinars ($770,000) for capturing Gaddafi 
The Libyan government said it would honour Mr Shaaban with a funeral befitting a hero. His body was greeted at the airport in his hometown, Misratah.

Mr Omran Shaaban, died in hospital in France September 26/12, His body was greeted at the airport as of the above news story September 27/12. Dead and shipped back to Libya for a hero's funeral all in one day.
Wonder what airlines the body was flown into Libya on? NATO air?
This whole story smells a bit off to me-

" he and three friends had been on their way home to the western city of Misratah from a holiday in July"
A holiday in July? Where were they on "holiday"?
Out of country? Were they in France? Germany? Were they with the Ambassador?

"when they had been attacked by gunmen in an area called el-Shimekh near Bani Walid"
President Mohammed el-Megarif visited Bani Walid this month and secured the release of Mr Shaaban and two of his companions. 
 When Mr Shaaban was finally brought home, he was "skin and bones" - still paralysed, frail and slipping in and out of consciousness, according to his brother, Abdullah Shaaban.
Omran Shaaban later was flown to France for medical treatment.

So Mr. Omran Shaaban the man who allegedly found Ghaddaffi in the drainage pipe, dies in France and is flown home to a hero's welcome.
At the time Gaddaffi was allegedly found in the drainage pipe in Libya, reminiscent of Saddam and the spider hole narrative, I had done a post covering that news.
Shall we all flashback to that time?? Of course we shall!!
In that post is a link to the story of the "hero" who found Gaddaffi and shot him with Gaddafi's own Golden Gun!! Young rebel shot Gaddafi in the head

As I said then:  "Note the New York Yankees Cap" 
America: mom, baseball, apple pie and death?

According to the article, at the time this happened,  the young man with the Golden Gun who captured and shot Gaddafi, the hero, whom the crowds cheered wildly for was not Omran Shaabaan.

No it wasn't, why it was none other then Mohammed al Bibi
excerpt below

The announcement he had been killed — as his stronghold of Sirte became the last city to fall to the revolution — sparked jubilation across the country the maniac ruled with an iron fist for 42 years.
The young freedom fighter who found him hiding in the pipe under a road was hailed a national hero and paraded shoulder-high.

Grinning Mohammed al Bibi, 20, was greeted by wild crowds in Sirte amid volley after volley of celebration gunfire.

He told how the tyrant was armed with only his James Bond villain-style "golden gun" — which he was often photographed with — when he was discovered.
The young rebel — wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap instead of an Army helmet — said that as he grabbed it, Gaddafi begged: "Don't shoot. Don't shoot."
He was still brandishing the ornate souvenir as overjoyed crowds surrounded him chanting: "God is great!"
Omran Shaabaan?     Mohammed al Bibi?

I knew this story was full of holes. Now onto the questions..
 Recall the body of the Ambassador was allegedly brought to the airport in Benghazi?
Was Omran Shaaban or whoever this really is brought to the airport at the same time?
Was he really attacked by gunmen near Bani Walid? Or was he caught up in the melee at the consulate?
His time of death makes me think this man was connected to the melee and the consulate.
Was this person really connected to the killing of Gaddaffi?
And if he was, as the Ambassador was also,  is this all a tying up of loose ends or some kind of cleaning of the house?  If you recall there was a whole lot of questions about just exactly what had gone down when Gaddaffi died and now with the Ambassador gone and the alleged hero gone.....
The official narrative can continue on without challenge. Along with whatever the hell else was/is going on in Libya?



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  2. I have no trust at all in this source, but as we know, you can learn a great deal from analyzing what is NOT said in globalist mass media. Here's the headline:

    Clinton offers $45 million to Syrian rebels, who want more support

    I propose that we just truth-ify that headline for starters, maybe something like this:

    Clinton offers $45 million to al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, who want more US support

    (implying the obvious, that they already have been receiving "support" for quite some time)

    And this part, in particular, also stands out like a sore thumb:

    "The U.S. government has refused to directly arm or fund the so-called Free Syrian Army, a loose confederation of rebel militias, largely out of fear that the assistance would make its way to Islamist extremist groups that have joined the battle to unseat Assad."

    Don't you love this?? First of all, the US govt has not refused to fund the "rebels" at all, but in fact has been doing so since before the 18 month insurgency began in Syria. Second, this "fear that the assistance would make its way to Islamist extremist groups" - give me a break!!

    These extremist groups (al-Qaeda/CIA) are precisely where the US govt wants the "assistance" to go, and has made sure that it gets to them, via CIA personnel in Libya, Egypt, Turkey and even inside Syria. The same goes for the British MI-6 and the other intel agencies of Saudi, Qatar and France.

    And lastly, these Islamist psychopaths have not just "joined the battle to unseat Assad", as if they were bored and needed something to do - they have been paid, trained, armed and actively SENT to join the battle by the several intel agencies listed above.

    This is a great study in how mass media has mastered the art of telling you something and telling you nothing - as well as subtly mixing shreds of truth with tons of lies - simultaneously.

    1. ""The U.S. government has refused to directly arm or fund the so-called Free Syrian Army, a loose confederation of rebel militias, largely out of fear that the assistance would make its way to Islamist extremist groups that have joined the battle to unseat Assad."

      Oh yes, I do love that

      refusing to DIRECTLY arm or fund
      which of course has not stopped them from indirectly funding the terrorists

      Fearing that it would go to Islamists???
      Yah sure

      Making sure it would go to Islamists

  3. Salafist Jihadist Movement in Jordan Announces Sending Terrorists to Syria

    Sep 28, 2012

    The salafist movement in Jordan on Friday announced that it has sent terrorists to Syria to participate in 'Jihad' against the Syrian army.

    A source at the movement, who preferred not to be named, told the UPI that four of the salafist jihadist movement in al-Zarqa city, northeastern Jordan, already headed to Syria.

    The source noted that the salafists, who are between 25 and 30, arrived on Thursday evening in Daraa in northern Syria.

    Mohammad al-Shalabi, nicknamed Abi Sayyaf, who is a leader at the salafist jihadist movement in Jordan, announced last Sunday that he sent four of his followers to Syria for 'Jihad'.

    He noted that some of the salafists go to Syria regularly, while others go personally.

    Source: SANA

  4. 'A telling example of terrorist crimes was the shelling of a quarter in Homs on January 11 which killed eight local residents. Giles Jacquier, a reporter with France-2 TV, became one more victim of the attack. We spoke with Jacquier shortly before his tragic death and he was convinced that people’s protests were suppressed by the authoritarian regime in Syria. He was looking for the opposition everywhere trying to make a report. On failing to find it in Damascus he moved with a group of Dutch and Swiss colleagues to Homs. But in Homs he also met people who were supporting Bashar Assad and demanding to protect them from terrorists. A group of local residents and Giles Jacquier who happened to be near came under a grenade thrower fire, which was a common thing in that district. Commenting the tragic death of the French reporter Mother Agnes Mariam, who is the prior of the St James Catholic Cathedral in Damascus, said that there is no protesting opposition in Syria but only bandits who are killing people.

    Many people we contacted in Syria including independent foreign reporters told us about the information war against Syria. According to them, Qatari channel Al Jazeera, for example, in order to broadcast a report on mass anti-governmental rallies in Syria made a fake footage with the help of computer editing using dozens of atmosphere players and decoration of Syrian streets, a kind of “Hollywood village”.'

  5. Earlier this month the Workers´Party – Turkey filed criminal charges for the Turkish governments support of the Free Syrian Army and related terrorist groups. Only days before his assassination, Maya Naser entered into an ad hoc investigative alliance into the alleged war crimes and human rights violation of the Turkish government with leading members of the Workers´Party Turkey, international lawyer Christopher Black, and the author of this article.
    Maya Naser could not only confirm many of the Workers´Party´s allegations against the Turkish government, he could provide the evidence.
    In an correspondences to the Foreign Affairs Secretary of the Workers´Party, HarunÇakan, international lawyer Christopher Black, and the author of this article, Maya Naser confirmed that thousands of insurgents have been infiltrated into Syria via Turkey over the last few weeks. He also confirmed that some of the SAM-7 missiles which recently had been shipped from Libya, via Turkey had begun appearing in the hands of insurgents in Syria.
    According to Maya Naser´s information, the bulk of these insurgents came from other Arab countries as well as Afghanistan. Turkish insurgents who had been captured or killed in Syria usually held supervisory and command positions and seemed better trained than the average insurgent. The Workers´Party – Turkey accuses the Turkish government for using the Apaydin refugee camp in Hatay to house, train and supervise FSA insurgents. (4)
    Maya Naser could not only corroborate these allegations. His detailed information about the identity of some of the killed and captured insurgents could potentially result in the impeachment of the Erdogan led Turkish government.
    Almost one month ago, Maya Naser wrote, ”while I was covering the military operations in Aleppo, we saw the ID documents of 13 Turkish insurgents. When checking their identities we discovered that one of the fighters was the brother of the 2003 HSBC bomber from Istanbul”.” Such information”, Maya Naser wrote, ”led us to believe that the Turkish government is sending those convicted or under suspicion of being Al-Qaeda members to fight as insurgents in Syria”.
    In subsequent, personal conversations between Maya Naser and the author of the article, he reiterated that there is further evidence that corroborates the suspicion that the government of Turkey is sending prisoners who have received a death sentence and those who serve life time sentences to Syria as an opportunity to be released from prison and as a chance to clear their record.
    International lawyer Christopher Black responded to Maya Naser´s information, stating that if his information was correct, then the Turkish government is committing a war crime under the Rome Statute, which forbids forced service of non-combatants in war.

  6. Brian
    The 4 Jordanian Salafists were caught before crossing. One of them being nephew of Abu Musaab al Zarqawi

    1. "One of them being nephew of Abu Musaab al Zarqawi"

      that is interesting

  7. But why are the comments here about Syria when the post is about Libya?

    1. عشتار العراقية

      I cut and past your name in. does that look right?

      re: the comments about Syria. It's ok. I remind brian in particular to keep me in the loop

      What do you think about this whole situation in Libya?
      I looked at your blog and sigh... I can't read it :)
      I will try the translate, but, it never works out really good
      Anyway... thanks for stopping by, I do appreciate it greatly

    2. Oh and thanks for linking to my blog, much appreciated :)

      I tried putting your blog through translate just now..
      It didn't work out so well


  9. only 1 in 50 US drone victims are terrorists;
    no surprise as US is the creator of these terrorists

  10. Most curious indeed Pen, good catch.

    In that Stevens/Gaddafi pic the childish way that Stevens 'pulls the trigger' on Gaddafi says a lot about Stevens.

    1. Hey Freethinker
      so what is up with the two different persons being heros and capturing Gaddaffi
      Also, the story of this fellow dying in the hospital, it just doesn't sit right with me

  11. Very difficult to know the truth. The Pic borrowed from Kenny's Sideshow is apparently a pic of a journalist from the Daily Mail.

    - Aangirfan

    1. Hey Aangirfan

      The journalist who took the picture was Jamie Wiseman of the Daily Mail

      here are two photos of Mr Wiseman

      Wiseman is the chubby fellow on the left

      In this picture Wiseman is the chubby fellow to the right

      The man with the body looks like the Ambassador IMO.
      Would you have a different name for potential photogs?

    2. The Daily Mail does say it is Andrew Malone.

    3. Has anyone found anything about a funeral for Stevens? Was it kept a total secret or the family is not having one or is he still on ice or...?

    4. thanks for the info Kenny

      as for the funeral???
      I have wondered about that myself?
      Anyone from the US hear anything?

      There has been nothing in the news in Canada about it
      though lots of Harper's "statesman" award

  12. Andrew Malone of the Daily Mail over Gaddafi's corpse, not Christopher Stevens, reportedly.

  13. Hi Penny,

    Thanks for the mention in this article. And when you say, "So by al Qaeda are we talking Al CIA/Mossadah? Or al-NATO?"

    The answer is YES - to all of the above, as they are one and the same thing, serving the same globalist ruling elite masters, for the same evil purposes.

    1. Hey LVB

      I knew that :))
      I was being rhetorical


  15. Turkish pilots killed by Syrian intelligence, Al Arabiya claims

    Note the "coordinated woth Russian port"

    1. Key part of this article:

      "The documents, which have not been independently verified, were obtained with the assistance of members of the Syrian opposition, who refused to explain how they accessed the files."

      Yep. "Syrian opposition" = CIA. So, it must be true then. ;)

    2. its not true...
      pity the people who get their info from these dodgy ferrets

  16. 'Iran, Russia operating joint command on Syria',7340,L-4286903,00.html

    1. wow that report sounds like it is tailor made for Israel and NATO

      " Iran and Russia have set up a joint command "

      "new details about what happened to the Turkish fighter-jet downed by the Syrian army several months ago, as well as documents which reveal the Syrian regime’s role in attempting to shake Jordan’s and Lebanon’s stability"

      Wow, even Hezbollah get's an honourable mention
      Well, it must all be true? Or not.
      But, it is conveniently demonizing of Syria

      See it is not NATO/Israel that causes all that destabilization along with NATO, it is Syria (I role my eyes)

    2. Meanwhile, The allies take a strategic Somalian port allegedly with naval bombardment?...

      Kenyan Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka on Friday congratulated the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) and the AMISOM allies for the decisive triumph over the Al-Shabaab militants, signaled by the capture of the Port city of Kismayo.

  17. And the southern spring is being attempted in the leadup to the Chavez vote

  18. Spring coming to Pakistan?

    Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira on Saturday said that there was no military operation going on in Balochistan and if someone had any proof about that he should share the same with the government, media and court. The chief of the Balochistan National Party, Sardar Akhtar Mengal, said that only Interior Minister Rehman Malik can see the interference of foreign hands in insurgency-hit Balochistan province, DawnNews reported.

  19. Why are the French so desperate to go into Mali. US drew the nexus last week. Gold mines?

    Mali is Africa's third largest gold producer after South Africa and Ghana. Mali produced 53,7 t of gold in 2009.

    France pre positioning in Nigeria..
    Mali's rulers are preparing for war to free the north from armed Islamist groups: this was the message from Bamako after a UN meeting, despite the reservations of some of its neighbours to an international taskforce. "We felt a commitment from the international community at our side, a solidarity with Mali" a source close to President Dioncounda Traore told AFP on Thursday. "But Paris will do all it can to bring about the convening of the Security Council and a resolution authorizing intervention," the official source added.

    1. I'm no genius, but by my math, 53.7 tons of gold comes out to about $2,319,840,000.

      Is $2 Billion (per year!) in GOLD enough reason to go to war??

      For these globalist ruling elite psychopaths who couldn't care less about slaughtering innocent human beings - or at least paying others to do it, since they are cowards at heart - many of whom actually get a great deal of pleasure from murdering innocents??

      Uhmmm...sorry to tell you, but the answer should be (and is) quite obvious - YES. And they will.

  20. I never believed the Gaddafi death story , and neither this one. Psy ops imho.
    Musings on the strange low key funerals or lack of them here

  21. LVBSeptember 29, 2012 6:03 PM
    I'm no genius, but by my math, 53.7 tons of gold comes out to about $2,319,840,000.

    Is $2 Billion (per year!) in GOLD enough reason to go to war??

    There is GOLD and there is GLD (paper gold), the whole precious metal market is a giant ponzi scheme, why you think Chavez asked for his gold back from the UK 1 oz GOLD = 100 oz GLD work u work it out now. As to the election in Venezuela they will attempt the same strategy as in Iran 2009 already make out that the opposition has won, so when Chavez wins as real polls show the accusations will start.

  22. Syriangirl Partisan shared a link.
    9 minutes ago
    My city a warzone, this is during the mosque bombing and Maya's death, you can see him running in at 2:01 . I lived around this area. I'm reposting the english version instead of the Russian version. The poster is a Syrian or russian decent Anhar who is also a political analyst.

  23. Syriangirl Partisan: Murtada has no doubt that the two journalists were targeted by a rebel who regarded them as a greater prize than the soldiers around them.

    In the ambulance, there was a phonecall for Murtada, who, like Naser, had received death threats. It was one of the men who had been promising to shoot him. “We saw you enter the building,” the man said. “You were limping. We were watching you.”

  24. brazen..who gave the FSA the authority?
    edward dark ‏@edwardedark
    FSA rebels stop an Ebla University bus in Aleppo & order males & females to be segregated & the girls, even Christians to cover their hair

  25. Proud Syrian ‏@ProAlAssad
    Another lie introduced by The so-called "revolution"in #Syria this time an #Iraqi Mother holding her Son! #RealSyria

  26. Hi, did you see this yet? includes links to the original articles “The Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), Nikolay Bordyuzha, and the UN Deputy Secretary General in charge of Peacekeeping Operations, Hervé Ladsous, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 28 September 2012 in New York. The document sets out the conditions for the deployment of CSTO troops within the framework of UN peacekeeping operations.”

  27. from the above article:
    "This development is huge which is probably why we have heard nothing about it in the MSM till this point. It may not completely deter NATO and State Department aggression toward Syria on it’s own, but once they are deployed, since they are aligned with the 3 other nuclear powers signed onto the SCO, it will certainly give the “regime changers” reason to pause and think about their next move.
    Of course, the deployment of this group has not been achieved as of yet, the boots are yet to be on the ground, so the danger is that something will be done in the very near future, before they arrive in country."

    1. "It also shows the growing influence of Russian President Putin as well as the rapidly collapsing propaganda from the West."

      I think this sounds very important, and could very definitely give the US/NATO psychpaths some serious reasons to not just start bombing the hell out of anything they want to in Syria - which we already know they want to do.

      Don't get me wrong, I'm not naive enough to think that Putin doesn't have his own ulterior motives or is some kind of honest wonderful person, but in this case, I would have to say it is a good thing for him and the Russian Federation to stand up to all this otherwise naked aggression and interference on the part of the US/CIA/NATO/Irael in the sovereign nations of Syria and Libya...and others that are certain to follow soon afterwards, like Iran.

  28. and now, back to Libya...WTF?!? What are they up to now, i wonder? more distraction, i'm sure...
    "Gaddafi was killed by French secret serviceman on orders of Nicolas Sarkozy, sources claim"

  29. US commandoes crash off bridge in Mali
    In pre-dawn darkness, a Toyota Land Cruiser skidded off a bridge in North Africa in the spring, plunging into the Niger River. When rescuers arrived, they found the bodies of three U.S. Army commandos — alongside three dead women.

    What the men were doing in the impoverished country of Mali, and why they were still there a month after the United States suspended military relations with its government, is at the crux of a mystery that officials have not fully explained even 10 weeks later.

  30. thanks anonymous- Mali looks as if it is heating up!!

    Anonymous 6:59 am I used your story in my latest post, thanks for leaving it!!!!