Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The US delists MEK terror group, how timely and convenient

For the US/Israel NATO terror agenda-

In case you missed this news. The US delisted their handy dandy terrorist group the MEK
From the Arabist
Years of hard work by the MEK, their lobbyists, parts of the Israel lobby (esp. when it overlaps with the anti-Iran lobby and the neocons) have finally borne fruit. A rather strange, cultish organization that once bombed Iran's parliament is no longer on the US list of designated terrorist organizations. It comes at the time of the most concerted effort to put pressure on the Iranian republican regime since its creation, and with much talk of war as background chatter.

The many other reasons the MEK — a fundamentalist guerrilla movement, essentially — will now make a handy recipient of US (and other) funding (as if they weren't already?) should things continue to heat up with Iran. Or indeed the story of how this was possible: perhaps not so much because geostrategic calculations as intense lobbying and a lot of money.


  1. and no comment...what do the american people think of this orwellian turn of events by their elected leaders?

  2. As one American, I think it is more of the same degenerate evil policies that we have seen for decades.

    It is exactly the same as the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which was murdering civilians (Serbian and Albanian alike) and which was on that official US list of terrorist organizations even when NATO was bombing Serbia, and the CIA was financing, training and arming the KLA murderers.

    Those KLA terrorists, like Hashim Thaci, went on to become the official government officials of the artificial "nation" of Kosovo. Similary, the muslim brotherhood are obviously terrorists who have now become the govt of Egypt, with US and NWO blessings.

    I'm sorry to say that we can probably expect more of the same, if the Assad govt falls in Syria. It's disgusting to know that our so-called western "democratic" leaders are among the most evil human beings on this planet.

    So, that's what one very well informed American thinks, Brian. ;)

  3. I posted this elsewhere, but the campaign to get the MEK delisted was one of the more interesting astroturfing/lobbying campaigns in recent years, & gave anyone following it an insight into how these things work.

    I get UPI news digest ("over 100 years of Journalistic Excellence") delivered to my email inbox as a way to keep up with MSM news.

    Probably a little over 2 years ago headlined 'articles' started appearing, written about the terrible plight of these brave freedom-fighters, and how the UN & the US government were failing in their responsibilities to protect & provide services for these 'brave, idealistic, individuals'...

    I immediately wrote to the editors & commentated on the article pointing out that: a) they are a listed terrorist group that had killed US citizens, among many others; b) they were actually a cult of seriously deranged, dangerous fruitcakes; & c) that there is plently of information available about their past exploits, lunatic ideology & listing as a terrorist group, & providing links.

    No response from the editors, & a whole array of commentators immediately started writing in their support of both the article & each others comments.

    More articles followed, & soon they were popping up everywhere that had a featured editorial/analysis section, especially at the Guardian & UPI.
    The articles themselves were bizarre, often referring in great detail to some event in Iraq/Iran which nobody had ever heard of, to show how oppressed or how good this 'idealistic' group was
    - and the reason no-one had heard of these events, was because: a) they never happened; b) happened, but had nothing to do with the MEK; or c) was some minor event in which the MEK was involved, but was twisted almost completely out of recognition.
    The writers too seemed to be coming from all over the place - hard-right military analysts/lobbyists, faux-leftists', semi-official types involved with UN NGO advocacy, etc...

    And in every single article, legions of commentators would pop up in support of the article, often bringing up their own bizarre claims to support the article, each cheerleading the other. The people like myself that would comment pointing out how nuts this all was & that the MEK is a terrorist cult would just get buried under the deluge.

    By last year, every single UPI digest had a featured 'Outside Commentary' on them, & articles in support of them seemed to be everywhere.
    Anytime someone would write about them in a blog, etc. soon the MEK 'commentator' cheerleaders would pop-up with a bunch of bizarre, complicated claims in support of them.
    Eventually I just gave up commentating in MSM outlets about it myself.

    This is probably the best article I've come across that goes into it, & explains a lot of what happened:

    But these campaigns obviously work, no matter how ridiculous, or even completely insane their premise is, if there is enough money & connections behind them - just bury the reader in complex bullsh*it...