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Banksters & Business: Pillaging Syria with US 'direction'

That isn't all. Going long, so stick around. Eyes have been diverted to Israel/Gaza but the destabilization of Syria hasn't let up at all.

Syria is providing, yet again, to the UN a list of confirmed terrorists attacking the country
Syria has presented the UN Security Council a list of 143 foreign citizens killed in Syria fighting government troops. Damascus hopes the move will force the UN to declare the presence of foreign nationals in Syria to be international terrorism.

Bashar Jaafari, Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, wrote a letter the Security Council requesting they register the list of mercenaries as an official document on the UN’s agenda of “measures to combat international terrorism.”

The UN Security Council has not yet officially recognized Syria as a country confronting international terrorism

The new list contains the names of citizens from 19 countries accused of joining Syria’s rebels: Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Chad, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, Yemen and Chechnya.

The list consists of the names of people who were positively identified through ID or documents found on their bodies that helped establish their nationality. The bulk of the dead mercenaries in Syria are apparently still unidentified.
We may recall a  certain proclivity amongst the NATO mercs that makes identification difficult?
If not, I will refresh your memory! If you have been following along, hopefully you recall numerous reportings that  when the mercs flee from Syrian troops the mercs burn their ‘brethren’ to make impossible their identification.

Now onto the NATO opposition ensconced in, of all places, Cairo.

Syria opposition to make Cairo its HQ

“There is a decision by the coalition to make Egypt its main headquarters”

Reminding us all that Morsi/Mursi is a tool of the West. As is the new leader of the NATO created opposition.Turkey had previously recognized the coalition as had the GCC nations. Then France the UK and Italy...The US has not formally recognized their affront to the Syrian people. But, they will.

Think for a moment how very unreal or surreal an undertaking, that another group of nations ‘create’ a government, allegedly for Syria, then install them in another nation entirely, Egypt. Yet recognize them as the legitimate representative government of the chosen targeted country. All done without the consent or vote of the Syrian populace... How very freedom loving and democratic? How very bizarre. Insane. Upside down.
Pick your descriptor?

While the freedom loving western ‘democracies’ are falling over themselves recognizing their frankenstein monster. Others are not so enamoured of the new coalition

The Islamists and the Kurds have both rejected the new coalition

Syrian Islamists reject Western-backed opposition

Syria's increasingly powerful Islamist rebel factions rejected the country's new Western-backed opposition coalition and unilaterally declared an Islamic state in the key battleground of Aleppo

Syria Kurdish leader rejects new opposition coalition
 Saleh Muslim, head of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), said he had not been invited to talks in Doha this month in which the Syrian National Coalition was formed, and he labeled the group a proxy of Turkey and Qatar.

This past weekend there had been a meeting in Iran to resolve the Syrian issue
 The NYT’s was spinning like an out of control whirling dervish, as usual.

In Tehran, Iran held a meeting on Sunday of about 200 members of the officially sanctioned opposition, but no members of the new coalition were invited. It was unclear who those attending actually represented

Did you catch it? The NYT’s should really ask this question. Who is actually represented by the NATO coalition, of largely foreigners, in Cairo, Egypt. Not the regular Syrians. Not the Kurds. Not the Islamists. Instead the NYT’s asks who the internal opposition, resident on the ground in Syria, represents? (Black is White)

I am thinking this is the same internal opposition that walked out on the coalition a couple of weeks back. The same internal opposition that has all along been against external intervention. The same internal opposition that held meetings with Russia on previous occasions

It would appear, quite obvious, no matter how the western media spins it there is no unified Syrian opposition

Which makes no difference to the NATO created coalition in Cairo, Egypt.

They are looking for money from the banking elites, to ‘rebuild’ Syria. Syria has it’s OWN public central bank. It does not need help from the international bankster scum. However, the NATO created coalition will happily make deals for money to indebt Syrians, turn them into serfs in their own country, make them debt slaves... to the banking elite. And waiting on the sidelines, the US to direct the ‘rebuilding’. To assign contracts to partners in crime.Seriously!
Woe to the Syrians if this goes through. This is exactly what was done to Libya. Horrible. This is the system we in the West think is the “right” system. Thanks to spin, propaganda and lies. Sigh

Image borrowed from here

Let’s get back to plunder of Syria. The serfdom for Syrians

Syria Opposition Aims to Raise $60 Billion for Rebuilding

A coalition of groups battling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is seeking to raise $60 billion from allied nations to help rebuild the country when fighting ends, an opposition leader said.

“We will raise the funds through aid and loans,” Sabra said. “We depend on the friends of Syria and the international community, which has an obligation toward Syria.”

Who is directing the cash in?? Who is drooling over the exploitation of resources? Of Syrians? None other then the nations that participated in the destruction.

U.A.E. companies, including Mubadala Development Co., Abu Dhabi National Energy Co. (TAQA), Masdar and DP World are interested in investing in postwar Syria, the country’s Economy Minister Sultan Al-Mansouri told reporters in Dubai.

Drydocks World LLC, a Dubai-based operator of bulk carriers, cargo vessels and ship-repair services, is also interested in working in the country when the conflict ends, Chairman Khamis Buamim told reporters in Dubai. “When you go to a place like Syria, there’s a lot of opportunities on the coastline, in the trade side.”

Investors ready to go to Syria- this is sickening stuff. The level of exploitation.
. Drooling over the profits to be made from the destruction created by the highlighted nations.
"Free trade" No
Vulture Capitalism? Disaster Capitalism? At it's most glaring. At it's worst.
War is a profit making venture. For the very few. For the ultra rich.
War is misery for everyone else.
 The US Ambassador in the UAE, Michael Corbin, told Gulf News: “The US is partner in this process and our role is strong support from the US government to this initiative by the UAE and Germany.”

He said: “ Any new Syrian government have to rebuild Syria’s economy and it is never too early to start rebuilding an economy and there are many of the brilliant gifted Syrians who are working to trail and salvage their country from the horrors.”

Emirati businessmen expressed their interest to reinvest in Syria after the collapse of the current regime.

Volkmar Wenzel, personal envoy of the German Federal Foreign Minister for the change in the Arab world, said: “The Germen and the UAE governments are determined to fully execute the responsibilities. We took upon our shoulders in co-chairing the group of economic development within the group of the friends of the Syrian people.

Syria is a rich and potential pool for investments that will attract a lot of businesses to rebuild its infrastructure and regain economic stability, Belhasa added.

That’s all folks. Destroy Syria. Rid the nation of it’s national bank. Indebt the people. The culprits enrich themselves.

It’s sick. This is not about freedom, democracy, humanitarianism or any of those so called high ideals.
This is enrichment of the elites, subjugation of the masses. It is that in your face!!


  1. Something to cheer you dear Penny,it her highness ms Clinton and a certain shoe

  2. Revealed Iskandar and berries in the Deputy Security and Defense Committee in the Iraqi parliament that U.S. F-16 fighter planes contain Israeli-made listening devices stressing anticipated meeting between the Iraqi and American sides to discuss the matter.

    israeli listening devices in US built planes?????

  3. Hussam ‏@Hussamov11
    Please God let this be true. I'd love to see #Iraq & #Syria united
    13h Hussam ‏@Hussamov11
    @Sierrasverdes1 that was 4 hours ago, I'm all ok now, thanks :)
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    13h Hussam ‏@Hussamov11
    OMG THIS IS HUGE!!!!! reports say #Syria & #Iraq are preparing to unite!!! :') I'm gonna die happy. Please be true
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    13h Hussam ‏@Hussamov11
    #AlQaeda & Islamist Jihadists have killed (directly&indirectly) more #Muslims #Arabs than they killed "invaders" (#NATO)

    story here:

  4. Voice of Russia l The West views the Muslim Brotherhood as a “fellow traveller” in Syria and as a terrorist – in Gaza

    Nov 22 , 2012

    The announcement by the United Kingdom’s foreign minister William Hague of the UK’s decision to recognize the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people is a risky move.

    The problem is not just that this risky move takes place at a moment when violence in Gaza escalates and the announced truce fails. The problem is that the hasty summary recognition of radical Syrian opposition reflects the main dichotomy of the Western governments’ attitude to the processes taking place in the Middle East. How long can the West – willingly or unwillingly – help the Muslim Brotherhood in some countries of the region (Syria and Egypt), while opposing it in some others (in Gaza and the West Bank in the first place)?

    The “Brotherhood” in Egypt, Gaza and… Syria?

    There is very little doubt that the Muslim Brotherhood is one of the main driving forces behind the anti-Assad rebellion in Syria. Even the ill-fated rebellion in the city of Hama in the 1980s, brutally suppressed by the father of the current Syrian president, Hafez al-Assad, was started by a kidnapping of a group of government soldiers by the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood was strongly represented in the Syrian National Council, hailed by Western powers since the start of the Syrian uprising and now still given a substantial quota of seats inside the new National Coalition, fully recognized by France and now also by Britain. The French daily Le Figaro estimated the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood in SNC at 70 percent.

    Meanwhile, the much-maligned Hamas movement on the Palestinian territories was founded in 1987 by Sheik Ahmed Yassin as an “offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood” (a quote from The New York Times). It is more than likely that the activists of the Hamas organization, whom the United States and most of the governments of the EU member states view as a “terrorist group” and on whom they put most of the blame for the bloodshed in Gaza, enjoy full support of their “brothers in faith” in Egypt and Syria. Those same brothers, whom Western powers (Britain and France with even more enthusiasm than the US) help to come to absolute power in their countries.

    Yes, the full amount of the Brotherhood’s influence in the Syrian anti-Assad movement is not yet known. Yes, there are some tensions between the Muslim Brotherhood’s fighters in Syria and some even more radical anti-Western Salafist fighters, who recently refused to join the Western-backed National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. But these details do not make the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood a civilized democratic force. Instead, they only underwrite the danger that the Syrian “brotherhood” poses to the Syrian religious minorities (Christians and non-Sunni Muslims in the first place), Western countries, Russia and ultimately all the countries of the world. The “brothers” could possibly make an exception for Saudi Arabia and Qatar, their current sponsors, but even that may not be for long. History knows many cases when the egalitarian fervor of certain revolutionaries ultimately turned against a revolution’s rich sponsors.

    Little vitriol for islamists and a lot – for Russia


  5. Lebanon maritime border still unsettled. Note the EU just closed a bailout with Cyprus on grounds of the proposed Israel Greece and Cyprus pipeline and recently announced lng plant. Russia was in disucssions but had to be pre empted. Is the idea to collateralize any Syrian transit fees and or offshore gas?

    Then there is the case of the Sudan coup. Let's see president bashir goes to Saudi for operation (cough saleh) and internal coup planned. Maybe bashir knew something about that marine deployment?

    "Secularists" walked ouyt of constuitution drafting last week. But all that matter little with the morsi decree.

    1. morsi not assad has an uprising top contend with

  7. The Free Army insurgents have opened fire on a demonstration, in which participators demanded the militia to leave the neighborhoods of Karem al-Jabal and al-Myassar of Aleppo.

    The gunshots resulted in dozens of civil victims.

    our correspondent in Deir Ezzor stated that 5 militants got killed in attacking a checkpoint for Syrian Army in al-Jbeileh neighborhood.

    The correspondent added that the killed insurgents included Ayman al-Naser and Abed al-Salam al-Dar’awi, the leader of the attackers.

    In Edlib, our correspondent confirmed that unidentified gunmen have bombed an explosive charge at al-Syaha roundabout, what resulted in the serious injury of 3 soldiers.

    what we never saw in syria

  9. ive been alerted that a native syrian can tell if an accent is syrian or itd be helpful if someone went thru terrorist videos to check on the is one eg:
    e camera man that is recording is saying in arabic: shabeha bodies allah akbar.... shabhea means either government solider or government supporter.. as u can see here their blood is fresh and the camera man is the first to record it before every one also. so him the criminols with him done this crime as he says in the camera that there are assad loyalties .... is this freedom. these are only normal civilians killed by those pigs and they kill them , they straight away say assad forces... may these souls rest in peace

    ive asked this on some facebook sites...any native syrians here?

    1. I am not Syrian but the speaker is Syrian from his accent. But I would like you to notice that he is recording the message in an empty room where you hear nothing but the sound of papers in his hand. He is reading the same sentence of 4-5 words again and again from papers.


    2. Thanks Ishtar

      Did either of you notice that at one point, another voice whispers in the background?

      If this person is Syrian, I am wondering if he was captive and forced to read from a script?
      hence the paper rustling and the whispering voice in the background?

      The Syrian accent would lend legitimacy to the video.
      The NATO mercs are nothing if not ruthless

  10. Syrian towns of Nubbol and Baldat al Zahraa resist the inhuman terror of the Free Syrian Army.

  11. strange Palestinians aiding USrael to destroy syria the country that has aided the palestinians more than any other..stupidity? ingratitude? or just just religion?

    Syria 24 English
    3 hours ago





    1. "Within the Palestinian community, the group that best embodies the conflicting views is Hamas. This year, Hamas’s political leader, Khaled Meshal, expressed support for the Syrian opposition and moved his base to Qatar, a dramatic step for a group that had been receiving Syrian support for more than a decade.

      “The regime supported us — that’s true. But the Syrian people have also supported us,” said the head of international relations for Hamas, Osama Hamdan, who is based in Beirut.

      He added: “We as the Palestinian people are seeking to have our freedom, our right of self-determination. So we will not stand in a position which may be against the will of any nation or any people.”

    2. I always keep this in mind wrt Hamas in Palestine
      Hamas was created by Israel, because Israel needs a boogey man to justify it's land grabs
      Therefore Hamas will always be in conflict, internally and externally
      If the Palestinian people are seeking their freedom and I do believe they are, why is their leadership based in Qatar and Beirut

      Why not put yourself with your people?

  12. The Sun: Four British extremists are being trained to fight in Syria

    FOUR British extremists are being trained to fight in Syria at a camp run by Omar Bakri, The Sun can reveal.
    The hate preacher, boasted of his military-style courses for Islamic fanatics on the lawless border with Lebanon. In a chilling interview, Bakri revealed one recruit was a computer programmer in his 20s from London, while another was an Midlands-based IT worker.

    And he claimed: “Others like them will follow”.

    He said: “Of the four, two of them have Syrian connections. But they are all born in UK and have professional backgrounds.

    “After their training they will do their duty of jihad in Syria.”

    Bakri, 52, came to Britain in 1986 and stayed until 2005, during which time he praised the 9/11 terror attacks — and claimed £250,000 in benefits.

    The Syrian-born cleric claimed to have trained “many fighters” from other countries, including Germany and France, since setting up home in Lebanon.

    He added: “I’m involved with training the mujahideen (fighters) in camps on the Syrian borders and also on the Palestine side.”

  13. Penny,
    I'm all ready a fan, but I was just going back thru your blog looking for stuff from the beginning in Syria, and I just wanted to say, have to say:


    That is all. Thank You!

    1. Thanks
      Syria has certainly been on my mind, since I caught the stench of overthrow wafting about, in March 2011.
      It is good that the work I have done is appreciated :)


    Following viewing the video released from the Brotherhood Terrorists and broadcast by Al Jazeera, showing they have control over Military Hovercraft at the Airport in Marj Al-Sultan, we immediately communicated with our informed sources that confirmed to us, that the "Airport" in the Terrorists Video, is in fact an air strip which is out of service and used for Emergency Landings mainly ..

    To prove this information:

    1st - You will notice there are 2 Helicopters in their video that are missing the very important "Blades" ,, this would be the most damning evidence that confirms they are in fact "Out of Service" as our source stated ..

    2nd: - Military Airports have strict Guidelines that require the distance between the Craft to be a minimum of 150m for safety during take-off and landing, and also to avoid esposure to air strikes, so they would not have them lined up next to each other as seen in the video ..


    By: Syria 24 English

  15. "Syrian rebels are making significant advances in their battle against government forces, and the war is turning fast against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, an expert has said.

    According to an editorial in the Washington Post, significant advances by the Syrian rebels is raising new questions about Assad’s ability to hold on to power and adding urgency to the quest by the international community for a unified and effective political opposition that could take control should his regime collapse.

    The fighting is piecemeal, intense and likely to persist for many more months as regime troops and rebel fighters battle it out town by town and base by base across the vast swaths of the country that are being contested, the Post said.

    But no longer is it possible to describe the war in Syria as a stalemate, said Jeffrey White, a defense fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

    According to the paper, White said that the pace of rebel gains in recent weeks raises the prospect that a collapse of government forces could come sooner than has been expected.

    “The war is turning against the regime, and it’s turning at a faster rate than we had seen before,” the paper quoted him, as saying.

    “There’s a reasonable chance there will be some kind of breaking point, and the regime will collapse in a hurry. It’s not probable, but it’s possible, and then the guys with the guns will be in charge,” he added.

    According to the Post, in the past week, the rebels have seized five important military facilities in the north, the east and near the capital, Damascus, capturing sizable quantities of weaponry, further isolating remaining government positions and freeing opposition fighters to focus on attacking Assad’s forces.

    The paper pointed out that the gains underscore the steadily growing effectiveness of the rebel force and the accelerating erosion of what had once been one of the region’s most powerful armies."

    1. BAGHDAD, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) -- Iraqi media has recently circulated unofficial reports about the possible redeployment of unites of U.S. soldiers in Iraq over fears that the Syrian crisis could spill over into Iraq.

      Earlier, the private Independent Press Agency (IPA) quoted "a well-informed source" as saying that "Dozens of giant U.S. airplanes C-130 Hercules had carried out successive flights to the once second largest U.S. military airbase al-Aasad in Iraq's western province of Anbar."

      However, On Sunday, a member of Anbar's provincial council told Xinhua on condition of anonymity that "I have no information about any U.S. troops in the province."

    2. Hey Anonymous

      Wondering how true the first report is?
      the author puts forth a premise and then contradicts it
      making significant advances
      Yet the fighting is piecemeal and could persist for months?
      The advances made have been possibly hyped
      Example I saw a report claiming the rebels had taken a military airport, then another claiming they only had a section of the airport
      Which is it?
      Very confusing?

  16. Brian and anonymous linkie person
    thanks so much for all the info you have left
    Sadly, I have just been swamped for the past month or so and it just takes any free time I have to get the posts done, no time to respond or check out the other blogs...

    Hopefully, I'll be back to calm sometime soon

    1. The kurd story is growing more and more combustable by the day. A breakout by the Kurds wuld not be out of the quetion here given a skyrocketing contentiousness with baghdad over the nrothern fields (and the majors all moving in) along with Iran initiating the Syrian pipeline build. Jordan is primed for destabalzing and the Saudis appear to be heading into their own transition (while Bahrain burns). Virtually everyone is in play.

      Its getting close to zero hour for the Russians (and the Chinese) to the extent they plan to draw a line somewhere. let's face it, in Africa they have been getting steamrolled at least as far as land mass is concerned. The many live fire exercises detailed here on these pages are anticipating something. The question is what?