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Syria: NATO's mercs stalemated or advancing? Updated

 Since one has to constantly wade through the cesspool of lies, to fish out the bits of truth, it is hard to judge exactly what is going on with NATO's mercs. It seems I am  not alone, the NYT's is treading carefully
 For the time being, like the NYT’s,  I am going to take the claims of gains and advancement with a grain of salt.

Rebels claimed they have seized airbases and a hydro-electric dam

Notice that the NYT’s did not say “Rebels have seized” ? Rather the headline states the rebels are claiming they have seized airbases and a hydro electric dam.Whenever one comes across this language, one must realize these are unverified claims and despite all the spinning the corporate media engages in for the cause, the media always leaves itself some room to deny if necessary. All information for this story comes from the ‘activists’. Quoting from the article.....

The capture of the air base near Damascus, Marj al-Sultan, could be significant ...

Could be?

Still, despite videos of rebels seizing weapons caches, analysts said the recent successes appeared unlikely to produce a sudden shift in the balance of power, since the government seems to be consolidating its forces to defend core areas.
Striking at government air power is militarily and psychologically important for the rebels, for whom aircraft pose a significant threat because of their firepower and unlimited reach. Yet the rebels have so far been unable, because of international reluctance and opposition disunity.
 In a video said to have been shot there, the voice of a man off camera trembled with excitement as he showed a row of armored vehicles, which he said were Russian-made “Shilka” antiaircraft weapons. In the dark it was unclear if the weapons were what the rebels claimed or whether they could use them.
The rebel claims were impossible to verify because of the Syrian government’s restrictions on journalists.
The corporate media has repeatedly said they cannot verify claims yet they have  reported on and promoted claims that have turned out to be untrue, repeatedly.

While the rebels are making claims of gain it looks as if Syria is hitting or attempting to hit merc bases, near Turkey, in Syria.

The attack on the Free Syrian Army base in Atima, 2 km (1 mile) from the border, came a day before Turkish and NATO officials were due to start assessing where to station surface-to-air missiles close to the 900 km (560 mile) border.

Turkey, a major supporter of insurgents fighting to oust President Bashar al-Assad, has repeatedly scrambled jets along the joint border and responded in kind when Syrian shells have landed inside Turkey.

But Ankara, rejecting Syrian complaints that the Patriots were "provocative", stressed they would be used only to defend Turkish territory, not to create a no-fly zone inside Syria that rebels want to neutralise Assad's massive air power.

Turkey’s leadership in Ankara is lying. The positioning of the Patriots is provocative and is intended to enforce a no fly zone.

 "I think the reason for the raid may have something to do with increased weapons movements (from Turkey)," Ahmed said.
Turkey, what a good neighbour. -zero problems (facetious)

Yesterday the Christian Science Monitor reported an entirely different perspective on the Syrian destabilization

Stalemate in Syria? Army short on loyalists, rebels short on guns
How does the reporting in one day go from stalemate to big gains?

After months of brutal fighting, the conflict appears stalemated in many areas, without any side making significant progress. 
While daily clashes continue, much of the violence now taking place in Aleppo is the result of long-range weapons, such as artillery, airplanes, tanks, and snipers that inflict damage while minimizing the risk of contact and defection.

The contact and defection angle fits the spin tone of the entire article despite this sentence near to the end of the article, which makes clear the many are loyal to their homes and families

“For the most part, however, those still fighting on the front lines of Aleppo for the Syrian government tend to be hardened loyalists more likely to trade insults than talk of defection”

I wanted to address the possible reasoning behind the use of long range weapons that have nothing to do with defection. A narrative that is very emotional and is useful to draw a reader in, but as the above quoted sentence makes clear -For the most part, Syrian troops are loyal and are more likely to trade insults with the mercs.

The more likely reason for long range weapons usage are
-most civilian Syrians have left the target areas, fleeing before the mercs lay siege or once the mercs force them out of their homes
- to keep soldiers alive, to minimize casualites

Update and a curious one- Why is the mainstream media spinning about Russia printing Syria's currency? Why now?
It is old news. Reported on SANA August 3/2012
Is this just a standard propaganda move? Seems to be.

Internal Trade Minister: The U.S. and EU Sanctions on Syria Target the Livelihood of the Syrian People

Regarding the printing of Syrian currency in Russia, said that this is a triumph since there were those who through that if they ceased printing money for Syria, it would cause it an economic and financial crisis, adding that Syria's isn't alone in this battle.

In turn, Finance Minister Mohammad al-Jleilati pointed out that Syria had contracts with a European country to print currency, and due to the sanctions this country refrained from delivering this currency which is why Syria turned to Russia and printed currency and stored in to replace damaged notes, in addition to introducing extra currency according to changes in the GDP, affirming that the printing of currency has no effect on inflation.

Syria can have it's currency printed by whomever it so chooses.


  1. Syrian rebels destroy Assad’s radar station facing Israel
    "In a resounding blow to the combat capabilities of Bashar Assad’s army against external enemies, Syrian rebels destroyed their most important electronic warning radar station facing Israel – M-1 – Monday, Nov. 26, debkafile reports exclusively from its military sources.

    This Russian-built station monitored Israeli warplanes' takeoff and landing activities at air bases in the Negev and Hatzerim in the south and tracked them up to the Syrian border. The facility was designed to guide Syrian missiles targeting any point on the Israeli map, in sync with air defense facilities south of Damascus and on the Golan Heights. The radar’s range also covered naval movements in Mediterranean waters off the shores of Israel and Lebanon.
    Western military sources told debkafile that the destruction of this vital facility has blinded the two eyes which Syrian air, air defense and missile forces had trained on Israel. It has therefore crippled, though not completely dismantled, Bashar Assad’s ability to got to war against Israel, Jordan or Saudi Arabia.
    The Syrian ruler and his spokesmen have frequently threatened since the eruption of the popular insurrection that if Assad had his back to the wall, the entire Middle East would go up in flames, especially Israel.

    In the last two days, the Syrian rebels have made additional gains: They were able to capture areas abutting on the Jordanian border, excepting only the Ramtha border crossing. They also seized the Marj al-Sultan military air field southeast of Damascus and adjoining Syrian Army 4th Brigade bases.
    Most of the men of the 82nd Infantry Brigade guarding M-1 were killed in the fighting, fled or were taken prisoner."

    1. while anything is possible, troll
      DEBKA is hardly unbiased

      " It has therefore crippled, though not completely dismantled, Bashar Assad’s ability to got to war against Israel, Jordan or Saudi Arabia"

      Crippled, though not completely dismantled the ability to go to war

      particularly considering the suspect claims made afterwards

      "The Syrian ruler and his spokesmen have frequently threatened since the eruption of the popular insurrection that if Assad had his back to the wall, the entire Middle East would go up in flames, especially Israel"

      Assad never said that.

      You forgot...

      Our military sources notes that after M-1, the Assad regime still retains two key radar stations: M-2 in Shanshar south of Homs, which covers central and northern Syria; and M-3 near Latakia which keeps an eye on the northern region up to the Turkish border and the eastern Mediterranean up to Cyprus.

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  2. Assuming such a thing as mobile radar??

  3. No amount of technology is going to save Assad from the inevitable collapse of his regime. The House of Assad is destined for the trash can of history. Only stupid people would think otherwise.

  4. It is full moon tomorrow I see the lunatics are already out.

  5. We have to ask ourselves why the sudden exaggerated reports puffing up terrorist "gains" in Syria? Larijani's visit to Syria and Turkey is significant. I think a big push is coming. One thing you have not looked at Penny is the coup attempt in Sudan, it looks like it was a USA/Zionist instigated. Looks like the Zionist are failing big time, they failed in Gaza, failed to get their Jew man elected in Venezuela, now Sudan. WRT propaganda and then the AngryArab is a very clever barometer to gauge what is coming next. I see the USA leaving the mess with the EU/NATO the end result will be victory to the Syria Axis.

  6. Hi Hans

    I simply haven't had time to look into what had happened in Sudan
    That the US/Zionists are heavily involved would come as no surprise- that has been the case in Sudan for a long, long time now
    Venezuela, lol, yah, Chavez won despite all the money and pushing behind the 'opponent'
    As for failure in Gaza, I don't know?
    They tested Iron dome, for sure that was part of the agenda
    Then the election..
    Barak resigns, how will this work out for Nutty-yahoo
    Still early

    Re: the full moon and lunatics??
    The troll from NZ never needs a full moon
    It would seem the troll is blinded by the typical illusions that blinds all Khazars/followers of Judaism

    I have good reason to suspect the troll is typical of that brainwashed tribe-

    1. Did you know that Dunedin hosts the world's most southerly synagogue? Their first one built in 1864 shortly after gold was found in the region. Less than 20 years later that synagogue was turned into a Freemasonic temple. Not that there's any connection between gold, jews and freemasonry - oh no, that would be one of them nasty canards, or some other kind of duck.

      I think Gaza went to plan, except that Pharaoh Morsi is turning into a liability instead of an asset. A dead duck.

      FWIW according to SyrPer
      "The New York Times never mentions that these staged events were denied by the Syrian government. It is unbelievable to what extent the NYT has become an exemplar of the worst journalism. My sources in Damascus, including Monzer, say no helicopter base was taken over by terrorists"

    2. Hey Freethinker

      "Dunedin hosts the world's most southerly synagogue"

      Why does that not surprise me?

      And the synagogue turned into a freemasonic temple?

      I picture the troll moving from Chabad house to Chabad house, hence the differing IP's.. trolling here, trolling there
      Considering the troll showed up after mentioning the massive Israeli benefit gained by all this destabilization of stable secular government.

      And rooting for the replacement of said secular stable governments with Islamic boogie men, thereby allowing Israel to play it's perpetual victim game.

      Yup, the troll plays all the right cards

    3. Remember during the last earthquake in Christchurch the Police arrested some Israeli citizens who turned out to be Mossad agents. Wonder what they were doing there?

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