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Syria takes complaint, regarding Israel's unprovoked attack, to UN

Syria has formally complained to the United Nations over a reported Israeli attack within its borders.

 Israel has declined to comment.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said: "If this information is confirmed, then we are dealing with unprovoked attacks on targets on the territory of a sovereign country, which blatantly violates the UN Charter and is unacceptable, no matter the motives to justify it."

The Syrian army statement said the Jamraya centre - which was focused on "raising our level of resistance and self-defence" - was damaged in the attack, and specifically denied reports that an arms convoy had been hit.

It said "armed terrorist gangs" - a term the government uses to describe rebel groups - had tried and failed repeatedly to capture the same facility in recent months.

 I will be updating so check back!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Israel attacks Syria: Details sketchy and of course contradictory

Exactly what I had feared was going to happened has happened. Israel has attacked Syria.
I have mentioned this fear previously at the blog and over at MoA


That all said, and I do say it cautiously Israel is the wild card
They can launch a go it alone strike on Syria.

That was three days ago. I believe I made that remark prior to that date over at MoA
It sure looked as if that was going to happen and sadly it did

Israeli aircraft fires missile at target in Syria

Israeli aircraft attacked a truck convoy along the Syria-Lebanon border Wednesday, hitting one vehicle carrying weapons, according to a Western officials and a former Lebanese security official. But Syria denied there had been a border attack, saying instead that the Israelis had hit a defense research center near Damascus.

The conflicting reports deepened the murkiness surrounding the strike, which was met with official silence in Israel.  

Syria says Israel attacked military research center 

Syria Says Israel Struck Military Site, as Accounts Diverge -WP 

Israel conducts rare airstrike on Syria; state TV says jets hit military site near Damascus

 Israel conducted a rare airstrike on a military target inside Syria near the border with Lebanon

No matter how this is spun, it is clear Israel has attacked Syria
Now what?

Supernatural: Magic, Spelling & Mind Control- Out of the Shadows

Judging by the number of hits on the previous post,  “Supernatural: Magic and Spelling as Mind Control”, many individuals have found the information contained therein thought provoking.

 Jose stopped by and left a link to a follow up discussion @ Cosmic Blueprints

joseJanuary 28, 2013 at 5:20 AM
Hi Penny,

Here is a follow-up on this presentation. An interview I gave yesterday.


Jose Barrera
I have listened a few times now. I notice that Jose picked up on some of what was being discussed in the comment section of the previous post. Or at least I like to think so........
Thanks for so many thoughtful comments! Regards, Jose Barrera
A couple of comments that jose may have found relevant?
Penny January 16, 2013 at 7:38 AM

“toss in the natural law vs mans law debate and the fact that the entire society is contrived becomes quite obvious”
A. Peasant January 17, 2013 at 3:49 AM

I keep thinking: in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
AP @ Twelfth Bough really hit the nail on the head with that comment

God spoke the world into creation. Right?
Not literally. But, figuratively.
This indicates or should indicate to us the power of the ‘WORD’.
How the ‘word’ is used to create perceptions?
How the ‘word’ is used to create reality?
How the ‘word’ is used to evoke thoughts and images?
How the ‘word’ is used to control
The word is powerful. We need to be aware of that.
And then, there are the images!
To much ground to cover here. So, listen if you wish. Leave some thoughts in the comment section.
What were the highlights of this more then 90 minute discussion? Or what resonated with myself?

First: ascribing values to everything cheapens humanity
The discussion of how everything has had a ‘value’ ascribed to it.
Therefore, when everything is quantified with a ‘value’ the things that transcend value cannot be quantified so they are discarded or destroyed.
We see this happening with human life. If it does not have value in a quantified manner, example as a taxpayer, then humanity is to be discarded or told to ‘hurry up and die’
The commodifying or commodification of everything is degrading our human life.
Our human experience. And the planet as a whole. And humans are letting this happen.

Look at Emotions.What is the value of love?
This must be why sex has been pushed as a the replacement for love
Sex is a commodity that can be bought, sold, traded or stolen.
But, love? What can one do with love?

Second: Sigils

I also like the discussion of sigils. Specifically corporate logos as sigils
And corporate logos truly are sigils
Sigils are simply signs that have been ascribed ‘magical’ attributes
Jose uses the Starbucks sigil. When you see it, you think about getting a coffee.
Therefore the Starbucks sigil, or the Tim Hortons sigil, has the power to influence your thought patterns.
 To put you under a spell. To direct or control your thought.    See full size image

Third: Humankind as the walking dead
A discussion of the msm zombie phenomena..... and how the masses are the zombies
In the eyes of the elite.
Or the eyes of the awake.
Because I have to admit some time ago I wrote here at the blog about how far too many people in society reminded me of zombies.
The walking dead. Soulless. Lacking humanity. Barely alive.
Just going through the motions of a life.
That observation was made almost 5 long years ago.

Concluding: If you liked the Jose’s initial presentation and want to take in a discussion expanding on the thoughts presented there, you should enjoy the second interview. No visuals included. You will just have to conjure your own.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lies of the State: Corporate tax cuts = jobs

So many lies emanate from the "State".
 I scratch my head at just how widely believed all this nonsense is?
What am I talking about?
For the past 20 years or so the plebs have dutifully believed the lies of their government.
We have to cut corporate taxes so multinationals can compete globally, to create jobs.
Get a clue! Tax cuts have NOT created jobs. And tax cuts and breaks for multinationals WILL NOT create jobs.

Case in Point

Corporations’ stockpile of ‘dead money’ tops $500 billion:

 “Rather than investing the windfall from their tax cuts to create jobs, Canada’s largest non-financial corporations are hoarding cash and paying fat compensation to their CEOs”

Corporate income tax cuts by recent Liberal governments and the Harper Conservatives have failed to have the desired effect of prompting economic growth, the study concludes.

“Proponents of ever lower corporate taxes argued that the money corporations saved from lower taxes would be reinvested in real assets such as new factories, new machinery and equipment, and training, thus boosting economic growth and productivity, and helping create more and better jobs,” the study said.

“However, this is not what has happened. Real investment has languished while profitable corporations have been paying out much more in dividends to shareholders and accumulating more financial assets.”
CLC Secretary-Treasurer Hassan Yussuff said the taxes being paid by business have steadily declined in recent decades.

“Corporate income taxes amounted to only 8.3 per cent of all government revenues in 2011, down from 8.8 per cent in 2010 and from an average of 11 per cent in the 1960s and ’70s,” he said. 

“In return for tax breaks, companies are supposed to be investing their windfall to create good jobs in Canada but instead they are hoarding cash.”

All the tax breaks to corporations have been made up by you, the pleb. The great unwashed. The useless feeders. The "tube people".
The multinationals vaccumed/drained/picked& pilfered your pockets clean of all your wealth while conspiring/colluding with agents for the state
Because conspiracies happen everyday, everywhere...
 A conspiracy is a plan to commit an action by more than one person, group or entity
It's that, in your face. So, why are the people so blind?

It's no different in Canada, then the US. Then in the UK. Then in  Germany...France, Australia, Ireland etc

Monday, January 28, 2013

France says send more arms to kill more Syrians

Assad isn't about to fall? Syria: No sign Assad will be overthrown says France

 France says "send more arms"

Sanity is not going to prevail with the so called  leftist progressive face of NATO, in France. Not a surprise.

 Promises of funding and other aid made at a December conference of the Friends of Syria group have failed to materialize. France, which has spearheaded the formation of a viable Syrian opposition-in-exile, wants to make sure that aid which has been already promised comes through.

The United States set an example ahead of the Paris gathering by announcing Friday it plans to send $10 million in new aid to help alleviate hunger in northern Syria.

France Diplomate

After France : Kuwait

Speaking at a conference here Monday, where representatives of 50 nations and organisations met with the SNC, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that Syria was facing "collapse" and this presented serious risks that radical, Islamist groups could take advantage of the situation. "In the face of the collapse of a state and society, it is Islamist groups that risk gaining ground if we do not act as we should," Fabius told participants.
The Conference included the "core group" on Syria and also representatives of the European Union.
Kuwait was represented by its Ambassador to Syria, Aziz Al-Behani, who was withdrawn from Damascus along with ambassadors from GCC countries several months ago.
Fabius, who was speaking only two days before a major donor conference on Syria to be held in Kuwait

Holocaust Day news: Israel & forced sterilization of Ethiopians

Caught this one yesterday. So in honour of ‘Holocaust Day’
 Let's call a spade a spade.
A  news story that reeks of modern day holocaust. Involving a eugenics scheme worthy of the worst mad scientist/war criminal.

Eugenics defined: "In the conventional definition, the key aspect of eugenics is coercion of people's reproductive choices, for social ends"

“Democratic” Israel admits that it had employed eugenics methodology of sterilization against the Ethiopian followers of Judaism. Their own brethren, albeit the ‘wrong colour/ethnicity’ according to Israeli racist standards

A government official has for the first time acknowledged the practice of injecting women of Ethiopian origin with the long-acting contraceptive Depo-Provera.

About six weeks ago, on an Educational Television program journalist Gal Gabbay revealed the results of interviews with 35 Ethiopian immigrants. The women’s testimony could help explain the almost 50-percent decline over the past 10 years in the birth rate of Israel’s Ethiopian community. 

A ten year decline? Wow. How long has Israel been employing this forced birth control ?

 According to the program, while the women were still in transit camps in Ethiopia they were sometimes intimidated or threatened into taking the injection. “They told us they are inoculations,” said one of the women interviewed. “They told us people who frequently give birth suffer. We took it every three months. We said we didn’t want to

Forcing these women against their wishes using intimidation and coercion.
Isn’t that very holier then thou?
Did their God tell the Israeli’s to do this?

Supposedly this practice is going to end? I wouldn’t count on it. Racism and xenophobia is deeply embedded in an Israeli society built around entitlement and an indoctrination of choseness.


A thought?

It is interesting to take notice that early adherents to Judaism, likely dark skinned individuals, were not offended at the thought of proselytizing to other dark skinned peoples in different lands.
So very different from the modern day followers............

Friday, January 25, 2013

Syria: No sign Assad will be overthrown says France

France said on Thursday there were no signs that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is about to be overthrown, something Paris has been saying for months was just over the horizon
 France, a former colonial ruler of Syria, has been one of the most vocal backers of the rebels trying to topple Mr. al-Assad and was the first to recognize the opposition coalition.

“Things are not moving. The solution that we had hoped for, and by that I mean the fall of Bashar and the arrival of the [opposition] coalition to power, has not happened,” says Laurent Fabius

Mr. Fabius told RFI radio in December “the end is nearing” for Mr. al-Assad

 He said Syrian opposition leaders and representatives of some 50 nations and organizations would meet in Paris on Jan. 28

Check back for updates, I have more stuff to add and no time to get in here.

Lab created H5N1 pandemic research hits the restart button

Should H5N1 become the next pandemic flu virus consider yourself warned in advance

This genetically modified monstrosity created in a lab has been covered at the blog on at least two previous occasions
Deadly H5N1 created in lab
US requests nixing details of bird flu
If you are unfamiliar you may want to read those for some background. If familiar read as a refresher.

What is the latest news on this flu virus?

Scientists to resume work with lab-bred bird flu

International scientists who last year halted controversial research with the deadly bird flu say they are resuming their work as countries adopt new rules to ensure safety.

The outcry erupted when two labs — in the Netherlands and the U.S. — reported they had created easier-to-spread versions of bird flu. Amid fierce debate about the oversight of such research and whether it might aid terrorists, those scientists voluntarily halted further work last January
 The research touched off a firestorm in 2011 when it became known that two groups, one in the Netherlands and another in the United States, had genetically altered a dangerous bird flu virus to make it more contagious in mammals. Some scientists warned that a deadly pandemic could break out if the mutant virus leaked out of the lab accidentally or if terrorists stole it or made it themselves, using articles in scientific journals for the recipe.
 But the United States, which pays for much of the flu research both at home and abroad, has not yet released new guidelines.  
So scientists here will not be able to resume experiments yet, nor will those in other countries who depend on grant money from the United States

Guidelines from the World Health Organization outline the type of facilities where the experiments can take place and encourage a culture of safety, a move the signatories supported..
But was the concern really about terrorists? And if so, which ones?
(Sources for all info contained below comes from herehere, here and Here )

Since most terrorists are state sponsored, were those the terrorist being referenced?
Or was it the state itself?
Let's take a real, factual look at the concerns?

The two studies raised alarm amongst biosecurity experts who worry that scientists handling the manmade pathogen could accidentally (accidentally on purpose?)release it into the populationor, in a more remote but troubling scenario, provide ready-made blueprints to would-be bioterrorists.

Reiterating, the concern was if the virus was released from the research facility. The terrorism angle was remote.
It seems some scientists, perhaps having a bit of morality or conscience, got very frightened by this virus. And they suggested a stop to this research realizing the potential human threat contained in this research.
That moral crisis appears to have been overcome

An international coalition of leading scientists announced on Wednesday that they will be ending a voluntary blackout on researching the bird flu, the deadly virus that many fear could someday trigger the next great pandemic.

Curiously, the work will not begin in the US, because for some strange reason the US has not yet dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s.(as already mentioned) Hmmmm.....

The experiments will be conducted outside the U.S.,(would this give the US a deniability factor? Like "leading from behind"? and all that other spin?) where officials are completing a framework to permit such work by researchers funded or based in that country.
 Laboratories in China and Canada may be ready to start up.
That's right! Canada. The great white north.. Where the people are so friendly.....
Where specifically in Canada would this research take place?
How about Winnipeg, Manitoba?

Gary Kobinger, chief of the special pathogens laboratory at the Public Health Agency of Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, signed the letter. (For work to restart)
Kobinger said it's important for the international experiments to continue.

"This is the first window open that we have where we can test the vaccine ahead of time, we can test the drugs ahead of time, we can study and understand exactly how is this virus going to present itself, so when it does, we can detect it right away," said Kobinger.

Scientists at the Winnipeg lab, a top biosecurity facility, work with samples of H5N1 from infected humans and have used the 1918 pandemic flu strain.

Canada has completed the necessary framework to permit such work
Gary Kobinger signed the letter for the work to start again.
Could that work take place in Winnipeg?
At the National Microbiology Lab where Gary Kobinger is employed?
Will Canada finance this work at it’s own lab?
The most obvious answer would be YES.
The facility is there, in Winnipeg and they have worked previously with other virulent strains.

 But. There is more to this. 

There is more to this lab in Winnipeg then meets the eye.
Did you know that Winnipeg, Manitoba is a unique geographical location

Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada. The Centre of North America. Almost.

The City of Winnipeg is located at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, almost at the geographic centre of North America.

It is said that “all roads lead to Winnipeg”
Which, conversely speaking, means all roads lead out of Winnipeg..........

Or how about this? Winnipeg is the heart of North America

And like any good pumping heart everything flows outward from it

Could there be a more perfect location to ‘work’ on a weaponized pandemic flu so virulent that research was stopped on it for fear it could escape from a research facility
Accidentally of course ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

NATO/PATO: World Army/Global Tyranny

Wake up people!
I usually call this organization, attempting to bring on global tyranny : NATO World Army
Two reports that demonstrate NATO's evil plot against humankind: NATO, the military organization is conspiring to grow it's influence. Everywhere.
Excerpts from Pacific NATO?

"With yesterday’s re-election of Shinzo Abe as Japan’s prime minister and the possibility of renewed tensions with China, a most profound question was also apparent: what, if any, is NATO’s Pacific role?

NATO’s role in the Pacific I hear you ask? Ask many Europeans where NATO’s responsibility stops and I am pretty sure they would say the English Channel on one end and the Baltic states’ borders with Russia on the other. Many forget that NATO includes the United States and Canada and simply assume it is an organization for the American-led defense of Europe. Indeed, the only time NATO’s Armageddon Article 5 collective defense clause was ever invoked was on 12 September, 2001 in defense of the United States.

This matters because it is not the United States that is ‘pivoting’ away from Europeans, but Asia-Pacific that is ‘pivoting’ towards Europe and Europeans need to begin to get their heads around this. Article Five of the North Atlantic Treaty states, “The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all and consequently they agree that, if such an armed attack occurs, each of them, in exercise of the right of individual or collective self-defense recognized by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, will assist the Party or Parties so attacked by taking forthwith, individually and in concert with the other Parties, such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area.”

Now, no attack is pending, but does the term “North Atlantic area” now include the the US and Canadian Pacific coast and their Pacific possessions? If it does, NATO’s westernmost point is the US Wake Island, some 12045kms/7485 miles from Brussels but only 3207kms/1993 miles from Tokyo. Indeed, Alaska is only 90kms/58miles from Russia’s Far East across the Bering Strait.

There are some reports that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is considering a Pacific-Atlantic Treaty Organization or PATO.
The 2010 NATO Strategic Concept states, “This Strategic Concept will guide the next phase in NATO’s evolution, so that it continues to be effective in a changing world, against new threats, with new capabilities and new partners.” NATO is slowly beginning to grapple with the modernization of Article 5 collective defense. To be credible in this new age that will necessarily mean a NATO capable of generating the biggest of security pictures. It will also mean the creation of advanced deployable military forces reinforced by the defensive and offensive technologies of our time; missile defense, cyber-defense and global intelligence across five domains – air, sea, land, cyber, and space. Above all, it will require a complete overhaul of NATO’s strategic mindset so that everything the Alliance does is considered in the context of the world as it is, not the very narrow focus beloved of Europeans. If not, NATO will not die but will slowly fade like the old soldier that it now is.

The sub-title of the Strategic Concept is “Active Engagement: Modern Defence.” If that is to mean anything it will mean an Alliance credible to the security needs of all its members, not just a few. As the Alliance begins the long slog to rebuild the mutual confidence and trust undermined by the imbalance of effort in Afghanistan it will also a twenty-first century NATO relevant to the twenty-first century not the twentieth.
Pacific NATO. It is already a fact. Can we ever make it a reality?

Related piece: Panetta Urges New Focus for NATO

From the Atlantic to the Pacific and all points in between
Including cyberspace. NATO is looking to be the army of global tyranny, fascism and oppression.

The more than 60-year-old NATO alliance "remains the bedrock of America’s global ... partnerships," Panetta said. "But today, after over 11 years of war, I believe we are at another turning point in the history of the transatlantic alliance."

The secretary listed some of those U.S. initiatives: deploying ballistic missile defense-equipped destroyers to Rota, Spain; establishing a new U.S. aviation detachment in Poland; and deploying U.S. Army battalions on a rotational basis to participate in the NATO Response Force. 
Turning to "new frontiers," Panetta urged NATO commitment to cyber defense.

"For years, I have been deeply concerned by intellectual property theft, by attacks against private sector institutions, (fascism) and the continued probing of military and critical infrastructure networks," he said. Panetta said cyber- attacks could "paralyze our economies" and potentially destroy national power grids, government systems, financial and banking networks. 
Other key capabilities for the future that require investment, Panetta said, include unmanned systems, surveillance and intelligence platforms, space defense and special operations forces.

Panetta recommended the establishment of "deeper partnerships with the Arab League [and] the Gulf Cooperation Council and build regular dialogue, exchanges and exercises with African organizations such as the African Union and ECOWAS in Western Africa."

NATO also must broaden the scope of alliance security discussions beyond European and regional issues, the secretary said.

"In particular, I strongly believe that Europe should join the United States in increasing and deepening our defense engagement with the Asia-Pacific region," Panetta said.
You can read the rest for yourself at the above link.

I consider Panetta’s words to be nauseating.  What he calls ‘global peace and prosperity”, is tyranny.
Plain and Simple. That this man is spinning global tyranny, global control & global fascism, including but not limited to drone overflights & constant surveillance of humanity, as a positive is simply too evil. 
Off the chart evil!

ADHD drugs retard the growth and development of boys

In more ways then one may think, realize or be aware of. 
So, let's connect some dots?

In 2011 there was a study with rhesus monkeys

The study was conducted on young rhesus monkeys under 5 years old. The monkeys were divided into groups with one receiving a low dose of methylphenidate, similar to the dose a human ADHD patient would receive, and the other group receiving a high dose, or 10 times what is used in humans. A separate control group was given only the material that the drug was dissolved in for the other monkeys but not the drug itself. These doses were administered over a 40-month time frame. The study was designed to evaluate possible toxic effects of the drug, such as DNA damage, so the effects they discovered were surprising.

The researchers, including Dr. Donald Mattison from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, discovered that testicular descent was significantly postponed in the monkeys that received the high dose of methylphenidate and lower blood testosterone levels and testicular volume were present in both sets of monkeys

Move ahead to 2013 & male children, you know, human boys

The study, published in The Medical Journal of Australia,  investigated the growth and attainment of puberty in boys with ADHD who were taking stimulant medication. Sixty-five boys aged 12 to 16 who were taking ADHD stimulants for at least three years were compared against 174 similarly aged boys who did not have ADHD (referred to as 'healthy controls').

On average, the boys taking stimulants had taken them for an average of six years by the time the study was conducted. Researchers were provided height and weight data for each boy from the beginning of treatment (referred to as 'baseline') until the present. At baseline, the heights and weights of the boys were similar to those of healthy controls of the same age.

However, by age 12 to 14, boys who were taking stimulants for ADHD had significantly lower weight and body mass index than their peers who did not have ADHD. Likewise, by age 14 to 16, boys on stimulants had significantly lower height and weight. The higher their medication dose, the slower their growth rate was.

Also by age 14 to 16, boys taking stimulants were significantly delayed in terms of pubertal development compared to similarly aged healthy controls
The researchers concluded that taking stimulant medication for more than three years results in a slower rate of development during puberty.

Now, the human body is a complex living organism, affected greatly by what is ingested or taken in to it, right? What other developments were slowed or retarded.
Delayed or entirely uncompleted?
Let us look at another study. Remember we are dot connecting here.
 Or perhaps running a thread through it all? Whichever?

  Ritalin may affect young brains

 "The changes we saw in the brains of treated rats occurred in areas strongly linked to higher executive functioning, addiction and appetite(instant gratification vs an ability to delay gratification), social relationships and stress, said Professor Teresa Milner, the study's lead author. "These alterations gradually disappeared over time once the rats no longer received the drug."

Ritalin may affect young brains? Understatement of the year, but, lets go with it.
Ritalin retards growth and pubescent development in males.
Ritalin alters, changes or retards brain development
Specifically the higher executive functions of the brain
Let's move forward to one of so many psychiatric diagnosis. A newer one. One that has been making the rounds the past few years. Adult ADHD

Some children with ADHD continue to have it as adults

These adults may have a history of failure at school, problems at work, or difficult or failed relationships
 Many have had multiple traffic accidents. Like teens, adults with ADHD may seem restless and may try to do several things at once, most of them unsuccessfully. They also tend to prefer "quick fixes," rather than taking the steps needed to achieve greater rewards.(instant gratification vs an ability to delay gratification)

The stimulants prescribed for ADHD diagnosed children, cause changes in the brains of treated rats linked to higher functions.
Addiction. Social relationships and stress.

Is adult ADHD, born of childhood diagnosis and prescribed medications that subsequently retarded or damaged normal development including the higher functions to their brain?

Looks to be possible!

FYI: Boys are diagnosed more often with ADHD then girls

ADHD diagnoses in kids increasing: boys were three times more likely to be diagnosed than girls

Now, lets take our dots that have connected us from delayed or impeded growth and development- moved to damaged brains- in young males- then consider the combination of ADHD drugs, which are stimulants,  with SSRI's drugs. 

What are the risks? School shooters?

Stay tuned... 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Syria freezes assets of Hariri, Saqr. Following up on those arrest warrants?

Just a quick but interesting news tidbit today

BEIRUT: Syria’s Finance Ministry has frozen the assets of Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Future Movement MP Oqab Saqr, Syrian media reported this week.
Quoting a statement issued by the ministry, the media said the state "has frozen liquid and non-liquid assets for Saadeddine Hariri, Lebanon's former prime minister ... and Oqab Saqr."
The statement added that the ministry also undertook such measures against the spokesperson of the Free Syrian Army Louay al-Meqdad.
The three are accused “of funding terrorist acts in various areas and [the measure comes] in accordance with paragraph one of Article 4 from the anti-terrorism law."

You may recall  Syria had issued arrest warrants for these people also?
Syria issued arrest warrants Tuesday for Hariri, Saqr and Meqdad over charges of providing weapons and funds for “terrorist groups” in Syria.

Interior Minister Marwan Charbel said the Interpol’s office at the Internal Security Forces received the warrants at midday Tuesday, adding that copies had been sent to all Arab states.

  The move comes almost two weeks after a Lebanese television station aired audio recordings of Saqr allegedly discussing supplying Syrian rebels with arms and conveying Hariri’s hope that the opposition defeats the Syrian Army.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Syria's "Opposition" Postpones Formation of Transitional Government

This post has been updated and corrected

I find this news really odd?
A head scratcher, really?

Wasn't the so called Transitional Government already formed, recognized by many nations, except the US and sitting in Cairo?

CORRECTION! : The US did recognize the opposition!!  Yes, I have checked back through the old posts and there it is

US recognizes NATO Council in Cairo as 'representing' Syria

 U.S. President Barack Obama declared Syria's main opposition group the sole "legitimate representative.Recognition of the council as the sole representative of Syria's diverse population brings the U.S. in line with Britain, France and several of America's Arab allies
Along with this recognition was pledges of support, aid and funding.
Continuing with original post

I am quite sure I have linked to numerous news stories to this effect?
When I have more time I will relink some older post, but, you have likely read them already
Though I have included a news story from last year, at the end of this post

So, what gives?

Almost two years into their ever bloodier uprising against President Assad, his exiled adversaries met in Istanbul on Monday and said that they had again postponed the formation of a transitional government, an apparent setback to their plans to fill the power vacuum created by months of civil war.

The National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, the main exile (NATO) opposition group, gathered on Saturday to try to mold a transitional government. While the organization has won broad recognition among its foreign backers as Syria’s sole legitimate representative, it has not yet solidified support among rebels fighting on the ground or begun planning for a post-Assad future. 

The Western and Arab nations that pressured Mr. Assad’s adversaries into a reorganization last year had urged the coalition to select a prime minister, but no candidate has won a consensus. 

A statement by the National Coalition on Monday said it had formed a five-member committee to draw up proposals for a transitional government within 10 days.
The panel is to “lead consultations” with rebel commanders, foreign backers and others seeking Mr. Assad’s ouster.

Coalition members met in Cairo last month and also failed to form a government, saying instead that they would create a committee to work on the idea.
In Syria, meanwhile, the government accused rebels of attacking an important power line, prompting a blackout that affected Damascus, the capital, areas to the north and a swath of territory reaching south to the Jordanian border. 

SANA, the official news agency, quoted Electricity Minister Imad Khamis as saying the outage was “caused by a terrorist attack on a main electricity cable.”
Power returned early on Monday to some parts of the capital, The Associated Press reported. Like shortages of gasoline and cooking gas, The A.P. said, power outages serve as frequent reminders of the war that has engulfed much of the rest of the country, showing that while Mr. Assad’s forces still control the capital, they face growing challenges to provide basic services. 

"I announce today that France recognizes the Syrian National Council as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people and as future government of a democratic Syria making it possible to bring an end to Bashar al-Assad's regime," French President Francois Hollande

Something is happening here....
What it is ain't exactly clear

Sunday, January 20, 2013

UN's Global Mercury ban exempts......vaccines

Mercury: A deadly poison. Just the tiniest drop will contaminate everything
Land, air and water and people...
"It attacks the central nervous system and is particularly harmful to children"

Except when it is contained in vaccines.
Then it is perfectly exceptable
Because apparently direct injection  of mercury, into a living being with a central nervous system and a brain is not harmful? According to the UN. WHO clearly caters to the big pharma cartel

Treaty on mercury would not affect vaccines with mercury (thimerosal) 

The treaty says that certain mercury-added products, such as batteries, lamps, switches, skin-lightening cosmetics, pesticides and thermometers, may not be manufactured, imported or exported no later than 2020.
Mercury-added dental amalgams are also to be phased out.
No mercury in cosmetics, pesticides, thermometers and dental amalgams.... but

Certain mercury-added products are to be exempted from the ban, including those used for military and civil protection, products with no mercury-free alternative, products used in religious or traditional practices and vaccines containing thimerosal, an ethylmercury preservative.
The omission of thimerosal-containing vaccines from the ban disappointed advocates who believe the preservative plays a role in sickening some children.

“Children’s health took a backseat to special interests. (Pharmaceutical profits) The only major purposeful exposure to mercury that didn’t get addressed was thimerosal

There you have it folks.
Mercury bad, except in the vaccine injected directly into living tissue.
With direct access to a nervous system and a brain.

Related: The UN and the ruse of a Mercury Ban (sort of)

Friday, January 18, 2013

US shoots down Syrian Chemical or Hallucingenic Weapon Report

Have you all noticed the news or what passes for news about allegations/denials that the Syrian government  had used chemical weapons?

It seems as if the US is doing damage control on a bogus claim made by a "third party" or "unnamed" US partner.
"Did not accurately convey the anecdotal information that we had received from a third party regarding an alleged incident in Syria in December.”
Nevertheless, according to CNN, the State Department did ask “a U.S. partner” to follow up, interviewing Syrian doctors and chemical weapons specialists.
Care to take a stab at just which nation is most probably the unnamed, third party US partner?
 We will get to that!

 First, a refresher.
A flashback... to the alleged chemical weapons usage.
Christmas Eve, December 24/2012, these allegations were covered  in this previous post
 I am, of course, keeping in mind that you all may have been makin’ merry, so it could have been missed...
My conclusion at that time, based on the reporting was....

"Suuuure...... This is either complete bullshit. Or someone had an asthma attack and the NATO mercs filmed it for propaganda purposes or the NATO mercs messed something up ( mixing chemicals) and got themselves hurt."

That seemed the most sensible reasoning at the time

Vindication via the very last paragraph (that almost no one is going to read) in  an article from Wired 

So what was that mystery gas in Homs? Raffi Khatchadourian of the New Yorker puts together the clues, and comes up with the most credible suspect yet.

    There are similar chemicals out there that cause the same symptoms but are not nearly as potent and do have an odor. They are organophosphate pesticides, which happen to be among the most common pesticides in the world and are also cholinesterase inhibitors. They can cause symptoms identical to their military counterparts, including death, and are treatable with atropine. If the chemical used in Homs was a commercial pesticide, then it appears that someone has manufactured a crude, poor-man’s chemical weapon out of a commonly available item.
Exactly what I had suspected on Dec. 24/12!

What "third party- unnamed  US partner" nation might have been behind this yarn?

HHQ  @ Undeleted Evidence was good enough to send me this vital bit of info. 

Who tipped the US off about this potential chemical weapon threat? 

Thanks HHQ. Much appreciated!

At the same time as the chemical weapons story broke there was news expressing concerns about Russia's presence in Syria. Just a reminder. Something to consider when we think about the latest news that has Russia delivering munitions to Syria

Stay tuned..

The US had discounted this 'narrative, as covered above and yet today Le Monde is reporting this.
Being picked up by Reuters

The weapons were used in four rockets fired on December 23, according to unnamed sources in Western intelligence services cited by the newspaper. Le Monde suggested Western powers played down an isolated event in the hope it would not be repeated.
It was clear late December this was nonsense.
Also important the December stories, containing the original reports mentioned absolutely nothing about  rockets being used or fired or even being a part of this narrative.
The allegations were that the alleged chemicals had been 'sprayed'

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Syrian and Iran make bank/energy deal

Ignoring all the distraction- Cutting to the chase

An apparently confident &  forward looking (to the future) Syria makes a billion dollar plus deal with Iran

On Wednesday state TV announced that Syria and Iran have agreed a credit facility between Commercial Bank of Syria and Export Development bank of Iran, worth a billion US dollars (750 million euros).

It also said the two countries had reached agreements on energy transmission and electricity equipment.

 Syria, Iran Sign $ 1 Billion Credit Facility Agreement and Seven Contracts on Energy Transmission

  Syria and Iran yesterday Wednesday signed a USD 1 billion line of credit facility agreement between the Commercial Bank of Syria and the Export Development Bank of Iran.

Other seven contracts on energy transmission and electric equipment were also signed during the concluding of bilateral talks between the Syrian and Iranian sides in Tehran.
Heading the Syrian delegation, Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi stressed that Syria is facing a global war to divert it from its national stances and undermine the axis of resistance in the region.

He noted that the powers hostile to Syria have failed to achieve its goals and Syria is going ahead to achieve security and stability, launch dialogue and the national reconciliation and build Syria depending on its capacities and the support of its friends. 

The Premier hailed the importance of the outcomes of this visit in enhancing cooperation between the two countries, expressing gratitude to Iran for its efforts to support the Syrian people in their development process and against terrorism.
For his part, Iran's First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi, who headed the Iranian side to the meeting, condemned the terrorist attacks against the innocents in Syria which were carried out by armed terrorist groups backed by regional and international countries. 

He denounced the terrorist bombing in Aleppo University on Tuesday and offered condolences to the martyrs' families.
Iran's First Vice President stressed that Iran will always support Syria and the steadfastness of the Syrian people on all levels and under all circumstances.


Thoughts and opinions?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

NATO's hired guns attacked Aleppo University in Syria & much, much more.....

Claims by the 'opposition' are nonsense.
We are going to look at the Aleppo University attack by NATO mercs. Read about the offensive Syrian Army launched . Peruse the Russia/India report. Learn about another UN Security Council meeting set to take place near the end of January/13 including the possibility of a team of International Observers.
Going Long. Sit a spell and take it all in!
Thanks for reading :)

Recall this?   NATO backed fighters harbour disdain for the people of Aleppo

"While relations grow testier between the rebels and Aleppines, for whom many fighters harbor some disdain"

If you hadn't read that piece previously, your might want to go back and refresh
Therefore, the attack on the Aleppo University should be considered a clear sign of that disdain.
Disdain manifested as more terror on the Syrian people.

Damage at Aleppo University from SANA

Quoting from two news sources, saved when this story broke yesterday.

1st- A large explosion has struck Aleppo University in northern Syria, causing an unknown number of casualties, activists and state television say.

“Fighting between rebels and government forces has reached a stalemate in Aleppo and left the city divided. The university is located in an area under government control.”
Over recent months, Aleppo and the capital, Damascus, have been hit by a wave of explosions that have killed scores of people. Many of the bombings, which have largely targeted government buildings, have been claimed by groups fighting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.
2nd- So far there are 82 fatalities and more than 160 wounded in a terrorist attack that targeted students on their first day of exams at the University of Aleppo,” Akkad told AFP by telephone.

As well as students, the campus houses some 30,000 people who have fled homes in areas of the city ravaged by fighting since July last year.

The explosions struck an area near the university dormitories and the architecture faculty, the Observatory said.

State television said “terrorists launched two rockets” at the university complex, which lies in a government-controlled area of the battleground city

The University is located in a government controlled area of Aleppo
The attacks- rocket attacks- emanated elsewhere.
-Since we know the NATO mercs harbour disdain for the people of Aleppo.
-Since we know the rebels have launched many, many deadly attacks against ordinary Syrians from car bombs to mortar attacks, causing mass casualties and devestation
-Since we know that the rebels have brutally massacred non-compliant Syrian civilians
How would it make sense, to believe that this attack was perpetrated by anyone other then the NATO backed hired killers?
It would not!

Here is another clue that this attack emanated with the NATO mercs in Merc terrorized section of Aleppo
 Syria on offensive after University attack

Syrian armed forces launched a renewed offensive in the northern city of Aleppo on Wednesday, state media said, a day after 87 people were killed in explosions at the city's university

Government forces also killed militants in al-Laramon, a area of Aleppo from which Damascus says two rockets were fired into the University of Aleppo on Tuesday, it added.

If confirmed, the government's report of a rocket attack would suggest rebels in the area had been able to obtain and deploy more powerful weapons than previously used.

And how is it that NATO’s mercs are getting their hands on more powerful weapons?
How indeed!
Via Turkey? With the help of Israel, France, GCC, the US and the UK?
This ain't rocket science. It is obvious and goes without stating and yet, I am.

One last story before I  put this one to bed-
From an interesting source-  The Russia/India Report

A silver lining in Syria’s storm clouds 


 Syrians long for peace

Indeed, the West may have attained some important geopolitical objectives already in the Syrian situation such as the deployment of the missile defence system under the NATO umbrella in Turkey (which would have implications for Russia and Iran) on the pretext of a possible threat from Damascus to Turkey’s security as well as the overall degradation of Syria as a military power (which would tilt the military balance in the region in favour of Israel) and indeed the overall weakening of ‘Arabism’ itself, taking into account the disarray in Iraq and Egypt as well (which would have broader implications for the Arab-Israeli conflict).

Nonetheless, Russia has succeeded in stopping a Libya-like scenario of western military intervention developing over Syria and that by itself would have positive significance for the strengthening of the international system based on the United Nations Charter. Following the talks in Geneva, in media briefings, UN special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi pointed out that “it is the wider international community, but especially the members of the Security Council that can really create the opening that is necessary to start effectively solving the [Syrian] problem.” Brahimi is scheduled to brief the Security Council later this month.

Conceivably, the 5-hour long parleys at Geneva on Friday would have gone into some details of the Syrian problem. This becomes evident from the fact that on the very next day, on Saturday, Russian Foreign Ministry has attempted to flesh out the steps needed in the coming period to initiate a political process. The statement in Moscow, while emphasizing that last June’s Geneva communiqué remains relevant as “the only platform” for overcoming the Syrian conflict, underlined that the “priority task is to stop all violence and bloodshed immediately”.
 In parallel to that, Moscow said, “it is necessary to launch a political transitional process in Syria aimed at formalizing legislatively guaranteed and equal rights for all ethnic and religious groups in that country.” The vague suggestion of an accord evocative of the Taif Agreement (1989) that brought the Lebanese civil war to a close and reorienting that country to the Arab world becomes interesting.
The Foreign Ministry statement clarified that the Russian position remains consistent insofar as Moscow is “firmly adherent to the thesis that the future of Syria should be decided by the Syrians themselves, without external interference or imposition of ready recipes for development, taking guidance in the fundamental principles of international law and the UN Charter.”

Put plainly, Russia’s message is that first, any solution to be durable needs to be all-inclusive and broad-based, and, second, neither the big powers nor the regional states in the Middle East can be prescriptive toward Syria. Taken together, the Russian stance amounts to a practical advice based on realism that the Syrian regime is as much a part of that country’s political economy as the exiles based in Paris or elsewhere or the rebel fighters and the country’s democratic opposition.
Last paragraph

 The Russian warnings have been prescient that in the rush to bring about regime change in Syria, Washington shouldn’t fail to visualize the anarchy that might well follow the morning after. The singular success of the talks in Geneva on Friday could prove to be that the Security Council would deliberate on the issues of war and peace in Syria in a new chastened mood of sobriety and realism.
 My bad there is yet on last item in this post that must be addressed

The UN Security Council will meet at then end of January 2013 to discuss Syria

  The five permanent members of the UN Security Council are set to discuss the deteriorating situation in Syria at a meeting at the end of January, a Russian diplomat said Monday.

 Russia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mikhail Bogdanov, told the Interfax news agency that the meeting is likely to take place as Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN’s peace envoy to Syria, presents a new report on the situation in the country.

Bogdanov said the meeting would be held “before the end of January, around the 25th, 26th, 27th.”
Although he did not go into details of the participants, he said a ministerial meeting was unlikely.
“It will be on a vice minister level,” he said.

The permanent members of the Security Council are Russia and China, which have been traditional Damascus allies, and the United States, Britain and France, which are calling for President Bashar al-Assad to step down and actively support the opposition.

Bogdanov also indicated that the UN was looking at ways of sending a new observer mission to Syria.
“It seems as if the need will emerge to send a solid team of international observers there. I think several options are being discussed,” he said.

International Observers? Peacekeepers? How many? From where? A situation worth watching

UK Government commissions study that conjures SBNR into a disorder

Indoctrination. Submission. Capitulation. 

That is what the UK government is going for.
 However, they dressed it in religious regalia to increase acceptance and prevent recognition that this study is  a potential  threat to your human freedom and a challenge to your free thoughts

I caught this story yesterday, and it compliments the previous post so nicely I just knew it had to be dragged into the light.

“Spiritual but not religious are more likely to have mental illness and health issues”
“A scholarly study out of Britain has concluded that people who say they’re spiritual but not religious (SBNRs) are significantly more inclined to mental-health problems, addictions and abnormal eating habits”

A scholarly study? Well that’s authoritative! Therefore you must defer! (appeal to authority)

“SBNR people tend to reject institutions of all kinds, especially religious. They practise private spirituality, often blending beliefs and practices from different traditions”
Rejection is not necessarily limited to just religious institutions but extends to institutions of all kinds
What other institutions might these people reject?
Governmental? Corporate institutions?
That doesn’t seem to be a bad thing. There are a great many problems within the governmental and corporate structure that should be rejected. So, why is this so bad???

“SBNR people tend to emphasize individual freedom”

As opposed to what? Conformity? Uniformity? Coercion? Suppression? Oppression?
That too, does not seem to be a bad emphasis.

SBNR tend to emphasize the sacredness of nature”

What is the problem with that? Since humans are part of nature..and have a nature. A human nature.
Where is the inherent problem in emphasizing or recognizing the sacredness of nature and all that it entails, including the place for humans in that nature?

“The study was published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, based on a government-sponsored survey of more than 7,000 Britons. Michael King, a professor at University College London was the head researcher on the project.”

The study was sponsored by the British government. How were the questions skewed? Were questions asked to support a preordained solution?
“Past academic studies in the United States have come to similar conclusions, said Tanya Luhrmann, a psychological anthropologist and the Watkins University professor at Stanford University. Most academic research about religion and well-being, said Luhrmann, has found that religion is good for you.

According to Luhrmann, organized religion provides three outlets that benefit churchgoers’ well being: social support, attachment to a loving God and the organized practice of prayer.”

Notice how the word “academic’ keeps being tossed around.

What organized religion actually provides is organized mind control.

 “Social support” from a larger group of mind controlled individuals who support and bolster the shared ‘beliefs’ Attachment to a “loving God”?
“Organizes practice of prayer” = Organized reinforcement of  ritualized belief.
“When you become spiritual but not religious, you are losing the first two points and most spiritual but not religious people aren’t participating in the third,” Luhrmann said. “It is not just a generic belief in God that works; it is specific practices that work.”

“Specific practices” like magic and spelling as mind control

Of course the whole ‘academic study’ is entirely subjective.
Lacking clear definitions for the supposed parameters
Define “religious” ?
Define “spiritual”?
Define “dependent on drugs”? Is that  prescription drugs?
Define “abnormal eating attitudes”?  Is it abnormal to want to eat organic, clean food as opposed to factory farmed , shit filled food? How about GM foods? Does not wanting to eat that constitute an "abnormal eating attitude"  Or is it abnormal to accept that eating toxic filthy shit filled food is the norm?

How about all the contradictory information available?
Intelligence is a predictor of religious scepticism, a professor has argued

Or how about a book ( one that is in my “to read” book pile) that purports human are healthier when connected to nature. Your Brain on Nature

7 minute audio clip interviewing authors

Better brain function, less stress and longer life from being connected to nature....

Do you suppose the UK government has an agenda? 

-A reason for wanting to disconnect humans from nature and their human nature?
-A reason for wanting people to not question institutions?
-Would the UK government not want the masses to realize that their have individual freedoms  are being impeded by the institution of government? Or the institutions of multinational corporations?

Considering the fact that the UK government commissioned this "scholarly" and "academic" study,  it would appear that conclusion could be safely drawn.

Perhaps SBNR individuals can be labelled as mentally ill and be required to take medications for the "mental illness" of free thought, respect for individual freedom and respect for nature?

Stranger things have happened.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

“Supernatural: Magic and Spelling as Mind Control”

Jan Irvin @ Gnostic Media interviews Jose Barrera : "“Supernatural: Magic and Spelling as Mind Control"

 Where to begin? WOW!
 Does wow work for you?
I first listened to the audio only, which is included below the video.
Then I watched the video and that made all the difference in taking away the ideas being presented and also understanding how deep the mind control programming runs.
Or, for people who for whatever reason find the term mind control to out there, this video makes very clear how the implementation of specific images and rituals are used, EVERYDAY, to manage your perception of society & your place in the society.
Or in other words the mind control runs deep.

Audio only version:

Additional info:


Supernatural: Magic, Spelling & Mind Control- Out of the Shadows

Monday, January 14, 2013

Syria: One little Lion & Jabhat Al Nusra = NATO elite Islamist forces

 This post has been updated please scroll down.......

Another day and more suspect claims about Syria-
Today it is, yet again, killing kids and cluster bombs. We have been there and done that all previously.
The claims are being made by Human Rights Watch.

Refreshing your memory:   We are all aware or should be that HRW is ‘owned’. It makes just enough noise against the NATO world army machine to maintain tiny bits of credibility, but, the majority, the vast majority of it’s work revolves around boistering NATO world army/UN agenda.
In other words HRW is a pure Global tyranny/NWO apparatchik.

Why this claim at this time? There is always some reason now isn't there?

How about Syrian Troops have taken Daraya back from the NATO mercs?

 A large suburb of Damascus, taken back. One the rebels had lay siege to and held for some time.
The original headline to the news story was exactly that (see above) Syrian Troops capture Daraya.
A loss for the NATO war machine, so today we are getting the atrocity/ human rights violations type spin as distraction. Also for narrative creation.

But let us speak of atrocities and human rights violations as condoned by the msm/corporate NATO media and spun in such a way to make the non credible, seem credible.

Starting with this- "The little Lion: Syria's 11 year old killing machine"

There is absolutely nothing in this article that indicates to the readers this child is Syrian born.
Yes, he is in the nation of Syria fighting. So are many other foreigners. He could just as well be Saudi.
That fact of where this child is born is never disclosed nor made clear.
Based on the practice of media lies by omission, we can comfortably conclude that this boy and his father are not Syrians.
 Please pay particular attention to the way this piece is written and imagine if this was the regular Syrian Army employing child fighters? How this piece would have been written?
Mohammed Afar is 11 years old. The modified AK-47 assault rifle he carries stretches to nearly two-thirds his height.

Over the top of his faded yellow jacket a Free Syrian Army vest holds three extra clips, each full with live ammunition, and a walkie-talkie. An FSA badge sits on one side and a rendering of the Islamic Shahada, in Arabic calligraphy, on the other.
“I want to stay as a fighter until Bashar is killed,” Indoctrinated
“He is a great shot,” says his father, Mohammed Saleh Afar. “He is my little lion.” 
Proud dad/killer. Perhaps training his son in the ‘family mercenary business’. Probably a good living, if one can survive it?

 Geneva Conventions and the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Children carry provisions that call for not using combatants under the age of 15, while the International Criminal Court’s Rome Statute makes it a war crime.

Yet Mohammed’s father—his long and graying beard styled in the fashion favored by religiously conservative Salafists—sees little wrong with his son’s participation. (the writer of this piece seemed to see nothing wrong with the child soldier, based on how this piece was written with an admiration rather then condemnation)
Mohammed quickly disengages his magazine and presents it, before skillfully reinserting it, but not chambering a round. The older fighters surrounding him some of whom are little more than boys themselves —praise his speed and mirror his father’s earlier statements, calling him a “good shot.”
 The 11-year-old is kept safe, they (other fighters surrounding child) claim, and never taken to frontlines that are too dangerous. (Frontlines that are "not too dangerous"? Are frontlines safe places? That statement is contradicted by the little lion)

  “When my father goes to the frontline, he takes me with him,” says Mohammed. “He says to be careful and we find a safe place to shoot from.”
 He (11 year old child) says he admires the fighters from Jabhat al-Nusra—composed of hardline Islamists subscribing to Takfiri ideology

 Had this child been fighting the terrorists for the Syrian people, the tone of this story would have been completely different.

Let us speak of the Jabhat Al Nusra..... the hardline fighters that this young child has been brainwashed into admiring.   

 Fighters from Islamist Syrian rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra

 Syria’s Rebel Rivalry Between Jihadists And FSA

Your supposed to believe we have got trouble with the terrorists. Rebel Rivalry rather like Sibling Rivalry? I don't believe that narrative! 
Below, I will explain that which  makes more sense to me. Much more sense!

Jabhat al-Nusra, a group that can & really should be described as the more elite troops of NATO Islamists mercenary armies...  are cleaning house. Trimming dead wood.  Getting rid of ineffective leaders and useless fighters. And organizing the fighters into something more cohesive, more effective and more deadly.
 That’s how I see it.
 That is what makes sense. 
This consolidation obviously, blatantly obviously, serves the NATO destabilization agenda. 

 The slaying of Thaer al-Waqqas (commander of some random rebel group in Northern Syria)  was carried out by members of Jabhat al-Nusra.
Al-Nusra has recently been pressing other jihadist units to come under its command

Al-Nusra fighters  (more organized) were at the forefront of the overrunning last month of a sprawling Army barracks
 Some rebel commanders aligned with the FSA believe more of Assad’s bases by now would have been captured in the northern provinces of Idlib and Aleppo, if there’d been greater cohesion among the rebels

And with Al Nusra there is greater cohesion. 

Which is why I will say it again. Jabhat al Nusra must be considered, because they are, the elite troops of the NATO mercs. Brought in to clean house and to organize the fighters into a more cohesive and deadly fighting machine.

" Led by al-Qaeda veterans from neighboring Iraq, al-Nusra can now rely on 5,000 fighters
The group,  Al Nusra, was in the vanguard of the capturing of the Taftanaz air base near Idlib, a rebel operation that U.S. State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland described as “a significant blow to the Assad regime’s ability to resupply its forces in the north.”She made no mention in her press briefing of the fact that al-Nusrahad been primarily responsible for the seizure of the base......."
Victoria Nuland left that important point out? Why?


The video below just came to my attention. And, as sure as I live and breath and you read here, this video bolsters my claim of Jabhat Al Nusra being the elite NATO mercs. Brought in to get the job done. The job that all the other mercs have failed at so far. Victoria Nuland had to have known that Jabhat Al Nusra was involved with the capture of some of the Taftanaz air base. Of course she did, because according to the information contained in this video NATO and Israeli special forces were present too.
Listen to the accents of those talking...

Suspicion of US, Israeli and French Special Ops in Syria Running High

"On January 8th, rumors circulated of US, Israeli and French Special Ops crossing into Syria to attack Air defense positions and airports, most notably Taftanaz. If the presence of NATO is confirmed on Syrian soil then Nerve Gas will be unleashed on all FSA positions."
 Quoting from SyriaTube above.

About their claim of "nerve gas being unleashed on all FSA positions" Highly plausible. As I have already explained Jabhat al Nusra is cleaning house. It comes down to you are with them or against them, hence one dead FSA leader already. No one who is less then useful is going to get out alive. This is a dirty business, these are all killers for hire. Therefore is is entirely possible that some kind of chemical attack could be launched against the mostly useless fighters.. 
But who will get the blame for the attack?
 NATO special forces present in Syria?
 Jabhat al Nusra the NATO elite Islamist force?
If there is a chemical attack it will be blamed on either Syria or perhaps Russia?

Cue a comment from a previous post  
freethinkerJanuary 13, 2013 at 3:54 AM
Syria: False Flag designed to discredit Russia.

 Last time I will make the point. Jabhat al Nusra must be looked upon as the elite NATO merc forces. The timing for their entrance onto the Syrian scene is not incidental or coincidental. They have been moved in to create the cohesion necessary to take Syria from it's people. NATO is definitely hoping that these hard core elite fighters will whip the bumbling fighters into shape or cull the herd. Once and for all.

This is definitely dangerous. 
I reiterate after adding the additional information.
This development is definitely dangerous