Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Israel attacks Syria: Details sketchy and of course contradictory

Exactly what I had feared was going to happened has happened. Israel has attacked Syria.
I have mentioned this fear previously at the blog and over at MoA


That all said, and I do say it cautiously Israel is the wild card
They can launch a go it alone strike on Syria.

That was three days ago. I believe I made that remark prior to that date over at MoA
It sure looked as if that was going to happen and sadly it did

Israeli aircraft fires missile at target in Syria

Israeli aircraft attacked a truck convoy along the Syria-Lebanon border Wednesday, hitting one vehicle carrying weapons, according to a Western officials and a former Lebanese security official. But Syria denied there had been a border attack, saying instead that the Israelis had hit a defense research center near Damascus.

The conflicting reports deepened the murkiness surrounding the strike, which was met with official silence in Israel.  

Syria says Israel attacked military research center 

Syria Says Israel Struck Military Site, as Accounts Diverge -WP 

Israel conducts rare airstrike on Syria; state TV says jets hit military site near Damascus

 Israel conducted a rare airstrike on a military target inside Syria near the border with Lebanon

No matter how this is spun, it is clear Israel has attacked Syria
Now what?


  1. Well this is a stern test for Iran, just this week the SL spokesman said any attack on Syria will be viewed by Iran as an attack on itself. Shows that Syrian and Iran's radar is not good for low altitude or they might have been jammed. Iran must be seen to do something else it will be attacked and destroyed.

  2. Hi Penny, the Israeli regime attacked a military research centre in Damascus according to the Syrians. The research was into missile development. An RT reporter said there was an attack near the border with Lebanon, likely a convoy. So possibly 2 transgressions of international law if the incursions into 2 sovereign countries aren't included. The deaths and injuries resulting must be called murder as the Israeli regime has not declared war.
    But don't worry for Rothschild's terrorist Israeli regime led by the psychopathic and neurotic Netanyahu, Cameron has got their back. Of course these international law breakers will be praised and butt-kissed by the zionist lobby funded tripartite free masons (the org that shields child abusers and murders) and even more laws passed to allow the criminals to visit the Rothschild's UK thiefdom.
    It continually amazes me how much "benefit of the doubt" mainstream media give to known terrorists that have been proven to be serial atrocity perpetrators. The telegraph a prominent MSM outlet owned by Barclays bros. gives a perfect example where tens of bodies, different accounts give different numbers, were carried into an al nusra terrorist held area by a trickle called a river, the tens of bodies having to negotiate barbed wire that had previously been laid across the trickle to stop terrorists from using the concreted cutting as a route into army protected areas. After negotiating the barbed wire the bodies then had to proceed into the terrorist held area then stop.
    The Syrian MSM tell a far more convincing story. Saudi funded Muslim Brotherhood's al Nusra terrorists murdered them for resisting their orders and blamed the atrocity on the army, as usual.
    I wonder whether, when the dust settles whether the SOHR Coventry "gentleman" will be prosecuted for aiding terrorists. The same can be asked of many MSM outlets and the UK regime itself.

    1. Hey clothcap
      I think the two attacks are not linked to Israel
      I actually believe the convoy attack was undertaken by the rebels if it happened at all
      I do, however, believe that Israel struck the centre in Damascus

      Yes, noticed the 'massacre' occurred in terrorists held territory, which of course means it is business as usual for nato's crew.

      did you happen to catch the BBC interview with the masked Al Nusra terrorist
      that shit is priceless. I mean really? The bbc nonchalantly conducting interviews with terrorists who are on the US list?
      As if