Monday, January 7, 2013

Israel building Golan Fence in Syria since 2011

You could be forgiven, based on reading the latest round of thousands of  msm news stories, for believing that the Israeli theft, by stealth, of Syrian homeland in the Golan Heights was a recent development.
However, if you ‘believe’ that you would be: wrong. Very wrong.
If you continue to believe this obfuscated 'news' after reading what is posted below you are choosing to be willfully blind. Or foolishly naive? Just plain ignorant? Uninformed? Propagandized? Whichever? Why would anyone choose to fall under any of the previous descriptor categories?


                            A Syrian girl takes a photo of an Israeli settlement in the Golan Heights
image from PBS
I am, of course, referring to the thousands of  news stories over the past 24 hours with headlines that read like this : 'Israel to build/construct a border fence’ (link above)
This is not new This is not, yet to happen. And this fence is not on the border.
This ‘fence’ is on  Israeli occupied Syrian territory.
That is Syrian land occupied by Israel.
Hence the description of theft by stealth, obfuscated by the reporting of Israel friendly media.

Let’s flashback to  August 15/2011. 17 months ago when media coverage of the separation/apartheid/ghetto wall, oops.... construction of the 'security fence'  first surfaced. 
From there we will take it back even further, to August 8/2011 when Syria contacted the UN formally  informing the organization that Israel had begun construction of a fence in occupied Syria. 
Pay attention to the dates.

Syria calls on UN to thwart Israel's 'separation fence' on Golan Heights August 15/2011 Haaretz.

 The letter was sent to the secretary-general on August 8/2011
The Syrian ambassador wrote that the Israeli government was trying to separate the Syrian-Druze population of the Golan Heights from their Syrian motherland. "As instructed by my government, I wish to relay to you a complaint that the Israeli occupation authorities have begun the construction of a racist separation fence on the occupied Syrian Golan," the Syrian diplomat wrote.

The ambassador noted in his letter the construction of "the separation fence" east of the village of Majd al-Shams during July. "The reason for its construction is to prevent Palestinians and Syrians from crossing the cease-fire line and reaching the occupied village of Majd al-Shams" the Syrian ambassador wrote.

The fence construction which began in July 2011 was allegedly to prevent Palestians and Syrians from crossing the ceasefire line and reaching the occupied village of Majd al-Shams.
The Syrian ambassador also argues that the Israeli actions are contrary to international law and constitute a violation of the disengagement of forces agreement that followed the Yom Kippur War. "Syria is calling on the UN to take all necessary steps to put an immediate end to the Israeli actions," the letter says.

Since UN peacekeepers are present at the ‘ceasefire’ line it only makes sense  that the UN was already well aware of the fence construction. And did nothing to stop it.

Also from the same Haaretz article: "the IDF is deploying new mine fields along the border with Syria  since many failed during incidents that took place on Naqba and Naksa days."

Guess the mine fields just didn’t kill enough innocent civilians, so Israel will deploy new ones

Felt the need to set the record straight...


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