Thursday, January 31, 2013

Syria takes complaint, regarding Israel's unprovoked attack, to UN

Syria has formally complained to the United Nations over a reported Israeli attack within its borders.

 Israel has declined to comment.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said: "If this information is confirmed, then we are dealing with unprovoked attacks on targets on the territory of a sovereign country, which blatantly violates the UN Charter and is unacceptable, no matter the motives to justify it."

The Syrian army statement said the Jamraya centre - which was focused on "raising our level of resistance and self-defence" - was damaged in the attack, and specifically denied reports that an arms convoy had been hit.

It said "armed terrorist gangs" - a term the government uses to describe rebel groups - had tried and failed repeatedly to capture the same facility in recent months.

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  1. Possibly more media fakery in Syria, 'Intense Battle Scenes from Damascus', here:

    The photographer explains the context and there are a couple of critical comments:

    Wonder if the Russian Navy was able to detect any Israeli planes during the strike in Syria . . . since pretty much the entire Russian Navy was conducting maneuvers off the Syrian coast.

    Wonder why Russia isn't bringing something in front of the Security Council, as a permanent member, condemning Israel's attack. Instead they want to "clarify" the situation . . . . meanwhile the UN envoy Brahimi recommends the Security Council act in Syria and they will be 'cajoling' Russia into a Libya repeat.

    Syria cannot bring something in front of the Security Council and that's why they just wrote two letters, to the Secretary General and the Security Council. Also, "Syrian authorities protested to the UNDOF (UN Disengagement Observer Force) Force Commander" but "UNDOF did not observe any planes flying over the area of separation and therefore was not able to confirm the incident. UNDOF also reported bad weather conditions."

    1. Hi WWM:

      and thanks for the links
      RE: Syria and the UN- the complaint would fall on deaf ears anyway
      It seems on that count Syria is doing this more as PR move
      Because IMO that is the only value in it.

      "UNDOF did not observe any planes flying over the area of separation and therefore was not able to confirm the incident. UNDOF also reported bad weather conditions"

      big surprise, not!
      They have apparently seen no NATO mercs passing through either.
      The UN is completely corrupt The observers got their orders.

    2. "big surprise, not!"

      No kidding. Both Russia (who was flying jets in the Med around the same time Israel conducted its attack!!!!) and the UN saw no evil. Both these groups were equally unhelpful with the Turkish jet incident last year as well. And these are the two groups that some are relying on to save Syria!

      I also agree proposing a UN Security Council resolution would only be for show. But this is diplomacy 101. If Russia were serious about standing up for the principle of sovereignty, it would have to repeatedly make this diplomatic point in the UN. It should veto every single resolution until the issue of sovereignty is respected in the Security Council. It should also bring resolutions condemning the illegal arming of the "opposition."

      Russia needs to propose a resolution condemning Israel and then make the U.S., U.K., and France veto it and go on record supporting this illegal attack. Instead, as noted, Russia will consider whether to listen to Brahimi's recommendations!

      So what the UN is seized with does matter for propaganda purposes. At the least, Russia and Syria would want to blunt the Western use of the UN as a propaganda stick.

      Yet more evidence of Russia's duplicity and complicity, imho. I wonder who is manning the Syria air defenses. If they are Russians it's in Syria's best interest to immediately relieve these people of their duties and try to train some Syrians.

  2. UK: Israeli raid on Syria is justified
    "“I’m not going to give any condemnation of Israel, rushing to any criticism,” Hague told the BBC....
    "we have to get to the root causes of it and the root cause of the Syria crisis is not Israel,”" [...]

    This should turn all the attention away from the israehell bombing and will be be psychologically manipulated to justify the naked premeditated israheli aggression after the fact.

    Police: Suicide bombing at entrance to U.S. Embassy in Turkish capital, 2 dead [i smell a kosher false flag]
    "The bomb appeared to have exploded inside the security checkpoint at the side entrance of the embassy, but did not do damage inside the embassy itself. Footage showed that the door had been blown off its hinges and debris littered the ground and across the road. An Associated Press journalist saw a body in the street in front of an embassy side entrance.

    Police swarmed the area and several ambulances were dispatched. An AP journalist one woman who appeared to be seriously injured being carried into an ambulance.

    The police official, who spoke on condition of anonymity in line with government rules, said police had examined security cameras around the embassy and had identified two people who could have been the suicide bomber.

    The embassy building is heavily protected. It is near an area where several other embassies are located, including that of Germany and France. Police sealed off the area and journalists were being kept away." [...]

    RT: Suicide bomber strikes US Embassy in Ankara, two killed
    "one source at the nearby British Embassy who spoke with the Daily Telegraph contradicted Turkish media reports that the blast was caused by a suicide bomber.

    "It was not a suicide bomber or car bomb. Someone left a package or threw a package," the source said."

    1. Thanks SAJ
      I have just put up a new post regarding this incident
      Not a surprise that the UK will not condemn this incident
      Not a surprise at all
      It would seem sensible they had first hand information as well as the US
      Will check out all links
      Much thanks

  3. The Srebrenica massacre was a gigantic political fraud - exclusive interview

    ‘America's Nazi scientists fulfilling dream of ruling the world’ - Bruce Gagnon

    Few other nazi stories this week

  4. Speaking of Srebrenica . . .

    Goran Tomasevic, who is the photographer that took the suscpicious looking photos linked in the first comment, got his start working for Reuters in 1996 covering the "anti-Milosovic" protests.

    In other words, he's a prime suspected perp.

    He also happened to be at the fall of Saddam's statue in Baghdad, which we know was a coordinated media event:

    Notice the number of pictures where he just happens to be aiming his camera at a target that blows up, gets hit. Seems like they created these scenes rather than just capturing them.

    For instance, in the photo essay at the Atlantic, he just happens to be filming two "rebels" as they are both hit by sniper fire. [and once again we see a retarded "attack" by rebel actors--a bunch of thinly protected guys bunching together in the open as they foolishly attack tanks with mostly small arms] Also, Tomasevic happened to be filming a wall as he caught a tank shell exploding! I guess he was composed enough to take pictures during the incident as his comrades are diving for cover. Similarly, he is well positioned during other attacks as his comrades get shot and then drag the body past him. He's always there for the shot and apparently not worried about being just as exposed as the two guys that get hit by sniper fire.

    Anyway, here's another very similar photo essay by this perp from last year: There may even be some of the same actors. Also notice they stage the same scene: "rebel" fighters drag a dead comrade through a very tiny hole in the wall. I've never dragged a dead body but I imagine both of the scenes depicted would be very difficult to do in real life. To drag 150 pounds through a tight hole while in the open and being fired upon by army snipers has to be very difficult. I don't know why common citizen soldiers, "rebels", would be so well trained that they are able to expertly retrieve their dead. I would think ragtag civilians would be more likely to leave a dead body in the street so they don't get shot themselves foolishly retrieving it.

    Penny also brought up a good point elsewhere . . . that these "rebels" have been attacking the very target Israel just bombed so obviously the rebels are being coordinated by military experts and aren't just citizen militias.

    1. I'm searching for other references to another fortuitous photograph taken by Mr. Tomasevic as shown in his August 9, 2012 photo essay, , of Syrian jets firing missiles. But I see some similar images on the web before August 9. The Syrian Army appears to have used the image in 2010?! [just putting the image into google image search]

      Update: looks like folks at Simon Shack's forums have already analyzed the photo and looks like it may be photoshopped:

  5. I really agree with this tactic and Iran does it well also.

    Go straight to the supposed "authorities" with it and make a case in the International Community. It will do little good, but it does set it on record at very least.

    As Chompsky says "The laws are there, well defined, but they are not inforced."

    I'm way behind on today's news. Ran into a new Pepe Escobar article, an RT interview also with him and then the Corbett Gladio info. Gotta go read some "news"

    Long Live Syria
    A Syrian Percussion piece for you all given to me about a month ago by a Greek fellow who loves music.
    Regis Blood Witness:
    The video is a silent Bela Lagosi dracula film
    This ole woman bounces in her seat to this ;^)