Monday, February 18, 2013

Are the winds of change blowing in Syria? -UPDATED

If the US plays poker and Russia plays chess........Adrian Salbuchi paraphrased
How to interpret these THREE news stories?
Is change in the air??

E.U. foreign ministers reject arming Syrian rebels

Rejecting a push by Britain, European governments on Monday decided against providing weapons to Syrian rebel forces, expressing fears that more arms would only lead to more bloodshed in a conflict that already has taken nearly 70,000 lives.

I see that the numbers provided by the Saudi’s to John Kerry are not used in this article. No surprise there.

A report issued Monday in Geneva by the U.N. Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria said the Islamist fighters include foreigners — from Libya, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt — drawn to the Syrian conflict

The number of such foreigners is a small proportion of the total uprising, according to news agency accounts of the report, (What about other accounts? Not news agency accounts. This claim bolsters the official narrative of a homegrown uprising, that has never been the case) but they are considered particularly important because of their experience in irregular warfare and use of homemade bombs. Nevertheless, the commission urged rebel leaders in the umbrella National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces to dissociate themselves from the Islamic groups, which it said would make it easier for Europe, the United States and others to provide aid.

The alleged diverse ‘rebel’ groups cannot dissociate themselves from on another. They are different pieces of the same material. NATO material.

The European Union imposed an arms embargo against Syria in May 2011, covering the government as well as the rebels, but it was scheduled to expire March 1. Monday’s decision renewed the ban for three more months, but, in what was portrayed as a compromise, it contained a promise to alter the terms to permit the supply of more nonlethal equipment designed to save civilian lives.

The ministers did not spell out what that meant in practical terms.
You can read the article entirely at the link

Now, let’s move on to this piece:

Revealed: Russia's double dealing on arms to Assad regime leaves UK isolated over Syria strategy Continuing sales to regime leave UK isolated over its strategy for Syria
Yah gotta love the ‘Independent’ spin. Russia “double dealing”?
How about the US/UK/Israel/GCC double, triple and quadruple dealing
Playing it every which way they can....
Did the Independent get that headline from the NATO information awareness department?

Russia has been accused by Western diplomats of reneging on a pledge to stop supplying arms to the Syrian regime.

From all my reading, which has been plentiful on this subject, there never was a pledge from Russia to stop supplying arms. Russia has made the same statements, repeatedly. About fulfilling prior contracts.

The flow of arms has, however, continued unhindered with the Russians stressing that there was no United Nations prohibition on supplies and it was simply fulfilling its contractual obligations. As well as air- and naval-defence systems, the Kremlin may now be preparing to send Yak-130 jets which can be fitted with missiles to carry out ground attacks, according to American and European officials. Russia's state arms agency holds a $550m contract to supply 36 of the Yaks, which are trainers but can also be used on combat missions.
Russia has insisted that it is within its rights to keep arming the regime as there are no UN resolutions prohibiting this. Anatoly Isaikin, the director of Rosoboronexport, said: "In the absence of [UN] sanctions, we are continuing to fulfil our contract obligations. We are mostly shipping air-defence systems and repair equipment intended for various branches of the military."
However, it is the Syrian regime's air defences, overhauled and upgraded with Russian help, which have been a powerful deterrent against the West declaring a "no-fly zone" of the type which, after it became a bombing campaign, brought down Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.

Western officials also claim that Moscow has refused to provide full details of the contractual obligations they have to fulfil and there is also evidence that the regime is getting further Russian arms through third parties.

Moscow has no obligation to provide full details of any contractual obligations to the West.

The Russians, on the other hand, insist that their opposition to UN resolutions against the Assad regime, bitterly criticised by the US and Britain, has not stopped the building of growing links with the Syrian opposition.

Russia has been dealing with the internal Syrian opposition all along. The external one on occasion.

Then this interesting paragraph. A truthful admission. An admission of nefarious dealings on the part of the West. I am going to highlight it for you all

Ahmad al-Khatib, the head of the Syrian National Coalition for Opposition Forces – set up at the instigation of the West to replace the Syrian National Council.

The instigation of the West. The instigation of the West. The instigation of the West.

Last news item: Mediator Brahimi seeks Syria-opposition talks at UN

International mediator Lakhdar Brahimi called on Sunday for talks between the Syrian opposition and an "acceptable delegation" from the Damascus government on a political solution to the country's 23-month-old civil war.

Which Syrian opposition will be at the talks? Internal? External?
Remember Khatib (external) offered to talk to the Assad government? Khatib’s offer to talk to the Assad government would indicate that representatives of the Assad government could form an acceptable delegation. However there was no agreement on the part of  the Assad government to meet with Khatib. In fact the government of Syria  may have sent a message via the media in Syria snubbing the NATO opposition. The opposition created at the instigation of the West.

Al-Watan newspaper described it as a political “manoeuvre” that comes two years too late.

A political manouevre that comes two years to late


HUNDREDS of troops backed by military vehicles poured into the northern province of Aleppo following rebel advances 

 The reinforcements arrived at the town of Tal-Aran in the southeast of the province.
 Tuesday's deployment follows unexpected advances by the rebels in their thrust to seize control of air bases in northern Syria and to capture Aleppo's international airport.

"A large number of troops are currently approaching Aleppo from the east, redeployed from central Syria, to keep the rebels from taking the country's second-biggest airport," said Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman.

"The army will not let Aleppo international airport go without a big fight." (The rebels do not have the airport, it appears that the Army will not let them take it)

On Monday, they made a brief incursion into the airport's (Aleppo International) fuel warehouse before the army pushed them out, a military source said.

The source also said the rebels had seized a building strategically located 200 metres from the airport.
Fighting between rebels and troops also erupted Tuesday in southern Damascus, where the army deployed reinforcements in a bid to drive insurgents out of belts surrounding the capital.

But in Damascus province, as in much of the rest of the country, rebels and the army have reached a military stalemate, said Abdel Rahman (Syrian Observatory)

"Across Syria today, there are hundreds of flashpoints. Both the army and the rebels are over-stretched," he said. (Is Abdel Rahman able to speak to the status of the army?)

"While the rebels have made significant advances in some areas such as Aleppo province, the army is not going to let any strategic area slide. So what we are looking at is a long-term war of attrition."


  1. Re the Update . . .

    Why should we believe a single thing the Syrian Observatory claims? Even when this obviously Western controlled propaganda outfit claims something the anti war side wants to hear, it is likely disinformation.

    Completely worthless.

    1. Hey Walter

      We have to view everything with a skeptical eye. True.

      That said, the reason I used this was because it seemed quite likely that Syria has moved troops into the area for the very reason that the rebels have been striking hard and trying to make advances

      Always keep in mind that two objectives for the NATO mercs
      1st: take enough territory to declare a sovereign territory in Syria (as was done in Libya, but, has not so far been done in Syria)
      Enabling the 2nd agenda that advances the NATO strike potential:
      The no fly zone
      Their mercenaries have tried and failed for nearly two long years.

      Therefore I would expect Syria to respond to this latest attempt and it seems they have.

      Also interesting that Syrian Observatory remarked on the stalemate in Syria, and that appears to me to be correct.
      For some time now.

      That said if you feel the info is worthless, ok
      But in light of all I have read I found value in it

    2. I seriously doubt the NATO mercs have the 1st agenda you state. I don't think they ever intended these NATO mercs to be a serious fighting force or "army". Therefore I seriously doubt the NATO mercs are even trying to take territory.

      I suspect the media stories (emphasis on story) exaggerate the military coordination and deeds simply to create the image of a revolution or civil war to justify further Western intervention.

      I bet they do hit and run attacks and assassinations, not take airports. I bet the command and control is completely Western!

      I don't trust any of this media. They are complete liars and fabricators. Especially the Syria Observatory. I too was duped a few times in relying on information from these perps and I now know better because these liars have been caught lying so much that it is stupid to take anything they say at face value.

      They (or more precisely HE) should be completely discounted and ignored, imho.

    3. You doubt the 1st agenda on the mercs plate?
      The one that was all about taking territory to enable a now fly zone?
      I am a little stunned that you doubt that one... that has been obvious from the get go when the first attacks came in from Turkey.

      " I bet the command and control is completely Western!"

      Yes, I would agree with that. Since the whole operation is run by NATO.
      The command and control always has been Western.

      So we will agree on what we agree on and disagree on the rest and leave it there
      Bye for now WWM

  2. From all my reading, which has been plentiful on this subject, there never was a pledge from Russia to stop supplying arms. Russia has made the same statements, repeatedly. About fulfilling prior contracts.

    Penny, have you read my extensive comments on this subject? Like here? Clearly, Russia is double dealing and clearly Russia has already "promised" not to deliver weapons to Syria. Russia is breaching major contracts with Syria and Iran, its putative allies.

    What basis do people have to accept the propaganda coming out of places like Debka files or Moon of Alabama? It's complete balderdash.

    How many times is Debka files or some other unnamed Russian official going to cry wolf? Seriously, have a single one of these leaks about the Russian military bear supporting Syria turned out to be correct? C'mon, no reasonable person can take these claims seriously.

    For instance, as I note in the linked comment, Russia has failed and refused to deliver the most advanced fighter jets and missile defense systems to Syria and Iran! Russia has clearly BROKEN CONTRACTS with Syria and and Iran AFTER the EU and Western sanctions were placed on the countries. Please let that sink in. There can be no bigger betrayal re arms contracts to Syria and Iran than Russia BREACHING ITS CONTRACTS on these most important weapons systems. Iran was forced to sue Russia precisely because of these broken promises and of course the duplicitous Putin is using this as an excuse to weasel out of more contracts.

    So what is this business about Russia always saying they are going to honor existing contracts when it clearly breached its most important promises? I understand those words are being mouthed by the treacherous Russians, but clearly they lie. Plus, even if they were honoring the arms contracts, which they aren't, this would not be enough to save Syria. Russia is negotiating a transition government in Syria, it's putative ally! After Russia pretended to get rolled in Libya this just strains all credulity. No one is this incompetent. Just like Obama and the Democrats aren't incompetent when they are continually 'tricked' by the Republicans to expand imperial wars and engage in tyranny.

    The planes you discuss above, the Yaks, are not being delivered according to the RIA News Agency. Remember, the Yaks are BACKUP planes to the much better MiG 31B Foxhound jets that were promised to Syria. So no one should be using the Yaks as evidence of Russia's resolve.

    And what evidence do we have Russia is delivering these planes? Why doesn't Russia directly state what it's doing instead of these BS leaks in the Western press about what Russia "may be preparing" to do? May be? Preparing? C'mon. What ridiculous crap from people that have done nothing but cry wolf. The Russian press already quietly said Russia was breaching this contract as well as the Foxhound contracts and the S-300 contracts and yet we are supposed to believe this crappy leak?

    1. Is NATO directly stating what they are doing in Syria?
      No, they are not.
      Therefore it seems there is no reason to expect Russia to directly state what they are doing either.

      WWM: all along this has been a "best as I can figure out" based on msm reports
      I may not have got everything right, but, I think I'm doing ok.

      I did read your comment including your article from JP
      That piece is a puff piece
      It is Israel puffing it's influence to the audience
      "in what could be a possible outcome"
      Israeli media speculating

      I believe way back I left you some information regarding the S-300's
      I recall also leaving you info regarding the missile defence systems..

      Here is what I understand:
      There is almost two years of attacking on Syria via NATO's mercs
      And Syria has stood it's ground
      That has to tell us something about support from outside of their borders
      Along with the loyalty of the Syrians to their families and one another
      The details, perhaps all we can do make judgements based on available info
      But two years says something to me WWM
      IMO it should say something to you,also

    2. You are doing more than okay Penny. You have the best site on the internet, that I'm aware of, re the situation in Syria.

      Again many humble thanks for your tireless work.

      You are absolutely correct about this:

      There is almost two years of attacking on Syria via NATO's mercs
      And Syria has stood it's ground
      That has to tell us something about support from outside of their borders
      Along with the loyalty of the Syrians to their families and one another

      It does say something to me as well. Syria is one hard nut for the West to crack. That is why they are spending years softening it up with terrorism, propaganda, sanctions, embargoes, and diplomatic moves. These are standard war policies. The West wants to weaken Syria before it uses the real armed forces to attack.

      Also, I agree we are doing the best with imperfect information, but we don't need much information to make a few logical elementary points.

      Russia would be very unlikely to clandestinely supply Syria with arms or defend it militarily if it truly wanted to oppose Western hegemony in the region or support the principle of sovereignty. By necessity, a big world power like Russia will not take on the other huge world powers without setting the stage diplomatically. It would not have breached its contracts on the Foxhound jets or the s-300s! It would be advertising its ties with Syria and defending them. It would not be playing footsie in the UN with the Western attackers. Logically speaking, Russia would not be acting this way if it were sincere. Again, I remind you of how the U.S. acts when its ally in the region, Israel, claims to be under threat. Russia would do that with Syria if it were serious.

      And the Russians have cried wolf so much they can't be believed.

    3. "You are doing more than okay Penny. You have the best site on the internet, that I'm aware of, re the situation in Syria.

      Again many humble thanks for your tireless work."

      aaah, thanks wwm :)
      glad you appreciate it
      It is good to know that while we don't always agree you do get that this is more work then most would do, but, I do it because I enjoy it
      Should there come a time I don't. Then that will be the end of the blog
      But I am still enjoying the digging

  3. Off thread, but interesting Zombie meme update:

    Military practices gunning down zombies in San Diego.

    1. Zombies in San Diego
      WWM: did you know there is a movie coming out this spring WWZ
      John Frampton made me aware of it?
      You wanna talk predictive programming???
      Check back in the previous zombie post and you will see the info in the comments

  4. #Algeria Rejects #Qatar's Bribe Offer to Close #Syrian Embassy … #syria

    US has fabricated the crisis in Syria, says czech journalist

  5. Hi Penny, well done on Syria coverage.
    Breaking news mentioned recently 12000 Tunisian insurgents in Syria want to go home.
    In Turkey the opposition leader mentioned 10000 Taliban transiting thru Turkey to Syria.
    In Al Arabiya I think it was, Saudi and US negotiated with Yemeni AQ leader to send 5000 fighters to Syria.
    Before any of the above, German secret service estimated (memory failure, guess -) 10000 foreign fighters involved in fighting the Syrian gov't.
    Saudi sent in death row murderers and rapists, Turkey was recently reported sending in convicts too.
    The AQ associated LIFG from Libya was there from the time Soros' bitch Clinton got involved.
    Unknown numbers of Iraqi AQ are present.
    Oh yes, there is a facade of Syrian natives for who there are occasionally demonstrations never numbering more than a couple or 3 hundred contrasted with pro gov't demos numbering in the tens and hundreds of thousands.

    The airports around Aleppo the MSM was ranting about were defended/recovered at a cost of hundreds of insurgent lives, many Tunisian.
    On the meteorite strikes, we entered the "veil" in December, a dark place in the arm of the galaxy the solar system transits on its journey across the plane of the galaxy. I read somewhere way back when that it is a dusty debris zone. If so there will probably be many more meteor showers and light shows.
    However all the mystical shit is far more fun to read! :)

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    1. yes the FSA is mostly NON syrian...ferried by criminal regimes such as turkets saudis etc to the warzone