Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Israel to set up field hospital to aid 'Syrian' refugees

Yes, you are reading that correctly.
Israel is setting up a field hospital on the Syrian border to aid Syrian refugees

The Israeli army plans to erect a field hospital on the Syrian border to treat injured refugees.
The hospital is to be set up in the central Golan Heights or near the Quneitra border crossing with Syria.

Queneitra:  Much of that area occupied by Israel

"Much of the governorate was captured by Israel in the 1967 and 1973"

Queneitra: the crossing in which IDF and NATO mercs pass into Syria despite the presence of the UN. Or because of the presence of UN peacekeepers?

This incident from a few days ago ( Feb 16/2012) coincides nicely with the 'Syrians' treated in an Israeli hospital.
Quneitra rebels briefly controlled a military checkpoint in the town of Khan Arnaba before they withdrew...
Why would they have withdrawn? Did Syrian regular army force them to withdraw?
How many IDF were with the rebels? Or was it all IDF? Would these persons, forced to withdraw due obviously to the involvement of Syrian army, be our patients in the Israeli hospital. I would think so.
How about you?

BTW: in case this thought didn't cross your mind, let me help by mentioning this...

*Israel admitting they are setting up a field hospital indicates that Israel is fully involved in the attack on Syria to the extent that it's forces are taking casualties.

*It may also indicate to us all that Israel is going to increase it's activity in Syria and will be requiring the field hospital for immediate treatment of soldiers and perhaps their NATO merc pals?

Just a thought!

Now onto an update regarding the 'Syrians' in the Israeli hospital,  initially mentioned here: "Syrians" hurt in Syria being treated in Israel ??

Other then the narrative promoted in the Israeli media there is no real information that validates the Israeli  claim of Syrians being treated. Israel is even going so far as keeping these persons “under guard for their own protection”   An act I find very odd.

 Dr. Oscar Embon: "The Syrians are under guard for their own protection”

 "Under guard" 
Under guard from what? Under guard from whom?
The media, perhaps?
If Israel is so graciously treating Syrians why not allow the media in to interview them?
Showcase the hospitality of the Israeli nation and the terrific medical treatment bestowed on these refugees Really, wouldn't that be great PR for the state of Israel? Sure it would be!
And yet, Israel is keeping them under guard?
Maybe the guard is not on duty to keep the media away from the 'Syrians' ??
Perhaps there is another reason these individuals need guarding?? Is Dr. Embon  suggesting that the Israeli staff and other Israelis that enter the hospital cannot be trusted around the ‘Syrians’?
Does Oscar think some random Israeli might wig out and try to harm/kill one of these ‘Syrians’, thereby necessitating their "under guard" status? 
Just considering all the reasons for the Guard being present.

If you're at all curious about the condition of these persons in hospital you will be saddened to read that their recovery time is expected to be long. Very long.
" Long recovery awaits wounded Syrians in Israeli hospital"

Contradicting the earlier reporting:

One of the Syrians was seriously wounded, four were moderately wounded and two had light wounds. A spokesman said wounded are likely to be hospitalized for about a week.

Which means they would or should have been out of hospital by this week's end.
It seems as if the  “long recovery” message virtually guarantees this story is going away and no one is going to report on who (IDF) was really in the hospital in Israel (IDF)


  1. OT, but does anyone know why Lizzie Phelan is not posting on her blog? Googling hasn't turned up any info. Nothing new since November 2012.



    1. was unaware of Lizzie's absence
      Sorry I cannot help.
      If anyone else has read or heard anything can you leave some info?
      thanks in advance

    2. I too have wondered about her absence.

      From what I remember she went silent after her friend, the Syrian actor, Mohamed Refeh (alternative spellings), was killed.

      Also, the Ukranian journalist Anna Kochnev has been captured. So Ms. Phelan may fear for her life.

      Notice in the Western press they don't mention these incidents much and instead claim Western journalists were that were allegedly captured.

      I also haven't heard from the woman who wrote for Huffington Post but they spiked her stories on Syria. She was in Syria for a while and one of the few voices I trusted. Forget her name right now.

    3. Hey WWM

      I "know" who you are referencing but cannot recall her name
      Pretty sure I have one of her pieces linked here...
      In one of the more then 300 posts on Syria
      If I heard or read her name it would click
      But off the cuff, not

  2. They are picking us off one by one.

    Re: Under guard - are they guarding the injured or their organs?

    Carol x

    1. "are they guarding the injured or their organs?"

      Hey Carol

      In the hospital I suspect they are guarding Israeli soldiers

      As for the field hospital. That is likely duo purpose
      Heal and harvest
      There have been reports of organ harvesting already going on -thanks to the NATO mercs and the many killings of young Syrians

      The black market organ trade is one Israel has been implicated to be involved in on multiple occasions,

      IMO: Israel is not alone and do wonder if organ trafficking runs under the collective noses of NATO also... like human trafficking and drug trafficking
      As a means for their war madness

    2. Hey Penny,

      Agreed re the harvesting - there are definitely a number of actors in on it.

      All kinds of things going on along the Golan border - will be interesting to see how that develops.

      Penny - sorry to ask for this but can you change me on your Blogroll to be 'Blog of Blogs' and drop the world. If its not too much hassle i would really appreciate it. Thanks


  3. lizzie is posting on twitter....
    you can ask her there

    1. thanks for letting us know brian
      Jawbone: hope that helps

    2. Thanks for the info Brian.

      As someone who wants to read Lizzie Phelan I'm sad to see her move to Twitter. As a skeptical journalist asking hard questions she should be wary of allowing perp organizations to control her work content.

      I understand wanting to reach people but we are being pushed onto Facebook, Wordpress, Twitter, and the like, in an effort to control us.

      Has anyone seen an in-person interview with her since November of last year? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if she too was abducted and the NATO perps/mercs were holding her and issuing tweets in her name. Maybe they figure they can get away with it if she uses a medium that uses so few words so that they are more easily able to mimic her 'voice.' She only started tweeting this year.

  4. I suspect any field hospital will also be used as an interrogation and intelligence centre.

    This is an interesting article that raises many issues such how decent people can be (mind) controlled by their media and spiritual leaders and also highlighting how lackadaisical the Syrians have been in controlling their Turkish border.
    Shocking Facts Exposed… A Syrian Infiltrator Behind Enemy’s Lines

    1. Hey Freethinker

      I am going to read that one, it looks good
      As for Syria controlling their border..??
      I think parts of it (with Turkey) have been lost to them for some time now.
      Recalling the number of times Turkey fired on Syrian troops in "retaliation" for mortar shells???
      Indicated that Turkey was defending the NATO mercs and their cross border activities.
      Now with the patriot batteries??
      What can be done?

    2. Hey Penny and Freethinker,

      I know you guys are the experts on this but i came across this:

      Does that provide any clarification on what is going on?

  5. "When I first got into Syria, I was shocked to find no one of FSA terrorists to check who I am!!! All Mossad and CIA agents could enter Syria within 1 day!!! "

    So,none of the FSA terrorists checked who I am?
    Mossad and CIA could enter Syria within one day..

    Indicates he came through a border crossing controlled more or less by Turkey..

    1. But there are roads leading from Aleppo to the FSA controlled border crossings. What use do the Syrians have of any road leading to Turkey? Roads can be rebuilt. A week or two back I posted a link to a video of a convoy of very large trucks (that need good roads) crossing the border laden with machine tools and goods stolen from Aleppo.

    2. I don't know freethinker?
      I just don't know?
      If roads can be built in a week or two then perhaps NATO is building them from Turkey inwards to Syria.??


      Without being there it's anyone guess....
      I don't hold the idea that borders can be tightly controlled. Anywhere.
      Not enough manpower etc., to guard them

      Of course with the rise of the drones???
      Who knows then?