Thursday, February 21, 2013

Israelis arrested in Romania: Suspicion of human egg trafficking

Israel and organ trafficking. Israel and human trafficking. Israel and drug trafficking.
How about Israelis and human egg trafficking?- Ynet
God's chosen?
Just when you think you have read it all......
The two Israelis involved have had their passports returned, therefore I would expect they will make their way back to Israel

Two Israelis who were arrested Tuesday in Romania have been released to their hotel in Bucharest, Romania early Wednesday.

 The two got their passports back, but the stay of exit order issued against them still stands.

The two, Prof. Raphael Ron-El who runs the In Vitro Fertilization Clinic at Israel's Assaf Harofeh Medical Center and laboratory technician Dafna Komarovsky, were detained during a raid Tuesday on a fertility clinic in Bucharest for alleged involvement in the sale of local women’s eggs to Israeli couples.

 In addition, some 30 people – both Romanian and Israeli – were questioned. It is believed there was cooperation between representatives of private clinics in Bucharest, and fertility experts from Israel, breaking the country’s organ transplantation law. The medical center released a statement saying Professor Ron-El "has been working with this Bucharest clinic for 15 years, backed by the approval of the Israeli Health Ministry and with a Romanian work license. Throughout this period, his actions followed Israeli and Romanian law.
Of course the Professor is going to make exactly the type of statement made

 Local police searched the clinic, suspecting that Israeli experts were making substantial earnings from the illegal business run at the location. Romanian police said that the clinic recruited women and girls who agreed to allow their eggs to be removed and used in fertility treatments.

In addition to searching the clinic, local authorities searched the homes of six people under investigation. According to the authorities, experts in the clinic removed the eggs of Romanian women between the ages of 18 – 30, some students, paying them between 600-800 euros ($800-1,066).

 Most of the people who benefited from the service were Israeli women who visited Romania for artificial insemination, and the suspects made "considerable financial gains" through this illegal human egg trafficking, police said in a statement. According to police, they sold the eggs for a price of 3,000-4,000 euros ($4,000-5,330)

Just a few weeks back we had the news of Israeli authorities sterilizing Ethiopian Jews
Now we have Israelis benefiting from black market human eggs and the exploitation of the poor
 I shake my head..... in disgust

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