Monday, February 25, 2013

Nearly two decades of no global warming: From the Globaloneyists

But much globaloney!

Brief digression:
A word that came to my attention, attributed to Clare Booth Luce, in a book I was reading some years back.

Clare assailed Vice President Henry A. Wallace's freedom-of-the-air policy to insure international peace, calling it "globaloney."
 A term also attributed to the creation of the UN many decades ago. It works

The promoters of globaloney are the Globaloneyists.

Digression over. Onto the news at hand

Nearly two decades no increase in global temperatures

Not a surprise. It's always been all style and no substance from the one world tyranny at the IPCC for a very, very long time now. Actually from it’s inception the IPCC was charged with creating the illusion of ‘man made global warming’ for a political/profit agenda.  This UN/US/UK plan was not about aiding humanity. The UN does not really concern itself with the well being of humanity or the quality of life on planet Earth. One needs only look at the UN’s propensity for supporting endless war, bloodshed and mayhem to understand that obvious, in your face, FACT.
The UN is an illusion. Created to blind or fool mankind into holding fallacious beliefs.

Rajendra Pachauri, has acknowledged a 17-year pause in global temperature rises.

Dr Hansen, from the NASA Institute for Space Studies, has also acknowledged the pause in global temperature rises over the past decade.
In a paper published last month he said the five-year mean global temperature had been flat for a decade, "which we interpret as a combination of natural variability and a slowdown in the growth rate of the net climate forcing".

All these many years have passed and anthropogenic global warming has been hyped all along.
Meanwhile... reality being, you know, real. Actual. Global temperatures have not risen for 17 years and the Britians Met office has revised it figures downward for another 5 years, ending in 2017
Meaning that global temperatures will have remained steady for 20 years.

Personally speaking. It has been a long cold winter.


  1. Two articles delve into this issue from a critical analysis angle:

    Three Mile Island, Global Warming and the CIA


    There’s more to climate fraud than just tax hikes

    The story will eventually have to adapt to reality somehow.

    1. Both good articles atheo.

      It has been clear for some decades now that the 'environmental' movements have been utterly hijacked and co-opted. All of the 'mainstream' ones at least all tow the line as far as AGW goes.

      You gotta hand it to them though for taking advantage of a situation. Everyone, regardless of political leanings, wants to live in a clean and heatly environment. It was something which united us all - that was dangerous on many, many levels. As usual, they controlled the message and coupled with the degradation of education the vast majority of people fell for it.

      No one talks about REAL pollution any longer, things like soil erosion and loss of arable lands, depleted and contaminated water resources, the adulteration of the food supply with GMOs and their associated pesticides and herbicids. The real toxic by-products of the oil industries and of course as you mention, the nuclear industry as well.

      Sad, that.

  2. "The story will eventually have to adapt to reality somehow."

    Only if people keep pointing out the obvious fallacies inherent in the AGW lie
    The media won't bother
    The media caters to the globalist agenda
    Will check out your pieces