Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Syrians" hurt in Syria being treated in Israel ??

Yah, this story made me chuckle. The absurdity of it.
Couldn't pass it by. Let's look at this tale with a more critical eye?
 7 Syrians hurt in civil war treated in Israel

You see, 7 Syrians were hurt and Israel is graciously treating them in Israel
The seven Syrians wounded in the upheaval gripping that country for almost two years were evacuated to Israel, and were all in stable condition on Sunday after surgery at Safed’s Ziv Hospital.
Their admission came as a surprise to Ziv, but the hospital spokesman said: “When patients come to the emergency room, we take care of them.”
Yet. Netanyahu has made very clear: "Syrian refugees will not be allowed to cross the Israel border" 
 Israel, that humanitarian nation will not allow Syrian refugees but supposedly allows 7 Syrians cross the border at Golan for medical treatment.???

Netanyahu continues "We will continue to guard our border and prevent passage and entry to Israel, except for exceptional, isolated cases, every one will be considered on its merits."

Sure. “Exceptional, isolated cases” 

Would you really think 7 injured Syrians would qualify as exceptional cases for passage into Israel?
I don't.
That is the first hint that these are not Syrians.
And there are more indicators that tell us these are not Syrians.

Controlling the narrative is at play in this instance and that too tells us much

“It is not known if the men were rebel fighters or belong to forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad”
We are supposed to believe the ‘either/or” paradigm. It’s either this or it’s that. But, don’t think there might be a third choice. Just believe these men are either rebels or their Syrian Army.
But, what if the men are not Syrians, rebels or otherwise?
What if they are Israeli soldiers participating in the destabilization campaign?
Israeli soldiers would surely qualify in such “exceptional, isolated cases”

 Perhaps you still doubt these were Israeli soldiers crossing back into Israel but there is more:

“The men were allowed to cross Israel's frontier with Syria on the Golan Heights after signalling to Israeli soldiers that they were wounded.”

What kind of signal could the Syrians have indicated to IDF? How was the signal transmitted to the IDF?
OBVIOUSLY, it would have to be signals that both parties would be aware of. Could these Syrians have the means, radio etc., to signal the IDF soldiers,?? What signal  would the IDF recognize that would be known by the Syrians?
If the IDF recognized the signal, this would indicate prior knowledge of a correct signal or sign, that would be necessary to gain safe passage and protection in and out of Syria, for Syrians?
How would Syrians have access to this type of information, along with the ability to transmit said signals?

And if you still doubt that these were Israeli soldiers...

Let me take the time to remind you that way back in 2011, August 2011, Israel  had already mined the border between Syria and Israel, including in the Golan Heights

Anticipating attempts by Syrian civilians to cross the border into Israel in September, the IDF has placed antipersonnel landmines along the Syria border in the Golan Heights

Mentioned again in January 2013

"the IDF is deploying new mine fields along the border with Syria “
The IDF has had two years to create new mine fields and replenish old mine fields
Which would present another challenge to our exceptional Syrians crossing into Israel.
How did the Syrians  know exactly where to cross to avoid all those Israeli landmines?
Could they have somehow got a hold of a map that would indicate where those mines are located?
Enabling them to safely make their way back to the border and signal the IDF that they were injured, ensuring them safe passage to an Israeli hospital for treatment.
Would all that be possible for Syrians?
Would Syrians know how to safely traverse the minefields?
Knowing how to signal their injured status to the IDF
I don’t think Syrian’s would have that knowledge
I do think Israeli soldiers participating in the covert attack on Syria would have that knowledge

Just one last point that has to be made:

Israel's claim that these soldiers are "Syrian" gives the Israeli government the ability to deny their involvement in destabilizing Syria. By claiming these are Syrians Israel's government can cover up the fact that these are really IDF soldiers. This lies enables the Israeli government to keep the truth of their involvement in Syria hidden away from the Israeli public.


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    1. Thanks AP

      It really seemed impossible that Syrians were being treated in Israel
      all things considered

  2. guess what.....

    Mainstream media wishes to tell readers that they are sorry to have to say that not as many people died in Libya under Colonel Gadaffi as they had been informed, and we do apologise for the cock up....

    Tim Anderson posted in IMPERIALISM WATCH

    Tim Anderson 18 February 20:08
    So, most of those people Gaddafi was meant to have killed didn't really die? -
    Libyan revolution casualties lower than expected, says new government
    so as the air clears and the life and legacy of Colonel Gadaffi receds into history and beneath the african sands, the monsters which created the catastrophe slowly admit was all based on lies...sorry about that!

    1. In the case of Libya, sorry, doesn't cut it for NATO

    2. Wonder if Russia learned its lesson.

      Yet they are once again negotiating a transition government in the UN Security Council, this time in Syria.

      And supporting the adventure in Mali and Somalia and Afghanistan.

  3. the power of lies is they look just like the truth...its hard to tell the two apart

    1. Indeed brian, that is the power of lies, propaganda or perception management
      that it is dressed up to look like truth on the face or surface of it, but just dig a little deeper...