Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Syrian"opposition" at Arab League. "Requests" US counter SA Airpower

Each day the NATO/GCC/Israeli axis of evil makes another move on their geopolitical chessboard
You know the chessboard that has humanity as the pawns?

First: Opposition takes Syrian seat at Arab League

Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the emir of Qatar, opened the conference on Tuesday by inviting Moaz al-Khatib, the president of the Syrian National Coalition, to take Syria's seat.

Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the emir of Qatar, opened the conference on Tuesday by inviting Moaz al-Khatib, the president of the Syrian National Coalition, to take Syria's seat.

He told the audience of kings, emirs and presidents that he still supports a "political solution" to the crisis in Syria, but one that does not "rewind the clock."

Al Thani also called for setting up a $1bn fund to protect the "Arabness of Jerusalem," though he acknowledged that past promises to aid the Palestinians have gone unfulfilled.

"We are all obligated to work to defend Jerusalem.... the Arab states must swiftly and seriously act," he said, adding that Qatar will contribute $250m to the fund

Moaz al-Khatib sitting at the Arab League? Not Hitto, the Kurd from Texas?
Are we looking at two western ordained leaders for a divided Syria? 
It appears so.

Thani from Qatar: "We are obligated to defend Jerusalem"? : though he acknowledged that past promises to aid the Palestinians have gone unfulfilled.

It would seem, based on past promises by the GCC,  the only pledge to defend Jerusalem will be by allowing Israel to force the Palestinians out of their land.

 Second development: Syrian opposition leader asks U.S. to counter Assad's airpower
There it is, the "no fly zone"!

 Moaz Alkhatib said he had asked U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry for U.S. forces to help defend rebel-controlled northern parts of Syria with Patriot surface-to-air missiles

 The Sunni Muslim cleric took over Syria's vacant chair at the Arab League summit in Doha despite announcing on Sunday that he would step down as leader of the Syrian National Coalition.
Patrolling northern Syria by air, will make Israel's move on Iran that much easier. Recall the 3 possible Israeli flight routes to strike Iran?  Flashback to a few relevant older posts.....

September 2012: Worrisome scenarios? You got'em. Israel, Syria, Iran & Canada

Excerpt below/ PDF available at the above link
 It is possible that Israel will carry out a strike against Iranian Nuclear Facilities, if the U.S. does not, with theobjective of either destroying the program or delaying it for some years. The success of the Strike Mission will be measured by how much of the Enrichment program has it destroyed, or the number of years it has delayed Iranian acquisition of enough Uranium or Plutonium from the Arak reactor to build a nuclear bomb.

• We conclude that a military strike by Israel against Iranian Nuclear Facilities is possible and the optimum route would be along the Syrian-Turkish border then over a small portion of Iraq then into Iran, and back the same route. However, the number of aircraft required, refueling along the way and getting to the targets without being detected or intercepted would be complex and high risk and would lack any assurances that the overall mission will have a high success rate.

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July 28/12: Israel's attack on Iran "Preparing for a war by surprise"

August 15/12: Israeli attack in Iran will include, missiles, assassinations

It sure is a good thing Turkey and Israel  mended fences and such......


  1. One of the reasons I believe Israel had its Georgian troglodyte attack South Ossetia in 2008 was to clear the way for an Israeli attack on Iran. The Israelis would need refueling points both to Iran and from Iran on any air strike, which means they would need someplace their air tankers could operate from somewhere along the route. Operating from Turkey was out, but Georgia already was allowing the Israelis to operate drones, so they wouldn't object to other Israeli aircraft. Georgia is more under Israeli/zionist thumb than it is controlled by American or European interests, contrary to what is assumed.

    Likely the northern route you show is close to what route they would take, with air tankers meeting the Israeli war planes not to far from the Iran border. The problem with this plan was that Russian AD in South Ossetia and Abkhazia could possibly detect the Israeli aircraft flying towards Iran, and would certainly detect the air tanker sorties. So the Russians had to be pushed out of those 2 countries. It should be noted that when Russia did their "clean-up" of the Georgian forces, they specifically trashed the Georgian base the Israeli drones were operating from.

    About the Patriot missile batteries in Turkey, these were "pre-setup" to be there to enforce a regional no-fly zone along the Syrian-Turkish border once the terrorist enablers got their go ahead. The range of these missiles against aircraft is 160km (roughly 100 miles), more than enough to cover such an initial border no-fly zone.

    I should point out that as part of the Israeli-American disinformation about these missiles, and their role, it was claimed the variant emplaced in Turkey is a version (PAC-3) with a range of only 20km, IE: too short to cover a no-fly zone. That range is the distance the missiles would be able to attack ballistic missiles, not aircraft. The range against aircraft is 160 km. The difference is due to the Patriots being designed to intercept ballistic missiles as they reenter the atmosphere in the terminal phase of their flight. Patriot is not a "space weapon" and is limited on how high up it can intercept.

    This misleading ploy of conflating the anti-missile intercept range with the anti-aircraft range is consistent with the propaganda that the patriot batteries were deployed to prevent Syrian missile attacks on Turkey and to hide the real offensive purpose of the deployment, which is against Syrian aircraft within Syria, to cover a repeat of the Libyan scenario. I bring that up because at MoA I noticed sayanim Don Bacon was still trying to push the 20 km range rubbish in order to deflect people from considering their deployment as part of a pre-planned no-fly zone. He was informed of the facts months ago, but still persists in knowingly posting the same disinformation. I have not checked around, but I'm assuming this disinformation about the Patriot deployment in Turkey has been spammed on other websites, perhaps by sayan Don, certainly by others, shilling for Israel, to sow confusion. It's an obvious "talking point" Tel Aviv has instructed its spammers to use.

    вот так

    1. The Russians just singed a 20 yr offtake agreement for LNG from Israel - a hedge against Turkey? They remain the dominant provider to Turkey, though the current fallout between Turkey/US vis a vis Kurdistan - not to mention the PKK truce - is all about securing the export route for northern oil. Iraq has been undergoing a slow tourniquet of sectarianism to solidify the wedge. The death sentence for the VP last year - who incidentally went to Turkey/Qatar - and the raid of the finance official solidified the split. But the recent announcement of the IRanSyriaIraq pipeline construction means the race is on.

      The Med basin remains in play. The US is still trying to mediate the Lebanon maritime border with Israel to open the fields. Lebanon is moving forward with block auctions which can't sit well with the Israelis or possibly for that matter the NBL. Turkey was rumored to have told the EU|IMF that any collateralizing of Cyprus gas was a nonstarter.

      Of course by now the stories of the Russians pulling their money early is well known. And it makes sense considering the Russians have been in loan discussions for months. Putin knew exactly what was going on in Cyprus and when it was going to come to a head. I am sure he also took careful stock of the new President - the NATO backer - and the fact that the EU waited to resume negotiations until he was installed.

      Israel today rushed to Greece to assure them that the mutual defense treaty and interoperability that came to fruition in the wake of the Turkey fallout wasn't going to change. Israel-Cyprus and Greece are in talks to create a gas axis.

      In Bulgaria, the fallen government's last act was to kill the Burgas pipeline which would have terminated in Greece.

      It would appear Greece and Cyprus are about controlling the gas corridor especially in view of the Nabucco fail.

      It is probably also worth mentioning that Azeri pulled the Russian radar sites in a nod to the Caspian masters. Meanwhile, the Russian have just announced a re fleeting of their caspian fleet while the Iranians just announced last week a new ship for their fleet.

      Putin it would appear has his eye on the arctic first an foremost. The story about the Norwegian find in the area ceded by the recent agreement on border delineation cause some rancor inside Russia.

    2. As pointed out by Anonymous, Russia just signed a gas deal with Israel: http://en.rian.ru/business/20130226/179690676.html

      Russia also conducted joint exercises with the Israeli military in the Mediterranean in 2011 and has let Israel dictate to it what weapons it can sell to Iran and Syria.

      Russia also joined the WTO last year.

      Israel is also now supplying Russia with weapons.

      Russia is more closely aligned with Israel than it is with Syria/Iran. The tension between Israel and Turkey as well as the tension between Israel and Russia is likely created to cover up the fact these countries are actually working together.

    3. "Russia also conducted joint exercises with the Israeli military in the Mediterranean in 2011 and has let Israel dictate to it what weapons it can sell to Iran and Syria."

      "Israel is also now supplying Russia with weapons."

      First time I heard of the military exercises. How about a source on this?

      The Russians did buy Israeli drones, but that is the only recent example I've heard of Russia buying weapons from Israel. Last I read, the drone deal is finished and Russia wasn't planning on buying any more Israel drones.

      Israeli/zionist influence in Russia is probably huge, though if it were as great as speculated, there would be no Putin/Russia demonisation in the zionist western media and the zionists/western fascists wouldn't need their terrorist insurgency in southern Russia - they would be using them in the several central Asian republics that have so far maintained some independence of zionist/western control. My guess is that zionist control of Russia is not as complete as in the west, perhaps it was during Yeltsin's time, but since then they have lost ground and are trying to retake that ground - hence all the constant hostility towards the current Russian government. Likely the Russian non-zionist factions have to take into account the Israeli/Jewish mafia, and their abilities (think of them as a extra governmental security service run by jp who probably do have a potential ability to assassinate Russian leaders), besides dealing with the "legit" zionist/fascist western capitalist establishment. It's hard to know what is going on within Russia, as they play chess...

      вот так

    4. I have written a number of comments on this blog about my suspicion of Russia being in cahoots with Israel. This and the following posts lays out most of my arguments why I suspect this: http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com/2013/02/un-to-israel-remove-settlers-israel-to.html?showComment=1360187645229#c8131111736654552976

      Here is a link to a story about the 2011 joint Israeli/Russian military exercises in the Med (I have linked to other reports about this story on this blog as well): http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2811985/posts

      Some other news you may also have missed is the stuff on the Conventional Forces Treaty (discussed in my posts linked above) which I'm not aware of anyone else really focusing on.

      Thanks for the report that that the Israeli UFV contract has ended . . . my understanding was the Russian contracts for Israeli hardware was increasing . . . as the Israeli's role supplying military hardware to the World has increased in general the last few decades. So I will have to look into it further.

    5. Walter Wit Man

      I looked at your both your earlier comment about Syrian Perspective and the Russian-Israeli military exercises. Doubtful anything more than upgrades are done on MiG-31's as these aircraft are no longer being built. Any MiG-31's Syria might have, would have been purchased either new a long time ago, or from used ex-Soviet stock. Without looking it up, my guess is these are aircraft the Syrians have had for quite a while and not recently acquired. Syrian Perspective has a tendency to exaggerate, his "Syrian MiG-31's strafe Dimona" story is in an example. Or maybe he was doing satire, he does that, too.

      The military aide Russia gives to Syria is not publicly announced. How much they are helping the Syrians fight off Israel's minions is anyone's guess outside the respective governments. The S-300 is constantly touted as as new state of the art AA defense. It is not, it is an obsolescent weapon, like the MiG-31 discussed above, belonging to the 80's era. The Israelis (and the Americans and NATO) know the S-300 inside and out, through examples from ex-Soviet republics. The S-400 is the current model, and it is brand new, just being deployed in Russia. All units are needed to rebuild Russian AD and it wont be for sale outside for some time. The model to replace the S-400 is already being developed as the S-500.

      The material I found about those Russian-Israeli military exercises was scant, very general, and limited to web discussion sites, not from news sources. I seriously doubt they took place at all and the story was one probably one of the usual plants on the web by Tel Aviv or Langley. The 2011 timing with the early part of the Israeli assault on Syria makes it likely this was a psyops op against Syrians, by placing doubts about Russian support in the hope of demoralising them.

      I don't doubt there is Russian-Israeli connections, including many behind the scenes. But as I stated earlier, Russia is under attack by the same sort of ops used against Syria. So is China. The use of color revolutions and terrorist insurgencies are against countries Israel, and the rest of the fascist oligarchy (NWO) uses on countries they do not fully control. If zionist controlled Russia to the extent they controlled the USA, they would not need an insurgency there to destabilise the country, and like with the USA, such an insurgency/destabilisation would be harmful to their own interests. In Europe, one saw the same. Deliberate chaos, insurgencies and color coups attacking the members of eastern Europe after the Soviet collapse, not attacking western Europe, where zionist influence was already large and well established.

      вот так

    6. (Second part)

      It is given Israel/zionist interests have substantial control in the western capitalist countries. The extent is debatable, but there is no doubt they have a strong influence. How many these zionist friendly western countries have insurgencies and color revolutions operating against them? That's right, none. So the question is: if Russia is equally under zionist control, why are the zionists staging an insurgency against Russia? They don't do it against countries known to be under their influence. If Russia was under zionist control, they would simply do there what they do in the USA.

      If one looks around the globe to where there is conflict, one can see that all these insurgencies and wars are against countries where zionists/NWO fascists don't control the country, and the violence is to either gain control, or wreck the country. The zionists and the rest of the NWO operate as one, most of the time. It is not possible that the USA/NATO would be staging an insurgency against Russia or China without zionist approval, and vice versa. They are all in on these ops. Where they may differ is in specific tactics or in that "special feeling" for Israel. The conflicts in the NWO establishment over tactics happen all the time, and are rarely delineated along zionist/non-zionist lines outside of specific greater Israel concerns or something having to do with essentially Israeli affairs.

      вот так

    7. If zionist controlled Russia to the extent they controlled the USA, they would not need an insurgency there to destabilise the country, and like with the USA, such an insurgency/destabilisation would be harmful to their own interests.

      I agree with that sentiment
      It also applies to China, Iran and other smaller nations

    8. Of course, Syria

      thanks bot tak :)

  2. more fine info on Syria. Thanks Penny.

  3. It is interesting that some speculation of the bank account theft planned for Cyprus is Israeli-American-EU revenge against Russia for supporting Syria and Iran. This was because many of Russia's richest people had off-shored money in Cyprus, and the bank account theft would affect these people disproportionately. Notice, though, I used the past tense form, "had", not "have":

    Russian oligarchs have outsmarted the EU


    "Judging by the russophobic rhetoric of the European authorities and the European media, the rationale behind the artificially created Cypriot crisis was to expropriate the money from “Russian accounts” held in Cyprus. After providing tax shelter for the Russian oligarchs, the eurocrats have decided to steal their money under the guise of a “Cypriot bailout”.

    If several reports coming from Reuters and other European sources are correct, it seems that the eurocrats tried to beat the Russian oligarchs at their own game and lost the match. The week which passed between the beginning of the crisis and its final resolution was used by Russian businessmen to exploit each and every loophole to take their money out. Unsurprisingly, given their huge experience in the unforgiving business world of Russia, they succeeded. Now, the two biggest banks of Cyprus are drained of Russian capital and this will drastically increase the “haircut” on all other accounts left with those banks. Neither the Cypriot nor the European authorities are willing to admit their failure but it is only a matter of time until they have to.

    How did the Russian money escape Cyprus even when the whole Cypriot banking system was “frozen”?..."

    вот так

    1. "It is interesting that some speculation of the bank account theft planned for Cyprus is Israeli-American-EU revenge against Russia for supporting Syria and Iran"

      Revenge against Russia? Hardly. Against Russian oligarchs perhaps, but what does 'Russia' care if some of its oligarchs get a 'haircut'. It seems to me that this bank raid is very much in Russia's interest as it should, to some extent, de-offshore the Russian economy. Why is the press making out that this is a strike against Russia?

      If I were a cynic (heaven forfend) I might be inclined to think that this is actually a pay-off, or sweetener, to Russia.

    2. "It seems to me that this bank raid is very much in Russia's interest as it should, to some extent, de-offshore the Russian economy."

      That was the thought the article ended with. The ruse to siphon off some of that Russian economy didn't quite work out. Stealing from the oligarchs would still be removing Russian monetary resources, and contribute towards the Russian economy in a negative way. Right now the Russian economy is doing better than European or American, in that it is not in such rapid decline. That is something the west probably would like to change.

      The bank account theft is to give the banksters more free money they have not earned. The western media was quite happy it was Russian money being stolen. Now that it will be mostly from people in Cyprus and westerners who get their accounts raided, this raid may not turn out as they hoped, and fuel further anti bankster rebellion. People in the west might not care about Russian oligarch money being stolen, but their own money? Eventually people will have had enough of those people, their Cyprus move pushes them that much further towards that understanding. Hubris and chutzpah can only go so far...

      вот так

  4. #Syria’s Rebels Come From 29 Countries -

    http://news.antiwar.com/2012/12/20/un-syrias-rebels-come-from-29-countries/ …

  5. Taliban opens bureau in Qatar :Same country funding terror groups in #Syria & Allies of FUKUS http://j.mp/UYDTVV

  6. It all comes down to force and reality on the ground. The invaders have been losing badly for quite some time, so they want to use missiles or jets. Nothing new.

    Perhaps the only thing ZATO can do is send in a lot of soldiers and try to shoot down Syrian air support. But Russia is backing Syria, so this is likely to lead to yet another embarrassing failure.

  7. Terrorists in Syria caught with the makings for chemical weapons:

    Краткая сводка о ситуации в Сирии за 26-е марта


    Translation of description with the video:

    "A brief summary of the situation in Syria for 26th March

    March 26th, in the province of Damascus in the Al-Uteybe Syrian military depot of the insurgents was discovered. In this warehouse were seized huge quantities of arms and ammunition, as well as components for the chemical weapons. Besides all this were taken modern communications, ammunition and medical supplies. Withdrawal from warehouse as terrorists chemicals intended for weapons of mass destruction [? that the terrorists continue to store chemicals for weapons - not sure], is remarkable in light of current realities and shows once again that among the militants in Syria toxic substances are abundant.

    In the province of Hama Syrian troops detained a van that was loaded with a half ton of explosives. The most interesting thing in this case that the vehicle is remotely controlled, and in front of the steering wheel was put a dummy.

    As a result of a mortar attack by terrorists Umayyad Square injuring several people. Dead, thankfully, no. Also one mine militants exploded near the Syrian TV."

    вот так

  8. Hi Penny. AGree the likely outbound route is via Turkey. I would expect the jets to continue to the Gulf and land on a US carrier. An alternative is for the US to paint up some of their jets and set off from the Gulf with zio entity pilots.

    Reading back you've done some really good stuff on Syria.
    I'm going to another country sometime in the next few months, house hunting on the net is tedious and dealing with estate agents, well, there are some good ones... somewhere. I hope.
    Busy on the work side too so I don't expect to be able to put in much time harvesting news for a while but we'll see.

    Your comment on the troll, my sympathies. I didn't unscreen it as trolls see any kind of a reaction as some kind of triumph.

  9. The flight of Israel places over Syria can be discounted until the Iran's listening, radar post at Latakia will be silenced and cut off. This posts is what provides currently the SAA the command and control communication from the German naval boot to its terrorists. A very successful counter intelligence i would say.

  10. Don't those fools in the AL realize they're next?

    Or do they hope that by offering some sacrifices, they'll appease the Zionist wolf?

    I can hear it now, some WH bullshit artist saying we bombed Syrians at their governemnt's request.

  11. Hugo Chavez, for example, said that Fidel remained his political ideal role model, but the ruler who was closest to him in his style of behavior and who continued Castro's work was Bashar al-Assad.

  12. Push on Damascus coming
    Mideast powers opposed to President Bashar Assad have dramatically stepped up weapons supplies to Syrian rebels in coordination with the U.S. in preparation for a push on the capital of Damascus.

    Firing at commercial Iran craft?
    Syria rebels destroy plane carrying Iranian arms: activists

    In the meantime someone wants Coms to MENA cut,
    Egypt's naval forces captured three scuba divers who were trying to cut an undersea Internet cable in the Mediterranean on Wednesday, a military spokesman said. Telecommunications executives meanwhile blamed a weeklong Internet slowdown on damage caused to another cable by a ship. Col. Ahmed Mohammed Ali said in a statement on his official Facebook page that divers were arrested while "cutting the undersea cable" of the country's main communications company, Telecom Egypt. The statement said they were caught on a speeding fishing boat just off the port city of Alexandria.

    Reminscent of 2008, no?

    This as Putin calls snap Black Sea Exercises
    Putin orders surprise Black Sea military exercises involving 7,000 troops and dozens of ships to test the army's battle readiness, the Kremlin said. Putin drew up the sudden order overnight while flying home from South Africa where he attended the summit of BRICS emerging economies in Durban. Peskov said 36 ships from the Russian Black Sea Fleet's base in the Ukrainian Crimean city of Sevastopol and the Russian port of Novorossiisk would be involved in the exercises.

    And the US is flying B2s over Korea (recall the recent Russian foray over Guam)

    1. Reminds me how the internet was cut in Afghanistan (and Iraq, ifirc) right before the wars. Of course the internet outage in Afghanistan was blamed on the Taliban . . . .

      And we have had the internet already cut off in Syria. But I can see them wanting to expand this to neighboring countries because of the likelihood of the conflict spreading across the region. I suspect the average Joe in Egypt is much more open to the truth that Syria is being taken down by the West (with the Egyptian government assistance) and is less likely to swallow the propaganda.

      I bet the U.S./Israel/Muslim Brotherhood decided to cut the internet and blame it on these special forces dudes who we are supposed to think are Israeli or something. The Egyptian telecommunications executive probably flipped a switch.

  13. Re the discussion above on the Israeli defense industry . . . here is an interesting article in the Financial Post:

    "[Israel's] annual defence-related exports have tripled since 2001 to US$7-billion plus, making Israel’s military export sector the world’s fastest growing, and among the world’s largest. In 2010 a U.S. government report found that Israel ranked as the world’s third largest defence exporter, behind only the United States and Russia."


    Also, I was not aware a "five-year military cooperation agreement between Russia and Israel" was signed in 2010:

    "A new five year plan has been hammered out and signed during a meeting of the Russian and Israeli defense ministers in Moscow.

    The agreement boosts military ties between the two nations to help them fight common threats, such as terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

    The agreement inked today by Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and his Israeli counterpart Ehud Barak sketches out the further military co-operation, between the two countries for the next five years.

    Specifically one of the highlights of the document is that Russia will buy 12 UAVs from Israel. The Russian minister said that 50 technicians are already being taught to operate them.

    There was also a talk to build a joint facility where those drones will be built, because Russia expressed desire to participate in manufacturing of the UAVs.

    The document also sketches out details of further military cooperation: an exchange of experience and information in spheres of mutual interests, which includes issues of international security. . . .

    Aryeh Levin, former Israeli ambassador to Russia from 1988 to 1992, thinks the important thing is not only a technical aspect of fighting terrorism, but also cooperation between Russian and Israeli intelligence services . . . ."


    This also explains the "briefing" Israel gave the Russians before its recent jet attack on Syria. And I guess the joint military exercises.