Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4 Italian Journos kidnapped in Northern Syria: Who did they get photos of ?

Short on time today. Had this one bookmarked. You may have read it. Or not.

Four Italian journalists have been detained (kidnapped) since Friday in northern Syria, although the circumstances of what happened are unclear.
Two of the men and one woman are freelancers, the fourth man works for Italian television station RAI.
Authorities in Rome say the are working to ensure the safety of the journalists.
euronews spoke to Cristiano Tinazzi, a journalist who has worked in Syria and with one of the reporters detained.

“Apparently the journalists saw a special unit known as a Qatibah. Apparently the Qatibah was not entirely made up of Syrian freedom fighters. The journalists mistakenly shot pictures of this unit. That’s why they were (kidnapped) arrested by the militiants, who wanted to double check their real identities,” Tinazzi explained
 “These militants, usually a group of militiants, form a unit and give themselves a religious name. They are militants who are not under direct control of the Syrian Liberation Army. Their inspiration is more or less the strict Salafi version of Islam and they operate within Syria,” he added. 

"Qatibah was not entirely made up of Syrian freedom fighters"

What other persons were  participating in or making up the Qatibah group?

They are militants who are not under direct control of the Syrian Liberation Army"
Well, then WHO OR WHAT are they under THE DIRECT CONTROL OF ?

If, I had to take a not so wild guess......the shots taken were those of Israeli special ops/soldiers.
Hence the reporters kidnapping and the most definite confiscation of their photos

Hattip to john ! :)


  1. Cheers Penny. How can you be arrested by freedom fighters? Wouldn't this be more of a kidnapping?

    1. Yes, this would be a kidnapping John
      good point, I missed that thought and will change the post to reflect that more accurate depiction

      Ty John :)

  2. Mind you on reflection kidnapping tends to imply that terms for release are given; money or hostage exchange etc. Has this happened? What is it called if you are taken and not seen again? In Northern Ireland they were called the disappeared.

  3. Replies
    1. I think kidnapping is suitable

      "Authorities in Rome say the are working to ensure the safety of the journalists"


      Who and how are the authorities in Rome working with?

      It seems if someone you knew was kidnapped you would be working with someone to ensure the safety of the kidnapped

      Perhaps terms were given for release?

  4. The shameless Huffington Post omits the part about them being kidnapped by 'the rebels' leaving the impression that they were captured by 'the evil regime'. Not surprisingly the commenters are baying for Assad's blood. Young liberals are so gullible.

    Meanwhile the Filipino UNDOF team has been released, but still a media blackout (as far as I can tell) regarding Carl Campeau.

    1. Ah, Huffington Post..... always have to sort the wheat from the chaff at that place
      More chaff then wheat

      " Not surprisingly the commenters are baying for Assad's blood. Young liberals are so gullible."

      Because they are brainwashed "do gooders'
      When they are actually doing no good

      As for Campeau- Nothing. I keep an eye still on it and nothing
      However, Campeau 'friends' keep coming out of the woodwork to attack me, personally
      Using language that is very familiar, if you know what I mean?

  5. This sort of thing recently happened before. Back around December a woman reporter was kidnapped by Turkish special ops in northern Syria and taken across the border in to Turkey. She had recorded Turkish arms being directly given the terrorists by Turkish military operating clandestinely inside Syria. Likely the only thing that saved her life was news of her "disappearing" by Turks got out and the Turks were forced to release her. Likely they took her across the border, instead of killing her on the spot, because they wanted to interrogate and pump her for info thinking she was more than a reporter. This didn't get much coverage, if any, in the zionist western media, but Russian and Syrian media covered it.

    вот так

  6. Tinazzi, is a nazi reporter who works with military branch of Italian intelligence. In Lybia, he's try to kidnap and kill, by his new friends of ragtag of the TNC, a jamahiriyan member who hosted him for four months. In Syria, he travel from Hatay to Aleppo, alongside with the salafi-taqfirist terrorists killers of the FSA.

    1. Thanks, very much Nikola

      Very interesting.

      Tinazzi is of course the individual providing the info to euro news
      Tinazzi had been in Syria and had previously been with one of the abducted reporters
      Tinazzi, reeks of intelligence...
      Reminiscent of Marie Colvin (who was IMO intelligence linked)
      In fact Tinazzi, in Libya?
      Marie Colvin was in Libya also, but then the rebels, she cavorted with ended her life.

      And bingo Tinazzi on Colvin


      "When I saw her for the first time in Libya and me Rano immediately flashed to mind the stories of Salgari and the latest saga 'Pirates of the Caribbean' or Captain Hook, Harlock and so on and so forth. The pirate in question was Mary Colvin. Went around with an eye patch, black, and had a strong look. A tough one. It looked like a female version of the Israeli general Moshe Dayan"

      Thank you so much Nikola

      It seemed the most likely that the reporters had travelled with the nato backed terrorists into the country of Syria

      So, are you suggesting those that they travelled in with kidnapped them?
      Or did another group, tied to Israeli intelligence take them?

  7. See at: http://ildottorgonzo.wordpress.com/2011/09/19/meyssan-foto-di-famiglia/

    In this link, Cristiano Tinazzi, the little nazi-spy who works alongside the Italian military intelligence, denigrates Thierry Meyssan and Lizzie Phelan, describing them as agents of the Libyan dictator Gaddafi, in order to have them killed by the terrorists of the TNC, with which he was connected. In fact, Tinazzi, in previous years, had joined a committee of Italian-Libyan Jamahiriya friendship. He presented himself as a friend of Gaddafi. During the aggression against Libya, Tinazzi was a reporter and host of a member of the People's Committees of the Jamahiriya. But when NATO intervened, he suddenly began to exalt the NATO bombing and to demonize the Libyan Resistance. He even say, to the Iranian Radio - IRIB, he saw the mass graves (non-existent) of the Libyan regime... in order to support the TNC's narrative about the destruction of Jamahiriya.
    After the fall of Tripoli, the TNC terrorists raided the house of the host of Tinazzi, in an attempt to torture and kill him. After Lybia, he flies to Syria, to conduct the same work alongside the same salafi-wahhabi libyan terrorists.

  8. "So, are you suggesting those that they travelled in with kidnapped them?"
    In March 2011, Italy gave to TNC's terrorists a big amount of weapons and ammo from military intelligence's depots, in Sardinia. This shipping is today under Top Secret by Italian gvt. Probably, this weapons were shipped to Syria, with the lybians terrorists. I think, this is behind the kidnapping of the four reporters. Today, this kidnapped reporters was released by their kidnappers salafi terrorists.

    1. Nikola... thank you

      What a tale. Fantastic and yet.... I found an article


      What an absolutely sly way to cover up the diversion of weapons, purchased by the oligarchs with the 'tip off' from British intel
      Having Italy confiscate and store them at Sardinia, only to have them mysteriously 'disappear'

      thank you for shining a light on this tale of ...... intrigue and more
      I will make a post on this subject.

      Ciao Amico!

      Hope that is not to silly for you?

    2. Thanks!

      See at: http://aurorasito.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/la-jadran-express-e-i-quattro-giornalisti-sequestrati-in-siria/


    3. I will look at that Nikola
      I must put that through the translate to read

      and when I get the new post up on this topic I will leave the link here for you to read
      because Tinazzi is a most interesting character
      I did some digging through the dirt


    4. See at: http://www.worldtribune.com/2013/04/09/20000-u-s-m-16s-stolen-from-unguarded-warehouse-in-kuwait/

    5. See at: See at: http://www.worldtribune.com/2013/04/09/20000-u-s-m-16s-stolen-from-unguarded-warehouse-in-kuwait/