Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Arab Leagues makes 'concessions' on Palestinian land to Israel's benefit

Looks to me as if the traitorous nations doing the deals are largely the US/Israel subordinates in the GCC.
Israel is the big winner and the Palestinians are getting railroaded.. :To rush or push (something) through quickly in order to prevent careful consideration and possible criticism or obstruction

Arab states appeared to soften their 2002 peace plan on Monday when a top Qatari official said Israel and the Palestinians could trade land rather than conform exactly to their 1967 borders.

                                             John Kerry: Making deals to appease Israel

A senior Qatari official has said Israel and the Palestinians could trade land rather than conform exactly to their 1967 borders in what appears to be a softening of Arab states' stance on the 2002 peace plan.
Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani, Qatar's prime minister and foreign minister, made the comment on Monday after he and a group of Arab officials met US Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss how to promote Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Speaking on behalf of an Arab League delegation, Sheikh Hamad appeared to make a concession to Israel by explicitly raising the possibility of land swaps.However, it has long been assumed that these would be part of any peace agreement.

"This news is very positive," Tzipi Livni, the Israeli justice minister, told Army Radio on Tuesday.

"In the tumultuous world around ... it could allow the Palestinians to enter the room and make the needed compromises and it sends a message to the Israeli public that this is not just about us and the Palestinians."

Tzipi is very happy. Why? Arab league "consent" makes this appear, for perception management purposes, as if this deal is more then just catering or cratering to Israeli demands. Well, managed perceptions aside..this deal is exactly about giving Israel what it wants. Arab league consents makes the land theft more palatable to the masses. Easier to sell. Nothing more.

Arabs loosen stance on Israel's 1967 border

Arab countries endorsed a Mideast peace plan Monday that would allow for small shifts in Israel's 1967 border, moving them closer to President Barack Obama's two-state vision.

While little has changed in Israel's public posture, the remarks by Al Thani suggest that Kerry has had some success, at least, in coordinating a more unified regional strategy between the U.S. and its Arab partners.
Little has changed in Israel's public posture.... why would it?


  1. thanks to the anonymous commenter who brought this to my attention

  2. I would say that this indicates that a comprehensive deal has been reached on Syria & the disposition of the 'new' offshore gas deposits between Israel & the GCC.
    It looks like they are going full ahead to try & force a NATO military intervention into Syria near the end of June, as has already been written about by MK Bhadrakamur & others.

    Will Russia & Iran alone be able to derail it? China has still come out strongly against it, & like usual they seem to be letting the Russians do the heavy lifting while looking for advantage in the background...

    This is shaping up to be a dangerous couple of months for the world, for if this goes ahead the dogs of war will explode across the region.

    1. I was thinking about this in terms of pipelines and Qatar being the winner vs Syria
      (as covered in that 3 parts on Cyprus and the Assad plan)


      "Syria's destruction is Qatar's gain. Hence, Qatar's double dealings;

      One of the most active players in the Syrian opposition movement is Qatar, which is investing enormous amounts of money in the anti-Assad rebels. Doha, the capital of Qatar, is one of America’s closest strategic partners in the region, and ExxonMobil actually has multi-billion dollar contracts there. Qatar also has one of the world’s largest gas fields, South Pars, and it is the third-largest country in the world in terms of gas reserves (and the sixth-largest country in terms of oil exports)..

      At the moment, the emirate transports gas in special tankers, which is not the most convenient or the cheapest way to deliver energy. Moreover, Iran is constantly threatening to shut down the Strait of Hormuz, so access to the Syria pipe and the Mediterranean port would be really helpful to Qatar. "

      If Qatar is to be king... that would explain Qatar (making concessions/speaking for the Arab league) and being a ok with this agreement.

      And yes, this would indicate to me the attack is a go
      But first the no fly zone and the pretext is being created as we speak

  3. You're welcome penny.

    Selling Palestine shouldn't be a surprise, Qatar sold out syria and will sell out the whole Arab world for its own benefit. Will this work? Or will the joker, now drunk with another big win cash in again for more, like the whole Palestine. My money is on Netanyahu who will never agree to giving away any part of this land and go into history as the pm who did. So Qatar may be in for a surprise.
    I again don't see the conclusions you keep repeating about the no fly zone. Never going to happen, not in syria. The best the west can hope for is a demilitarized southern syria bordering Israel and Jordan but nothing more. This too will fail in time just like it did in southern Lebanon.
    The syrian army is making major gains and will soon spread south of Daraa to the Jordan border to challenge this plan.
    Except, again if the joker decides to play to derail any chance of peace and giving up land. Netanyahu may decide to play the Iran card by starting something in syria which would spread and bring in Iran and hizballah, and of course NATO and the Americans. Then everything is on the table and after the dust settles, a peace conference will redraw the borders.

    1. I again don't see the conclusions you keep repeating about the no fly zone. Never going to happen, not in syria

      I hope you are right and I am wrong!
      The no fly zone rhetoric keeps popping up in the msm
      russian airliner shot at
      chemical weapons dropped from the sky
      these stories can morph into needing a no fly zone
      that is where I draw my ideas from...

      "The syrian army is making major gains and will soon spread south of Daraa to the Jordan border to challenge this plan."

      fingers crossed
      and thanks again :)

    2. I'm sure you understand a no fly zone is full control of the air over all of syria. So, we're talking shutting down or eliminating all defense systems, you can be sure this would spread to Lebanon. It also means the 300 to 400 warplanes syria has would be grounded or eliminated. All missile bases would have to be targeted, all army units would either be bombed out or made to stand down. War ships put out of action. And on and on and on. Syria is not Libya and what we are suggesting is full scale invasion even if we don't call it that. Very tough to do if not impossible. Syria would go to war and the first target would be Israel, why not, can't lose more than you already have. If this happens, the joker will jump in because you just eliminated the northern flank. Next would be hizballah so full scale into Lebanon and finally, Iran. Wow, I would rather play chess than poker.

    3. "I'm sure you understand a no fly zone is full control of the air over all of syria"

      I understand that, yes.

      Often though there is talk of a partial no fly zone... that would be implausible in your opinion?

      Admitting to be no strategic war planner.. more of a news processor.

      I shudder at the thought of full scale warfare in that area...
      The ramifications of it all????
      Scares me. And I am very far from it all. Geographically speaking
      However..geography is not everything
      And this non stop warfare leaves a mark on all of humanity
      In other words humanity is poorer for this imperial fascism
      But, then I have very different ideas about how the world should be including the absence of government
      story for another day
      sorry for rambling

      btw: I really did like the joker analogy. It was perfect.

    4. I can assure you the ramifications of a regional war in this area scares the hell out of a lot of people even more. The cost would be astronomical which would negate any gain which is why it is not feasible.
      Syria learned a good lesson from the Iraq experience. Saddam was under the impression if he abided by whatever he was told to do, like eliminate his missiles, stand down his war planes, etc etc... They would not invade little did he know it was a ruse to make him disarm and weak then they would pounce which as you know is what took,place. Syria won't make this mistake. It had already warned Israel and Jordan they would target them at any sign of an attack. So even a partial zone would be rejected outright and the Syrians would throw everything they have at it. Because once you give a little they will come back for more, Syrians know this.
      I believe all you are hearing and reading is noise meant for internal consumption. Almost every country I studied seems to play by these rules, except one which is why I always qualify by the joker.
      Keep,the faith, a syrian analyst whom I respect for his well demonstrated knowledge is predicting a major diplomatic resolution shortly which would scare the hell out of qataris, Saudis and other GCC rulers, because this would set Assad as the leader of the Arab world. Interesting.

  4. Arab League?

    Shouldn't it be called the Israeli Junior Partners League now?

    вот так

  5. As well as openly supporting the destruction of two Arab states, Libya and Syria, the Arab League also appear to have the 'moral authority' to sign away Palestinian land to Israel. This Arab League is sure doing a great job for the Arabs.