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Boston blasts won't revive US-Russia reset: How will it affect Syria?

M K Bhadrakumar from Asia Times
Any event that impacts on the United States' "homeland security" would have worldwide repercussions. The repercussions of the Boston Marathon bombings are most expected on the United States' ties with Russia.

The US-Russia security cooperation has taken a beating in the recent year or two even as the "reset" in the relations ended and a period of cold-war style distrust and acrimony developed between Moscow and Washington. However, it is too big a surmise to make at this point that a resetting of the moribund US-Russia "reset" is under way as a result of the Obama-Putin phone conversation.

The point is, many issues of core interest to both sides in the overall testy relationship are intractable in a short term. Big powers do not overnight reset their compass. In fact, on Friday, the US State Department issued yet another annual human rights report, which alleged that fraudulent methods were applied by the Russian government in the last presidential election, which Putin won.
No answers yet:
The Kremlin gave a rather taciturn account of Obama's phone conversation with Putin, merely saying the two sides "emphasized their interest in increasing coordination between Russian and American intelligence services in the fight against international terrorism''.

Conceivably, Moscow would be quietly pleased that the US is getting a taste of its double standards on terrorism. The Chechen terrorists used to be known as "rebels" in the US lexicon.

But, having said that, Moscow would also be wary that taking advantage of Tsarnaev's Chechen ethnicity and Kyrgyz background, the US might insist on being a stakeholder in the counterterrorist strategies pursued by Russia in the North Caucasus and the Central Asian region. (Kazakhstan has an estimated 50,000-strong Chechen population.)

Significantly, on Saturday, Russia state television carried an interview with the Tsarnaevs' mother alleging that her sons were "set up" and that the two boys have been under "constant FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation] surveillance''." She said:

    They [FBI] used to come [to our] home, they used to talk to me - they were telling me that he [the older, 26-year-old Tamerlan] was really an extremist leader and that they were afraid of him. They told me whatever information he is getting, he gets from these extremist sites? they were controlling him, they were controlling his every step? and now they say that this is a terrorist act!

The Wall Street Journal meanwhile disclosed that the FBI had interrogated Tamerlan, who got killed last week, in 2011 at the specific request of the Russian government, "but didn't find evidence of suspicious activity and closed the case''.

Indeed, these are early days and the Tsarnaev file may take new twists and turns. Surprisingly, Tamerlan made a six-month visit to Russia last year and is reported to have visited Dagestan - that is, even after he figured in the FBI's watch list

India also had a strikingly similar frustrating experience when the Pakistani-American terrorist David Headley, who was involved in the planning of the fidayeen attacks on Mumbai in November 2008

Intriguingly, Putin's offer to Obama in his message within hours of the Boston bombing that "the Russian Federation will be ready, if necessary, to assist in the US authorities' investigation" - to quote the Kremlin readout - was made before it was even known that there could be a Chechen link to the terrorist act.

A cat-and-mouse game seems afoot. At a minimum, it seems possible that Russians could have anticipated that something like the Boston bombing was waiting to happen.

I think M K Bhadrakumar is stretching it a bit (underlined words) He seems to be implying Russia had some kind of knowledge there was going to be a Chechen connection. Or perhaps, I am misreading that?  It is possible that Russia smelled something foul afoot. What with the ongoing situation in Syria? The plan to attack Iran? Russia could/should have sensibly figured that at some point in time the US was/is going to put the thumb screws to Russia. To apply pressure to Russia. Surely Russian leaders are very well aware, surely more aware then I, of the great game afoot. The only way I see the Russian offer, prior to the Chechen link being proclaimed, is as a standard diplomatic sort of gesture.

Great game continues

Indeed, if the climate of Russian-American relations improves as a result of the newfound camaraderie over the struggle against counterterrorism and Islamist extremism, the fallout can only be positive for regional and international security.

For one thing, Russia's hard line opposing the ascendancy of the Salafist and al-Qaeda groups in Syria and its support of the staunchly secular Bashar al-Assad regime stands vindicated. 
Yet, the outcome of the "Friends of Syria" [FOS] core group meeting in Istanbul on Saturday shows, on the contrary, that the calibrated drift in the US approach toward deeper engagement of the Syrian opposition fighters will continue.

How far should the US be prepared to put its weight in on the Syrian issue has been a difficult decision for Obama to make. The Istanbul meet took an important decision "to channel all military assistance [to Syrian rebels] through the SMC [Supreme Military Council]."

US Secretary of State John Kerry announced that Washington will double its assistance to the Syrian opposition to US $250 million and will expedite delivery of new US military assistance to the Syrian opposition fighters. "I'm going to make sure this is a matter of weeks. It has to happen quickly; it has to have an impact," he said.

In fact, Kerry disclosed that FOS core group also discussed "how we might try to reach out to Russia" to persuade it to end its military assistance to Bashar al-Assad and its refusal to agree to a United Nations Security Council resolution.
There was not a trace of remorse in the US stance on regime change in Syria - that it might lead to the ascendancy of militant Islamists and al-Qaeda - in the aftermath of the Boston bombing.

I wouldn’t have expected there to be? Would any one have?
Again, US-Russia cooperation in counterterrorism struggle ought to be a game changer for Afghanistan. Nonetheless, there is no likelihood of a change of heart on the part of the US or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in their point blank refusal to have any collaborative partnership with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization or the Collective Security Treaty Organization in the stabilization of Afghanistan.

Suffice to say, the Great Game goes on - Tsarnaev or no Tsarnaev - because the Boston bombing may ultimately have little to do with US-Russia relations. The Chinese commentators are perhaps close to the point when they say the Boston bombing has more to do with the US's deepening domestic problems and its "sluggishness" in addressing them and the "gains and losses in the international sense" become irrelevant.

The real challenge facing Obama is not that the US-Russia reset has become moribund as a result of which the US's homeland security has suffered, but that such incidents like the Boston bombing, as Global Times newspaper commented, "will serve as catalysts pushing partisanship to extremes" in America, which is already facing "serious polarization of politics and society''.
Divide to conquer.

An update on Syria: 60 tons of aid from Russia and 500 EU citizens fighting alongside opposition

Two planes carrying a total of 60 tons of humanitarian aid to Syria from Russia will arrive in Syria on Wednesday, Syrian Information Minister Umran Ahid al-Zabi told a press conference in Moscow. The Syrian minister also said he appreciates the efforts made by the Russian administration to help resolve the conflict in Syria and assist the people of Syria.

“We appreciate this assistance and Russia’s position at the level of the people, the government, respected by President Vladimir Putin, Mr. Lavrov, Mr. Bogdanov, and our Russian brothers,” the Syrian minister said.

‘Hundreds of Europeans’ fighting along Syrian rebels

Some 500 Europeans are believed to be fighting alongside armed opposition forces against the troops of Syrian President Assad, EU counter-terrorism coordinator has told BBC.

Gilles de Kerchove said in the interview not all of them were radical when they left for Syria “but most likely many of them will be radicalized there, will be trained,” he added.

Gilles is full of horse hooey. If there are 500 Europeans fighting in Syria, they were trained and shipped to Turkey by the EU/NATO.
NATO’s Irish fighters played a big role in the Libya destabilization. Linking back to Turkey and the Mavi Marmara, too.


  1. Still busy, working on Part 3 of the Chechen/NATO theme
    Feel free to leave relevant comments

  2. "I wouldn’t have expected there to be? Would any one have?"

    Nope. Whether it's the great game, or the terrorism against countries like Syria, I don't see the Israeli-Americans doing a turnabout, either. It 4th Reich must continue ahead with it's plans at all costs...

    вот так

  3. Apparently Syrian internet is being blocked by Israel's minions and others were unable to access SANA (I had commented on how it was blocked at my end around a week ago). The Syrians are now using I guess mirror sites outside of Syria, just noticed this exchange at MoA:

    Posted by: Parviziyi | Apr 24, 2013 1:00:21 PM | 6

    "The first website I go to for news about Syria is the Syrian government's SANA news website. But there's been a problem accessing that site during the last week or so. For the past week or so, what works is: . What currently does NOT work is . Also does NOT work or at least it does not work for me."

    Posted by: Mr. Pragma | Apr 24, 2013 2:49:01 PM | 8

    "Parviziyi (6)

    FYI: is a system in Syria (and not reachable anymore). is a system in the Czech republic (and reachable).

    Just in case the western puppets play with the dns system you might want to note the IP address of
    (you can use the IP address as well as '' in your browser)"

    вот так

    1. ty

      though I had a look at it today and it seemed good

  4. Interesting

    A senior civil servant at Syria’s electricity ministry was killed by a magnetic bomb attached to his car on Wednesday in central Damascus, state news agency SANA reported.

    And from last year...
    An Iranian university professor working at one of the country's main uranium enrichment facilities has been killed in Tehran, apparently the latest victim in what is widely seen as a covert war against the Islamic republic's nuclear programme. Attackers riding on motorcycles are reported to have attached a magnetic bomb to a Peugeot 405 carrying Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a 32-year-old chemistry expert from Tehran's Sharif University who held the position of a deputy director for commercial affairs at Natanz nuclear plant in central Iran.

    1. as soon as I read magnetic bomb I thought about Iran

      And that says Israel, to me, loudly and clearly

  5. US is pushing back on Israel: Said US arms deal is tied to Israel complying with US on Iran. Today Kerry swatted down the Israeli chemical weapons claims
    Why is U.S. so reluctant to back Israel’s claims of Syria chemical weapons use

    1. perhaps because they don't want to appear to be colluding to obviously?
      Just a thought

  6. Juts re visiting this old border attack in Georgia in lead up to elections. Recollection is there was some discussion of it at the time here...

    1. Yes, I think this was discussed somewhere here
      But, there were claims, counter claims
      Recently didn't a Georgian politician make some specific claims about this?
      KavKaz has an interesting take on this
      Kavkz is spooky. But still worth checking out.

      "A leakage of information about the group's route occurred at the last stage of the operation. Georgian authorities immediately sent a large number of their special forces backed by helicopters against the unit of the recruits.

      The Georgian command entered into negotiations with the Mujahideen and invited them to lay down arms. The Georgian authorities said that the appearance of an armed group on its territory is regarded as a provocation, which could be used by Russia as a pretext for a new military invasion of Georgia.

      During the negotiations, the recruited Mujahideen refused to lay down arms and offered the Georgian authorities to unblock the route for further movement of the Mujahideen and to allow them to leave without hindrance the territory of Georgia which they had entered during their movement to destination site. After the negotiations stalled, a battle started"

      Did Georgia confront them for the sole reason that someone got wind of their movement through Georgian territory

      PS I expect Georgia to come into play again, soon

  7. The most recent Israeli propaganda stunt to get western militaries openly attacking Syria has been to claim Syria was using chemical weapons - again., using some video posted on youtube showing several terrorists foaming at the mouth.

    I wonder if these people realise how self-destructive their stunts are?

    Last year there were several incidents of people running amok and chewing on other people's faces. A couple incidents in the USA, and one in China, that I recall. This was attributed inconclusively to "bath salts". The incident in Florida where the cops shot the face eater, an autopsy of the guy showed no "bath salts" in his system and they were unable to find anything that might have caused his behaviour. The main reason for attributing these attacks to "bath salts" is the actions these attackers displayed was similar to that "bath salts" can cause, although not as extreme. That foaming of the mouth shown in the video (cited as evidence of Syrian chem weapon use by the Israelis) was one of the effects of "bath salts".

    Also last year news came out about both the Libyan and Syrian terrorists using mind altering drugs that "made then fearless", according to interviews with terrorists who had used them. They were given the drug so they wouldn't fear attacking Libyan or Syrian military forces. What the terrorists described as effects of the drugs was very similar to what people who used "bath salts" described as their effect.

    Earlier I had speculated that whatever drugs the Israeli-Americans were giving these terrorists were popping up as part of the illegal drug racket. As any drug used like that inevitably does, given the close association between the western security establishment and the Jewish/Israeli mafia (who handles the bulk of the illegal drug trade worldwide). There may be several different drugs in use with similar effects (likely these terrorists are also ideal guinea pigs to these fascists to test out any new mind control drugs they create), one of which sometimes causing the "face eating" behaviour among people who may have used it. It is probable that forensic tests used by the Florida coroner would not detect these new drugs, they are still secret and too new, which would explain why nothing was detected in the attacker there. It is also likely that "bath salts" is an encompassing name that includes similar drugs to the actual bath salt ingredient "marketed" as "bath salts". This is very common in the illegal trade where actual contents of what one buys can be quite varied, even though called by the same thing.

    This explanation also dovetails well with the Chinese incident. Where the CIA/Mossad goes, so does the mafia, the drug trade and terrorism/death squads. A taxi driver who apparently stopped his taxi, got out and attacked a woman nearby at random. At the time it seemed strange Chinese were using the same drug fads Americans were. But then, I remembered the terrorist insurgency operating against China is also western security service run and intimately connected to the Jewish/Israeli mafia associated. Whatever drug he got a hold of was likely trafficked the same way it was in Florida.

    To sum up, the Israelis are claiming the foaming terrorists are examples of Syrian government chem weapons use, when it's far more likely these are examples of Israeli supplied and administered mind altering drug use. That is what I meant when I wrote these guys are being self-destructive. In their desperate attempt to create further bloodshed in Syria, they inadvertently exposed some of their own war crimes and their connection to the international drug mafia, as well as international terrorism. Both are HG'd in Israel.

    вот так

    1. saw the story on the chemical weapons aka frothing mouth drugs
      Interesting that you bring up the 'bath salts' story
      And the face eater?
      I didn't see anything about the fighters taking drugs, not that I recall?
      Though I wouldn't doubt it. The Israeli military is big on drugs as is the US

    2. Penny

      "And the face eater?"

      See this:

      Face-eating man's toxicology report may surprise many

      And it was a bus driver in China, not a taxi driver - I remembered wrong:

      Face-eating attack: Drunk bus driver chews woman's face on Wenzhou street

      On the drug use by the terrorists, see:


      In a later post he mentions:

      "At Hayy Al-Arba'een, GI and SAA uncover a huge cache of drugs, mostly psycho-type."

      I had seen articles last year where terrorists interviewed had said they were given drugs that removed their sense of fear before going into combat, but was unable to locate the articles in a search (came up with the usual google search msm spam). At least once a week, both SANA and ANNA have been reporting on drug caches being captured by the SAA. They don't say what kind of drugs, though. There have also been reports of Afghan drug traffic money being used to fund the terrorists in Syria, like with the cocaine traffic in central Africa being used to fund Israel's operatives there.

      My speculation on the mood drugs being perhaps similar to the face eaters' possible drug use is because of the similar effects the terrorists described and those of "bath salts", but I'm only speculating. I have not seen any solid proof of a connection.

      вот так

  8. RE: " seems possible that Russians could have anticipated that something like the Boston bombing was waiting to happen...",
    The Russians being sane as well as experienced in dealing with Wahhabi networks would expect some kind of blowback to hit the West from arming tens of thousands of Jihadis while putting the propaganda & money channels into overdrive, and have stated so on numerous occasions.
    This is likely just good housekeeping as far as they are concerned - get the info out there & see if they can connect to anyone who is having doubts about the Western support for these lunatics...

    Interesting documentary by an Abkhazian TV crew that shows a before the 'rebels' came & after version of a Syrian city:

    The Syrian soldiers look well-rested & confident in the video...

    1. KenM

      That's Darraya, where most of the ANNA crew is situated. A lot of their video reports cover that Damascus suburb. From what I've read, Darraya was one of the more oppositionist regions to the Syrian government and the terrorists chose it as a base of ops because they expected the locals would support them. Didn't happen. The residents up and left en mass, and the suburb became a ghost town with only the terrorists left. They wont be long there now, as the Syrian army recently began an offensive to clean the terrorists out of that region.

      вот так