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Boston Bombing: NATO- Taking the fight to Russia via Georgia/Chechnya ??

Psychic,  I am not. Someone in the comments mentioned that. Thanks. I am flattered!!!

Why I suspected a Chechen angle? As mentioned the separatist Chechens have used the ball bearing IED previously.. The tit for tat has been heating up between Russia and the US. There is no doubt of that.
And that area is on the radar for US/Israel/NATO etc.

April 2012: I had put up a post called Predicting the future destabilization of Russia

In there was a link to the Heritage Foundation :A Threat to the West: The Rise of Islamist Insurgency in the Northern Caucasus and Russia’s Inadequate Response  Ariel Cohen PHD

Before we get into this let's look at what interests Mr Ariel Cohen?
 Senior Research Fellow for Russian and Eurasian Studies and International Energy Policy, The Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies    
Also connected to the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

If I took the time to dig, we would likely find connections between Mr Cohen and many other Israeli organizations. Though that  is not what this post is about, it helps to understand why the Israel meme/reminders kept showing up surrounding the Boston bombing. Israel this and Israel that.....
Mr Cohen connects Israeli interests and US interests quite nicely.
And Chechnya falls into Israeli/US/ energy interests..

Before I continue on let me indulge in yet another digression?
 I remind everyone of a meme, long ago planted in the perception of so many.

"Taking the fight to them"
OR the equally absurd?
"We're fighting them there, so we don't have to fight them here

Sure, this nonsense originated with the Bush junta. But, it has carried on, like everything else, has through the "hope and change" Nobel peace prize winning Obama regime.

So, the  Chechen's framed for the Boston bombing:

And yah, it looks to be a frame up. The whole scenario is plagued with problems. The narrative makes zero sense. The police seemed to do their best to kill the younger brother while he was hiding already wounded.That he lived was something simply beyond their control. 20 shots fired. at an already injured and bleeding individual????

20 SHOTS FIRED- SUSPECT IS DOWN  Local reporters say the bomber was injured from the shootings last night.

"the bomber"? Trial by media and spectacle. I guess that is the way it works in freedumb land? Other then happening to be photographed at the marathon, there looks to be no evidence to connect these two brothers to the bombings... Lots of aspersion, innuendo and inane blather.
No evidence.

Cui bono? , Who really benefits from the Chechen Patsies bombing the Boston Marathon?

Answer: US.Israel.Saudi Arabia. Turkey. NATO. Energy companies. Military Industrial complex types. Private Mercs.

 Ariel Cohen/March 26, 2012 from my April 05/2012 post linked above

The Islamist insurgency in Russia’s Northern Caucasus threatens to turn the region into a haven for international terrorism and to destabilize the entire region, which is a critical hub of oil and gas pipelines located at Europe’s doorstep. Neither Russia’s excessive use of military force nor its massive economic aid to the region appear to have helped.
 As Ariel Cohen states neither Russia's "excessive' use of military force our it's massive economic aid have helped to quell the dissent in the Northern Caucasus.

What Ariel, fails to mention, it has been almost impossible to do with all the US/Israeli/Turkish  /Saudi money, arms etc.


 Here are the three reasons Mr Cohen uses to justify western engagement in the Chechen region-

 First, the presence of such an ungovernable enclave in Southeastern Europe compromises the border stability of U.S. friends and allies, such as Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Second, the North Caucasus pose a global threat as a potential terrorist base in close proximity to U.S. European allies. 

 Third, destabilization in the Northern Caucasus threatens not just Russia, but also the security of the whole Caucasus, including Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. The region is a principal north–south and east–west hub. Oil and gas pipelines linking the Caspian Sea to Western Europe pass through Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey.

 "Not just Russia"  As if included, as an after thought. The primary reasons are highlighted.

 "The interests of the United States and its allies could suffer from Russia’s failure to respond appropriately to Islamist extremism"

And that readers sums it up. Russia has failed to control it's Islamist terrorist. Never mind that these fellas' are funded by the US/Saudi/Israeli/ Turkish governments. Nope this is just Russia's failure and someone is going to have to do address that 'failure'

The Boston Marathon. Russia has failed to control the "terrorists" in their backyard and now it will be up to the US and friends.

Let's take a look at another piece from Ariel Cohen. A newer piece, from this year: 2013

This piece is  interesting because Ariel drops all pretense (an inadequate or insincere attempt to attain a certain condition or quality) of  concern regarding Russia   

Since Vladimir Putin’s third inauguration as Russian president last May, U.S.–Russian relations have deteriorated sharply. Officials on both sides have moved past the “reset” honeymoon as disagreements over geopolitics and human rights abound.

Spanning two continents and with a veto on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Russia is uniquely positioned to play a prominent role in U.S. foreign policy. However, the United States needs a new course of action for the next four years to prevent Russia from negatively affecting U.S. interests across the globe

The current Russian ruling elite has not overcome the anti-Americanism imbued in their Soviet upbringing

Defined: Russia challenges the US imperialism/hegemony. They must be punished!
Mr Cohen fails to mention the US's anti-Russianism
*Strategic Disagreements
Differences over Syria and Iran continue to prevent strategic action on two of the world’s most pressing issues. Russia has not wavered in its support for Bashar al-Assad’s regime, vetoing any meaningful sanctions at the UNSC. While Russian officials do not support an Iranian pursuit of nuclear weapons, their selective commitment to the principle of noninterference in internal affairs of state causes resistance to potent sanctions and opposition to the potential use of force. High-level talks have not solved these issues, and as each one moves to a breaking point, Russia only hardens its resolve.

Defined:  Russia challenges US imperialism/hegemony. They must be punished

Russian Diplomatic Assertiveness
Russia’s anti-Americanism and its geopolitical ambitions have combined to create a combative foreign policy. Russian measures over the past year include:
  • Launching a slander campaign against U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul on state TV;
  • Cancelling the Nunn–Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, which aids in the dismantling of weapons of mass destruction in former Soviet space;
  • Expelling the United States Agency for International Development;
  • Forbidding U.S. funding of “political” nongovernmental organizations;
  • Criminalizing dissent; (The US has long criminalized dissent)
  • Banning Radio Liberty and the Voice of America from AM/FM broadcasting;
  • Passing the DimaYakovlev law, which prohibits Americans from adopting Russian orphans;
  • Banning $500 million a year in U.S. beef and pork imports; and
  • Cancelling an agreement on law enforcement and drug control.
Defined: Russia challenges US imperialism and hegemony; they must be punished

The pork and beef ban is interesting?
One can hardly blame Russia for this.
The Russians must have more concern for the health and well being of their citizens, unlike the US or Canada

The Russian ban centers around the toxic swill, Ractopamine, allowed by the US & Canada. 
Both freedom loving nations..... free to poison the dumbed down populace with toxic foodstuffs and gmo,  that is!
Would You Like Extra Ractopamine With Your Pork, Sir?

Ractopamine is a growth promoter drug. It is widely used on intensive livestock farms in the U.S. because it increases the rate of weight gain and carcass leanness in pigs, cattle and turkey. It's estimated that up to 80 percent of the U.S. pig herd is fed the drug every year. Of course, the drug doesn't come without its costs.
The European Union, China, Taiwan and more than 100 other countries have long banned its use in livestock farming because of concerns about the effect of ractopamine residues in meat on human health. As a result, many countries will not import U.S. meat from animals that have been fed the drug.
Of course, proponents of industrial farming are very quick to point out that ractopamine is perfectly "safe" and that there is no risk to humans from consuming meat from treated animals. Indeed, they argue that the ongoing ban on ractopamine-tainted meat imports by China and the EU is simply an act of trade protectionism to protect their farmers from the more "efficient" production practices of U.S. industrial farms. Or perhaps it's because their government food and safety agencies are a whole lot better at putting human health concerns above industry interest and profits. I'll leave that for you to decide.
Russia joined in on this ban- Russia refuses to compromise on ractopamine - Meat Processing

Good for them!!!! There is no proof this garbage is safe. It just boosts production cheaply for the factory farms

 According to an excellent report by food safety researcher Helen Bottemiller, ractopamine was originally approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) back in 1999. It might surprise you, however, to learn that this approval was based solely on research data provided by Elanco, the drug's manufacturer.

But us free folks in the US and Canada get to chow down on this whatever the hell it really is???!!

Ari Cohen continues....

Russian Interests
Russia’s recent actions suggest a strategic break from the West and establishment of a Russian “pole” in a multipolar world order in which Russia does not cooperate with the West and justifies domestic crackdown and political stagnation.

As the chairman of the Duma Foreign Affairs Committee, Alexei Pushkov, said, “We are saying farewell to our dependence on ‘Power No. 1.’”[2] Referring to the Sergei Magnitsky Act, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, “We will consistently and firmly rebut attempts to interfere in our internal affairs and lecture us,”[3] conveniently forgetting that the Soviet Union was a signatory to the 1975 Helsinki Accords on human rights.

Russia has also opposed any U.S. influence along its periphery, even when it serves common interests, such as the Manas air base in Kyrgyzstan. Putin has promoted the Eurasian Union, a Russian-dominated organization that aims to control former Soviet states economically. Like Russian and Soviet rulers before him, Putin is establishing a zone of buffer states to protect his centralized, authoritarian regime against the rising China and radical Islam while pushing Russia and its neighbors away from the West.
At the same time, Russia neglects its own strategic interests in which the U.S. could provide important assistance, such as improving health care and higher education, cooperating in science and technology, and developing the rule of law.

U.S. Interests
The Obama Administration believes it can convince Russia to cooperate rationally, ignoring all the evidence to the contrary. It argues that both countries share a mutual interest to stem Islamist terrorism and that Russia has helped the U.S. in Afghanistan by facilitating the Northern Distribution Network for NATO troops.[4] It takes at face value Russian statements that it wants to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons; meanwhile, Moscow prevents stricter sanctions and calls any potential military strike a costly mistake.
The White House also ignores Moscow’s rapprochement with Beijing and Russian military modernization, which includes building new weapons systems that are clearly aimed at the U.S.

The U.S. Policy Conundrum
The Obama Administration unsuccessfully attempted to keep Russia as a partner within the West’s orbit. It signed an ill-advised New START arms reduction agreement and would like to conclude further bilateral arms reduction treaties, ignoring the massive Russian tactical nuclear arsenal of up to 8,000 devices.
Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the lifting of the Jackson–Vanik Amendment produced no progress in the bilateral relationship.

 There is more, but I want to get to the conclusions Ariel Cohen puts forth:

What the U.S. Should Do
The change of the Obama national security team is a good opportunity to reassess ties with Russia and build a relationship that is realistic and serves U.S. national interests well. Specifically, the Obama Administration should:
  • Deploy a missile defense system in Europe and avoid deep defense budget cuts. The U.S. cannot afford to leave itself or its allies unprotected from emerging ballistic missile threats or ignore the modernizing Russian military. Despite the pending reductions in force, the U.S. should maintain its space, air, and naval superiority in the European and Eurasian theaters.
  • Enforce Russian compliance with WTO rules regarding the unfounded ban of U.S. beef and pork imports. No WTO precedent supports Russia’s excessive standards for U.S. meat imports.[5] The U.S. does, however, have scientific support for its position from the World Health Organization and the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization.[6]
  • Re-engage in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. The U.S. should expand political–military relations and economic ties with key countries such as Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. To balance off Russia (and China), the U.S. should expand broad political, military, economic, and civil society cooperation.
  • Make human rights and democracy a central pillar of U.S.–Russian relations. The U.S. should call on the European Union to pass a measure similar to the Magnitsky Act, because corrupt Russian officials spend more time and hide more assets in Europe than in the U.S. Such an effort can be combined with U.S. international broadcasting reform and a renewed public diplomacy effort aimed at Russia and Eurasia. The U.S. should also call for the release of political prisoners, including Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former CEO of Yukos.

 Keep in mind that many, many Chechens are in Syria fighting on behalf of the NATO warmachine
As has been mentioned on numerous occasions here at this very blog. Therefore, if the Chechens were any thing close to a real threat to the US/Israel/NATO they would not be present in Syria doing the dirty work that is so very beneficial to both nations. With no worry of threat or harm to Israel.

On the other hand, perhaps Russia and China and Iran should take this opportunity to rid Syria of the Chechen terrorists? You know, in the name of fighting "international terrorism"?
How would the US/Israel/UK/NATO war machine react to that?

This ain't rocket science folks.
I have more, sadly, I have more!
Part 2 is up. Please take the time to read it along with this intro piece

Pt 2- Boston Bombing: NATO, Oil and the Battle for Chechnya

There will be a third installment!


  1. Look, it is a long read, no doubt about it
    And I have more
    You gotta expand your horizons and read to understant
    If your not aware you will zig, when you should zag
    knowledge is power

  2. Awesome investigative and analytical research. Thank you for your passion and hard work.
    I have nothing to add, I'm just digesting what you and a few other brave souls are writing.

    1. Thanks Kitty

      I am so glad you appreciate the work.
      To some it seems "out there", but, the blog is like one big dot connection going on for what is now a month into my sixth year
      We need to understand, all of us, we are lied to everyday, for bigger agendas then we can even big to realize
      I am quite certain this (my post) is but a scratch in the surface.
      But it is more sensible and logical then this constant 'terror' mantra
      which is just meant to keep us frightened and subordinate to bad leaders

  3. This whole thing screams rollback especially with the news one of the brothers spent time in Kyrgz/kazak and now the alleged "cell". Recall the Andijan massacre..

    Is this about reasserting a Eurasia presence? Note that Drudge is running a story about a few from Kazakhstan being arrested and a cell existing. Clinton made some interesting comments before she left office. She warned of the resovietization and how the US would not stand for it.

    Per previous post comments the russians and iran refleeting their caspian forces. Also Sud Stream just had a ground breaking recently

    (incidentally watch what is happening in serbia. The EU has a full court press on to have the Serbians recognize kosovo and they allegedly struck a deal Friday. But the Serbians just signed on to lay pipe for south stream and Russia just gave them a loan).

    Indeed Kerry was just in Uzbek courting the regime for transit routes.

    The point about the Russian ending law enforcement cooperation is key as is your mentioned of Georgia where the US has warned the new admin about arrests of former Salakash allies.

    Also, the UK is set to use Tajik as a exit route from afghan.

    The minas airbase lease is coming due. The Kyrgz govt has told the Us it will not renew. Instead they have struck up a deal with the Russians whereby bombers might be deployed. You might recall also that the Russians hosted a joint eurasian (SCO) exercise to combat incoming missile attack last year.

    Oddly enough there was a curious story this past week about India setting up shop in Tajik..

    India has set up a military hospital in southern Tajikistan in an attempt to "further strengthen India's geo-strategic footprint in the crucial Central Asian region," an Indian newspaper has reported. India's vice president visited Dushanbe earlier this week, and the Times of India reported that there are 100 Indian personnel at the air base at Ayni and that "India has quietly airlifted a military hospital, with doctors, paramedics and equipment" to Tajikistan:

    The US has of course been trying to draw india into Afghan as a counterweight during and after drawdown.

    Finally there was this odd story last week about the Chinese setting up shop on India sovereign land.

    The US intelligence community has warned about a border conflict.

    also India is walking into an election year with an unpopular Congress (which is backing economic reforms pushed hard by the US),

    etc, etc, etc...


  5. One more thing. Musharrif according to reports was told not to come back to Pakistan. He did anyway. He arrived karachi. That is upstream from gwadar and the sight of a rumored us airbase being built by the army Corp engineers (late last year but rumor denied).since he has been home he has tried rather unsuccessfully to try and sow discord between the judiciary and the military brass. He was placed under house arrest Friday. Question is why would he go back knowing he is seen by many as a western lackey? Was this a long shot and his ego simply got the better of him? Or is he intent on formulating something into elections and the slated us pullout? He let leak that the us drone program started as a mutuallyagreed program with hard limits. The Pakistan drama is unfolding into a hotly contested election which has another mysterious figure imran Khan's anti us and populist message resonating (he was married to a Brit and lived in London). This is quoite similiar to India which saw another bombing last week.

    1. Hey anonymous

      Thanks for everything
      Will check that out more thoroughly tomorrow

  6. Penny

    Great post, but a heads up on the b'man rubbish you included at the end.

    "Are You Just A Believer Or Do You THINK?"

    That right there is a good tip-off what will follow is nothing but manipulatively applied bs. What the conman is saying with that title is:

    "If you don't buy into my bs, you are an brainwashed idiot, superior people agree with my views, those who don't are kool-aid drinkers".

    That sort of manipulation. Then at the start, he goes into his expertise on the subject. This is to make the bs he then posts appear to have been the facts only an expert would provide. It is also to discourage the reader, "the mark", from doing his own independent inquiry as to the "factual account" being presented. "I'm an expert, accept what I tell you without question and believe" is the manipulative message he is saying.

    When one looks at what this flim-flam man is saying, it is nothing less than the bombing, and the injuries are fakes. The people in hospitals are faking it. The hospitals are faking their treatment. What people all saw at the scene was just fancy special effects. It wasn't real.

    This crap is at the same level as that saying the airliners which crashed into the WTC building were really just holographic images.

    One way to discredit independent inquiry into something is to present absurd, but cleverly manipulative crap into the discourse. These absurd scenarios are then promoted to discredit legit inquiry by association. By reinforcing the "conspiracy nut" pov, these phonies give establishment "debunkers" the ammunition they need to ignore serious inquiry work, and just belittle the rubbish. They put out a whole bunch of worthless "noise" to jam the discourse and prevent intelligent questioning being heard. Monkey wrenching the opposition is their job.

    A lot of these shysters also make money off these scams. I notice b'man offers his readers a chance to "support" his work. How generous of him. He reminds me of one of those radio preachers the American south is full of. 700 Club, any one? Same sort of scam, different marks being played.

    вот так

    1. glad you liked the post bot tak.
      There is more coming.
      I hate to get too long with posts because most people don't like to read long posts

      As for the "holographic planes" stuff??? I have seen that going around and do not buy that stuff at all. There were planes, they hit the towers, end of it. IMO

      but still, others get to have their thoughts too

      re: the b man post?
      If I made a mistake linking to that I will accept the error of my ways.
      Being only human, that is.
      At this point in time I put nothing past the ptb's

    2. I have to confess I was taken in by this initially.

      The 'no-victims' meme and 'everything is a hollywood hoax' meme have a powerful grip on otherwise rational people. It also shows that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing - the EMT guy who wrote the original post has only a little knowledge. I have since learned that arteries torn by blast tend to contract and close (to an extent). Bauman was very lucky to survive. The girl Kristle Campbell who died nearby after having a leg blown off was not so lucky. Her injuries were very high on the thigh where the arteries are larger.

      Ironically many of those pushing the idea that Bauman is a fake are saying that he is in reality a vet by the name Nick Vogt who had both legs blown off but survived.

    3. Thanks freethinker.
      Well now that makes it two of the many solid commenters here

      I admit the error of my ways and remove the link over.
      Should have gone with my first instinct. Because usually that kind of stuff is not my forte. I didn't get into it with Sandy Hook.
      I think, for future reference I will stick to that which I know the best.
      Words and their usage.

      Thank you both. :)

    4. BOT TAK,
      I notice that you use a lot of pejorative and manipulative language ('rubbish', 'conman', 'flim-flam man', 'manipulative crap', 'absurd scenarios', 'shyster') in your comment about someone you are accusing of using a lot of manipulative language.

    5. james

      That may be because I have nothing but contempt for people who work to muddy the waters for the establishment and at the same time make a profit off the crimes that establishment commits. I see your beulah-boy as doing exactly both. And you as defending the same.

      вот так

    6. Bot tak:

      Can you explain why you think beulah man muddies the water?
      I get what your saying, but, due to unfamiliarity with beulah man am not sure how this is the case.

      As for james?
      he, like myself is - fighting the evil,psychopaths and zionist influences
      you can check his work and he has done much good work over at Winter Patriots

      If there is misunderstanding, so be it. But let's get it cleared up

    7. Penny

      "Can you explain why you think beulah man muddies the water?"

      By increasing the irrelevant "noise" on the subject. It's deliberate misdirection. The same way 9/11 hoaxers throw a monkey wrench into legit skepticism with rubbish like holographic air liners. Those sorts of hoaxes are designed to get people chasing their own tails, rather than looking at what are real problems in these events. When the majority of what one finds on a subject is bs, most people who might have been interested in getting more info get discouraged and then tune it out. It's a form of psyops to help cover up the real conspiracies with bogus ones.

      As for james...he attacked me, over my blunt criticism some other guy's very sleazy web scam. That's all I know about him. Though one might want to ask why james thought it so important that beulah man's insensitive scam be defended?

      вот так

    8. Thanks for taking the time to clarify your reasoning.

  7. The Boston Marathon. Russia has failed to control the "terrorists" in their backyard and now it will be up to the US and friends.

    Great post Penny.

    1. Yah, well I have more.. hopefully later today

  8. Penny, this post was excellent, and gave lots to think about. The Bman reference though? You may want to consider dropping it altogether. Have a look at his blog. He is an anti-Semite of the worst sort. After reading his "Jews control the world" diatribes and how he tries to tie in the Boston Marathon with all Jews - just nasty stuff. BTW, I believe you are on to something, but in no way do I believe the Boston Marathon bombing was a fake bombing.

    1. It's already gone.
      See my comment to freethinker

  9. Hi Penny I know this is sort of off topic, but wanted to leave it with you. A friend just told me of the death of General Joe Brown:

    Maj. Gen. Joseph D. Brown IV and his wife Sue died Friday when the Cessna 210 he was piloting crashed in Williamsburg, the Air Force said in a release posted on its official website.

    Brown has been commandant of the Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy in Washington since October 2010.

    Read more:

    More about what he did before and this is where it gets interesting:

    Prior to assuming his current position, he served as the Deputy Director for Nuclear Operations, U.S. Strategic Command, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. In this capacity, he was the principal adviser to the commander on issues pertaining to strategic deterrence and nuclear operations and was responsible for management and oversight of the nuclear enterprise overseeing personnel, procedural, equipment, communications and facility requirements supporting the nuclear command and control system.


    There is apparantly talk of a nuclear disaster in the works for LA coming soon, I have heard a facebook page has been taken down which mentioned this.

    With our Boston suspect unable to communicate and the officials saying now they were part of a larger group - is this the next drama we will be subjected to?

    Think San Onofre and all the 'leaks' and trouble it has been having?

    Just some interesting dots I thought you may want to know of.


    1. Just some templates:
      Paraguay Elects Tobacco Executive Horacio Cartes as President. Cartes defeated former Public Works Minister Efrain Alegre, the Supreme Electoral Court said, citing a “substantial” advantage for the businessman in preliminary voting. The win returns the Colorado Party of former dictator Alfredo Stroessner to office after voters ousted it from power in 2008 for the first time in six decades.

      Cartes will have to rebuild ties with the regional trade bloc, Mercosur, after Paraguay’s membership in the organization was suspended last June when lawmakers ousted Fernando Lugo, a former Catholic priest, as president. Lugo’s impeachment was so quick that South American leaders likened it to a parliamentary coup. Mr. Lugo, a former Roman Catholic bishop, had ended six decades of one-party rule when he was elected, but he faced fierce opposition from lawmakers in his attempts to reduce Paraguay’s landholding disparities.

      Candidate for President of Paraguay Dies in Crash - The death of Mr. Oviedo, 69, opens new uncertainty in Paraguay, where President Fernando Lugo was ousted last year. After the authorities confirmed Mr. Oviedo’s death and called it an accident, officials in Mr. Oviedo’s party, the National Union of Ethical Citizens, immediately questioned whether he had been assassinated.

      Kenyan Presidential Candidate, Five Others Die in Air Crash

      Russia helicopter downed in Sudan


      sukhoi crash

    2. Buffy

      Sorry, I missed you yesterday
      One of those days where no matter how I tried, I accomplished nothing

      thanks for the info
      gonna look at it today
      cause hopefully today will be a better day interruptions wise

  10. There is also the ongoing drama over 9-11 which in the past week or so saw documents destroyed in a computer crash that pushed hearings out. There is also the report on US torture. Above all there is an ongoing hunger strike at Gitmo that has been going on for some time and is spreading.

    "A prominent US civil rights group said Thursday that an independent review of post-9/11 interrogation and detention programmes, which concludes that "it is indisputable that the United States engaged in the practice of torture" underscores the need to stop the "disturbing erosion of American principles." The 577-page report by an 11-member panel convened by the Constitution Project and released on Tuesday, says the use of torture "damaged the standing of our nation, reduced our capacity to convey moral censure when necessary and potentially increased the danger to U.S. military personnel taken captive."

    Guantanamo Bay detainees and military clash; hunger strike continues

    Sept. 11 Hearings Delayed Until June After Computer Crash

  11. And what to make of the Saudi developments with another minister sacked (Interior, now defense)? Just more internal factional fighting? Was Crown Prince Nayef yet one more victim of purges?

    Last week Obama had an unscheduled meeting with KSA Foreign Minister (a day after the KSA arrest in Boston)
    Obama holds unscheduled meeting with Saudi foreign minister

    The meeting occurred a few days after the now notorious Saudi national was questioned in Boston (then allegedly ordered deported)

    Read more:

    Confusion persists over deportation and links

    "Breitbart News has learned that the Saudi National questioned after the Boston Marathon Bombing had his deportation order records altered, rescinding his deportation order.The alteration occurred the night before Secretary Napolitano vehemently denied the existence of any deportation order in testimony before the House of Representatives. Sources with knowledge of these matters says the change occurred subsequent to Secretary John Kerry's closed door meeting on Tuesday with the Saudi Minister and around the time of the meeting between the Saudi Minister and Obama later on Wednesday evening. The Saudi National has been identified as Abdulrahman Ali Al-Harbi. There is no evidence that Al-Harbi is connected to the Boston Marathon Bombings. "

    Did Obama meet with the Saudi in the Hospital? {sources all questionable...???}

    "Moreover, the Saudi papers are detailing the visit by the Obamas, especially Michelle to the hospital and this man. The “rumors” of the President meeting with Saudi officials in the hospital just prior to his “approved deportation” is a bragging right in their press."

    (sources questionable)

    Back to the KSA unexpected gov't reshuffle that saw the Saudi Asst Defense Minister replaced (Nayef the Jr was recently elevated to interior in another unexpected move)

    Is this more just pre positioning for the King's death or is this reflecting more of overt/aggressive internal power struggle. Curiously the FT is laying some blame on the failed KSA Yemen incursion circa 2010 (where the US was rumored to be assisting with airstrikes). FT leaves out the Wapo report of the US drone base in Saudi?

  12. Now Hagel is in the ME signing Arms deals.
    The US announces $10 billion arms deal to Israel, Saudi and UAE which Haaretz points out is aimed at ensuring Israel air superiority (is the $10B just to Israel?)

    U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Monday met Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon and finalized the sale of an undisclosed number of Bell Boeing V-22 transport helicopters and other U.S. military equipment including Boeing KC-135 inflight refueling planes, advanced radar systems for fighter planes and anti-radiation missiles at a reported cost of $10 billion dollars.
    Hagel and Ya'alon announced the sale during a joint press conference in Tel Aviv. The U.S. defense secretary said the new military equipment was intended to "ensure Israeli air superiority" for years to come, and prefaced the sale by saying Sunday that the deal should send a clear message to Iran.

    [clip] from NTY:

    A weeklong visit to the region by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will culminate a year of secret negotiations on a deal that Congressional officials said will be second only to the $29.5 billion sale of F-15 aircraft to Saudi Arabia announced in 2010. Israel would buy new missiles designed to take out an adversary’s air-defense radars, as well as advanced radars for its own warplanes, new refueling tanker planes and — in the first sale to any foreign military — the V-22 Osprey troop transport aircraft. The United Arab Emirates would buy 26 F-16 warplanes, a package that could reach $5 billion alone, along with precision missiles that could be launched from those jets at distant ground targets. Saudi Arabia would buy the same class of advanced missile.

    And finally more US deployments to Jordan last week

  13. Anonymous; your killin' me! ;)
    with kindness!!

    I don't have time to make new post today, of my own, though I have one started.
    Keep leaving the links
    I want to link to some interesting work I found elsewhere that bolsters the ideas I put forth yesterday

  14. hi Pen,
    I think it was more than reasonable for you to link to Buelahman's post. He answers his critics in a new post<a href="> here</a>

    Buelahman has a lot of cred in my book.

    1. Hi James

      I will look at what he says to the critics.
      I am not familiar at all with Buelahman. I see him commenting here and there mostly at NTS. But, that is all.
      I used to make the daily rounds to all the other blogs, now, forget about it.
      That is good to know James, because you have much credibility in my book too :)