Monday, April 22, 2013

Canadian Police "thwart" major terror attack: How convenient is this?

Bogus Bogus

Not Canadians. Both from Tunisia.
Tunisia. The same nation from where many, many NATO backed mercs flooded into Syria on behalf of the NATO destabilizers. Tunisia- from whence the bogus NATO backed 'Arab spring' originated.

The RCMP said at an afternoon news conference that Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, of Montreal, and Raed Jaser, 35, of Toronto, had received support and "guidance" from al-Qaeda "elements" in Iran, but there is no indication they were "state sponsored."
Neither is a Canadian citizen. The RCMP would not identify their nationalities or say how long they had been in the country.
Media reported the men are Tunisian.
Linkedin for one man

  • phD student at INRS
  • INSAT de Tunis
  • INSAT de Tunis 

Chiheb Esseghaier's Languages

  • Arabic

  • Frensh

  • English

What country is getting the frame up?

"Police said the suspects "were receiving support from al Qaeda elements in Iran."

 Al Qaeda in Iran? Really? Canadians, canadians, don't be this gullible. Al Qaeda in Iran is nonsensical. First I have heard of Al Qaeda in Iran. After more then 5 years of blogging on all things geopolitical.

This nonsense certainly serves Israeli interests.

 OH and one last thing? All this takes place on the very day when the Canadian government tables more useless anti-terror legislation? 
Coincidence? NO
Hard Sell? YES!

Because the Boston attacks demonstrate the need for more police state legislation???
So, claims the government.(Vic Teows)  The government will of course benefit the most from this new fascist legislation by enabling themselves to criminalize more innocent people.

 The Conservatives announced on Friday that it will be pushing for the passage of stronger anti-terrorism measures starting on Monday in the House of Commons.
 And of course, Government hurries debate on anti-terrorism bill

  Problem, Reaction, Solution

It is that obvious 


  1. 'al CIA Duh' strikes again! Next thing you'll see is Adam PEARLMAN, the Jewish 'jihadist' telling Quebec they need to overthrow the Brits and set up an independent French state.

    Be afraid, be very afraid, GOYIM!

  2. Fact is it was the Scottish IRA with help from the Icelandic Black Panthers.

  3. I can Assure you the Ghoul Neocon Tory would Curl up and do the Worm if faced down by my Vimy-Decorated Grandfather. This Clown-and-Booby Show by the Insuffrable False Conservatives leaves Freedom Gasping in the Toxic Wake that their Stinking Egos produce as they Slither about, Vermin Rogue Slug beings that they are. Chewing our Flag as Cud. Traitors. Iran Eh? Riiiight. Laffable too is the recent Twitservative Decree Banning Iranian Scientific Publications in Canada. Ptooooey, Freaks. Not S'posed to be like this in CANADA

  4. "had received support and "guidance" from al-Qaeda "elements" in Iran,"

    Any al ciada elements in Iran are Israeli run terrorists working to sabotage the country for Israel and its craven western allies/quislings. The zionist lackeys running the Canadian government would be far more closely associated with any supposed al qaida merc than the Iranians would.

    Which means this "terrorist plot" can be considered a falseflag perpetrated by zionist quislings in the Canadian government against the people of Canada.

    Just another American trait being imported into Canada, along with nafta...

    вот так

  5. US-Canada Claim Iran-Al Qaeda Ties Despite US Funding Al Qaeda in Iran for Years

    "As the FBI reels from what now appears to be revelations it was directly involved in the Boston Marathon bombings, a deluge of FBI "success" stories have been "serendipitously" splashed across Western headlines. Among them was an allegedly "foiled" terror attack in Canada, reported to be the work of terrorists supported by "Al-Qaeda operatives in Iran." The Globe and Mail, in its report, "Canada joins U.S. in alleging al-Qaeda has operatives based in Iran," states:

    "To many, it came as a surprise that the RCMP is alleging that two terror suspects arrested in Canada on Monday were supported by al-Qaeda operatives in Iran.

    The Sunni-based al-Qaeda and Shia Iran belong to different branches of Islam that have been at odds historically. But in recent years U.S. officials have formally alleged that Iran has allowed al-Qaeda members to operate out of its territory."

    Both at face value and upon deeper examination, this assertion is utterly absurd, divorced from reality, and indicative of the absolute contempt within which the Western establishment holds the global public. In reality, the West, the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel in particular, have propped up and perpetuated Al Qaeda for the very purpose of either undermining or overthrowing the governments of Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Algeria, Libya, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and beyond."

    That last paragraph fairly well sums up the Israel-American role in the terrorism around the world.

    вот так

  6. Alleged Boston Bombers' Uncle Ruslan Tsarni [Tsarnaev] was married with Samantha Ankara Fuller, daughter of this guy listed below. He served 20 years as an operations officer in the CIA.

    In 1995, Tsarnaev incorporated the Congress of Chechen International Organizations in Maryland, using as the address listed on incorporation documents. 11114 Whisperwood Ln, in Rockville Maryland, the home address of his then-father-in-law Graham Fuller. “Congress of Chechen International” c/o Graham Fuller

    Political literature list of CIA Graham Fuller:

    Very interesting Graham Fuller (CIA) book: (father in law of Ruslan Tsarni)

    Marriage and divorce confirmed by

    "I believe that this is a breakthrough for the “jason bourne” patsy identity of those two poor boys and it explains why Tamerlan was phoning his uncle Ruslan while the police was hunting them with guns and that he said ” uncle please excuse what my (mothers) family (suleimanov) has done, please help us. WE are innocent!”. Tamerlan had not contacted his CIA uncle for years before this sudden phone call. This is getting better than a movie script!"

    1. The uncle had spook written all over him!
      As soon as the two men were identified and the Uncle started talking..
      and kept on talking, my 'spidey senses tingled'
      My spook alert was on
      He was delivering the narrative and he set the two brothers up

  7. Copied/Pasted/Trimmed from another page (with permission).
    But the biggest red flag, the one pertinent to murder in Boston, was Oligarch Kukibayev’s use of money laundered through a network of offshore companies […] from which Kazakhsxtan claims Ablyazov embezzled a very cool $6 billion dollars.And this is where “Uncle Ruslan” Tsarni comes in.The purchase of the Prince’s estate was put together, according to prosecutors in Italy and Switzerland, by a group of oil executives who comprise “a network of personal and business relationships” allegedly used for “international corruption,” reported The London Telegraph.Tsarni, called “a US lawyer who has had dealings in Kazakh business affairs,” by the Sunday Times, clearly appears to be a member of that network.The Sunday Times reported, “A statement by Ruslan Zaindi Tsarni was given in the High Court in December, claiming that Kulibayev bought Sunninghill and properties in Mayfair with $96 million derived from a complex series of deals intended to disguise money laundering.”

    “Tsarni alleged that the money came from the takeover of a western company, which had been used as a front to obtain oil contracts from the Kazakh state.”A Big Big Sky’s the LimitThe “western company” used to launder the money which the Sunday Times referred to is Big Sky Energy Corporation, where Ruslan Tsarni was a top executive.

    “Big Sky, which used to be known as China Energy Ventures Corp, is a now-bankrupt US oil company run by S.A. (Al) Sehsuvaroglu, a long-time executive of Halliburton, which had oil leases in Kakakhstan’s Caspian Basin.”

    “Tsarni was Big Sky’s Corporate Secretary and Vice President for Business Development. He joined Big Sky in 2005.”

    Uncle Ruslan is currently involved in an international criminal investigation into Timur Kulibayev, who has links to prince Andrew”

    Interesting links back to London and to the British Royalty (Tsarnaev family)

    Russians claim Tamerlan attended CIA affiliated seminar in Russia. Can’t get a good translation.

    Read more:

    So we now have direct links from Gareth Williams through, Kulibayev, Ibragimov, Ruslan to the Tsarnaevs with for good measure Prince Andrew, CIA and MI6 thrown in for good measure along the way. Now hold to the view that this was a purely “Muslim terrorist attack”.


    Audio from first shootout of brothers repeatedly claiming "They didn't do it."