Wednesday, April 10, 2013

McClandish Phillips,exposer of the NYS Judaic Grand Dragon Klansman dies

The article from NYT's recalls,  and commemorates, the reporter McClandish Phillips recounting his exemplary work one a very controversial, likely slightly notorious news article. This story from 1965 story is quite interesting. Let's recall this forgotten page in history.

McCandlish Phillips, a former reporter for The New York Times who wrote one of the most famous articles in the newspaper’s history — exposing the Orthodox Jewish background OF a senior Ku Klux Klan official

McClandish Phillips

Mr. Phillips’s most renowned article appeared on Page 1 on Sunday, Oct. 31, 1965, under the headline “State Klan Leader Hides Secret of Jewish Origin.” It was a rigorously reported profile of Daniel Burros, a 28-year-old Queens man who was the Grand Dragon of the New York State Ku Klux Klan, a chief organizer of the national Klan and a former national secretary of the American Nazi Party.
Here is the Grand Dragon of New York State. The Ku Klux Klan man and former national secretary of the American Nazi Party


                           This photo of Daniel Burros is for sale here, if your interested.

Mr. Burros, the article went on to document, was also a Jew — a former Hebrew school student who had been bar mitzvahed at 13.
The article remains a case study in a reporter’s perseverance in the face of intimidation. It is also a case study in the severe, unintended consequences that the airing of fiercely guarded truths can have for the guardian: despite threatening to kill Mr. Phillips if the article went to press, Mr. Burros, in the end, killed only himself.

A rigorously reported profile. I cannot even fathom such journalism occurring these days

A 28-year-old Queens man, Daniel Burros, was identified on Oct. 20 as the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan in charge of New York State at hearings of the House Committee on Un-American Activities.
 If you wish to read the rest, of course, you have to purchase the article.

After Burros was exposed in the NYT's article he allegedly committed suicide.

By shooting himself twice. That's right, readers. Daniel Burros, the Judiac New York Grand Dragon Klansman, allegedly committed suicide immediately after this exposure in the NYT's article
. Death by two bullets. Yes, two bullets. In the apartment of another Klansman, Roy E Frankhouser. Roy E Frankhauser,  Grand Dragon of Pennsylvania, who had been named by the House Committee on Unamerican Activities.

You can find this news mentioned here
10/31/65 – Daniel Burros, 28-year-old Jewish-born Ku Klux Klan leader of New York, fatally shot himself with a revolver after the secret of his Jewish origin had been disclosed in a New York “Times” newspaper article on October 30.

                            A shot in the chest and then a shot in the head? Suicide?

Reported in the above original news article.

A PDF. With the original news story. Front page.

How convenient. A nice tidying of  inconvenient loose ends. Suicide. Alleged.
 Two gunshots fired by Mr Burros himself. First in the chest.  Then after firing that first shot into his own body,  into his own chest,  Mr Burros was still able to shoot himself in the head! What fortitude! Amazing!
Of course, I don't buy the suicide narrative.  Could anyone? Really?


  1. Once exposed, he was no longer useful. So the usual elements had another one of their tools take him out. If it wasn't for the FBI and various elements of Jewish zionism, the KKK would have died back in the 60's, not have been resurrected instead.

    вот так

    1. "Once exposed, he was no longer useful"

      that is how I tend to see it

    2. I believe they killed him because he had achieved everything they needed, and had been found out. THey had to do it, but by pinning it on the very kkk he had set against himself, they could continue the lie of the kkk.

      jewish people are behind all of the specialized rights, gay, women, blacks, latinos (HUGE right now), but somehow they are NEVER behind HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL!

      Stop listening to the appeals to your heart. Be who you are and let everyone else do the same. We are all the same, though different. Only pre-school children and adults incapable of independent thought have difficulty grasping this obvious fact.

  2. Just an expendable schmuck!

  3. Love it!!!

    History again teaches us nothing is new under the sun.

    Jews running Nazi and KKK parties and suicides where the victim fires more than 1 shot.

    Thanks for sharing this -


    1. History again teaches us nothing is new under the sun.

      Worth repeating

  4. Ha ha... just like the Heritage Front - they had more undercover cops than real members...

    I think Ezra Levant exposed them quite well and he took some flak for doing so.

    Often these 'groups' are nothing more than 'controlled' oppostion. Heck if you don't have an enemy may as well invent one eh?


    1. Hey Buffy
      How goes it?

      "If you don't have an enemy, you may as well create one"


  5. Daniel Burros was a clinically mentally ill individual. This fact never seems to be mentioned when discussing this tragic incident for Jews, African Americans and the Burros family. Unfortunately, Danny never got the help he so desperately needed.

    1. Or so the story goes....
      I saw there was a book, written after this incident, which is IMO classic damage control
      Or cover up

      The claim of "mental illness" also covers up the fact that Mr Burros was clearly murdered while helping to promote the suicide narrative

      The suicide narrative fails, therefore the mental illness fails

  6. Hey Penny,

    Good story.

    I suspect the guy never really died and they faked his assassination, a la JFK or Lee Oswald or Pope John Paul. This happens* a lot more often then we know, I suspect.

    Here are the motives:

    Hints at another truth layer (besides the ashamed suicide), the one most people are focusing on here--that the KKK Jew was really an agent provocateur or controlled opposition--and his masters shot him when they were done with him. This truth layer is probably closer to the real truth but I bet the seeming murder had a chilling effect on the other people in the KKK. They wouldn't know if their leader had a secret they were all ashamed or if he was really working for the government and that the government must mean business if they are murdering people.

    It's very disruptive of the group to say the least.

    Plus, it leaves the impression the New York Times, and journalists in general, want to expose the truth even if the government doesn't like it.

    Why would they shoot him twice? Why the front page? They clearly wanted to leave the impression this was a hit and I would never trust the New York Times to genuinely expose a state secret. If this was a real hit I'm sure the New York Times would not be reporting it.

    He's probably on some island having Daiquiris with Michale Jackson.

    *You've seen the new Frontline footage from Syria, no?


    1. "It's very disruptive of the group to say the least"

      If by disruptive you mean creates suspicion amongst the group then yes it is disruptive.

      If that is not what you mean,then could you clarify?

      *You've seen the new Frontline footage from Syria, no?

      I haven't.

      I have been still keeping an eye on Syria and will be back to it shortly, I have one more post I have been working on for two weeks now and have to get it up

      Then I will get back to Syria
      And then if I can still want to get to Boris B's murder
      I don't think that was a suicide
      I think someone wanted him dead
      and the timing of his offing makes me suspect there is a connection to Cyprus
      Don't know why, just a gut feeling
      I have nothing to shore that suspicion up at this time
      But it is an angle I am keeping an eye one
      To timely....

    2. Yes Penny, it disrupts the group because it creates suspicion that the government has infiltrated the highest levels. The first truth layer (suicide) also disrupts the group because it could make members doubt their belief system because the anti Jewish leader they had was really Jewish (I'm reminded of the Dave Chapell Black KKK skit:

      Here's the Frontline video shot by Olly Lambert (I think Freethinker also previously linked to it):

      Looks like another fake video. What are the odds that the cameraman leaves for what appears to be ~ 10 minutes or so (maybe he even says how long in the video) and then when they return to the scene of the bombing they happen to see a number of bloody kids rushed by them right at that moment?

      Also, notice the first civilian we see after a few minutes of the bombing . . . a kid scurrying across the road. Reminds me of the scene in Funny Farm where Chevy Chase says: "cue the deer."

  7. Obviously the police were covering-up the murder.

    Who could possibly believe that this man killed himself with 2 shots (chest and head), not in private in his own house, but in the clan-leader Frankhauser's house and in the company of Frankhauser, his young girl friend Regina Kupiszewski and Frank Rotella a New Jersey Clan leader?

    Freemason Albert Pike is widely attributed to founding the KKK (although respectable masons dispute this). Giuseppe Mazzini, associate of Pike, Freemason and head of the Bavarian Illuminatti founded the Sicilian MAFIA (yes it's an acronym) of crypto-Jews. The Clan, the MAFIA, Freemasonry, and Jewry form a nexus.

    1. I agree that the first truth layer is improbable; that he chose that place and manner to kill himself (although maybe they were trying to recreate Hitler's suicide where he enlisted the help of a loyal staff member). I haven't read the article though to get the full details of this cover story.

      Do you have more information that the KKK was part of the nexus? I don't doubt that the post WWII KKK was compromised, for the most part, but what about its early history? Do all secret fraternal organizations serve roughly the same master?

      I watched Birth of a Nation recently: And while I watched some of it in my film class long ago, watching all of it this time made me realize the Southern perspective in a way I never had before--that the country used to be a Republic of independent states before the Civil War and that the war was the birth of the United States as a federal state. The movie depicts Southern blacks being better off under its government than under the Northern government where blacks were ostensibly free. The movie also depicts the start of the KKK, in an abbreviated and symbolic manner (the movie claims to be historically accurate in many other respects).

      My impression was the KKK was originally created to undermine the international bankers that have been running the country. But maybe you are right this group has always been controlled opposition. Interesting and warrants further investigation.

      Heard an interview with the author of this book about the origins of the KKK, but since he was on NPR, etc., I bet it's largely BS:

    2. I have never seen Birth of a Nation, I'll have a look at it. I find old films fascinating as they let us see how attitudes have changed over time.

      " Do all secret fraternal organizations serve roughly the same master?" - by and large it would seem so. You have to give them credit for an astonishing productivity. Nowadays less secrecy is required and a vast array of NGOs have taken over.

      "maybe you are right this group has always been controlled opposition" - the dialectic is everything; both sides must be controlled, any grass-roots organisation that gains traction must be crushed or subverted. Dialectic seems to be a manifestation of the Kabbalistic notions of duality and balance. Think of the black and white chequered floor of the Masonic halls. Out of this comes the mindset that evil deeds are justified by the greater good. Also comes the 2 pronged attack - subversion and might. From Deuteronomy 20:

      When you approach a city to fight against it, you shall offer it terms of peace. If it agrees to make peace with you and opens to you, then all the people who are found in it shall become your forced labor and shall serve you. However, if it does not make peace with you, but makes war against you, then you shall besiege it.

      Subversion and might - independently or together. Note that peace is a prelude to subversion.

      On the KKK and Freemasonry -

    3. Very interesting freethinker! Thanks. I think you're onto something. Started with the first link and it's good.

      I'm reading WWII history right now and it is interesting how the Germans also used these methods in Poland. The Allies sponsored subversive groups in German and Soviet occupied Poland which was becoming a problem for the Germans, so the Germans responded by creating a "Sword and Plough" underground organization to help them identify subversives.

      It's a very effective tactic which is why I expect it is so often used today.

  8. Very interesting piece of history, & hopefully a good reminder to many to look under the surface of many of these special interest groups, 'rebels' & other odd groups that achieve such a public profile.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Take Two! ;)

      Excellent point KenM

      A very good reminder that most of the times, if not all of the times, things are not as they seem

      Makes me think of that saying.. 'Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see "

      And goodness question everything, all the time.

      Particularly authority- Authority being in the position most likely to always lie to you
      Just look at Government?