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Pt 2- Boston Bombing: NATO, Oil and the Battle for Chechnya

Continuing on with the theme I started yesterday....

Boston Bombing: NATO- Taking the fight to Russia via Georgia/Chechnya ??
Destabilizing Russia. Critical Oil Hub. 
Some background on the geo-politcal importance of Chechnya. And NATO/Israeli/Turkish involvements in the area in the past

 A Caucasian Republic On An Oil Transit Corridor Between The Caspian And Black Seas

Above, A Devastated Grozny In Chechnya During The Country's Post Soviet Civil War Following The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

"Delivering one of his most scathing attacks on the US, Mr Gorbachev told The Daily Telegraph that a US military build-up was under way to contain a resurgent Russia. From Nato's expansion plans in the former Soviet Union to Washington's proposals for a bigger defence budget and a missile shield in central Europe, the US was deliberately quashing hopes for permanent peace with Russia, Mr Gorbachev said. 'We had 10 years after the Cold War to build a new world order and yet we squandered them,' he said..... 'I sometimes have a feeling that the United States is going to wage war against the entire world.'... Relations have further deteriorated after Nato promised eventual membership to Georgia and Ukraine, a move interpreted by Mr Gorbachev as an attempt to extend America's sphere of influence into Russia's backyard.  ‘The Americans promised that Nato wouldn't move beyond the boundaries of Germany after the Cold War but now half of central and eastern Europe are members, so what happened to their promises? It shows they cannot be trusted.’ ....Gorbachev .....     Gorbachev: US could start new Cold War -Daily Telegraph, 7 May 2008
The West's Secret ( not secret, just not mentioned) Alliance With Islamic Jihadists In Chechnya

During the 1990s NATO countries had been working behind the scenes to try and destabilise Chechnya by secretly backing militant jihadists seeking independence from Russia after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Chechnya falls within the key geopolitical strategic corridor linking the oil and gas fields of the Caspian Sea region with Western Europe. NATO believes that if Chechnya can be split off from Russia, western control of the corridor will be greatly enhanced.
NATO's secret alliance with jihadist Islam in Chechnya is an extension of that launched in 1979 in Afghanistan by US President Jimmy Carter, and later extended under the Reagan Administration. Running to billions of dollars it was NATO's largest ever covert operation ('Operation Cyclone') and it propelled the rise Osama Bin Laden.
This covert policy of backing militant Islamists in pursuit of 'regime change' was also continued by NATO member states in the Balkans and in Libya in the 1990s, and against Libya, Syria and Iran after 9/11.( Verification for the use of militant Islamists, by NATO,  in the pursuit of regime change can be found in literally hundreds of posts on this blog)
Those post 9/11 activities have been in total contradiction to the so-called 'war on terror' proclaimed by the Bush II administration in 2001, albeit a campaign long since understood as largely a 'smokescreen' for the pursuit of other geopolitical objectives, not least of which was 'regime change' in Iraq in 2003 (see 'This War On Terrorism Is Bogus', Guardian 6 September 2003). 
With the exception of actions against the Shia-Islam-based religious regime in Iran, all these covert operations have involved NATO member states deploying fundamentalist Islamists to try and overthrow secular governments.
In the case of Iran the United States has been secretly backing the MEK (or 'People's Mujahadeen of Iran', a Marxist Islamist group), some of whom were covertly trained by the US government in America's Nevada desert between 2005 and 2007, even though the organisation was a designated State Department listed terrorist group.
The MEK was recently removed from the "terror list" by the US and Canada. Meaning this terror group can receive funding legitimately rather then covertly. 
The ultimate targets in these covert wars are primarily Russia and China, including their strategic interests abroad.
Clinton and the KLA terror crowd.
"The Clinton administration followed up by providing strong support to the KLA, even though it was known that the KLA supported the Muslim mujahadeen. Despite that knowledge, then Secretary of State Madeleine Albright had the KLA removed from the State Department list of terrorists. This action paved the way for the United States to provide the KLA with needed logistical support. At the same time, the KLA also received support from Iran and Usama bin Laden, along with 'Islamic holy warriors' who were jihad veterans from Bosnia, Chechnya and Afghanistan. Swiss journalist Richard Labeviere, in his book, 'Dollars for Terror,' said that the international Islamic networks linked to bin Laden received help from U.S. intelligence community. Indeed, Chechen sources claim that U.S. intelligence also aided them in their opposition to Russia
Been there. Done that. Whilst Paying 'respect' to Richard Holbrooke, terrorist coordinator

Richard Holbrooke

Madeline Albright (all those dead kids's were worth it) With Hashim Thaci. Then KLA Leader, now PM of  the NATO terror state Kosovo

Report identifies Hashim Thaci as 'big fish' in organised crime ...

drugs, organs and slave

"That the public might not have known that an accused Chechen separatist leader had been living openly in Britain for years before his arrest in Poland is hardly surprising; the Zakayev case was given some coverage in the European press at the time, but after having been seized while attending a Chechen rebel congress in Copenhagen, Danish authorities decided against extraditing him because of 'insufficient evidence' that he was involved in murder and kidnapping. He ended up in London, where again Britain refused to extradite him to Russia. What this case, and the many other instances of Chechen militants living openly in the heart of Europe points to is the fundamental hypocrisy underlying the US-led, NATO-enforced, Western-backed 'war on terror' paradigm; just as the self-same Afghan mujahedeen could be called 'freedom fighters' by one American president and 'evildoers' by another, so, too, authorities can use the 'freedom fighter' excuse to justify looking the other way when Islamic extremists from the Northern Caucasus set up base in Europe. Upon closer examination, however, the West has not been involved in merely tacit support of the terrorists in the Caucasus, but in active funding, training and protection of these terrorists. The charge has been made openly by the Chechen president for years now. Indeed, as revealed by FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds in a landmark interview with The Corbett Report last week, the information in the public record only reaffirm what she discovered while translating intercepts and communications for the FBI: that the west has been actively and openly supporting, funding and financing terrorists in the caucasus region for years, and are continuing to do so.
In 2008, Russia’s Channel One televisions station aired a documentary alleging that the financing for the Chechen militants was coming from a Turkish construction company, ENKA. The documentary, entitled 'The Caucasus Plan,' alleged intimate Western involvement in support of the Chechen separatists: that Germany printed the country’s new currency; that France produced new passports; and that the entire operation was being coordinated by the US. A particular object of suspicion in the documentary were Turkish companies like ENKA, Alarka and Gama, which were accused of financing the Chechen rebels. The documentary was immediately denounced by anonymous Turkish officials, and prompted an official denial from ENKA. .....According to Edmonds, this is exactly what happened in the case of ENKA. The notion that the US is interested in the Caucasus region in general or would be interested specifically in helping to wrest control of the area from Kremlin-friendly groups is neither new nor controversial."Terror in the Caucasus: US sponsored, EU hosted, Turkey channeledCorbett Report, 6 December 2011
 Re: Turkish Involvement in Chechnya?  --- Turkish Volunteers in Chechnya .....That is one busy country!
Much about the ties between Chechnya, terrorism and Boris B came out during the legal battle between the two Oligarchs Berzovsky and Abromovich. 

As Mr Berezovsky's lawyers drew attention to their client's role in securing the release from Chechen forces of two British hostages, it also emerged that Mr Abramovich had paid their ransom money. "You will seek to smear Mr Berezovsky, if that is what you think is necessary, in order to try and meet his claim in this action," Mr Berezovsky's barrister Laurence Rabinowitz, QC, said.

 Why Is NATO Backing ChechenIndependence? 'It's The Pipeline Corridors Stupid'

Russian Language Map of Pipeline Network Between Ukraine And Caspian
Ukraine = Top Left
Caspian Sea = Far Right

Black Sea = Bottom Left
Chechnya (Capital Grozny)  = Red
Dagestan =To east of Chechnya

".... the Caspian Sea oilfields and control of pipelines through the Caucasus were a major factor behind Moscow's use of force against the rebels."
Back garden 'oil barons' spring up in Chechnya- Daily Telegraph, 7 June 2002
    "President Putin has drawn a line in the mountains of the North Caucasus beyond which Russia will not withdraw.... Mr Putin has also added into this complex mix the spectre of international (by which he means Islamic) [My comment regarding the Telegraph interpretation- When Putin says international terrorism he does not mean Islamic] terrorism and an accusation that unnamed foreign countries want to break bits off Russia.... An oil pipeline from Azerbaijan used to run through Chechnya, but it was by-passed after earlier fighting and now goes through Dagestan. There is oil and gas to be developed in the Caspian Sea and Russia wants a stable area through which to pass supplies."

  Chechnya: Why Putin is implacable BBC Online, 6 September 2004

Last, but not least.

Marshall I. Goldman, Associate Director, Russian Research Center, Harvard University :Petroleum, Pipelines and Paranoia in the Caucasus International Conference on 'International Law and the Chechen Republic', Cracow, Poland, Dec.1995

     "While it would be a distortion of history to claim that the struggle between Russia and Chechnya arises solely because of the of the jockeying for control of the Chechen oil deposits, refineries as well as the crucial pipeline which passes through Grozny, there is no doubt that petroleum has played a central role in the dispute. Given the potential of what seem to be vast untapped deposits in the Caspian Sea and the fact that the best if not only pipeline route from the Caspian through Russia to the West runs through Grozny, the odds are that tensions between Russia and Chechnya will not soon disappear. That will be the case even if constitutional matters dealing with regional rights and the integrity of the Russian Republic can be resolved....

Much more important in today's world is the fact that that Grozny is at the hub of Russia's pipeline network from the Caucasus' and most important to the vast deposits in the Caspian sea off Azarbajian........ If Russia's only concern was the Chechan rebellion, Russia would not be so anxious about the development of mineral reserves in the Caspian. However, in the aftermath of the breakup of the USSR, and the emergence of a newly assertive 'independent' Azerbaijan, Russian oil policy has suddenly taken on a new importance. This is due to the fact that there is a real possibility that Russia may find itself looking on from the outside as Azerbaijan, not Russia, becomes the recipient of billions of dollars worth of royalties from the sale of Caspian oil. Given the growing likelihood of such a development, the Caucasus, the Caspian Sea and the Chechan pipeline have suddenly become matters of international power politics, not only in the Kremlin, but because of the intense interest in the area by American oil companies, by the Washington White House.... It is easy to understand the Russian concerns.

Oil from Caspian Sea deposits were first developed in the days of the czars and expanded in the Soviet era. Why should other governments now become the beneficiary of this initial work.... This hardening of attitudes is part of the growing suspicion by the Russians of western intentions. It is not just that oil companies from Russia's former enemies have been gathering data and control over what was once the Soviet Union's most valuable resources, but that their efforts seem to be part of a strategy to cut Russia off completely from the Trans Caucasus. How else can the United States support of Chechnya and 'The Confederation of Mountain Peoples' be explained..... As if all this were not threatening enough, the United States and its obedient oil companies have also begun to insist on the opening of a second pipeline route from the Caspian Sea....The real reason the American oil companies want to ship through Georgia they insist is to deprive the Russians of the transit fees and insure that the Russians will lose monopoly control over the pumping and shipping of Caspian Oil."

 Framing the Chechens was very, very beneficial to NATO and friends
There will be a part 3!


  1. OK, short on time today
    Not a fan of how this appears at the blog
    If I would of had more time, would have done this differently
    Go to the original linked site if this is to difficult to read
    some of the links have died over time, but many live on and are worth reading

    Who ever put this together did a good job and took a lot of time

  2. This frame-up is falling apart faster than a 5 dollar watch.

    BOSTON — The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings remained under heavy guard in a hospital Saturday, with an injury to his neck complicating how he would be interrogated and held for trial.

    The neck wound apparently did not initially silence Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, who was swearing profusely in the ambulance ride after his final confrontation with the FBI, according to a source familiar with the case. The Justice Department remained quiet Saturday on whether officials had been able to question Tsarnaev, or whether they would attempt to do so before he consults an attorney.,0,4816464.story

    Was the 'gunshot' wound to the neck actually a knife cut by some FBI/CIA/handler type given as a warning to STFU or else?

    1. Heard today that the younger brother, if he lives will never speak again

  3. "Why Is NATO Backing Chechen Independence?"

    For many of the same reasons Hitler invaded that same region in WW2 when he failed to capture Moscow. NATO should be considered as a similar tool as Hitler was to the western fascists.

    вот так

  4. Interesting no, Q pro Q (EU pushing hard on Serbia with the promise of IMF resumption)...

  5. The Israeli front debka makes its appearance now:

    URGENT: Boston Bombing Suspects' Aunt ID's Naked/Alive Detainee as Slain Nephew - FBI Lies

    "Already the establishment, like a ship striking an iceberg and taking on water, is racing around to compartmentalize and seal off each agency and political faction involved to keep the rest of the establishment afloat. The FBI's attempt to feign ignorance has failed, and it appears that at least Israeli sources are trying to prepare ahead of time for revelations that may indeed reveal the suspects were working directly for the FBI.

    Israel's Debka proposes in their report, "The Tsarnaev brothers were double agents who decoyed US into terror trap," that:

    The conclusion reached by debkafile’s counterterrorism and intelligence sources is that the brothers were double agents, hired by US and Saudi intelligence to penetrate the Wahhabi jihadist networks which, helped by Saudi financial institutions, had spread across the restive Russian Caucasian.
    Instead, the two former Chechens betrayed their mission and went secretly over to the radical Islamist networks.

    A more likely explanation, however, is that the FBI led the suspects along in yet another manufactured terror attack that was allowed to go "live." The FBI has an extensive history (see: NYT: FBI Hatches Terror Plots) of not only providing targets with weapons, explosives, vehicles and plans engineered from start to finish by undercover FBI agents, but has also allowed these operations to go "live," as was seen in New York City in 1993 during the World Trade Center bombing....

    Debka is attempting to preempt what would essentially be the revealing of the US-Saudi-Israeli international false-flag/terror racket, used to perpetuate a global hegemonic war that has produced for all those involved trillions of dollars in profits and unprecedented geopolitical preeminence. Operations where this true axis of terror is currently running, such as the ongoing sectarian bloodbath in Syria, would be endangered, if not entirely foiled, should the Boston bombings be traced directly back to an FBI false-flag operation.

    Failing to spin the FBI's involvement as either an intelligence failure or explained away by "double agents," the faux-right is preparing to pry off the the entire faux-left, using its Islamophobia-racket to play out the "Obama the Muslim" narrative (see: ""Obama the Muslim:" Ploy to Cover-up Years of US-Al Qaeda Support"). By doing so, at least half of the establishment's "ship" will remain afloat in the wake of revelations the US killed and horribly maimed its own citizens in a false flag operation.

    While America's political establishment appears to be divided neatly into "left" and "right" camps, in reality, a singular corporate-financier oligarchy runs a singular agenda, compartmentalized for just these sort of situations. Lies regarding "weapons of mass destruction" and a horrific 10 year war that left millions dead, maimed, displaced or otherwise effected, can be jettisoned with the Bush Administration. And while the arming and funding of Al Qaeda occurred throughout the Bush Administration, it appears that the establishment is preparing to jettison US support for Al Qaeda with the Obama Administration.

    It is essential to understand and identify the corporate-financier interests that rise above partisan politics and have profited from the continued "War on Terror" under both the Bush and Obama Administrations. It is then essential to understand the key to undermining and ultimately throwing off this insidious co-opt of America, its people, and its destiny, is to boycott and replace permanently with local alternatives, the corporate-financier interests behind it."

    вот так

    1. The conclusion reached by debkafile’s counterterrorism and intelligence sources is that the brothers were double agents, hired by US and Saudi intelligence to penetrate the Wahhabi jihadist networks which, helped by Saudi financial institutions, had spread across the restive Russian Caucasian.

      debka's attempt at humour?
      that is nonsense
      Since the US/Saudis/Brits/Turks/Israel are all involved with Chechen rebels what would be the point of the brothers penetrating these networks?
      Obviously none