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Part 3- Boston Bombing : NATO, Oil and the battle for Chechnya

Continuing on from Part 1: Boston Bombing: NATO- Taking the fight to Russia via Georgia/Chechnya ??

Where I first introduce the premise of taking the battle to Russia  to further the agenda of destabilization.
For multiple reasons. Bolstering that narrative with: Pt 2- Boston Bombing: NATO, Oil and the Battle for Chechnya
Hoping to make it very clear,  here in this installment, the third, that the Boston bombing frame up has a clear beneficiary in the NATO global war, pipelines, control of resources and geopolitical destabilization.
We are going to start, again, with the words of Ariel Cohen, an individual who very clearly has a long time interest in this area: By Ariel Cohen, Ph.D. and Dr. Ariel Cohen January 25, 1996- 
The New Great Game :Oil Politics in the Caucasus and Central Asia
The 'game' reference used in this title is so inhumane. People are dying. It is not a game. Nor is it a 'great game' This word use speaks to the mindset of the elite crowd. Sick.

Just excerpting because the article is large:
The vast expanses of the former Soviet Union harbor oil and gas riches which will be crucial in fueling the global economy in the next century. The huge oil reserves, estimated at over 25 billion barrels, under the Caspian Sea and in the Central Asian republics of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan are similar to those in Kuwait and larger than those in Alaska's Northern Slope and the North Sea combined.

Control over these energy resources and export routes out of the Eurasian hinterland is quickly becoming one of the central issues in post-Cold War politics. Like the "Great Game" of the early 20th century, in which the geopolitical interests of the British Empire and Russia clashed over the Caucasus region and Central Asia, today's struggle between Russia and the West may turn on who controls the oil reserves in Eurasia.

 The U.S. needs to ensure free and fair access for all interested parties to the oil fields of the Caucasus and Central Asia. (why does the US need to ensure anything in this region?)

In order to ensure free and fair access to the oil reserves in Central Asia, the U.S. should:
(Again, why should the US do this?)
*Strive to preserve the independence and economic viability of the Newly Independent States in Central Asia.

    *Ensure that Russia is not a dominant, (subordinate?) but rather an equal partner in developing the oil resources of the Caucasus and Central Asia. (Keep in mind this was written in 1996)

    *Strengthen secular Muslim societies, notably Turkey and Azerbaijan, against Islamic militant groups. Both Russian geostrategic ambitions and Iranian-style religious militancy pose long-term threats to the Muslim societies of the region.(Interesting because Turkey is not secular, though it is presented as such, despite being dominated by Muslim Brotherhood. Contrast that with the destruction of secular and tolerant Libya and Syria)

     *Support the Western oil route through Turkey to reduce oil transportation hazards in the Bosphorus Straits.

 The War in Chechnya
One of the main goals of the Russian attack on Chechnya in December of 1994 was to ensure control of the oil pipeline which runs from Baku, via Grozny, the Chechen capital, to the Russian city of Tikhoretsk..

 The Drama in Georgia
Another conflict affecting potential oil routes is occuring in the Caucasus republic of Georgia. Russia wants to prevent oil from Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan from going the "Western" route through Georgia to Turkey.

 The Fighting in Abkhazia

Another dangerous conflict is smoldering in Abkhazia, a breakaway region in Georgia.

 The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict
Yet another bloody war affecting potential oil pipeline routes is occurring in Nagorno-Karabakh, a small, largely Armenian enclave inside Azerbaijan
Bare bones background from the above link

 “Towards a Balkanized Russia”
On October 7 /99 the Chechen president Maskhadov sent a letter to the new Nato secretary-general George Robertson. The president of the rebellious Russian republic called upon him "to intervene in accordance with the new world order established by Nato"
Article is from 1999; keeping this in mind author gives us a background:
* In 1918 the 'White' general Denikin occupied Chechnya. He formed part of an international coalition trying to undo the 1917 Bolshevik revolution. 
*In 1942 the German Nazis occupied part of Chechnya
*In 1989 the American press demanded the Soviet Union be dissolved and opened up to the free market and western multinationals. The first republics to secede were Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The 'Popular Fronts' that organised the secession received help from a general of Chechen origin, Diokhar Dudaev. In August 1991 Dudaev supported Yeltsin's coup d'état and the end of the Soviet Union. In December 1991 he proclaimed the independence of Chechnya and designated himself as its president. Chechnya no longer recognised the authority of Moscow and appropriated the petroleum transported through its territory.
*In August 1999 the war lords Shamil Basayev and Imin Khattab invaded the neighbouring Russian republic of Daghestan. They murdered police officers, hoisted the green flag of the 'Islamic republic' and advanced on the capital Makhachkala.
 FLASHBACK!:  Who are these warlords? Are they Chechens that were resident in the Chech/Dagestan area at that time? Or, did they hail from elsewhere? Read this articlefrom the BBC/1999.
 It gives us some understanding of just how long it is Chechnya has been infiltrated with the NATO Islamic Jihad mercs who do not necessarily come from the geographic but they are sent to destabilize and terrorize.
Khatab is a professional Islamic revolutionary. : He, Khatab, comes from the Bedouin region of north-west Saudi Arabia. The region he comes from borders Jordan and it's possible that Khatab spent some time in Jordan, alongside Jordanian Chechens, creating some confusion about his origins.

According to one Russian newspaper journalist who met him, Zamid Ayubov of Trud, Khattab comes from a wealthy family and spent some time at an American university

Ringing any bells?

“It is possible that Khatab's arrival was arranged through the Saudi-Arabian based Islamic Relief Organisation, a militant religious organisation, funded by mosques and rich individuals which channelled funds into Chechnya.”

It is clear that the Chechen war lords, that have been busily terrorizing ordinary Chechens and many others including Russians are part and parcel of the NATO terror pipeline/Gladio/ Strategy of tension type stuff.

Digression over, historical background continues

                                                           A Holy War for Oil

The two thousand soldiers mustered by Shamil Basayev to invade Daghestan were remarkably professionally trained, supplied, and armed. They had at their disposal Stinger-2 rockets, reserved by Nato for its most loyal member states. With these rockets they destroyed three helicopters in front of the TV cameras. During the invasion in Chechnya they used them to bring down a Sukhoi-25 warplane as well as a Sukhoi-25 bomber, one of the best in the world. It recalls the period when the CIA overtly supplied Stingers to the Afghan resistance opposing the Soviet troops.

                                            The US and the Strategy of Terror

In the magazine Military Review (6) the American major Raymond C. Finch describes the use of terrorists in the military strategy of the United States.

"The future war", Finch writes, "is most likely not the son of Desert Storm [the war against Iraq], rather it will be the stepchild of Somalia and Chechnya. In Somalia, despite overwhelming superiority in firepower and technology, a group of lightly-armed 'rebels' effectively forced the US military out of the country. For the time being at least, the Chechens, under the courageous leadership of Shamil Basayev, have won their independence and freedom.

"In August 1991 Basayev was in Moscow, and, armed with a couple of hand grenades, went to help defend Yeltsin in the Russian Parliament. In 1992 he hijacked a passenger plane in the nearby city of Mineralnye Vody demanding the Russians lift the state of emergency or the plane would be blown up.

"Conventional military prowess is no match against rebel forces, led by skilled and committed leaders. The notion that the battlefield is isolated and that fighting is restricted to those who wear uniforms is absurd. As we move into the 21st century, the structure of the game appears to be changing.

The conclusion of the American Major Finch reaches is that "the methods Basayev has employed are cruel and vicious, and have often been in violation of recognised laws of warfare. At the same time, however, his actions, when cast in the light of Chechen independence, are courageous and praiseworthy." (6) Thus it is brazenly admitted that support to terrorists like Bin Laden or Shamil Basayev poses no problem, in so far as they take action against the adversaries of America.
This is the same attitude with respect to terror that the US assumed in Kosovo.

Pause: You should read the article, entirely. The briefest excerpt makes clear the war on terror is a war of terror. And just how cruel and vicious Major Finch's Islamic fighters are is clear when we think of Syria present day-  PANKISI GORGE, Georgia

Abu Hamza, 29 years old ,has been crossing back and forth across the border between the two countries (Russia and Georgia) for most of his 29 years,  followed his brother-in-law to Syria, to fight for the NATO Islamist mercenary army.

"I went there because I saw videos on the Internet of innocent women and children being killed by the regime. I wanted to fight the [Syrian] government and help the opposition; I wanted to kill Bashar," he said. “

 Chechen fighter- Syria

Before Syria, Libya and  then we remember the Beslan school massacre.
How did CBS get this video?

Notice the reporting mentions the presence of Saudis, as claimed by Russia. The CBS talking head dismisses this claim. History tells us it is entirely realistic that Saudis were present and involved along with their Chechen NATO army brothers in terrorizing ordinary Russians going about their lives.

With all that history taking place in the sphere of Russia’s influence, for almost 20 years now, is it credible for Foreign Policy magazine to run a piece, called  The Invisible War  immediately following the Boston bomb incident

Opening the article:
"Russians weren't paying much attention to their own war on terror. But that was before the attacks in Boston."
Closing the article:

 Few seemed to accept the more obvious conclusion: That the traumas caused by the lingering war in the North Caucasus have now reached all the way to the United States.

How about this one?

It took a bombing in Boston to wake Russians up to the crisis in their own back yard, writes Anna Nemtsova. 
Really? The Russians weren’t paying much attention to their own war on terror?
Who are they trying to kid? And why? Does anyone think the Russian people forgot the Beslan school massacre? The wars? The bombings?

Remember the conclusion of the American Major Finch "the methods Basayev has employed are cruel and vicious but are also “courageous and praiseworthy” if employed for the right reasons.
The imperialist/NATO/destabilizing control reasons would, I am sure, be considered the "right reasons" to "employ such cruel and vicious" methods.

And finally: 45 minutes to get informed

There will be a part 4, that is going to bring us up to the here and now


  1. Yah, it's long
    What can I say. The more I dig, the more I find.
    If you find this overwhelming read it over the day
    watch the video
    James Corbett and Sibel E give a good background

    What 'freaks me out a bit' is just how big this war machine is, so many tentacles... so many pipelines, NGO's, charities
    What a web!

  2. Thanks for the homework Penny. It'll take a while to digest that. You are doing a heroic job on this.

    BTW if you didn't know already you won't be terribly surprised to learn that Ariel Cohen is a CFR member.

  3. Putin wants America and Russia to work together to combat terrorism-
    We suffered from terrorists almost never labeled such in the West

    "I’m saying all this not to put the blame, but to call on bringing ourselves closer together in resisting our common threats, of which terrorism is one and more dangerous. If we truly join our efforts, we will not allow these strikes and suffer such losses," Putin concluded.

    Didn't Sibel Edmonds suggest this as a likely outcome?

    1. Didn't she put forth a few different scenarios ?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I don't know that he really said that?
      Working together?
      It's almost like Putin is getting his shots in!

      "The deadly bombing of Boston Marathon confirms Russia’s position that terrorists are a common threat to all nations and must never be supported for political gains, says Russian President Vladimir Putin"

      Is he referencing Syria?

      “Common fold in the US are not to be blamed, they don’t understand what is happening. Here I am addressing them and our citizens to say that Russia is a victim of international terrorism too,” he said.

      What does he mean by "international terrorism"? Does he mean NATO?

      He lashed out at the double standards that spring up when terrorism is concerned.

      “I was always appalled when our western partners and the western media called the terrorist, who did bloody crimes in our country, ‘insurgents’, and almost never ‘terrorists’,” Putin explained.

      He should be appalled. Beslan was pretty dam apalling.
      All the whining and whaling over Boston. Makes me think of the never ending victim hood of the Khazar crowd (eyes rolling)

      “They [the terrorists] were receiving help, informational, financial and political support. Sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly. And we were saying that we must do the job and not be content with declarations proclaiming terrorism a common threat. Those two have proved our position all too well,” he added

      Putin is saying he knows how the game is played...
      IMO he is saying "we" Russia had to get the job done and could not be content with useless declarations makes pointless proclamations

      Doubtful that the Russians could or should trust the US/Israel/Turk/Saudi axis of evil or NATO's Gladio

      btw: the Beslan stuff, how did CBS get the footage
      The way I saw this? A demonstration of the collusion between NATO and the media
      That footage was shot inside and delivered to the media
      And the second video. Separating the mothers from the children
      The bodies piled up out the window
      The media right there with them...
      Same collusion then as now


    4. "I don't know that he really said that?
      Working together?"

      He didn't use those exact words, but I think that was the gist of what he was saying (do you disagree?). Your question made he realise that the written transcript and the video's simultaneous translation are slightly different.

      Here is my transcript of the last part of the video-
      "I am saying all this, not to apportion blame, but to call for bringing the US and Russia closer together to resist common threats of which terrorism is one and most dangerous. If we truely join our efforts we will prevent such strikes and such loss and suffering."

      Prior to this he was discussing the Boston event, and as you say Penny, that he knows how the game is played.

      "Is he is referencing Syria?" Doesn't sound like it to me. Maybe he is too subtle for me.

      "Didn't she put forth a few different scenarios?"
      Yes but I'm referring to what she said was the most likely. This is from her latest piece
      Boston Terror Update 2-April 25: The Syria Objective is Nearly Accomplished?

      "I provided three possible US objectives associated with the Boston Terror incident. I emphasized the first possible scenario as the most likely: Removing Russia as the obstacle in invading Syria. I pointed out that to achieve this objective a back-door deal could have been struck with Russia. What sort of a deal? Here is what I hypothesized:
      1- Using this home-made incident the United States could temporarily switch its alliance with and the portrayal of factions in Caucasus-USA-created Islamic Terror Cells in Caucasus and Central Asia in the Great Game Scheme against Russia. Overnight, with the designed-terrorist attack, the US made the factions switch from Freedom Fighting Rebels to Hottest Terrorist Cells associated with al-Qaeda.
      2- The Russians would stand back on Syria, and remove themselves as the obstacle in US intended invasion of Syria. In return, the United States and EU, would support Russia in a new battle against the factions in Caucasus. Meaning: Russians soon-to-come “house cleaning” domestic battles would not be ostracized by the international community as ‘Human Rights Violations,’ but supported as ‘Russia taking positive steps in counterterrorism efforts to wipe out radical Islamic Terrorists.’
      Here are a few developments today pointing to possible validity of the above hypothesis."

      The rest is worth reading, but refers to Hagel's CW bunk and reports of Russians and others leaving Syria.

      Watch this space.

    5. "The crisis should convince Russian President Vladimir Putin that it’s time to abandon his support for Assad and begin to work for a political transition in Syria"

      Sibel has missed the mark with this comment
      because a political transition is all Russia has ever discussed...
      The Geneva Plan.
      We'll wait and see.
      (I simply don't see Russia and China giving up on Syria so easily, unless something is included wrt Iran)

    6. Penny

      "Is he referencing Syria?"

      He probably means the Israeli-American sponsored terrorism that is operating within Russia's borders as his main thrust there, with the same people promoting the same kind of terrorism against Syria and others as his secondary thrust in that statement.

      вот так

    7. Interesting development.
      What can the US and friends say?
      Are they going to talk up human rights and democracy at this time?
      They can't condemn Russia at this time, can they?
      Not without looking even more full of sh*t then usual.

    8. Is Syria about to step into a trap, is Russia going to betray Syria? All the ducks are getting in line rather quickly.
      Chemical inspection stalled: UN team can’t be trusted ‘politically’ without Russian experts – Syrian information minister

    9. "None of the governments and intelligence agencies accusing Damascus of using chemical weapons have presented any of the evidence that would be required for a clear analysis, such as soil, blood, urine or tissue samples, said Michael Luhan, a spokesman for OPCW."

      I just had to quote that part of the article. It makes so clear that this claim of chems on the part of NATO countries is false

      What it makes me wonder though?
      Did Syria provide these samples?

      ""None of the governments and intelligence agencies accusing Damascus ..."
      Damascus is not accusing itself???

    10. Lawmakers tout closer ties to Russia to fight Chechen 'threat'

      Underscoring lawmakers' hope for closer cooperation with Russia, Rohrabacher said he reached out to the Russian embassy to recommend a witness that could present Russia's perspective at the hearing. The embassy produced Andranik Migranyan, director of the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation, a pro-Kremlin think tank in New York.

      Rohrabacher thanked the Russians for their participation.

      “I'm sorry the Russian embassy can send people, but the State Department can't,” Rohrabacher quipped after the Obama administration declined to provide a witness. The State Department did not return a request for comment.

      Would that be considered a snub of Russia and a snub at cooperation?
      When the State dept can't provide a participant?

      Cooperation can't be ruled out, but.....

    11. There was a story a week or two back about evidence being collected by western intelligence agents in Syria; so no, Syria did not provide those samples.

      From the Whitehouse letter I referred to previously-

      Our intelligence community does assess with varying degrees of confidence that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in Syria, specifically the chemical agent Sarin. This assessment is based in part on physiological samples. Our standard of evidence must build on these intelligence assessments as we seek to establish credible and corroborated facts. For example the chain of custody is not clear, so we cannot confirm how the exposure occurred and under what conditions. We do believe that any use of chemical weapons in Syria would very likely have originated with the Assad regime. Thus far we believe that the Assad regime maintains custody of these weapons, and has demonstrated a willingness to escalate its horrific use of violence against the Syrian people.

      so, not exactly iron-clad, then.

      "I'm sorry the Russian embassy can send people, but the State Department can't"
      I'm inclined to read that as not a snub but simply that the Americans know a deal has been struck and the hearing is irrelevant. The deal that Sibel Edmonds suggests is something like-
      the US sacrifices its Chechen agents (who can no longer be trusted as shown by the Boston bombing - so the narrative goes) to Russia in exchange for Russia dumping Syria.

      As I've shown, in my comments above, there are some signs that this is unfolding. Sibel seems to think so anyway-
      Boiling Frogs Post Vindicated in Its Analyses of Boston Terror & Predictions

  4. Excellent series on the subject Penny, & covers a lot of ground.

    One thing to note is that one of the key pillars of the US/GCC jihadi pipeline into Russia is being shut down as Georgia is now out of the alliance, with Saakashvili sticky hands now removed from accessing any real power in Georgia.

    Recent polls show Ivanishvili has a landslide in popularity and he has steadily been dismantling Saak's dodgy initiatives with a great deal of popular support. Saak has no chance of getting back in inspite of his manouvering (he is currently in Washington trying to drum up support but he has essentially no leverage left - the guy is loathed back home & there is simply no space to manouver him back in - the whole country would riot & ultimately Russia would end up as the big winner).

    RE: Putin, as anyone has observed him carefully over time, his preferred method of operating is to give his opponents as much rope as possible in order to hang themselves with it. Do not expect anything to have passed him by. He is still constrained a bit by the neo-liberal stooges infiltrated into the government & always plays things carefully, but when he moves expect it to be decisively.

    1. Hey Ken

      Thanks, it does cover much ground, but how else to understand the future without understanding the past?

      I am not sure Georgia is out: down, delayed, but not out. Not, yet
      Saak' holds the reins until October of this year, sadly.
      thanks to some laws he passed before the election
      I am expecting some serious maneuvering on his and the US's part
      so it is not surprising to read his is in the US

  5. Global Research has been posting up a lot of decent material lately. This piece ties in with what you have been documenting here, Penny.

    BOSTON TRUTH: The “Chechen Connection”, Al Qaeda and the Boston Marathon Bombings

    "The Creation of A New Legend: “The Chechen Connection”

    A new legend is unfolding: “The Chechen Connection” is threatening America. Islamism homegrown in the Russian Federation is now being “exported to America”.

    “The Chechen Connection” has become embedded in a new media consensus. The American Homeland is potentially threatened by Muslim terrorists from the Russian Federation, who have links to Al Qaeda.

    There is also a foreign policy agenda behind the bombings. The White House has hinted that if the “Chechen brothers” had links to radical Islam, the administration “could expand intelligence-gathering efforts overseas, as well as widen surveillance and screening measures in the United States.”

    Moreover, the new terrorist narrative now involves jihadists from the Russian Federation rather than from the Middle East.

    There are geopolitical implications. Will the Chechen Connection be used by the administration as a renewed pretext for pressuring Moscow? What kind of media propaganda is likely to emerge?"

    The selection of "Chechen" dupes for the Boston bombing by the Israeli-American authorities can not be accidental or coincidental. They were selected for a purpose. The Boston bombing could be the opening act of a move by Israel-America to concentrate on Russia and central Asian countries more in the near future, and less on the Mideast.

    The 9/11 and related attacks were to promote Israeli-American destabilisation of the Mideast. With the "Arab spring", it seems that destabilisation is nearly done. The only opponent left being Syria. So they are laying the groundwork (propaganda) for a stronger push towards Iran and further on into central Asia. Perhaps this is another motivator for the recent increase in pressure to attack Syria (besides their terrorists being routed), and hurry up and finish off that nation?

    вот так

    1. "The selection of "Chechen" dupes for the Boston bombing by the Israeli-American authorities can not be accidental or coincidental. They were selected for a purpose."

      exactly as I suspected...

      It always seems what ever the false flag is the set up for the next big whatever?

      Think of 9/11 before Afghanistan- where Osama was???

      Think of the times square bomber being linked to the TTP in Pakistan and then drone killings heat up and Osama, the dead, is alive in Pakistan.But then he is dead
      Look at now how the terror fraud in Canada is pushing the Iran meme
      As stated when this whole boston thing came out, I thought chechen because of the obvious tit for tat going on between US and Russia. And because it was claimed to have been a ball bearing bomb, which made me think of Russia also

      It is like every move/war/terror strike whatever has a sales campaign that builds up the anticipation.

  6. What Putin says about Berezovsky is interesting (the piece on his death was quite a while ago and this would be lost in time if posted there - also Berezovsky had a large role in the support for the Israeli-American terrorists known as "Chechen rebels"):

    Putin says no Stalinist tendencies in society, confirms Berezovsky’s letters

    "Foreign operatives may have had a role in Berezovsky’s death

    When the hosts asked the president about late oligarch Boris Berezovsky, Putin answered that he could not discount the possibility that foreign special services were involved in the businessman’s death. “They are capable of that. Everything is possible,” he said.

    Berezovsky died in London in late March by suspected suicide; a criminal probe into his death is ongoing.

    Putin confirmed that he had received two identical letters from Berezovsky, though he admitted that he was not comfortable speaking on the issue: “I received the first letter from him in the beginning of this year and the second arrived already after his death. The text was the same, so yes, there were letters.”

    The president elaborated that the first letter was completely written by hand, while the second was partially typed and partially written. The first message was passed by one of Berezovsky’s former business partners, and the second through another partner who is a foreign citizen, Putin said.

    Berezovsky wrote that he was admitting his mistakes, apologized, and asked for permission to return to Russia. Putin said that he had not answered any of the letters.

    The president also said he would not object to fulfilling Berezovsky’s will to be buried in Russia, saying that the final decision should be made by the businessman’s family.

    Putin also noted that he decided not to make public the content of Berezovsky’s messages, even though some of his close associates “literally demanded” he do so. “I thank God for preventing me from doing so,” Putin concluded."

    Also interesting:

    "Return of death penalty will not eliminate crime

    When asked if it was possible to bring back the death penalty for those convicted of grave crimes, such as the recent shooting in Belgorod that claimed 6 lives, Putin said he fully understood the questioner’s emotions, but experts have suggested that such a measure would not actually reduce crime.

    “When I encounter such events, my hand reaches for a pen to sign some documents connected with the death penalty. But first, I have to consult specialists,” Putin said.

    The Russian president recalled how in the Roman Empire, pickpockets were usually sentenced to death, yet most pickpocketing was committed during the public executions. He also reiterated that Russia has replaced the death penalty with life imprisonment, and suggested that the law be amended to ban pardons for criminals sentenced to life in prison.

    “I understand both the citizens’ indignation and their desire to punish the criminals. The question is in the effectiveness of certain moves,” Putin said.

    Russia has placed a moratorium on death penalty, in line with the demands of the Council of Europe. The current criminal code still allows for convicts to be sentenced to death, meaning life in prison."

    Not exactly the Putin the zionist media portrays...

    вот так

  7. Also a major crackdown taking place in Moscow, but it is not clear who these people were associated with from this report:

    Suspected Islamic extremists detained in Moscow (VIDEO)

    From the number of foreigners involved, my guess this was one of the major Israeli-American sponsored networks used for terror ops on the Russian territory. Be interesting to see what the zionist/fascist west does with this news story. If they ignore or hype it as Russian "stalinism", one will know their operatives got busted.

    вот так

  8. Some new developments concerning the the Boston false flag attack. The older brother met up with a CIA front group in Georgia, according to Russian media.

    Boston Bombing Suspects’ Ties to US Intelligence

    Interestingly, the front is connected to the Jamestown Foundation. Last week at moa the web sayanim called "somebody" was pushing Jamestown Foundation bs as part of his spam routine.

    Second development is the uncle of the Tsarnaev brothers was married to the daughter of CIA brass Graham Fuller.

    Boston bombers’ uncle married daughter of top CIA official

    Together, these show that the brothers must have been recruited by at least the CIA and were no doubt closely "supervised" in their bombing role in Boston. One question, though, concerns the uncle, who must have been in on setting them up for the Boston attack. An uncle selling his own nephews down the river...sounds very Israeli.

    вот так

  9. I should have mentioned that the brothers' uncle Ruslan Tsarni being married to the daughter of CIA brass proves a very much deeper CIA connection beyween him and the CIA. He's probably been an important agent/asset of theirs for a very long time. CIA people mostly only associate with other CIA people. Due to the secret nature of their work, the CIA is a closed club, and CIA people associate mostly with CIA people. The Mossad is the same way, as I would imagine most of the other agencies of the spook sort.

    The uncle's CIA connection explains his eagerness to finger "Misha". It also explains why the zionist media ran with the Misha story, but has remained mostly mum about uncle's CIA background.

    ‘Misha’ Speaks: An Interview with the Alleged Boston Bomber’s ‘Svengali’

    вот так

  10. BOT TAK (and anyone else), what do you make of this-
    Boston Marathon bombing investigators find new, female DNA evidence ?

    Looks like they are trying to rope-in Tamerlan's well connected wife Russell. A diversion?

    1. Or are they just trying to keep the story going, keep the fear up...
      Keep it a the forefront of people's thoughts?