Monday, April 15, 2013

UN-Arab Envoy Brahimi to resign? Syrian Arab Army makes big gain & the media censors

News has it that Brahimi is going to resign.
Western corporate lying media is attempting to have you believe it is because of Syria and Assad.
Don't you believe it.....

What is the real reason behind the reason for Brahimi's exit?

The United Nations Security Council is to hold a session on Syria on April 18th in which international envoy Lakhadr Brahimi will present a report on his mission. Lakhdar Brahimi
Meanwhile a report said that the Algerian diplomat is likely to resign following a disputed with the Arab League over the Syrian crisis.
The Russian news agency ITAR-TASS quoted a diplomatic source as saying that observers believe that Brahimi will voice concern in his report over the serious disagreements with the Arab League resulting from the Arab summit which was held in Doha on March 26-27.
Qatar granted Damascus’ seat at the Arab League foreign-backed opposition and the so-called "transitional government" and green-lighted the arming of terrorist groups in Syria.
The agency also cited Russian experts who said that Brahimi is likely to resign, pointing out to Arab media reports which said the Algerian diplomat accused the Arab League of being responsible for destroying the Syrian state and society and weakening Syria as an Arab force.

More on this topic from the Hindu

 The United Nations and Arab League envoy on Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi may be on the verge of quitting, frustrated by the relentless efforts of President Bashar Assad’s foes on seeking “regime change” in Damascus, instead of a diplomatic solution to end the festering crisis.

 During the Doha summit on March 26-27, the Arab League decided to handover Syria’s seat to the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (NCSROF), despite rejection of the resolution by Algeria and Iraq, and an abstention by Lebanon. The move piloted by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, has been highly contentious.
Observers say that the decision lacks legality as a change in national membership of a country is possible only if all the 22 members of the League take a unanimous view.

The decision that was seemingly bulldozed by the League has delivered a big blow to a search for a political resolution of the crisis, based on dialogue between the Syrian opposition and the government. In the
words of Rim Turkmani, an opposition leader who belongs to the non-violent Building the Syrian State Movement, the prospects of a diplomatic solution have dimmed sharply because the NCSROF’s charter states “ unequivocally that there can be no negotiations and no dialogue with the regime”.

The summit had also green-lighted the transfer of weapons to the Syrian opposition by pointing out in its final document that “each member state of the Arab League has the right to supply defensive means as it so wishes — including military defence — to support the resistance of the Syrian people and the Free Syrian Army (the armed wing of the Syrian opposition)”.
 Without naming specific countries, Mr. Gatilov pointed out that some “external players are obviously not interested in this cooperation”.

Therefore if Brahimi resigns it is because of the NATO nutters. The US/Israel/GCC lackies/UK etc.
Not because of the Assad government

The on the ground opposition in Syria has asked that Brahimi  not resign

 Syria's main opposition party at home denounced on Monday recent calls for an expanded investigation of chemical weapons' use in Syria, saying they don't want a repetition of Iraqi scenario in Syria.

"We appeal for the halt of arms funneling to all (Syrian) parties without exceptions after the outright declaration by some parties of their connection to al-Qaida and we stress that those powers contradict our hopes and aspirations for a national and democratic change," Rajaa al-Naser, another member of NCB, said.

"We also call for the departure of all non-Syrian fighters regardless of where they came from or the title they are fighting under; whether it was for supporting the regime or to fight against it," he added.
The NCB also called on the international envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi, not to submit his resignation because such move "would be conducive in widening the circle of violence" in Syria.

If all the non-Syrian fighters leave who would be left fighting?

Below is the article as it appeared when I saved the this piece yesterday
Please read it entirely. Clearly Syrian Arab Army pushed the NATO rebels out and regained some very strategic ground. Hence the censorship.

 9:43pm April 14, 2013

Syrian troops have broken a months-long rebel siege on two key military bases in the northwestern province of Idlib, killing at least 21 opposition fighters, activists say.
"Regime forces managed to lift the siege on the Wadi Deif and Hamdiya military camps after the army went around the rebel fighters and attacked them from behind," the opposition British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Sunday.
At least 21 rebels were killed in the attack, which focused on the village of Babulin, the group said.

Troops "now control two hilltops on either side of the Damascus-Aleppo international highway" reopening a supply route for the army, Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman said.

Rahman said two military trucks carrying materiel and soldiers have since been spotted passing through the area for the first time in months.
The area is in the countryside near the strategic town of Maaret al-Numan, which fell to rebel forces last October.
Rebels began blocking military supply routes north and to the nearby Wadi Deif and Hamdiya army bases after they seized Maaret al-Numan, which lies on the Damascus-Aleppo highway.

I am on the hunt for some additional back
Good news, the story remains intact here: Syrian troops break siege of key army camps
Same wording as above. Including this photo

 Syrian government helicopters at a military base near Taftanaz in Idlib province on November 9, 2012


  1. Is Serbia the next Cyprus?

    Further to your pipeline story...Serbia just singed on to Sud stream. Also The Kosovo muscling on Eu membership just failed. Russia just extended a loan. And there is that odd case of the NATO ambassador jumping off a car park a few short months ago. A week or so ago there was a rampage(Apr 9) in a town in the wake of the Kosovo talks failure (Apr 3). Then last week the Mladic trial was adjourned on health grounds.

    Late last year Bulgaria just cozied up to the US inviting a permanent US troop presence. Croatia on the other hand - the origin allegedly of those Syrian weapons supplies - is already in the EU bag. Now that we now about the US-Saudi-Qatar weapons supplies out of Croatia, was the Serbian NATO envoy aware of it? (Dec-12)?????

    1. Hello anonymous linkie person
      had been thinking about you, very glad to see you back :)

      Interesting to see the Serbia situation coming back into play
      Not surprising, but interesting.

      I recall the NATO guy 'jumping' in the news. It is highly unlikely he went over without help.
      Then there is Southstream

      Russia has granted Serbia a $500 million loan and promised to back Belgrade in its dispute with Kosovo.

      clearly, I need to do some more work in this area?
      Pipelines, pipelines

  2. Also, it is uncanny how Eni keeps showing up in all the wrong places. Italy also happens to be in the ECB cross hairs after an inconclusive election. Berlusconi said to lead in the polls. Recall the FT article last year gloating how Berlusconi ran to Russia for his Bday. Also note he and germany's Schroeder attended the Putin inaug.

    Eni, Sud Stream - Check
    Eni, Algeria - Check
    Eni, Libya Check
    Eni, Mozambique - Check
    Eni, Cyprus - Check
    Eni, Pakistan - Check

    Eni sells a 20% share of Area 4 in Mozambique to CNPC and signs a Joint Study Agreement for cooperation for the development of the Rongchang shale gas block in China

    Gazprom says eyes Eni's Mozambique gas assets

    1. Eni.. has been busy
      Berlusconi leading in the polls?
      aargh. The other guy didn't seem much better..
      Can't recall his name?
      I hope one day the Italians will get a government that serves them
      Hell I hope the Canadians do too
      Or just toss the devils out
      None of them serves the people anyway

  3. According to this article:

    На передовых позициях: затишье перед бурей

    The Syrians has reduced the terrorists occupation of Darayya to 6 city blocks. This suburb of Damascus is the main hold out of the terrorists in the south. The report says the Syrian army is getting ready to give them the final boot there soon. In Aleppo, it's claimed the terrorists are mostly wiped out, while in the rest of the country they mostly engage in sniping and hit and run tactics. From the sound of things, the terrorists wont be a military force much longer in Syria.

    The censorship:

    Couldn't access SANA today, this happens often and I suspect the usual suspects are responsible for making this site often hard to access. Also, the zionists running youtube have stepped up their censorship the ANNA videos now that ANNA is posting videos again with English subtitles. The sayanim don't act on the Russian only material because they know most westerners wont be able to understand it and as such, it isn't much of a threat to their lies. It's a conscious policy of maximizing time on projects with pay off the best.

    The usual way this sort of censorship on zionist owned sites (as at youtube) works is web sayanim will monitor the site and alert each other and the site management when "naughty people" are posting material "off message". The management will then invent a reason to censor, or simply block or ban the person from using the site. It's a team effort.

    вот так

    1. Yes, Youtube has a very heavy censorship regime in place.
      I have read or heard about this on many occasions
      "web sayanim will monitor the site and alert each other and the site management when "naughty people" are posting material "off message".

      I simply can't imagine that ;)

    2. Nice to see u back BOT TAK. I always enjoy reading your comments.

    3. hans

      Thanks. Your postings are always appreciated, especially those about China. :)

      вот так

  4. This exposure of Le Monde shows a good example of what zionism does to the soul:

    France’s Media Admits that the Syrian “Opposition” is Al Qaida. Then Justifies French Government Support to the Terrorists

    "In order to soften the blow and reassure French readers that the Quai d’Orsay’s support for the ‘rebels’ does not contradict France’s commitment to ‘human rights’, Le Monde’s Christophe Ayad tells us that:

    ‘Contrary to the Islamic State in Iraq the Al Nosra Front have made an effort not to systematically target civilians. It has not insisted, for the moment, on imposing an Islamic order that is too strict in the zones under its control, and has even concluded honorable agreements with the Kurdish rebellion, as in at Ras Al-Ain and more recently at Aleppo’[4]

    These rebels Le Monde attempts to whitewash have been systematically targeting civilians from the start of this conflict. They have put bombs in cars in busy market squares, they have bombed universities murdering and maiming hundreds of innocent civilians. They have been torturing and beheading civilians and soldiers alike [5], even forcing children to participate in the decapitation some of their victims. Children have also been used as soldiers.[6 ]

    They have forced women to wear the chador in the ‘liberated’ parts of once beautiful Aleppo.[7] They have desecrated and ruined the country’s religious and cultural heritage. They have blown up pipelines and wrecked infrastructure. They have destroyed thousands of schools, libraries and public service buildings. They have used chemical weapons. They have slit the throats of little children in order to blame the Syrian government. They terrorists are now even taking photos of themselves with the decapitated heads of their victims.[8] None of this is a secret. They have continously posted videos boasting about their crimes.

    Yet Le Monde wants us to believe that Japhat Al Nosra [image above] is a good, more civilized version of Al Qaida, one perhaps worthy of Western military support! Of course, Le Monde will reply that they do not support Japhat Al Nosra, that they support the secular rebels. But where are the secular rebels?Article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states very clearly that ‘any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law’. [9 ] The attempt by Western journalists to portray terrorist groups as freedom fighters and the use of information sources emanating exclusively from these groups to justify foreign aggression against a sovereign state recognized by the United Nations constitutes a war crime."

    I believe France is well due for another French Revolution.

    вот так

  5. Apparently the terrorists in Syria are getting more Israeli technical advice than was previously thought and have created the ultimate fighting machine using zio-know-how:

    вот так

  6. While people are occupied with the Boston bombing, Israel's quislings are busy working on saving their failing terrorists in Syria. Kerry actually is now advocating intervention:

    Kerry: Intervene in Syria or It May Break Up
    Says US Allies Must Share Common Vision for New Syrian Regime

    Besides Kerry's criminal call, an armoured division hq section of 200 troops is being sent to Jordan. To what, prepare the way for the rest of the division, as they normally do? The Americans also announced $130 more in funds to back the terrorists.

    Also, apparently Brahimi did not intend to resign and the rumour was something cooked up by his "enemies". I saw an article saying as much earlier, but don't have time right now to look it up or speculate what was up with that.

    вот так

    1. Hey bot tak

      the exact article you are mentioning was going to be a basis for my friday post
      needless to say I got derailed and didn't have the time
      I will be that however I found a most interesting connection to chechnya/terrorism and guessed it.

      Israel along with the UK
      I am getting stuff together