Thursday, April 25, 2013

U.S. believes Syrian government used some chemical weapons: Hagel

A gal can't even have lunch in peace

This is ominous................

"U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Thursday said the U.S. intelligence community believes the Syrian government has used sarin gas on a small scale against rebels trying to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad.
“This morning the White House delivered a letter to several members of Congress on the topic of chemical weapons use in Syria. The letter ... states that the U.S. intelligence community assesses with some degree of varying confidence that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in Syria,” Hagel told reporters traveling with him. He said it was sarin gas"

Now what?

Is this because the Syrian Army has been having success ridding itself of NATO's merc army?


Hagel we cannot tell the origin, but, we believe (in Santa, pixie dust and tooth fairies) that this originated with the Assad.....
Pathetic, I say it again.


  1. I agree, it looks like panic has set in Israel-America about their soon to be annihilated terrorist forces. When the Libyan government got the upper hand on the Israeli-American terrorist insurgency there, the fascists did the same thing.

    Expect some new falseflag ops by the Syrian terrorists that will be hyped by Israel's minions in government and especially in media. The fascists are fast running out of time till the point is reached where there wont be enough of their terrorists left in Syria to promote a "no-fly" zone foot in the door to open war on Syria, as they did in Libya. Being of very limited intelligence, zionists, and other associated fascists stick to the same plans till failure forces a change of strategy.

    вот так

  2. No. That would be because is-ra-hell said it. He is just back-tracking and agreeing to keep his job. There is no amerikan intelligence(that's obvious) that supports this.

    "Today’s Israeli allegation came on the final day of a trip to Israel by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, a trip highlighted by the signing of a $10 billion arms package for Israel. Soon after he left, the Pentagon responded to Baron’s remarks in a written statement saying that “the United States continues to assess reports of chemical weapons use in Syria. The use of such weapons would be entirely unacceptable.”

  3. There's some good comments at that G&M link, such as-
    We've got a new offer. It's about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.
    We'll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have.
    They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.
    Frankly, I don't think it's a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?
    Kind regards David"

    Which is an extract from the Britam email leaks from January.

    The letter Hagel was referring to is posted at Haaretz
    U.S. believes Assad regime used chemical weapons in Syria

    It is a 'must read', a stunning compilation of weasel words and obfuscation.

  4. Meanwhile the Israeli press is working themselves into a lather over a 'Hezballah drone from Lebanon' that has been intercepted by the IDF near Haifa.

  5. The curious thing about the most recent Israeli full court press is that the lobby set Hagel up perfectly. The crucified him for his "anti-Israel" position which had the effect of compromising his ability to push anything other than the AIPAC line. One wonders if the QPQ on the arms deal - aside from following the US lead on Iran - was a small scale Syrian incursion, especially with the offshore fields coming online. Moreover the Lebanese have just opened the bidding for their own offshore blocs and the Chinese and Russians along with western majors are prominently featured. The Israel/Lebanon border dispute remains unresolved which makes the current destabilization of the government in Lebanon auspicious.

    Meanwhile apparently the bombers where on their way to NYC
    Boston bombers had planned to attack N.Y. next

    1. Anonymous - 11:55am

      "One wonders if the QPQ on the arms deal - aside from following the US lead on Iran - was a small scale Syrian incursion, especially with the offshore fields coming online."

      Israel following the U.S. lead on Iran? I don't think so. Something like 99% of the shrill calls to attack Iran originate from Israel, either there physically, or through their most bum friendly (Jewish/Israeli lobby) quislings in the USA. If anything, the USA is following Israel's lead, though the ruling establishments in both are fully behind converting Iran into another colony or at least a wrecked state.

      вот так

    2. The story about how the bomber brothers were on their way to Times Square is getting heavy play here in NYC area -- Bloomberg seems to claim the idea of the bombers coming here a red badge of courage -- for himself and the his army, the NYPD.

      No one is mentioning "allegedly," only saying it as known and proven fact. Yikes! The source is "officials" of some law enforcement area or another.



  6. Lest we forget
    Former U.S. officials say CIA considers Israel to be Mideast's biggest spy threat

  7. Shaving foam is a chemical weapon
    It is laughable, but the Telegraph is claiming this as proof.

    1. What a hoot. And straight after the Aleppo minaret destruction, out of the Libyan text book of false flag ops. They're getting desperate, but the BBC can be guaranteed to give this nonsense as much publicity as possible.

  8. There's too much smoke out there, what is going on.
    First the Americans say no proof of chem use now Kerry and hagel say they are sure it was used. The Boston bombing which seems suspicious, the Canadian noise about maybe the guys were planning something, the Brits and French shouting they have chem use proof and the deployment of US command post team to Jordan. Now , today the maybe Hezbollah drone?
    All this smoke tells me this is a screen and something is up.

    1. Anonymous 1:43 PM

      "All this smoke tells me this is a screen and something is up."

      I think Penny mentioned what the reason is:

      "Is this because the Syrian Army has been having success ridding itself of NATO's merc army?"

      The Israeli-American terrorists are routed in Syria. Without help from NATO or Israel, their time is going to be up very soon. The Israelis want NATO in there yesterday.

      вот так

  9. Meanwhile out in pacific ASEAN is talking up a trade zone as the us tries to oush against the grain and lock Japan into a box - not the the BOJ hasn't done that already.
    The us and Japan just announced a provactive drill to reclaim an island; Abe said he woul expel any Chinese by force from the island; the Japanese just moved their command to a us base; the Japanese politicos are making a pilgramage to a contraversial shrine; the koreas are warning the japanes nationalists; the us and the Koreans (south) are engaged in exercises currently etc.

    One curious thing: story out yestd that particles from the north Korean tests were discovered but they still don't know what it was???

    Also today a declassified document purports that the Chinese gave the Pakistanis nuclear technology which opens a pandoras box into the whole pakustan stole the tech from europe and Khan smuggled it worldwide.

    Finally. Musharraf is under house arrest after returning unceremoniously to Pakistan. Why when the army told hime to stay away? Since he has been back he has tried to sow discord in front of elections between those politicos and the army with whom he presumably still has loyaltie (plus isi). Us attept to reassert itself as afghan drawdown approaches? Baloch breakup? Or does Iraq come first?

  10. I watched Hagel's confirmation hearing where he gladly threw away his beliefs and morals and self-respect, all to show he will happily serve Aparthied Israel.

    The man is completely lost.

  11. I have a lot of trouble believing any of the signals or smoke we are seeing as part of a big plan and a push to get involved in syria.
    Many factors have to be considered.
    Syria is not alone, and Iran and Hezbollah know very well if syria goes, their turn is next. That's a big deterrent. No one, specially the Americans want to get involved to this level. Iraq's memory has not faded yet, and I have a real problem believing Obama wants the same legacy as bush.
    It is very possible that all this maneuvering is a prelude for a major diplomatic push where some of those who have overcommitted themselves have a chance to back down and save face. Putting pressure on syria to scare it to the table is part of this and I have a feeling the Russians would be in on it.
    The only really joker here is Israel. Israel has always played its own game during these events. Everyone may agree on one course, Israel appears to go along then they sabotage it for their own goal. The key is till believe here is Iran and its nuclear and economic direction. I am not worried about what the French or Brits are doing in the back room, this region belongs to the Americans because Israel wants it this way. So what's next.
    I have been watching a seemingly well informed lebanese analysts who is very close to the syrian regime and also has a lot fingers in many pots, nasser kandil.
    He seems to be sure we will see a major diplomatic move in the next 9 to 10 days. He based this on many events in the American moves and has been fairly accurate so far. He believes the latest meeting between the Russians and Americans that seemed inconclusive actually did achieve some understandings which should show some results very soon.
    As long as Israel isn't trying to sabotage this for its own goals, I believe we are moving to a new phase that may show a lot of high level diplomacy in the next few days. Fingers crossed.

  12. This report stresses the political pressure angle of the Israeli-American CW fraud:

    News Analysis: U.S. chemical-weapon claims could merely be pressure on Assad

    According to this the Israeli-Ammericans are now trying a diplomatic last ditch saving of their terrorist policy against Syria, now that their terrorists are routed. The report doubts that Israel-America is planning to intervene themselves to save their terrorists, like in Libya.

    It's more optimistic than I am. I think Israel will do anything it can to keep the war against Syria going, and any realistic threat of a diplomatic solution they will do what they can to wreck. I also doubt there is any power block in the USA establishment that would accept an independent Syria and the main stumbling point they might have in attacking Syria directly is how that could effect the USA internally and what it could do internationally. The Israelis don't have to worry about either results, since their population is about 95% sheep and they got the USA and Europe under their thumb. Let the patsies take the heat, has been the Israeli mo from the beginning. And the patsies do, which is the whole strategy behind the zionist network of occupation without occupation.

    вот так

  13. Ya... the big American cheeses are only looking after themselves.

    They have sold their people down the river too many times.. to be believable at this point? Not gonna happen!

    I would definately not take their word and would go the opposite direction. This is all political crap anyway... it has nothing to
    do with the average joe.. except they dont mind putting others lives on the line to save their own.

    Too sad... USA

    Wars cost money and lives...Forget it.