Friday, April 19, 2013

Wow! Chechens in Boston. Framing Russia? Not a surprise.

As I said, right here, on this blog. If the fingers are pointed at Russia regarding the explosion in Boston......  Don’t be surprised.

Tuesday April 16/13 in the post titled :Bombs at the Boston Marathon: Bomb sniffing dogs present pre-race.
If you had not read what I had suspected then, let me rehash here and now

“In all my years blogging, I recall a ball bearing attack taking place at a Moscow airport.

Suspect in Moscow Airport bombing, reported dead months ago?!

The suspect held extremist Wahhabi ideologies. So we are talking Chechen, most likely.
His family claimed at the time he ( alleged bomber)was already dead.
Perhaps he was? Perhaps he wasn't?

Why am I rehashing such old news at this time?
With all the tit for tat going on between the US and Russia. And the obvious intent of the US to destabilize Russia.... Let me put it this way, if Russia got the frame/ blame, I would not be the least bit surprised.
Not at this critical juncture.”
And what, to my eyes, does appear?

                             Boston bomb suspects are brothers of Chechen origin, 1 killed

Boston bomb suspects are brothers of Chechen origin, 1 killed (India Times)

"The man, whose identity has not been released, died in the hospital after being hit with bullets and injured by an explosion, a doctor at Beth Israel hospital told reporters"
 However, some western media has already moved to Russian brothers

*Boston blast suspects 'from Russia'

* Suspected Boston Bombers From Russia; One Dead, One On the Run

*BREAKING: Boston bomb suspects from Russia region near Chechnya

Boston bombing suspects identified as Tsarnaev brothers from Russia, near Chechnya

AP sources identify the surviving Boston bomber as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19.
The man is said to be from Russia’s south, not far from the Chechen Republic.
The man reportedly lived in Turkey before arriving legally in the US at least a year ago.

The name is listed among the recipients of Cambridge scholarships in 2011.

The second suspect is said to be his brother Tamerlan, 26.
An NBC report claims the two immigrated at least two years ago. One of the brothers is  said to have a Massachusetts drivers’ license.
Some reports say the two may have arrived in the US from Turkey and have Turkish citizenship.

These men have full US citizenship.
Along with Turkish citizenship.

Which suggests to me they are likely part of the pipeline of NATO aided and abetted terrorists. 

The Tsarnaev family moved to Dagestan from Kyrgyzstan in 2001, the school spokesman told RT. Dzhokhar studied there for just one year and  produced no particular impression, good or bad, on the teachers. The family moved to the US in 2002, RT was told.
Dzhokhar was born in Kyrgyzstan. The family, which also included two daughters, Bella and Amina, had the status of refugees at the time they moved to Russia.
Dzhokhar has several Chechen-related interests stated in his profile. He states that he speaks Russian, English and Chechen and holds career and money as his personal priorities. He claims he is a believer in Islam.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev

The first suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, who was shot dead in a firefight with the police, is allegedly Tamerlan Tsarnaev, an older brother of the suspect at large.
He is said to be  from Chechnya, who fled to the US as a refugee.
Tamerlan fled Chechnya with his family because of the conflict in the early 90s, when he reportedly was about five years old. He is said to have lived for years in Kazakhstan before heading to the United States as a refugee.

However, despite spending the most of his life in America, he claimed not have “a single American friend.”
“I don't understand them," reads one of the captions to the set pictures of Tamerlan, which RT managed to find online.
In 2009 he was put under arrest for beating his girlfriend, who described him in one interview as a “very nice man,” according to the City of Cambridge Police Department.
A passionate fan of boxing, he spent a lot of time training for competitions, according to  Johannes Hirn, who posted a photo essay entitled ‘Will Box for Passport’ on his page on

Competing for New England in 2010 National Golden Gloves completion in Utah, Tamerlan Tsarnaev dreamed of being “selected for the US Olympic team and be [a] naturalized American.”

“Unless his native Chechnya becomes independent, Tamerlan says he would rather compete for the United States than for Russia,” reads the caption to one of the pictures that shows Tamerlan during his workout.

Predicting the Future: The destabilization of Russia

Update: video referred to in the comments by Marie

If your reading here, check out the latest..

Boston Bombing: NATO- Taking the fight to Russia via Georgia/Chechnya ??


  1. Unconfirmed: Read a story this mroning that an Israeli team was on the ground helping Boston police past few days...

    Also interesting side note that the Azeri foreign minister is slated to arrive in israel for first time next week to dicsus tiges. Recall the Azeris are said to have been cordinating for a possible basing for iran strike. Israeli general last week said that the country could go it alone in iran

    Meanwhile, Georgia is slipping from the nato radar lock the SaliKash arrests and raids.

    Azeris to Defy Iran With First Israel Visit by Foreign Minister


    1. Azerbaijan will send its foreign minister to Israel next week for the first time since the majority Muslim nation on Iran’s northern border regained independence from the former Soviet Union 22 years ago.

      A delegation led by Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov plans to meet top Israeli and Palestinian officials on April 21-23 to discuss the Middle East peace process and bilateral ties, the ministry in the capital, Baku, said today by e-mail.

      Acting under Iranian pressure, senior Azeri officials have in the past refrained from visiting Israel, one of the main suppliers of weapons to the Caspian Sea nation,

      Israel one of the main suppliers of weapons to the Caspian Sea Nation?

  2. alos from russian paper this am about dagestan shunning direct elections
    Dagestan Lawmakers Vote Against Direct Leader Elections

    Russia will appoint..

    Lets not forget russia just threw out NGOs. Filed charges against the opposition leader. ALSO KEY: Russia broke off law enforecement cooperation. And remeber Russia has been compalining about the lack of US enforcement on drugs coming out of Afghan. In fact Russia agreed to alloow us to transit the country in pulling out of Afghan but said they wanted right to inspect planes

    Russia breaks on law enforement

    Also Chechnya head was rumored ot be on the MAginsky list...


      Didn't Dagestan have an Imam that was sort of pro russian, ended up being assassinated?

      think there was something way back

      It seems judging from this article what is going on in Syria is going on in Degestan
      imagine my non surprise

      The imam of a mosque in Russia's troubled North Caucasus province of Dagestan was shot dead by unidentified gunmen, police said on Friday.

      The victim, Zainudin Daiziyev, was at least the third imam killed since June in Dagestan, where mainstream Muslim leaders are frequent targets of Islamist militants waging an insurgency along Russia's heavily Muslim southern fringe

    2. don't see anything about chechen being on the list
      Not at the huff post link anway?

  3. thanks anonymous
    will look at the links
    still a bit gobsmacked at the revelations....
    Wow! Like I said.
    Of course there is the angle that this will play out?
    Will it be blame the Russian?
    Or blame the Islamists?

  4. He has a Justin Beiber haircut, so better grab hold of Justine Beaver and torture him to get the inisde info!


    1. how curious?

      Does the US have no experience in medical response?

  6. Hmmmm...and I thought they would frame the Boston attack as a domestic police state affair, given the black powder and the pressure cookers. Muslim and Russian...all they need is some phony evidence linking the 2 to China, Syria, Iran and Venezuela and they will have all the bases covered.

    "These men have full US citizenship.
    Along with Turkish citizenship. Which suggests to me they are likely part of the pipeline of NATO aided and abetted terrorists."

    No doubt they are connected to the Israeli-American terrorist network operating in Russia. I'm guessing another one of those "FBI sting" ops where the informant leads the terrorist wannabee, only this time, gave the idiots real explosives to play with, instead of duds, and let them do their number like in the 1st WTC bombing or the Oklahoma set-up. There is no doubt that the authorities had prior knowledge of this bombing attack beforehand now, given the presence of bomb dogs and the phony bomb drill and now what looks like a pretty quick ID of suspects from blurry photographic evidence.

    вот так

    1. "No doubt they are connected to the Israeli-American terrorist network operating in Russia."

      via georgia

      at this point in time, I am not doubting it

  7. Boston bombing suspects' father: My kids were framed

    Boston bombing suspects lost contact with Chechnya in childhood - Kadyrov' spokesman

    Boston bombings rooted in US, not Chechnya - Kadyrov

    ""Any attempts to draw a parallel between Chechnya and the Tsarnaevs, if they are guilty, are futile. They grew up in the U.S., and their views and beliefs were formed there. The roots of the evil should be looked for in America. The whole world should be combating terrorism. We know this better than anybody else," Kadyrov said on Instagram.

    "The events that occurred in Boston are tragic. People were killed in an act of terrorism. We earlier expressed our condolences to residents of this city and the American people. The media reported today that one Tsarnaev was killed in an attempt to detain him. It would have been logical if he had been detained and if an investigation had been held to find out all circumstances and the degree of his guilt. It looks like the special services needed some result at any cost to calm society down," Kadyrov said."

    Was the guy killed to make sure he couldn't talk? Is the same planned for the brother?

    Also the extended family is in the USA:

    Suspect Marathon bombing’s uncle urges him to to turn into police

    And remember this guy:

    Bystander's camera phone captures man on roof above explosions at Boston Marathon

    вот так

    1. Is intelligence framing these two?
      it could be, ya know?
      If so, they are completely expendable to the wider agenda

    2. Well, they seem to have had these guys on a short leash. I'm sure they were set-up to do the bombing by FBI agents working undercover. This looks like one of those FBI "stings" where they take someone they've previously psychologically profiled as a potential sucker, convinced them to be a terrorist for "the cause", and then showed them how and supplied what they needed. And as I mentioned below, that Israeli entities keep popping up in the background is more than suspicious that mossad had a role in this.

      вот так

  8. Bravo Penny. Neat work. This marks a major international development.

    1. thanks carol :)

      "This marks a major international development."

      It sure could!

      Just watching to see how this gets spun

  9. Whoa...this is the weirdest link yet. Have you seen the short news item (I think it was on ABC) about the suspect's father...saying that the kids were set up and all hell will break loose if they are killed (by US authorities)?


    1. Hey Marie

      I added the video to the main post..

      Interesting that talking head mentions Russian police not being in touch with the father?
      Interesting also that the father is still in Chech? Russia?
      Would this mean it is easier to frame the kids?
      Or to blame Russia?

    2. That's interesting. I had been under the impression the father, and the whole family, were in the USA. The mother is in Russia, also, and spoke with RT:

      'They were set up, FBI followed them for years'- Tsarnaevs' mother to RT

      "But her biggest suspicion surrounding the case was the constant FBI surveillance she said her family was subjected to over the years. She is surprised that having been so stringent with the entire family, the FBI had no idea the sons were supposedly planning a terrorist act.

      “They used to come [to our] home, they used to talk to me…they were telling me that he [the older, 26-y/o Tamerlan] was really an extremist leader and that they were afraid of him. They told me whatever information he is getting, he gets from these extremist sites… they were controlling him, they were controlling his every step…and now they say that this is a terrorist act! Never ever is this true, my sons are innocent!”

      That strongly sounds like the older brother was recruited and "groomed" by FBI undercover agents and both brothers were under total surveillance. Couple that will the "innocuous" Israeli connections that keep cropping up on the side, and I think the 2 brothers were most definitely set-up and walked through it from beginning to end. As for motive, and why the Israeli-Americans selected "ex-Russians", we'll have to wait and see if the zionist western media starts blaming Putin for the bombing...

      вот так

    3. Dial back to the Georgia war and the prominent role Israel played there. Also Azeri has been a gadfly for Russia at some level - despite arms sales - and Israel is known to be cozy. The recent Hez roundup in Azeri along with the alleged attempted attacks pon Israeli embassy dot the proverbial "i".

      Russia and Iran upgrading their Caspian fleets with announcements over past few months

      There is also the growing case for a overt Kurd break in Iraq in view of the recent oil moves and Turkey courtship.

      Russia resupply to Gyumri?


  10. Classmates: Bomb suspect was on campus this week

    DARTMOUTH, Mass. (AP) — Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth this week after the explosions killed three people and wounded more than 180 others, his classmates told The Associated Press on Friday

    Students said Tsarnaev lived on the third floor of the Pine Dale dormitory. Harry Danso, who lives on the same floor, told the AP he saw him in a dorm hallway this week after the bombings.

    "He was regular, he was calm," said Danso, who described Tsarnaev as a quiet kid who would sometimes ask him for a homework assignment.

    Sonia Ribeiro, 19, of Boston, was in a philosophy class with Tsarnaev. She also said he was on campus this week, although not in class.

    "He was laid back. I would never expect this at all from him," she said.

    Maybe he was on campus and not running for his life because he was innocent?

    Watched video of some Boston cattle shouting something after the 'capture.' Had the volume turned off, but their lips looked like they were saying, "JEWSA, JEWSA."

  11. The Craft private security org. appears to be involved:

    Israeli-riddled FBI uses proxy information to blame Muslims for Boston terror

    "But as I mention in my April 18th Viewpoints, added to the above mentioned horrors, most American were not aware that Chertoff set Israeli contractors up to be the opposing forces in DHS security drills. This put them in a perfect position to learn how to penetrate our security, and they do.

    Since Sunday's bombing the DHS security contractors from the Craft Group were front and center in many of the finish line are photos, but always in the right place at the wrong time. Because they all wore the same clothing they were easy to spot, and were obviously working crowd security on the street.

    One pair Craft people in particular was spotted on station about fifteen to twenty feet left of where the first bomb went off. They obviously did not intercept it, but did manage to cross the street in time to suffer no injuries.

    Further photos show their satellite communication van pulling up and their whole team gathering around working their phones, talking shop, and not lifting a finger to assist in any of the victim triage or evacuation. In fact they acted like the bombing had nothing to do with their work there, after it had happened anyway.

    But there was on small problem. One photo clearly showed a large fragment of the first bomb bag which matched the Craft backpacks perfectly. This was so obvious we all awaited what corporate media would report, and that turned out to be nothing.

    The Craft contractors were completely censored out of their coverage despite their critical positions on Sunday and strange nonchalant behavior and failure to stop the bombs being dropped right under their noses. Anyone planning to use these guys for security, be sure to ask for a big discount.

    We can add to the media censorship list any mention of the confirmed bomb drill which numerous witness both saw, including the bomb sniffing dogs, and heard announced over the PA system. This spooked the independent Intel community as its what we call in the trade 'managing the news'. It is never done for an innocent reason, but to cover something up."

    Remember the film, "Parallax View"?

    вот так

  12. Check out "Beulah Man's Red State Revolt." The pics gathered there blow this whole sordid episode to hell and gone.

  13. Thanks greg!
    will be there asap
    which unfortunately means tomorrow
    busy, busy

    anyway.... I have stumbled upon a most interesting connection

    Israel. Boris Berezkovsky and Chechnya

    Strange bedfellows, politics...

  14. House Homeland Security chairman believes suspect trained in Russia

    "The types of explosives that Tsarnaev and his brother are believed to have used last week were similar to weapons used by Al Qaeda, McCaul said.

    “I think the larger question right now–If I’m a U.S. attorney is how is - is there more to this cell? Is it just these two or should I cast a wider net to see if anyone else is out there that may be tied to the cell in the United States?”

    Now any white guy you see could be an Al Qaeda (Chechen branch Tm) terrorist.

    @Bot Tak: Parallax View, yes a great film.

  15. http://www.tim

  16. kaspi

    I am having difficulty accessing that pdf?
    going to try something else
    are you around presently?