Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bomb explodes in Dagestan. Russia. You know Boston Bombings???

Bomb explodes in busy shopping area of Dagestan .
Interesting timing? Considering the Boston false flag?
Considering allegations of links between Boston patsy and Dagestan?
Considering Russian round ups? Considering ‘resets’? Early warnings?
Considering the already dead ( for nearly a year) Canadian man who is today being  linked to Tsarnaev. He,William Plotnikov, who allegedly who went to Dagestan but was killed by Russian Security Forces while there? Considering Georgia and the fighters from Dagestan?
Payback? Continued destabilization? Narrative Creation?
You want options? We got them!
  bomb explodes in the city of Makhachkala, Dagestan

(Was working on this one in the a.m., but got sidetracked)

A bomb exploded Wednesday in a busy shopping area in the capital of the restive republic of Dagestan, killing at least two people, police said.

The bomb went off when two teenage boys tried to open a cardboard box left near a store and both of them were killed, police said.

The explosion in Makhachkala also wounded an undetermined number of people, said a spokeswoman for the republic's Interior Ministry, Fatina Ubaidatova. She did not have details on the force or construction of the bomb.

Islamic insurgents frequently mount attacks on police and security forces in Dagestan, with bombs often placed in cars or along roads. Wednesday's explosion, however, was unusual in that the target was not clear.

The target was obviously the busy shopping area. Therefore the target was civilians. (Media misdirection addressed "target not clear"? ) This language was not used during the reporting of the Boston Marathon false flag..
The republic in southern Russia is home to the parents of the suspects in last month's Boston Marathon bombing. One of the bombing suspects who was killed in a shootout with Boston police, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, paid a long visit to Dagestan last year. Investigators are trying to determine whether he had contact with extremists here.
New leads on Boston bombing point to Dagestan
Boston Bomber linked to Dagestan comes from an UNNAMED ANONYMOUS SOURCE.

More evidence is piling up that the province of Dagestan in southern Russia holds some of the mysteries behind the Boston bombing.

The AP got the information from a security official that asked to remain anonymous.

Russian agents placed Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the elder Boston bombing suspect, under surveillance during a six-month visit he took to Dagestan last year, according to a new report today from the Associated Press. The AP got the information from a security official that asked to remain anonymous.

And here comes the Canadian, deceased who ties Tamerlan to Dagestan.

The report adds that officials suspected possible ties between Tsarnaev and William Plotnikov, a Canadian who had joined the insurgency, and then died in a shootout with counter terrorism forces.

"Canadian who may have fought ‘jihad’ in Dagestan... but he  had nothing to do with Boston bombing, father says"

Since he has been dead for a year, he could not have been connected to the Boston false flag.
-He was killed last July by Russian security forces.
 -Father said "he doubted reports claiming his son was connected to Tamerlan Tsarnaev"

-Sources familiar with the case said there was no confirmed link between the Canadian and Tsarnaev

No confirmed link, so why all the media spin?
Conveniently..Dead men tell no tales
So, what are we looking at here?
Is a back story/back ground being created to bolster an official conspiracy theory that will rely on “appeal to authority’ to be deemed  credible.
Or Is a back story being created to prop up a possible future narrative? Should one be needed?
Which makes me think of the bomb story today getting ample coverage in the corporate media...


  1. "No confirmed link, so why all the media spin?"

    I think this is where Uncle Ruslan's long term CIA connections come into play. The spin about "Misha" was to take scrutiny off uncle, the media hype about the Canadian is probably intended to serve the same purpose.

    Dagestan bomb may not be connected to Boston. See:

    Two teenagers killed as large blast hits capital of Russia's Dagestan

    "...It's not the first time somebody has planted explosives at that same place, Nuradinov went on saying. Back in January a similar suspicious box was found, but at that time people from the nearby store called for the police. Explosives equal to 1kg of TNT were in that box. Nuradinov believes somebody is trying to assassinate some shop owners."

    Sounds local in origin.

    вот так

    1. Thanks Bot tak

      Of course there may be no connection..yet the media was connecting the stories together...

      ``Nuradinov believes somebody is trying to assassinate some shop owners."

      Hm. I wonder who or why?

      It really appears the media is trying to build some kind of story line to bolster the bogus boston narrative

      RE: the canadian money missing...
      saw your comment
      I would think the money went to covert operations

    2. Penny

      Interesting about the western media hype, the Dagastan bombing has already fallen off the VoR front page. Neither RIAN or RT are giving the story lot of play, either. I have not looked at the Russian language media, but there is no mention of any connection to the American attack in the English language media that I have seen.

      As for the zionist western media, they need stories that connect both Muslims and "Russians" to terrorism to properly prepare their captive audiences for Israel's next geopolitical steps. Like with advertising, it's not the content about the product, it's the words repeated constantly that stick.

      They want to keep the Boston false flag in the news, but don't want things like the uncle's CIA background getting airplay, so they will latch on to "safe" stories, related or not, that they can hype instead. It's kind of a general rule that if the zionist media is hyping something, it's something designed to distract, and wont harm the oligarchy.

      вот так


    3. The NA media would connect just about anything to the Boston Bombing if it would keep the narrative alive
      But, as stated, I wonder if a back story is being created to shore up the officially sanctioned conspiracy...?

    4. "RE: the canadian money missing...I would think the money went to covert operations etc"

      I think so too. The Canadian regime seems to be as infiltrated as the British regime when it comes to zios and organised crime. That means a heavy emphasis of spook crimes that cant become public. The lasted phony terror scare being one.

      "But, as stated, I wonder if a back story is being created to shore up the officially sanctioned conspiracy...?"

      I think they chose the brothers due to their Chechen background (besides the prerequisite Israeli demand of Muslim). They probably have any number of dupes lined up in the pipeline at any given time, the Chechen choice seems to be the key here. Possibly to blame Russia in some manner? Their plans may have been disrupted by the Russian anticipating this, some of the revelations about the brothers may be Russian counter work? It may be the opening phase of the PR for expanded American [open] involvement in destabilising Central Asia and southern Russia, and also western China.

      вот так

  2. first an Algerian sickness now an alleged chad coup. This after a reported attempted coup in Sudan while incidentally the president was in wait for it Saudi Arabia....

  3. US Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday that Washington supports Georgia’s aspirations to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), ambitions that Moscow has repeatedly warned will only inflame tensions in the South Caucasus.

    As the Russians call for S Ossetia to be recognized along lines of Kosovo.

    Might be worthwhile to look at the random shootings in Switzerland, Serbia, Russia, etc.. The Serbian one is particularly interesting. war vet in Croatia allegedly which occurred at same time as Mladic removed from trial for insulting witness over genocide claims....

  4. Sudan

    many years of US/ Israeli meddling..
    And this man was in Saudi Arabia when the attempted coup took place?
    How interesting?

    The Algerian man??? Just from reading that one piece I get a real "tool" vibe
    He has hardly been a leader?
    Rarely seen in public in recent years?
    How many recent years is that?

    And god I hate comb overs. They make me cringe, whenever I see one.
    It's just a personal quirk, but ewwww...

  5. and.....
    Houston: Man Killed at Airport After Attempting a Mass Shooting

    Echoes of Rome....