Saturday, May 4, 2013

Breaking: Israel claims to have launched an airstrike on Syria 24 hours ago

What to my early morning sleepy eyes appears? Breaking news of Israel claiming and the US confirming an airstrike took place between Thursday and Friday. That means 24 hours ago...
Did the strike really take place?
And if so why didn't Israel or the US mention it yesterday?
Haven't had enough time to dig in or digest, but, a round up of news stories is linked below:

Israel confirms strike on Syria targeted weapons : Destroyed 'game-changing' shipment of missiles

 Israeli officials confirmed Saturday the country's air force carried out a strike against Syria and say it targeted a shipment of advanced missiles bound for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

The officials said the attack took place early Friday and targeted sophisticated "game-changing" weapons. One official said the target was a shipment of advanced, long-range ground-to-ground missiles.
It was not immediately clear where the airstrike took place, or whether the air force carried out the strike from Lebanese or Syrian airspace.
The Israeli officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were discussing a secret military operation.
There was no immediate comment from Syrian officials, and no word of the airstrike on Syrian state media.

  Syria: air strike hints at change in how far Israel will involve itself in conflict

 The Telegraph is full of hot air with that headline and many of it's claims....

  Something has changed in Israel's calculations over how far to involve itself in the Syrian disaster, and perhaps in America’s too.

Israeli warplanes launch air strike inside Syria

BBC News - ‎1 hour ago‎
Unnamed US-based Israeli officials said the target was a shipment of arms destined for Lebanon's Hezbollah. The governments of Israel and Syria have not yet commented on the strike. Israel launched a similar strike in January

And yet BBC used pics of an alleged, claimed massacre?

Reports of the air strike first emerged in US media reports quoting unnamed US officials.
Israeli officials later told journalists that the strike had taken place early on Friday.

The US let this out first?

Sana is reporting nothing about this at all 


The United States believes Israel has conducted an airstrike into Syria, two U.S. officials first told CNN.
U.S. and Western intelligence agencies are reviewing classified data showing Israel most likely conducted a strike in the Thursday-Friday time frame, according to both officials. This is the same time frame that the U.S. collected additional data showing Israel was flying a high number of warplanes over Lebanon.

 One official said the United States had limited information so far and could not yet confirm those are the specific warplanes that conducted a strike. Based on initial indications, the U.S. does not believe Israeli warplanes entered Syrian airspace to conduct the strikes.

Israel: Syrian chemical arms safe, Hezbollah does not want them

 A senior Israeli official said on Saturday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad retains control of Syria's reputed chemical weapons and they are not sought by his Hezbollah guerrilla allies in neighboring Lebanon.

 Defense Ministry strategist Amos Gilad spoke after another Israeli official disclosed that Israel had sent warplanes on Friday to attack a Hezbollah-bound missile shipment in Syria, where Assad is battling a more than two-year-old insurgency.

Israel has long made clear it is prepared to resort to force to prevent advanced Syrian weapons reaching Hezbollah or jihadi rebels. In late January, regional sources said Israel destroyed a convoy carrying Syrian anti-aircraft missiles to Hezbollah.

"Syria has large amounts of chemical weaponry and missiles. Everything there is under (Assad government) control," Gilad said in a speech.

"Hezbollah does not have chemical weaponry. We have ways of knowing. They are not keen to take weaponry like this, preferring systems that can cover all of the country (Israel)," he said.
He was apparently referring to Hezbollah's conventional ground-to-ground missiles, whose number the Israelis put at around 60,000.

"Chemical weapons kill those who use them," Gilad added.
 Above article contains a named individual, Defense Ministry strategist Amos Gilad.
 All the articles referring to the alleged Israeli strike on Syria are based on anonymous sources. Unnamed sources
SANA is still reporting no news of a strike. Which is unusual.

UPDATE From Lebanon media
 Mansour: Israeli air breaches pose danger to region
 (Last updated: May 04, 2013 02:10 PM)

 Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour said Saturday that Israel’s ongoing violations of Lebanese airspace would not provide it the security it seeks and urged the international community to help end such breaches from taking place in the future.

Breaching UN resolutions, of course...

 Israel has intensified the rate of its flights over Lebanese airspace over the past several days, a development security sources attribute to the monitoring of cross-border weapons transfers with Syria.
In contrast to the routine near-daily flight patterns by Israeli jets, unusual flight patterns were recorded in the last 48 hours by the Lebanese Army.

Israeli planes continued to breach Lebanon’s airspace overnight Friday with sighting over the capital as well as northern and southern areas of the country.
According to the Lebanese Army, Israeli jets flew over the coast of Batroun and Shekka, both in north Lebanon, parts of south Lebanon and the capital.

“Between 8 p.m. and 11.05 p.m. [Friday], four Israeli warplanes violated Lebanese airspace over the maritime areas in Shekka and Batroun and executed circular flights above different Lebanese areas,” the Army said in a statement Saturday.

Between 10 p.m. and 1:35 a.m. the planes began exiting Lebanese airspace from the southern towns of Alma Shaeb and Rmeish, the Army said.

Another plane, according to the Army statement, violated Lebanon’s airspace at 10.30 p.m., flying over Naqoura, southern Lebanon. It exited Lebanese airspace at 3 a.m. Saturday after flying over Beirut, Riaq, Baalbek and Hermel.

President Michel Sleiman condemned Friday the recent Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty, calling them a continuation of the Jewish state’s “policy of intimidation” and a bid to destabilize the country.

No mention of any strikes whatsoever?
At this point, it is still unclear whether any strike actually took place
 And a couple of hours later, it is still unclear whether an Israeli airstrike really took place

A couple of issues:

-This is a rehash of a previous situation.
-The alleged prior strike along the Lebanese border as claimed by Israel did not take place.
-The msm is still reporting this all as "belief" An arms convoy was the exact same pretense the first time around. As in the previous scenario the NATO mercs are making alternative claims.
-When the previous strike by Israel occurred SANA reported the strike in a different location and went directly to the UN(useless nations) to lodge a complaint.
-Also a concern? The headline of a major Canadian newspaper is screaming preparations in northern Syria for an alleged chemical attack. All coming from the NATO opposition, of course.
-Print edition headline "Syrians brace for chemical attacks" 
-That headline is front and center. Which leaves me with the feeling of a very, very orchestrated PR campaign...
I could be wrong, but so far.....nothing but beliefs and claims


  1. As of this moment, I am having problems with this narrative.
    I could hardly believe that Israel, the nation that loves to boast, kept this silent for 24 hours and allowed the US to leak the news
    Doesn't sit right with me.
    That may change, but, for right now..

  2. This week Hezbollah said it may intervene in Syria in support of Assad forces.

    "Those targeting the resistance and preventing supplies reaching it are practicing an act of aggression against Lebanon, based on the view of Takfiri terrorism which complements Zionist schemes aimed at provoking sectarian strife,” the head of Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc Mohammad Raad said in a remarks that referred to the Islamists as apostates."

    Israel bombs Hezbollah-bound missiles in Syria: official

  3. June 2012

    Senior IDF officer: Israel is preparing for the next Lebanon war

  4. Related?

    Iran denies Ahmadinejad detained

    US says will decide on Iran after elections...
    Hagel to Israel: Military option will be considered after Iranian elections

  5. One might suspect the recent Russian porting of a warship in Israel along with the gas off take deal are telling at least the timing?

    Where are the Arafat results; overdue

    Those Lebanese offshore blocks are coming for bid in 3....2....1...

    1. "One might suspect the recent Russian porting of a warship in Israel along with the gas off take deal are telling at least the timing?"

      Yes, I'm sure the Israelis coordinated this latest attack with the Russians...

      "Where are the Arafat results; overdue"

      From 17 Apr:

      Forensic tests on Arafat remains to be completed in 2013

      "Russian experts will complete radiological examination of the remains of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat by year-end, the head of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency, Vladimir Uiba, said."

      But I understand, you got a job to do.

      вот так


      within a few months puts us overdue

    3. Anonymous May 04 6:01

      "One might suspect the recent Russian porting of a warship in Israel along with the gas off take deal are telling at least the timing?"

      Can you leave some links regarding this news?
      I saw over at Moon of Alabama someone had made mention of that
      IMO there was no attack at all on Thursday/Friday none
      But one early today (Sunday am Syria time)

      Bot tak: the above anonymous commenter is not a troll, IMO
      He or She often provides lots of interesting links and different perspectives in a sort of connect the dot manner...
      From my stat counter this individual is familiar to me. A regular for sometime now

    4. TY.

    5. Penny

      Sorry, then. I thought it was the Anonymous that had spammed anti-Russian hasbara. :)

      The Russian ship that visited Israel is the Azov, the same amphibious warfare ship you had photos of in one of your previous posts. This visit took place a few days ago, I remember seeing an article about it. I don't know if the ship is still there, or where any of the other ships the Russians recently moved to the Med are.

      вот так

  6. Israeli officials confirm Syria strike

    "Earlier Saturday, two US officials said that the Israel "most likely" conducted an airstrike on Syria "in the Thursday-Friday time frame," claiming, however, that the regime's fighter jets "did not enter Syrian airspace."

    From the sound of this it looks like Israel used the "cover" of its Lebanon overflights to launch missiles from aircraft over Lebanon which struck inside Syria. It doesn't looks like the Syrian army was attacked. It was probably a border area and Hezbollah people were the target. I'm just guessing from the limited info available and the lack of info coming from Syria. Ja'afari not knowing about the attack when asked sounds like the attack didn't hit something Syrian government related.

    вот так

  7. Strange story as you say Penny. The Israeli press are all taking the story from (Rothschilds') Reuters.

    Except (Mossad-linked) Debka spins a more detailed yarn-
    Israel jets fly over E. Lebanon, head north over Beirut, after striking targets in Syria

    But, Defense Ministry’s Amos Gilad says no official confirmation issued; claims Syria chemical weapons secure, Hezbollah not keen on acquiring them - and you'd think he would know what's going on.
    Senior Israeli official denies reports confirming Syria airstrikes

    And the (spooky) Telegraph appears to know more of what's going on in Israel than the Israelis-
    Syria: air strike hints at change in how far Israel will involve itself in conflict

    It looks, to me, like Israel's puppet masters in Rothschild-Central are impatiently yanking the strings.

  8. Of more consequences is this
    Iran has strongly condemned the desecration of an ancient tomb on the outskirts of Damascus belonging to a Shia Muslim figure, warning the perpetrators against the consequences of the blasphemous act.

    If you remember Hassan Nasrallah warned the Syrian rebels not to attempt this kind of destruction. If Hezbollah or Iran does not respond then more destruction will happen. This is what the main story should be about. Where was the proof that Israel promised shown the debris of Hezbollah drones?

  9. The goat-shaggers have come out of the shadows:

    Syria accuses Israel of attacking military research center in Damascus

    "Israel launched an airstrike on a military research center in a suburb of the Syrian capital before dawn, the Syrian state TV said on Sunday.

    "The state terrorism practiced by Israel in shelling the scientific research center is nothing but a desperate attempt to ease the pressure on the armed groups that are being squashed under the heavy blows of the Syrian army," it said.

    Explosions rocked the northwestern Jamraya suburb early Sunday, the TV said, adding that casualties were feared.

    According to a Xinhua reporter, four powerful explosions were heard in Damascus before daybreak Sunday. The blasts happened in swift succession and were heard across the capital.

    In January, an Israeli airstrike targeted the same military research center in the area of Jamraya.

    According to the Syrian media, the latest airstrike was aimed at boosting the morale of the armed rebels after their defeats over the past week.

    "The Israeli entity has used its missiles to support the terrorism through targeting the research center," the state TV said.

    The Syrian troops were gaining an upper hand in their battle against the West-backed rebels, driving them out of strategic central towns near the border with Lebanon.

    The army also managed to quell a rebellion in the coastal city of Banyas.

    Meanwhile, the Lebanese al-Manar TV cited Syrian security sources as saying that the Syrian air defense forces downed one Israeli jet that took part in the airstrike.

    The TV said the Israeli warplanes also targeted weapons depots and military positions located behind the Qasioun Mountain. After the airstrike, the rebels attempted to attack the capital but were repelled by the Syrian army, it reported.

    On Saturday, an alleged Israeli airstrike against Syria heightened tension between the two countries. The Syrian government said it was investigating the strike as Israel kept silent about the attack."

    Brian posted this at MOA:

    "Sharmine Narwani ‏@snarwani 8m
    Starting to look like #Damascus attack was coordinated effort btwn rebels & #Israel. Rebels attacked multiple checkpoints right after blast."

    It's clear that Israel and the terrorists coordinated beforehand on this attack. The Israelis have shown their hand. Hopefully the recent Hamas sell-outs to Israel (the ones calling for sectarian Shia vs Sunni strife and for attack on Syria) will be seen for what they are and sent to the place they belong.

    It will be enlightening to see how the Jewish bloggers and pundits spin this criminal aggression with "damage control" or which ones, that have been pretending to be opposed to this ongoing zionist attack on the Syrian people, now switch sides and begin openly cheerleading it.

    вот так

    1. Bot tak and all
      thanks for all the comments.. I was putting mine up in the post.
      Anywho.... the hit in Damascus took place according to SANA & as chinese media took place in the country side of Damascus Sunday morning

      Several explosions hit al-Hameh area in Damascus countryside on Sunday.

      Initial information indicated that the explosions took place in Jamraya and targeted the Scientific Research Center there causing casualties.

      The information also indicated that these explosions have been caused by Israeli rocket attacks.

      The new Israeli aggression is a clear attempt to raise the gunmen morale after the painful blows they received at the hands of our valiant army in several places and after the achievements which were realized on the ground by our armed forces to restore security and stability to Syria.

      The new Israeli aggression shows the direct involvement of the Zionist entity

      in the conspiracy against Syria and the relationship that links the armed terrorist groups with the Israeli hostile schemes backed by the Western, regional and some Gulf states.

      Earlier, the Jamraya site was the target of an Israeli strike on January 30 .

      Therefore the touted attack...the ballyhooed attack that was supposed to have taken place between Thursday and Friday never took place.

  10. According to this 300 people were murdered by the saturday Israeli attack:

    Срочное сообщение. Израиль нанёс авиаудар по Сирии

    "Сегодня ночью Дамаск содрогнулся от трёх мощных взрывов, которым предшествовал звук военного самолёта, летящего на небольшой высоте, Затем последовали три мощных взрыва, отблеск которых осветил всю столицу.

    Согласно поступившей в след за этим информации, это был ракетный удар израильских ВВС по научно-исследовательскому центру, расположенному в посёлке Джамрая.

    По информации агентства САНА, в результате авианалёта погибли 300 человек.

    Сирийский телеканал "Ад-Дунья" сообщил, что, по непроверенной информации, ПВО ВС САР удалось сбить самолёт, совершивший нападение. Район Нади Риммаи, расположенный на северо-востоке Дамаска, оцеплен."


    Urgent message. Israel launched an air strike on Syria

    "Tonight Damascus shaken by three powerful explosions, preceded by the sound of a military plane flying at a low altitude, was followed by three powerful explosion glow that lit up the entire capital.

    According to a statement following this information, it was a missile strike by the Israeli Air Force Research Center, located in the village of JAMRI.

    According to agency SANA, resulting in an air raid killed 300 people.

    Syrian TV channel "Al-Dunya" reported that, according to unconfirmed information, air defense aircraft SAR aircraft was shot down, attacked. Nadi District Riemann, located in the north-east of Damascus, cordoned off."

    вот так

  11. And if so why didn't Israel or the US mention it yesterday?

    The Zionist owned MSM in the USSA were too busy bringing the huddled masses the latest on the Kentucky Derby and someone called Arias.

    Looks like the Israeli lunatics used a mini-nuke on Damascus.

  12. Seems like the joker is playing again.
    Just days after a Arab league initiative that seems designed to put the ball in Israel's court Netanyahu approves a strike on syria which is going to be very difficult to ignore . According to internal syrian reports, over 300 soldiers were killed by the attack who were stationed in the area. The ordenance used were extremely powerful and deadly.
    What next is a very good question. The attack that targeted jamraya research facility was aimed at the two military brigades stationed there and not the facility. As the syrian army has been making major gains in their fight I think israel has decided to enter the fight.
    This is a definite escalation and I think we are entering a different phase where Israel will actively participate in the syrian fight. I don't think a full scale invasion or intervention but more like a ongoing strikes to weaken the Syrians further and keep the fire going.
    Syria will now be facing Israel's spoilers in many fronts and how far this goes , it's too early to tell. Stay tuned, we are definitely seeing a shift in the conflict.

    1. Yes, the Joker is at it again. The extremist.

      "The attack that targeted jamraya research facility was aimed at the two military brigades stationed there and not the facility. As the syrian army has been making major gains in their fight I think israel has decided to enter the fight."

      That would make sense from Israel's twisted point of view
      Also Jordan and NATO world tyranny enforcer
      So Syrian Army was pushing the NATO islamist army out of the country and Israel engages in mass slaughter to slow up the process
      This makes more sense then all the nonsensical new stories about an attack between thursday and friday

    2. question isn't what Israel does. Well known. From drilling Golan, to water, to Turkish apology, to Lebanon maritime demarcation. Like a badly orchestrated ballet.

      The only things that matters at this stage is what Iran and Russia do? The Israelis had the Azeri's in town ast week, no doubt talking up coordination. Iran arrested a few Azeris over the past few days.

      Hagel wants to wait on the Iran election, though if polls suggest a hardliner next, that could be a go signal.

      The Japan nationalistic proxy is in full swing including the BOJ which is acting as Fed proxy

      The Chinese in India territory is quite odd; didn't the CIA recently warn that a border war there was inevitable

      India is the key to the US pivot - ergo the massive currency pressure, rampant corruption (Congress elections) the push to deregulate, the rate cuts (another yest'[d) and the outright attacks on gold (India private stock)

      Iraq sectarian has been heating up in anticipation for....

      Yemen technocrat removes Saleh son from Army...

      Bolivia just threw US Aid out and the Mexicans just closed down drug cooperation...(recall the story about the US agents coming under fire, for what...)

      Paraguay coup; land reform shelved and tobacco tycoon elected...

      Toxic brew...

  13. Condemnation from Iran but a remarkable silence from Russia regarding this blatant aggression and escalation.

    What happened to Syria's air-defense? Does Israel have de-activation codes or something?