Saturday, May 11, 2013

False Flag to frame Syria: An attack on one NATO nation is an attack on all NATO nations?

Car bomb or multiple bombs have exploded in a Turkish/Syrian border town.
And the spinning has begun....

3 hours ago: 40 dead in Turkey car bombings near Syria

People gather at the site of a blast which killed and injured a number of people in Reyhanli, near Turkey's border with Syria, Saturday, May 11, 2013. Two car bombs exploded in a Turkish town near the border with Syria on Saturday, killing at least four people and injuring 22 others, officials and media reports said.

 Two car bombs exploded in a Turkish town near the border with Syria on Saturday, killing around 40 people and wounding 100 others, officials said. Turkey's deputy prime minister said Syria's intelligence and military were "the usual suspects" behind the bombings, but said authorities were still investigating the attacks.
The blasts, which were 15 minutes apart, raised fears that Syria's brutal civil war violence was crossing into its neighbor.
3 minutes ago: The Guardian- Turkey blames Syria after car bombs kill dozens near border

 Car bombings are signatures of NATO's Islamist mercs... and the border between Turkey and Syria is crawling with Islamist mercs ala NATO who have no doubt retreated from the Syrian Army push to clean the country of NATO mercenaries...

Coincidentally.... NOT! : Erdogan has gone to the US to present Obama with (concocted) proof of Syrian chemical weapons use attributed to Syrian Army

Turkey claims evidence of Syrian chemical weapons use

He cited the discovery of missile remains and Syrian patients showing signs of wounds from chemical weapons.
Similarly, US Secretary of State John Kerry said he now believed there was "strong evidence" of Syria using gas.
The White House previously said it had "varying degrees of confidence" that Syria had used chemical weapons.


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Connecting dots..... Covert visit by pro terror Ambassadors & bombing

US Ambassador Makes Secret Crossing Into Syria to Briefly Meet With Rebels

 U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford briefly crossed into northern Syria on Thursday to meet with Syrian opposition leaders.
A U.S. official confirmed Ford’s secret  (covert) visit, which occurred along the Turkey-Syria border.  He briefly crossed into Syria to meet with opposition leaders before returning to Turkey.  Ford did not go deep into Syria, according to the official.
“It was literally just across the border,” the official said.

A State Department official confirmed that Ford had “spent some time” at a border crossing to discuss the situation in Syria with  members of the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian opposition.  Ford had gone to the border to participate in the U.S. government’s delivery of  Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) that the U.S. is providing to the Syrian Coalition and Supreme Military Council.

 Officials did not want to provide additional details of Ford’s visit for security reasons. 
Which tells us all this visit had was not just about mealsThe "Supreme Military Council" and Robert Ford?
I mentioned the SMC the other day. General Idriss  is being presented via the media as a "moderate" his involvement with Ford tells me he is not a moderate..

A reminder from Thursday's post..." To empower Idriss, the United States may expand its training and nonlethal assistance to include supplying weapons"

Therefore, it should be obvious, Ford's visit to Syria and  Idriss was about supplying more then meals.

UPDATES CONTINUE..............

Conveniently: 169th NATO Chiefs of Defence meeting
May 14 and 15th/2013
Will the agenda change?

France and the US (US "strongly condemns attacks) have already  "condemned" attacks

Speedy investigations, nearly completed? and fingers pointed at politically correct target

By using the term politically correct I mean, the intended political target, advancing the already preplanned agenda.

ie: Inconveniencing the innocent while making life easier for the wrong do-er
     Doing exactly the opposite of what you preach....  
     Doing ridiculous things just for a political reason
check, check, check!
Initial investigation shows that the deadly blasts, are linked to Syria's intelligence agency, Today's Zaman newspaper reported.
 Investigation into the bombings is about to complete, but some information shows that "Syrian regime's intelligence agency, al-Mukhabarat, is behind the blasts."
 "The incident is not related to Syrian refugees or the Syrian opposition."
Well they have that one all figured out. 

And Golan???
Is the UN going to withdraw peacekeepers? At this time, considering Israel's two strikes on Syria already, which nation would benefit from such a move.

Thinking right now of some old posts I had done, way, way, way back suggesting the attack on Syria could possibly come through two fronts. Israel and Turkey.
Withdrawing peacekeepers from Golan would make a move from Israel via Golan possible.
Anyone know of any IDF's movement in the area?


  1. Nikola: no need to explain I understand what you meant.

    Nikola: non c'è bisogno di spiegare ho capito cosa intendevi.

  2. NATO should not have a problem showing remains of a Russian made missile. They must have a lot of those remains from Yugoslavian war,Iraq war, and Libyan war stock.
    They also must have spray paint to paint a missile to look as a Syrian one.
    This explosion in Turkey is coming a day after Russian foreign minister and US Secretary of State made a deal on negotiations to end the Syrian war and it does not help Syria by any mean.
    The only beneficiaries of such act are those Jihadists who want this crisis to continue.They already expressed their refusal to talking, right after the annoucement was made about negotiating the crisis.
    Sui Bono..?!

  3. More Israeli false flag terrorism.

    That pos has got to go.

    Netanyahu is scheduled to visit Russia later this month.

    вот так

  4. Turkey car bombs plot to derail Syria conference – Pushkov

    "The Russian Lower House’s foreign affairs head Alexey Pushkov tweeted Saturday that blaming the Reyhanli bombings on the Syrian government betrays a design to derail the proposed international conference on Syria and justify foreign military intervention in this troubled Middle Eastern country."

    вот так

  5. This is from a post I wrote yesterday. I have a strong feeling it is connected with the bombing.

    US ambassador to Syria secretly enters country

    "On Friday, a US official confirmed that Ford quietly crossed into northern Syria from Turkey on Thursday to meet with leaders of the militant groups fighting in Aleppo and Idlib, ABC News reported."

    вот так

    1. Bot tak, my apologies I did see that one and meant to include it in the post
      I am short on time and am putting stuff up between chores
      Will add right now

    2. Penny

      No problem, I forgot I had posted it yesterday and only remembered after checking the your earlier article to read the new comments.

      Israel's latest anti-Syrian false flag sparked a response by Turks (real Turks, I mean, not the zionist lackeys running the occupied regime). The sort of response I'm not sure Israel-America wants.

      Protests erupt in Turkish border town after bomb attacks

      Apparently the locals are not thrilled that Israel parked some of their hired terrorists in their region.


      Another Syrian Insurgent Provocation?

      "...Reyhanli is a town mostly populated by pro-Assad Alawites.

      As with the illogical sarin gas claims, why would the Syrian government bomb a town full of its supporters in Turkey thereby giving Erdogan the excuse he has been looking for to begin international military action against Syria? Does it make sense?

      However, the insurgents have a long history of provocations in attempt to draw neighboring countries and beyond into their fight to overthrow the Syrian government. Also, car bombs are the insurgents stock in trade.

      This is a serious development, as already no mainstream corporate media outlet is reporting that Reyhanli is a pro-Assad village. Such reporting would weaken claims that the Syrian government is behind the car bombs."

      The zionist western media has its propaganda all prepackaged for them, as usual.

      вот так

  6. Sorry to spam so many posts, I would condense them into fewer, but I'm doing other things at the same time and computer use is sporadic.

    Anti-Syria hysteria? US pushes chemical weapons claim

    "Anti-Syria hysteria?

    Amid the contradictory reports emerging from Syria, Russia warned earlier in the week that global public opinion is being prepared for a possible military intervention in the Syrian crisis.

    “Moscow is concerned by signs of preparing public opinion in the world to the possibility of intervention using force into the lingering internal conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Aleksandr Lukashevich said in a statement..."

    The Russians are well aware Israel-America would start this crap and seem to be prepared for it.

    вот так

  7. Penny

    "Anyone know of any IDF's movement in the area?"

    They have been steadily building up their numbers and equipment in the north. Last week they began some "war games" by the border, which was an excuse to bring more forces into the area. They already moved their anti-missile batteries into the north, also. My guess they have been building up their forces in the area for quite some time, slowly and quietly. The "war games" were announced when the numbers would have been noticeable to Syrian or Russian military intelligence. Whatever numbers the Israelis have publicly announced, I'm sure there are many more there they are not talking about publicly.

    If the Israelis do attack, they will be attacking Lebanon, also. From the Syrian annoucements about helping arm Hezbollah and OK'ing Palestinian operations against Israel in Golan, it is clear the Syrians are sure Israel will attack soon. All the pretext generation bs from the Israel's American, Turkish and "Arab" quislings is to facilitate a joint Israeli-Turkish attack on Syria. The Israeli attacks were no doubt intended to test Syria's AD for use in this coming Israeli attack.

    вот так

  8. Not all bad news today, some good news. Canadians are more aware now of the zionist corruption of their government and the very negative influence it has had upon Canada. And this despite the very strong zionist network operating freely in Canada.

    Canadian PM criticized over pro-Israeli foreign policy

    "“Palestinians and First Nations are very similar in that regard… We’re seeing a very anti-First Nation agenda going on here in Canada. Well, it’s no wonder they legitimize what Israel is doing to the Palestinians,” political analyst Michelle Robinson said."

    The increase of bigotry by the anti-1st Nation crowd is directly linked to the increase in zionist influence. White supremacy and Jewish-supremacy/zionism go hand in hand. It is the same sort of cultural defect that is behind these.

    вот так

  9. Oh, Oh ..Israelis and American Jews are collecting money for Syrian Liberation Army(SLA). Reason given is humanitarian !!,
    and that Israelis and Jews cannot sit still while seeing Syrian Arabs suffering next door...

  10. It's interesting that what happened in Turkey comes few days before Erdogan planned trip to Washington to meet with Obama on the 16th of this month.

  11. a little off topic but to good not to share

    Netanyahu even found it necessary to comment in the Jerusalem Post …
    “He should investigate the truth, he is a scientist. He should study the facts and draw the necessary conclusions: Israel is an island of reason, moderation and a desire for peace.”

    Hawking has spooked Bibi, into putting Israel reason moderation and peace into same sentence

  12. Tunisians in Syria: Dangerous
    Jihadists or Brainwashed Youth?

    "Tunisia is not a land of jihad, and those who wish to engage in holy war will have to head to Palestine!" These were the words of the leader of Ennahda, Rachid Ghannouchi, on May 6 in response to the terrorist bombings that took place in Jebel ech Chambi.
    About This Article
    Summary :
    Amid growing reports of Tunisians going to Syria to fight the regime, some argue these "jihadists" are merely disenfranchised youth, brainwashed by Salafists.
    Ghannouchi added that the Tunisian police, army and society are Muslim and therefore no "jihad" can be tolerated in Tunisia. He went as far as to say that “Jihad is to be waged in Palestine against the Zionist enemy and not in Kesserine or Jebel ech Chambi.”
    So what about young Tunisians who are joining the jihad alongside rebels in Syria against the [Syrian President Bashar al-] Assad regime? Are they "soldiers of God," warriors, mercenaries or simply brainwashed people?
    It is worth recalling that during his Friday sermon on Aug. 10, 2012, Ghannouchi said he wanted to unify an "ummah that lacks cohesion and unity."

  13. Excellent work Penny. This stinks, as usual, along with most reports from the west over the past two years. It's like a slow car crash and there's only one direction it's heading. It just hasn't gone to plan. The fixers and fiddlers and their faithful media scribes aren't ever going to leave this one alone and stop. Keep up the analysis, it's priceless. Thanks!

  14. ....unless the attackers are israeli