Friday, May 10, 2013

Qatar proposes condemnation of Syria at UN General Assembly

 There will likely be updates to this post. Just wanted to get this story up, because it didn't seem to get much coverage

The media is calling it 'arab backed' however it looks as if Qatar was the instigator..
On their own? Or at the behest of another player?
The draft resolution, circulated by Qatar and obtained by The Associated Press, would promote the road map for a Syrian transition adopted at a meeting on June 30, 2012 in Geneva by key nations including the five veto-wielding council powers — the U.S., Russia, China, Britain and France. It calls for a political process that would start with the establishment of a transitional governing body vested with full executive powers and end with elections — but there has been no agreement on how to implement the roadmap, which would require Assad to relinquish power at some unspecified point.
 The draft resolution stresses that "rapid progress on a political transition represents the best opportunity" to resolve the Syrian conflict peacefully.
The draft welcomes the establishment of the Syrian National Coalition, the main opposition group, and notes "the wide international acknowledgment" that it is the legitimate representative of the Syrian people.
Diplomats said the assembly will vote on the resolution on May 15. In a letter obtained by The Associated Press, Russia urged members to vote "no," warning that approval could torpedo a new U.S.-Russian initiative to promote a political transition in Syria.

Russia's U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, whose country is the most important ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime, called the draft resolution "one-sided and biased." He said it is also "counterproductive" given the understanding reached by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Moscow on Tuesday on a follow-up international meeting on a political transition.
Churkin urged "all responsible members of the international community" to "vigorously contribute more than ever to finding a peaceful solution to the crisis" based on the 2012 Geneva communique. He warned that introducing and supporting the Arab-backed draft resolution "will be a serious blow to all attempts to bring the Syrian sides to the negotiating table and let them decide on a peaceful future of their own country."
 Why do I get the feeling... that some interested parties are trying to get around the understanding between Russia and the US???

The NATO backed opposition has expressed no interest in a transition of any sorts?
Given that they are supported by the US via the NATO global army this is indicative that the US is not being sincere in this gesture. And Russia is most likely aware of fact.


  1. Don't worry so much about what puppets do. It's just maneuvering by the puppet-masters for their own purposes, one of which is to create different impressions of who is guilty of what. The US is famous for the BS tactic of going to Russia and saying that "we need to throw a bone to Qatar, who put so much into this". Can't you agree to X?


    1. Qatar has certainly put a lot into this and they had much to gain
      Do you think they will relent easily?
      I am torn on this.

    2. I don't think Qatar is a real, modern country. It is a British and Rockefeller property with someone occupying it at any given time. It's also an American military zone.

      The West has always needed dark faces to front for Western dark deeds. If the Emir of Qatar were to disobey the US, he would be gone in no time.

      What matters most is Russia and the US. Turkey, Israel, Iran, and Hezbollah are relevant in terms of getting buy-in for a deal. Qatar doesn't have force projection in the relevant theater. It's more like smaller countries in NATO; they are part of the business deals involved in the stolen goods at the end of the theft.


  2. "Why do I get the feeling... that some interested parties are trying to get around the understanding between Russia and the US???"

    That's how zionists do business. They will have one set of puppets play nice and use another set to throw rocks. The zionists have no intention of relenting on Syria.

    вот так

  3. Qatar seems not to understand that whether Al-Assad stays or leaves presidency should be left to the Syrian people.
    It's not up to Qatar or the UN to decide who stays and who leaves in any country.
    Russia is interested in an outcome thru which Syrians themselves decide who will run their country.
    Qatar which has been deeply involved in Syria's internal affairs for sometime from arming, to recruiting, and financing rebels from many countries is now trying to play the spoiler's part, by getting the UN to tell Bashar Al-Assad officially to leave.
    Something has been tried before and it did not work,and it will never work. But Qatar's attempt is a step to derailing what was agreed upon recently between Russia nd the US.

    1. But Qatar's attempt is a step to derailing what was agreed upon recently between Russia nd the US.

      Yes and no! :)

      No - It could just as easily be designed to reinforce the agreement Russia made with the US. I think it is a variation on the old Hegelian Dialectic. Putting pressure on for a more extreme and more unacceptable option makes the existing one with the US seem more palatable and it looks more like only other option available when there is a far better option available. This is important for US/israel because they would know that it is not in Russia's or Syria's interest to be negotiating at all now Syria has the upper hand on the battlefield.

      Yes - Given the above situation, Russia is not in a hurry to start negotiations but probably feel impelled because they signed onto the Geneva Agreement last year. So the US get them to agree to something, anything, and now once inveigled into an agreement, the pressure starts to build to change it to a more favourable one for the US. That is what the Qatari move is all about. So I agree with Paul. The qatari move is co-ordinated with the US one as was the israeli attack and the terrorists rejection on talks. There is one puppet master behind these different players.

      These negotiations are only being pushed because the terrorists forces are about to collapse and with it goes a lot of hopes for the Zionists.

      The principal remains; the only way to deal with psychopaths is to not deal with them. No negotiations. No agreement made with a liar can be beneficial.

  4. Another part of the Israeli strategy will be to have their terrorists reject any negotiations. One can see how Israel is preparing the ground for that using their media, such as this Guardian example:

    Free Syrian Army rebels defect to Islamist group Jabhat al-Nusra

    Now that the extremists have all become extremists "officially" in the zionist propaganda, the extremists will simply reject any negotiations and continue the terrorism ops that they can carry out.

    This is interesting in that it shows the side of the Israeli-American polygarchy that doesn't want open war and would rather stick to covert war.

    Brzezinski: Syria Intervention Will Only Make it Worse

    Reading between the lines of what ZB is saying, it is clear there is differences in strategy among the polygarchy. ZB is among the non-zionist of the planners and it is clear from what he says that the major thrust against Syria in the Israeli-American establishment is coming from the Israeli half. The Americans want regime change, the Israelis want chaos.

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    1. See also this pretext generation:

      Wounded Syrians show signs of chemical attack - Turkey

      As I wrote earlier, Israel wants Syria badly and they wont give it up until somebody hurts them badly.

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    2. Now Israel is fielding their Turkish colony:

      Wounded Syrians show signs of chemical attack - Turkey

      (First attempt didn't look like it took, sorry if this one duplicates)

      вот так

    3. And here is Israel's baby faced boytoy:

      Turkish premier says Syrian government used chemical weapons

      Somehow, I don't think this war criminal is up to any good:

      US ambassador to Syria secretly enters country

      "On Friday, a US official confirmed that Ford quietly crossed into northern Syria from Turkey on Thursday to meet with leaders of the militant groups fighting in Aleppo and Idlib, ABC News reported."

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  5. Hi Penny, doing a short piece that is ME related so am putting on a link over to this. Hope all is well. Best wishes, Carol.

    1. Thanks for the link to Carol
      Much appreciated :)
      Best wishes to you also
      If I can get away from my Syria watching I will pop by and see what you have put up

  6. Five Israeli military aircraft violate Lebanese airspace

    It's the weekend, it's easier for the zionist media to ignore Israeli war crimes...

    вот так

  7. Qatar=Kaputt:

    1. Nikola:

      Can you clarify? Realizing we may have a bit of an language barrier, but, how do you mean

      Are we talking a NATO attack on Syria?
      Are we talking Syria kicks Mercs out of country?

      Myself, I am highly suspicious of what is going on, I see much shenanigans going on in the background???

  8. Qatar intelligence chief responsible for enlisting Yemenis to fight in Syria dies in bomb attack while trying to recruit in Somalia.
    Qatar’s intelligence chief has died of his wounds after the Sunday car bomb blast in Somalia, Lebanese ad-Diyar newspaper reports.
    "This person worked as a coordinator recruiting Yemenis and sending them to Syria after being trained by U.S. Special Forces in Qatar," the newspaper added.

    Around 11 people were killed in Somalia's capital Sunday when a suicide attacker from the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shebab insurgents rammed a car laden with explosives into a convoy carrying officials from Qatar, police said.

    "Several people have been killed, the blast was big ... the number of those killed is around 11," police official Mohamed Adan said.

    The blast is the latest in a string of bloody attacks in the seaside capital, where al-Qaeda linked al-Shebab insurgents have vowed to topple the government and have set off several bombs and launched guerrilla-style strikes.

    The car exploded close to a police station at the central K4 roundabout, a busy part of Mogadishu where many people gather to drink tea at roadside stalls.

    "I saw eight bodies including a woman, some of them were burned very badly by the fire from the explosion," said eyewitness Ali Yusuf. "It was a terrible sight."

    Reports say that the armored car hit in the attack had been damaged with its back windows blasted out. Other police officials said that at least 10 people had been killed.

    A second bomb hidden by the roadside and remotely detonated was set off around the same time in the Daynille district of Mogadishu targeting passing security forces, but injured no one, police added.

    The attack on Sunday comes after a week-long major security operation in the capital, with police closing down roads and searching cars for explosives.

    1. Apparently that AQ "branch" in Somalia wasn't given the message that Kerry was just reading advert lines, and that the war was still on - on the sly - as before.


      Nice work at MoA. "Somebody" is what is known as "house hasbara". A zionist troll who essentially sits on a site and spams a lot nonsense to distract people away from the "verboten subject". He gave his game away beyond any doubt when "b" wanted to ban an anti-zionist several months ago who kept returning and "somebody" provided dozens of posts and links on how to do it. Only professional hasbara would have been that well versed in the "scams of the trade". "Don Bacon" is the same sort of manipulation.

      This is known by Bernhard (b) and endorsed by him. MoA is the same sort of "ignore the elephant" manipulation as Mondoweise, only for leftists instead of liberals. There is a strong connection between both sites, along with a "hidden" site called, which serves as a sort of pub to these sayanim and zionist affiliated security service agents.

      вот так

  9. Penny, this seems to be a response -

    ""The instigation against Syria is clear in the Western media as they openly support those whom they call 'rebels' who are neither known by us nor by the international community," Mitrofanov told Russian Today channel in an interview aired Friday night.
    He added that despite that the international community does not know those so-called 'rebels', yet they deal with them as if they were leaders of states inviting them to the international and regional forums and opening embassies for them.
    Mtrofanov pointed out that "there is a certain center where decisions are made, and according to which the media begin the process of brainwashing," adding that this takes place without any regard to the "freedom of speech" and in the framework of a mere propaganda that is being controlled and broadcast in different languages."