Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Syrian Internet has gone down again

This article  shows the drop off in internet traffic

Syria’s access to the Internet was cut on Tuesday. The most likely culprit, security researchers said, was the Syrian government.

Syrian Internet traffic came to a halt just before 3 p.m. Eastern time. Google reported a drop in Internet traffic around that time, as did the Local Coordinating Committees, an antigovernment activist group in Syria.
Four physical cables connect Syria to the Internet — three under the sea, and the fourth over land through Turkey. For outsiders to cause Tuesday’s outage, security experts say, they would have had to physically cut all four cables simultaneously.
That does not appear to have happened in this case, according to security experts. Instead, someone with access to the physical connections dropped the Border Gateway Protocol, or B.G.P., routes into Syria in such a way that any information trying to enter the country was not able to find its way.

“It’s akin to someone removing all the street signs into Syria,” said Matthew Prince, the founder of CloudFlare, an Internet security firm that distributes large volumes of traffic across the Internet. The firm put together a video illustrating Syria’s outage.
The same technique was used to shut down the Internet and mobile phone service last November. Syrian government officials said terrorists, not the government, were responsible for that outage, but evidence pointed to government involvement.

Ironically, Syrian opposition groups are more immune to Internet and cellphone outages than ordinary Syrians. In Syria’s opposition-controlled territories, rebels have successfully built an alternate system of Internet and cellphone connectivity using two-way satellite devices.
 The shutdown does not bother the NATO backed Islamist mercenaries in the least, they are able to communicate freely.

But experts warn that the use of satellite devices also makes it much easier for the Syrian government to track the rebels’ location.
“Radio direction finding and signals intelligence could easily be deployed in this scenario to figure out where the opposition is communicating from, said John Scott-Railton, a research fellow at the Citizen Lab, an organization at the University of Toronto that focuses on Internet security.

This also could have been done by the NATO backed mercs with the help of a more tech savvy partner,  most plausible US or Israel,  to hide something that is being done, perhaps by Israel, yet again?
Or it could give the Syrian Army a chance to clean house of NATO mercs?
We will have to wait and see what the situation is in Syria when the internet comes back on

According to reporting from CNN the Syrian government is working to fix the internet issues

On Wednesday, the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency said an optic cable malfunction caused the outage.
A repair was under way to restore services "as soon as possible," SANA said, citing communications official Bakr Bakr.
 I tried SANA myself and could not connect. The cache is available that is it.

If you haven't read the post I put up late yesterday, you should

US/Russia meeting. Israel bombings & FSA goes to US meets Hagel & AIPAC

FSA will be meeting with Hagel and AIPAC in Washington, tomorrow. What will they be discussing?


  1. I wonder if it is related to this story on Fars-
    Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Israel's Main Infrastructure Control System (SCADA)

    Also on Fars is this story of Putin getting tough with Israel-
    Russia Not to Tolerate Further Israeli Attacks on Damascus

    unfortunately it turns out to be a Debka 'scoop'-
    US to arm Syrian rebels: Putin’s rebuke, Chinese “peace plan” mar Netanyahu’s Chinese trip
    Credible? You decide.

    1. freethinker

      BBC reported on the Putin phone call, as noted in the big post from yesterday
      and the chinese statement was also mentioned
      It looked to be a rebuke to me.
      The timing of the statement when Netanyhau arrived IMO suggested China was scolding Israel
      All that combined with Israel recalcitrance leads me to believe that Israel was indeed scolded

    2. I'm not quite sure what report you are referring to Penny, the BBC link I can find is Russia and US agree to hold Syria conference which has no rebuke of the Israeli strike. Other than that I have seen statements where Russia expresses concern - but that is a long way from being a rebuke.

      By contrast, if you read it, you will see that the Fars report I linked appears to be a very strong rebuke against Netanyahu and a very strong statement in support of Syria. Unfortunately it transpires that that article is a Debka creation. Here is an excerpt-
      " Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, while in Shanghai, was given a sharp dressing-down by President Vladimir Putin Monday, May 6, a warning that Russia would not tolerate further Israeli attacks on Damascus and would respond.
      Putin did not say how, but he did announce he had ordered the acceleration of highly advanced Russian weapons supplies to Syria."

      I don't think this is credible. Have you seen anything remotely like this in any other reports? So what game is Debka playing here?

      It is quite possible that Israel has been scolded by Washington - I doubt the Israeli adventure was 'green-lighted' by them. I suspect the right wing neo-con Likudnik zionists are losing patience with Obama's liberal zionists.

      Get well soon :)

  2. Hi, don't forget CISCO, the world's premier in IT security developement have a MAJOR site for R&D in Jerusalem! Just saying!