Friday, June 28, 2013

US ready to implement no-fly zone in Syria: Pentagon

Washington, June 27:  

US forces are ready to implement a no-fly zone in Syria if it is asked to do so, but it would be difficult because the Syrian air defence system is sophisticated and dense, a top Pentagon official said.
From the 'horses mouth':
“A no-fly zone is just one option of many that we have analysed and prepared. It will be difficult because the Syrian air defence system is sophisticated and it’s dense,” said Gen Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with the US Defence Secretary, Chuck Hagel present with him.

“As I’ve said many times, if that is a decision that the nation takes, that we want to impose a no-fly zone, we’ll make it happen.

“We can do that with a combination of stand-off munitions, electronic jamming, long-range attack and close-air attack. We can, if asked to do so, establish a no-fly zone,” he said.

“My concern has been ensuring that Syria’s airplanes don’t fly, addresses about 10 per cent of the problem in terms of the casualties that are taken in Syria,” he added.

“If we choose to conduct a no-fly zone, it’s essential an act of war, and I’d like to understand the plan to make peace before we start a war,” said Dempsey.
Yes, conducting a no fly zone would most definitely be an act of war. General Dempsey does not concern himself with peace. He is a military man. He is all about war.

Luckily it's a bad weather day today :)

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  1. It's not gunna happen. It's more posturing against someone who very definitely can and will shoot back. The US only attacks (directly itself) those who cannot defend themselves

    1. James!

      True enough Dempsey does not say it's going to happen, he just says it can happen
      It is possible and has been planned for.

      being a wimp, it just scares me,, the evil of this plan
      the vileness of it all.
      Haven't the US and Israel wreaked enough havoc?
      Don't SA and Qatar have more productive ways to spend their gain from the earths resources?
      The EU, they going to conduct bail ins if their crap banks fail, how much more are the masses going to take?
      Makes me sick

      I wish I was as confident as you and truly hope you're right
      And I just worry to much :)

  2. The US and israel have way too much to lose if the US gets a bloody nose out of the conflict. The plan will be to create as much havoc as possible through the mercs as they can in the time available. I'll try and write a post about it all tonight

  3. It's now a crime to support Al-Nusra Front. Group listed as terrorists by Aust gov. …

    the generals who casually plan for a war on syria will end up at odds with new Aus law

    1. brian
      didn't the US already list them as a terrorist organization?
      refresh my congest head
      summer colds suck


  5. Syria militants down helicopter near Aleppo

    "Foreign-backed militants in Syria have downed a Syrian government helicopter near the northern city of Aleppo.

    The civilian helicopter was carrying exam papers for schoolchildren and all seven people on board, including the deputy head of the Education Ministry were killed.

    In a video released by the militants recently, advanced anti-aircraft missiles have been used to bring the helicopter down."

    вот так

    1. bot tak

      "In a video released by the militants recently, advanced anti-aircraft missiles have been used to bring the helicopter down."

      hey bot tak, not that I am doubting the video legitimate?
      the mercs have been quite creative on a number of occasions
      so I have to ask
      just to be sure
      because I am a born skeptic
      that out of the way, we know the rats were getting these weapons
      they were on their hanukkah list (hehehehehe)
      I can't say Christmas because they way these merc killers have been killing Christians we know that was not a christmas list they put out

  6. Where is Mohamed Hussein Tantawi

    "President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt forced the retirement on Sunday of his powerful defense minister, the army chief of staff and other senior generals, moving more aggressively than ever before to reclaim political power that the military had seized since the fall of Hosni Mubarak last year. The retirements announced on Sunday swept away the most prominent names in the military power structure. Most stunning for many observers was the retirement of Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the defense minister. A crucial ally of Mr. Mubarak, the field marshal had served in the post for more than 20 years."

    Egypt weighs burden of IMF austerity