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Syrian "rebels" play politics at UN & massacre civilians. Israel to counter "ship killers"

The partner to this post is Iraq, Libya, Pakistan Prison Breaks that advance the NATO war agenda These two posts work together, best. :)

Killings at Khan al Assal, truth suppression at its most blatant.
Over the weekend I chanced across a couple of articles on the NATO backed mercs slaughtering civilians and SAA alike in the town of Khan al Assal.
20130727 160817 Syria: The NATO style Removal of Witnesses
Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)

NYT’s July 28/13  FYI: I did check today and the two quoted paragraphs are still as they were on Sunday

“One site the investigators hoped to visit was Khan al-Assal, a town west of Aleppo where both the government and the rebels reported a deadly chemical weapons attack in March, with each side accusing the other.

Visiting the site could prove difficult because rebel fighters took it over on Friday, reportedly killing about 150 soldiers. The Syrian Observatory, which sympathizes with the opposition, said about one-third of them were executed by an extremist rebel brigade after surrendering”

 Syrian state media accused insurgents on Saturday of killing 123 people, the majority of them civilians, during a rebel offensive this week to take the northern town of Khan al-Assad.  

The rebels did kill many and proudly posted their slaughter on line, with their ‘Internet in a suitcase” provided by them from the good ol’ US of A and co. Including Israel.

How very convenient. For NATO, that is. Now UN inspectors will have no one to question.
NO way to get to the truth. This siege and slaughter by the NATO Islamist Army guaranteed NATO’s crime would stay hidden from the light of day. However, you and I do not need any stinkin’ UN inspectors to inform us that it was NATO’s proxies that used the chemical weapons.

 Flashback: I had covered the Khan al Assal chemical attacks in a couple of posts earlier this year
April 2013 and March 2013

Additional reading was left by one of the anonymous commenters yesterday:
Syria: The NATO-style Removal of Witnesses

The terrorists wore a significant portion of uniform “clothing signs” such as red headbands and grey uniforms.
Example of  identifying headbands
 This suggests that these terrorists were obviously freshly put together in advance and intentionally for the attack against Khan al-Assal, and that it were terrorist units, which were equipped by the NATO country Turkey.
 Uninformed readers had been suggested in terms of the motive of the attack that by the successful attack against Khan al-Assal the terrorist groups would have achieved an important strategically goal – namely the cut off of the supply route of the Syrian army over the highway from Hama to Aleppo.

However, this is utter nonsense, because the supply route of the Syrian army from Hama to Aleppo, as it is commonly known, does not proceed through Khan al-Assal, but through Salamiyah and Khanasser.

From a military-strategic point of view, seen from the view of the terrorists, the conquest of Khan al-Assal was practically useless

Syria’s UN Ambassador Bashar Jaafari has now, according to Ria Novosti, alerted about a completely different context, namely, that among the by the terrorists massacred persons in Khan al-Assal were numerous witnesses for the chemical weapons attack of the terrorists against Khan al-Assal in March this year.

Therefore, the motif for both, the alleged senseless assault on Khan al-Assal and for the massacre of the prisoners is it to finally muzzle (silence) the witnesses of the chemical weapons attack by the terrorist friends of the NATO-led “Western community of values” on Syrian civilians and soldiers in March 2013 and to remove forensic traces in the area of Khan al-Assal.
“Rebels” have the ear of the UN Security Council

Syrian rebel leaders have met for the first time with the United Nations Security Council to discuss the country's two-year civil war.
They said they were prepared to take part in peace talks if the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad agreed to a political transition, and they appealed to the Russians to end their supply of arms.
Or Here

And finally, Israel is preparing for war. Obviously.
Israel seeks to counter Russian “ship killer”  missiles .One of the anonymous commenters had mentioned this info previously. Thanks, because this news jumped right out at me!
 Israel's navy is installing the Barak-8 air-defense missile system aboard its combat vessels to protect against Syria's new supersonic Russian-built Yakhont anti-ship missiles, which the Jewish state views as a potent threat to its long-held naval supremacy in the eastern Mediterranean.

The Barak-8, effective against anti-ship missiles, supersonic cruise missiles, manned aircraft and drones, is integrated with the ELM-2248 MF-STAR shipborne phased array radar system built by IAI subsidiary Elta.

Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems produces the interceptor missiles.

The Israeli media reports that the Barak-8 is expected to be operational aboard the navy's three Haifa-built Sa'ar-5 missile ships within the next 3-4 months.

These are the navy's largest surface warships. It's not clear whether its eight Saar-4.5 and two Saar-4 corvettes will also be equipped with the Barak-8 system.

The Russians began delivering the Yakhonts to Syria in December 2011 under 2007 contract valued at $300 million.

Moscow provided the Syrian regime with two Bastion coastal missile systems, comprising 18 mobile launchers and an estimated 72 of the missiles that have a maximum speed of Mach 2, twice the speed of sound, a range of 187 miles and carry a warhead containing 440 pounds of high explosives.

The provision of such weapons to the Damascus regime was widely seen as a Russian warning to the United States and Israel not to interfere in the Syrian conflict.

And they call war making "war games" and use the term "war theatre"
War is not a game and it is not theatre! The psychopathic elites try to sucker the masses into buying this evil, hiding the vileness behind innocuous words and phrases. Sick.

Iraq, Libya, Pakistan Prison Breaks that advance the NATO war agenda

The partner to this post is Syrian "rebels" play politics at UN & massacre civilians. Israel to counter "ship killers" They work best together.

I feel this is a post that is overdue. In a perfect world this would have been up on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. But then, this is not a perfect world and time is not always on my side.

Let’s talk prison breaks. 

Because prisoners are breaking out all over the place. The common denominator in all the prison breaks is NATO backed Islamists are being set free by other NATO backed Islamists.
This should be a clear sign that NATO is set to expand the war. I first broached this theme in a post on July 23/13War against Iran, Iraq and Syria?

We will briefly look at the jailbreaks.

 Iraq rehashed:

At that time the Iraq prison break took place it  appeared clear that NATO was freeing up their Islamist army to create all out war in Syria, Iran and in Iraq. Thousands of prisoners freed, including no doubt many if not all AQ fighters. Right after the Iraqi prison break there was a mass jailbreak in Libya.
Yes, another preplanned jailbreak. Same as in Iraq. And same as in Pakistan!

Libya: Over 1,000 inmates escaped from Libyan prison in mass jailbreak, officials say
Gunmen outside of the prison fired into the air as inmates inside began setting fires, suggesting the jailbreak was preplanned, a Benghazi-based security official said. Those who escaped either face or were convicted of serious charges, a security official at al-Kweifiya prison said.
 The numbers ran as high as 1200 escapees. No doubt we have some inmates that are not AQ, but, there are bound to be several hundred freed inmates that were.
 Pakistan jailbreak:

Immediately preceeding the Libyan jailbreak which had followed hot on the heels of the Iraq prison break, TTP militants initiate a jailbreak in Pakistan. TTP is just another brand name the NATO Islamist army fights under. The attack in Pakistan was yet another well prepared and carefully executed plan. The TTP shot out electrical transformers plunging the area into darkness. They were armed to the teeth and knew where the people were they wanted to free

3 well planned jail breaks take place in a weeks time,  in 3 nations that are heavily infiltrated with NATO’s Islamists. 3 nations destabilized or in the process of being further destabilized by the NATO global army.

 The jail breaks are not happenstance
This article is spinning ‘global jihad’ very NATO news like. I will quote the important bits

This jailbreak (Pakistan)  cannot be looked as a separate incident of terrorism. Rather it is a part of global terrorism (aka NATO global terrorism)  as this event has the same strategy, footwork, and modus operandi (method of operation) of what we have seen at the Abu Ghraib prison break and Benghazi jail break this week.
Now freed terrorists have the option to leave for Syria to fight along with anti-Syrian government forces, or move to Afghanistan to fight against the Karzai government, or stay in Pakistan and spread terror everywhere they wish to.

Does that work out well for NATO or what?!
If you don’t follow, go back to my post from more then a  week ago, linked at the beginning of this latest.

Let’s expand our ‘global jihad’ meme a bit further to a topic that has been touched upon a few times here
That would be the impending moves on Russia via an increase in destabilization techniques as we have seen demonstrated via Egypt, Libya & Syria. Keeping in mind that in all reality the destabilization situation has already been on going for decades in Russia. Though, it has been a bit sort of quiet as of recent, but, that will be being stepped up soon enough.

Anonymous, who left a bunch of links yesterday had wondered if Dokku Umarov, who had previously  put in place a ‘ceasefire’ on attacking Russia, but, was now going to back away from that so called cessation of operations and ramp up attacks just in time for the Sochi Olympics needed his Chechen brigades back on home turf ????
This line of thought  cannot be discounted.
By all accounts the three most recent jailbreaks have let loose thousands of additional NATO Islamist fighters, going by varying brand names, but all basically fighting covertly under the  guidance and directive of NATO.
Might some of the recently freed fighters make their way to Chechnya?
Might some of the Chechen fighters who are presently fighting in Syria now be free to make their way back to Chechnya to strike at Russia just in time for the Sochi Olympic spectacle?
Quite possible!
After all Sochi is just months away.

What is also very interesting to me, is that there was a WP article entertaining just this very scenario.
I had it saved for just the right time, which seems to be to be now.

Some observers have voiced concern that militants from the Caucasus who joined the Syrian rebels could try to take revenge against Russia for its support of Assad and try to strike 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

“These people go there and they will come back tomorrow with the backing of international extremist and terrorist organizations,Abdulatipov said during a meeting with local officials Friday.

Perhaps the conveniently timed prison breaks serve in more ways then one to spread the global war of terror?

Fukushima: Radiation Millions of Times Over Safe Limit, after more then 2 years

Fukushima radiation millions of times over safe limit-
WSJ reported the other day....
The radiation is millions of times higher than Japan's acceptable limit under normal circumstances.

Radiation of 750 million becquerels a liter of cesium-134 and 1.6 billion becquerels a liter of cesium-137 was recorded, Tepco said. The normal limits for the two potentially harmful isotopes are 60 and 90 becquerels, respectively. In April 2011 a combined 1.8 billion becquerels was recorded.

"The level of radioactivity is potentially serious but the impact would depend on where it is found," a Tepco official said

Potentially serious? Who is the Tepco official kidding. We are two years and 5months into this catastrophic global disaster. Unprecedented in scale. 3, yes 3 nuclear reactors in meltdown from day one.

Potentially serious?

Tokyo Electric Power Co. has detected a high level of tritium in water under its stricken FukushimaNo. 1 power plant.

TEPCO detected 8.7 million becquerels of tritium per liter in water taken on Friday from a cable trench running under the turbine building of the No. 2 reactor, about some 50 meters from the Pacific Ocean.

And where is all this highly radioactive water going?   
Fukushima Operator Announces Plan to Release Radioactive Water into Pacific

Since the incident TEPCO has been pouring water over the damaged complex reactors to cool them for more than two years,(unsuccesfully) still contaminated water has been building up at the rate of an Olympic-size swimming pool each week since then. Three months ago TEPCO stated that the space to store the irradiated water was limited and asked for government approval to shift groundwater with “low levels of radiation” from the stricken facility to the Pacific via a "bypass."
The water has already been pouring in the sea
Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority head Shunichi Tanaka cautiously told journalists, that he believed that the maritime leakages since Fukushima were ongoing, stating, "I think contamination of the sea is continuing to a greater or lesser extent. It was contaminated at the time of the accident, but I think it has been continuing for the last two years.
For very nearly 880 days now contaminated water has been pouring into the Pacific.
What is in the water is in the soil

Mutant Slug

What is in the water and soil is also, obviously in the air

But on a rooftop in Fukushima, radioactive cesium levels were at the highest levels observed in the past year, according to the Asahi Shumbun newspaper.

The publication reported that University of Tokyo associate professor Ryoji Enomoto found moss with 1.7 million becquerels just over 50 kilometres from a crippled nuclear-power plant.

Where is the media on all this? How about the political class? The UN? 
All of them largely deadly silent.
Where are all the pseudo environmental groups? Paying lip service, but, not much else
Very similar to the co-opted human rights groups. You know the ones that condemn in lock step with the NATO agenda? But, stay almost silent on the NATO global killing spree. 

I say almost silent, because groups such as HRW make just enough noise to maintain a semblance of credibility to those that don’t really pay attention.

All these global players have a vested interest in not wanting to bring attention to the global catastrophe that is Fukushima.  It would interfere with their ‘man made global warming’ fear campaign and push to create their global control grid, while imprisoning humanity in open air prisons.

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Israeli jets bomb Syria again? Another weapons convoy?

As of this moment, I find this quite dubious.
And, am looking for more info on this most recent alleged Israeli airstrike.
The story comes via Israeli media from opposition sources.
Very questionable sourcing, indeed!
Report: Israel Bombs Another Syrian Weapons Convoy

Israeli air force jets bombed trucks carrying Syrian missiles bound for Hizbullah's warehouses in Lebanon, according to Syrian opposition sources. The sources, were cited Sunday by Voice of Israel radio's Arabic-language service, which was quoted by i24 News.

The Friday night bombing reportedly targeted a Syrian military base near the town of Quneitra, not far from the Golan Heights cease-fire line.

Much has been ongoing at Quneitra, not far from the Golan Heights cease fire line.....

This was the (alleged) fifth known Israeli attack this year on Syrian weapons bound for Hizbullah. Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad reportedly wants to send the weapons to Hizbullah for safekeeping, out of fears they will fall into the hands of the rebels forces fighting him inside Syria, whilst the Iranian-backed terrorist group seeks "game changing weapons" - such as anti-aircraft missiles - in exchange for its costly intervention in the Syrian civil war on behalf of the Syrian regime.

The article goes continues on with the alleged Lattakia strike, one that I have some serious doubts about as discussed in this post:

Israel & surrounding region Psyops, Propaganda, a nazi in Syria & more



UPDATE with video from Fox News @ Golan


Auto generated transcript:

israeli troops over the border in syria their mission from correspondent leland
in recent weeks israel has been reinforcing their positions here with
heavy armor this recovered tank
just came in the very fact that it's here is in violation of israel
cease-fire agreement with syria an agreement which for all practical
purposes has been ripped up

The video shows quite clearly Israeli troops in Syria. Fox news talking head claims the ceasefire agreement 'for all practical purposes' has been ripped up

Which is, of course, utter nonsense. This claim is beneficial only to Israel.

The strange case of Alexei Navalny

American commentators apply an entirely different yardstick to Navalny, while their peer group back home casts Anthony Weiner as the original sinner.
MK Bhadrakumer @ Russia India Report

I am not putting this news up because of concern for Anthony Weiner.  What this article shows, clearly, is that the NATO/corporate controlled western media is always on message for the imperial war/destabilization agenda. While Weiner is chastized, as he should be. Navalny is lionized and he should not be. What is the difference? Only the political agenda.

The indiscretion of Anthony Weiner, former US Congressman, on the other hand, stemmed from a compulsive weakness for what Americans call “Online sex” – sending lewd selfies (pictures of oneself) to women he got acquainted with on the Internet.

Unlike Navalny’s theft of state property, Weiner’s act was a private affair. Yet, there has been an avalanche of criticism about Weiner and editorials and national leaders in the US have urged him to drop out of the mayoral race following the tawdry revelations about his escapades last week.

In comparison, all the animated discussions in Russia about Navalny bypass the core issue, namely, he has a record of embezzlement of public property and, therefore, ineligible to hold office. Ironically, it is on the issue of corruption that Navalny built up his strange career in the blogosphere from where he tiptoed into politics with magical ease.

It is even bigger hypocrisy that the American commentators apply to him an entirely different yardstick when their peer group back home would cast Weiner as the original sinner. To be sure, the strange case of Navalny raises some big issues.
He (Navalny) went to Yale under an American scholarship and returned to Russia as a freshly-minted public crusader – telegenic, English-speaking and audacious. But does that absolve him of a criminal past? This is one thing.  

The independent pollsters put Navalny’s rating as somewhere around 15 percent, which won’t stop incumbent mayor Sergei Sobyanin from winning outright in the first round. The polls show that the people’s distrust about Navalny is only growing and they feel troubled not only by his shady past but also by his brand of Russian nationalism that pits Russia against Muslim Central Asia.

Despite the West lionizing him, Navalny looks less and less convincing as a leader of a coherent opposition. And it raises a question: Is Navalny an individual or is he a project? There is something sinister going on.

Why else should the National Endowment for Democracy [NED] sponsor a 22-year old Russian young thing, Vera Kichanova, to visit the White House in Washington last week as “one of the faces of the new generation of political opposition in Russia.” Ever heard of Vera?
I've never heard of Vera Kichanova?

The NED, which specializes in staging ‘colour revolutions’ in the former Soviet republics, acted as recruiting agency, while Vera’s appointments in Washington, DC, included Susan Rice, US national security advisor, Samantha Power, US ambassador to the United Nations, et al and the high officials at the White House and the State Department were eager to pick Vera’s mind about “what the US can do to help promote reform in Russia.”
Wow, this Vera Kichanova must be something 'special'? Has anyone else heard of or know anything about this individual?
The spirited Vera promptly suggested to the Obama administration to expand the Magnitsky List “to include others, like the people responsible for the arrests of protestors on Bolotnaya Square [in Moscow in May 2012].”        
That’s an interesting suggestion from the 22 year old Vera, no?

The real reason behind such manifestly anti-Putin frenzy in the US needs to be understood. Gangster capitalism began in Boris Yeltsin’s time. It was Yeltsin who destroyed in 1993 the nearest thing Russia ever got as a parliament by ordering tanks to fire shells on its White House home. Yeltsin nonetheless enjoyed a good press in the West. There were no Veras hanging around Bill Clinton’s White House. Why so?

There were two reasons. One, the only alternative to Yeltsin was the Russian communist party, whose return to power was unthinkable for Washington, which, therefore, duly ensured Yeltsin won the 1996 election. The second reason was that a huge transfer of wealth was taking place from Russia, thanks to the bizarre situation in Russia.

On the other hand, the post-Yeltsin Russian political system proved “non-cooperative”. Vladimir Putin is an immensely popular national leader and doesn’t need the US’ support for political survival, thanks to his assertive international stance and his relatively successful economic policy, which saw a higher trajectory of growth, drop in unemployment and rise in real wages.

Obviously, it meant that the sort of dizzying levels of influence that Washington held over Yeltsin’s Russia has become a thing of the past. And, the sort of “business opportunity” to fish prize specimens from the muddy pool of Russian economy no longer exists as in those halcyon days of the nineties.
In other word's Putin does not need Washington to stay in his leadership role in Russia

The real idea behind building up the Navalnys and Veras is to get under the skin of the Russian political establishment...................

I can’t disagree with that. And would take it a step further and throw Snowden into the whole attempt at  ‘getting under the skin’ of the Russian political establishment.

There is more you can read it at the link provided.

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The Ugly, Torturous & Hypocritical US Government

U.S. Assures Russia Snowden Will Not Face Death Penalty
 Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said in a letter sent to the Russian minister of justice this week that the United States would not seek the death penalty against Edward J. Snowden

The letter also offered reassurances that the United States would not torture Mr. Snowden

What does this letter from Eric Holder say to the reader and the entire world about the US?
As a nation? As an ideal?  As a self proclaimed bringer of democracy?
A beacon of human rights the world over?
Having a ‘Responsibility to Protect”?  (R2P)

What this letter says, loudly and clearly, that all those concepts are false.
They are lies. They are propaganda talking points.
While reading this piece from NYT’s I thought how very, very IRONIC.
But will most of the usual readers from NYT's realize this?
 Doesn’t the US castigate other nations for allegedly resorting to  torture?
Yes, the US does.
But torture was OK with Obama when it came to Libyan leader Gaddafi
In fact, for Obama,  the tortured death of Gadaffi should serve as a warning to others......
Indeed the US loves torture when it serves their purpose

And doesn’t Assad have to go because his regime ‘tortures’?. Much of it on behalf of the US when they tried to toady up to the US in the past. But now that all the knives are out for Assad and Syria is to be destroyed, now,  torture is bad in the opinion of the US. Obama says Assad using ‘torture, corruption and terror’
Except when done to Gaddaffi, by the NATO Islamist army, then it is a 'warning to others"?

 The US tortures and likes torture when it is undertaken to advance their agenda. Other then that it is bad.
 And the US wields the death penalty like the Grim Reaper wields a sickle.

“We believe these assurances eliminate these asserted grounds for Mr. Snowden’s claim that he should be treated as a refugee or granted asylum, temporary or otherwise,” Mr. Holder said in the letter, which was sent to Justice Minister Aleksandr V. Konovalov.

Yes, that’s right. The letter is written to alleged human rights abuser par excellence, according to the US, that is. The letter is written To Russia’s Justice Minister.

 Unbelievable hubris

The US is a country that kills on a massive scale, from it’s inception to it’s present day
And it tortures. If the US does not torture individuals itself, in it’s extensive prison system, foreign and domestic. It 'encourages'  many other nations to do the dirty deeds on their behalf.
This disconnect between reality and illusion results in delusion.

A copy of the letter was provided to The New York Times on Friday by a Justice Department official, in response to questions about communications between the United States and Russian governments about Mr. Snowden’s fate.

The charges Mr. Snowden faces in the United States do not carry the death penalty, the letter said, adding that the United States would not seek the death penalty “even if Mr. Snowden were charged with additional death penalty-eligible crimes.

What does that quoted section really mean?
““even if Mr. Snowden were charged with additional death penalty-eligible crimes”
Being charged means nothing. It is being convicted that counts So is the US implying they would resort to some sort of kangaroo court to deal with Snowden?

Perhaps, Snowden can be tried in the Court of King Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner..


                                   Change is up to you. And you. And YOU.

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Israel & surrounding region Psyops, Propaganda, a nazi in Syria & more

Let’s look at some of the “goings on” with Israel and the areas surrounding Israel
Or the areas surrounding Israel, that Israel is affecting? Effecting? Infecting?
Whichever, matters not to me. They all apply in some way.
Going long, but, worth the time!

First a blast from the past. A woman discussed at this blog more then once.


Her psy-op narrative was created to appeal to the strident feminist. She is the feminist “hero” archetype. To hell with family. Those ties just hold a woman down! She is woman. Hear her roar! ROAR!
As was very, very, obvious at the time, she was yet another fraud presented by the NATO media. Thanks to freethinker for bringing this revelation to my attention. Exposing the fraud. And giving me yet another gold star! And a big smile to boot! Because dam we nailed it!

Give yourself a gold star. Good to see her exposed as the Israeli plant we knew she was.
This woman was supposed to be one Thwaiba Kanafani, a mother of two, who up and left her children and husband for jihad in Syria. Information in previous posts and lots of it.
Her bio came from Linkedin, right after Linkedin had been hacked. Which tells us her phony bio was planted during the hacking. Along with other phony bios no doubt.

 Egyptian security forces arrested Hossam El Din Malas and seized at his home military allowances and other important documents and some photos, including this picture And those who do not know the girl sitting next to him Is Dalia Shimon 25 years Mossad agent and a female soldier in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) from the Tel Aviv area.
I was actually surprised to find out she is just 25 years old. I thought she was older. Perhaps all that scowling has aged her face prematurely?

Still, more perception management from Israel

Israel bypasses diplomatic freeze with Gulf ‘virtual embassy’- Before we get to the spin. My comment on this 'virtual embassy' and the reason for it's existence-
"Israel in the GCC," the Israel Foreign Ministry's "Virtual Embassy" for the Persian Gulf. Photo: Screenshot.
Screen Grab of Virtual Embassy
If there was a real and true diplomatic freeze (think sanctions etc.,) then there would be NO ‘virtual embassy.  This narrative is promoted to create a perception of continuing discord between the GCC and Israel when there actually is NO  discord. The virtual embassy only serves to hide the collusion between Israel and the GCC nations from their domestic populace.
Israel has opened a “virtual embassy” to reach out to the citizens of the Gulf, where clandestine business ties between the Jewish state and the six members of the Gulf Co-operation Council have emerged over the past decade despite the absence of diplomatic relations.
Clearly if there are business ties and "Israeli exports to the GCC are now worth about $500m per year"
there is no absence of 'diplomatic relations' All those exports indicate there is all manner of relations ongoing diplomatic and otherwise.

The alleged Israeli attack on Lattakia- Until now, I just didn't want to touch that one. Sigh.... Many contradictory stories serve to muddy the waters. I don't know that this attack took place at all, at this point in time.
-Ziad talked this episode up- His conclusion? It didn't happen.

 -The first news of this attack was an FSA claim of ownership

 -The second news of this attack was an airstrike via Turkey

 -The third and latest news on this attack was a Dolphin class  submarine attack

-Voltaire concludes if any attack took place it was done on the ground by unidentified commandos

In reality, the arsenal was attacked from the ground. No aircraft or submarine were ever involved. It can only be asserted that the arsenal was attacked and partially destroyed by unidentified commandos.
You decide.       

And the piece de resistance in Israeli spin. The meme of all memes for the Israeli state
NAZI- Holocaust and Syria? Say, what? 

From Foreign Policy- Is the World’s Most Wanted Nazi War Criminal in Syria?

Yes, I am serious. Can the timing of this non credible nonsensical opinion piece be any more obvious?
You just have to know Syria is bad because...NAZI
Don't think about anything thing else. It doesn't matter. NAZI
You are now supposed to lose all rationality and react in rage and loathing for Syria. NAZI.
Just how absurd is this article? You can't make better bullshit up if you were a bull full of shit. Seriously.
Generally I don't use profanity. But this Foreign Policy piece is so absurd. So outrageous and so stupid, I can't help it.

 But the number one most-wanted, potentially-still-alive Nazi war criminal on the list is suspected to be in Damascus

Potentially still alive?! Not bloody likely! "Alois Brunner, born in 1912"
Making the number one potentially still alive NAZI, dead. Or 101 years old!!
Which means, he is dead.
Simon Weisenthal Centre claims Alois was "last spotted in 2001"
When he was a spry 88 years old? 
This stuff is tired. It's past its due date.
The only reason it's here is to point out the obvious propaganda in this theme. The reinforcement through repetition. And to make clear it is time to stop reacting and start thinking rationally


I don't know what this news is worth, really?- With little argument, House limits U.S. military involvement in Syria, Egypt

 With little argument, the House of Representatives approved measures Wednesday that would prevent the Obama administration from spending money on U.S. military operations in Syria without consulting Congress and would forbid funding U.S. military or paramilitary operations in Egypt.

Good Cop/Bad Cop? Perhaps an American citizen can explain the significance if any?
It would seem to me Congress would rubber stamp anything

Top Anti-Shia Kuwati Extremist Salafi Perished in Syria Clashes
This is one bad man! But he is on the 'right' team. The NATO team.

  On June 12, 2013 a group of Kuwaiti Wahhabi (Salafi) terrorists attacked barbarically Hatla, a small town in Der Ezzor countryside, north of Syria and committed one of the most heinous crimes against the town’s residents, most of which were women and children including a top Shiite cleric with his family.

A leading Wahhabi cleric in Kuwait took a group of his fanatics and protested in front of the Lebanese embassy bragging about the crime and confessing to the slaughtering of the civilians especially the cleric and his young son.

Shafi Ajami, the Wahhabi cleric received the details of the massacre, he claimed responsibility to, order from his cousin Saud Fayez Al-Houeila Al-Ajami who was leading the attacking herds of terrorists

Yesterday, July 24, 2013, social media sites promoting Al-Qaeda & Wahhabism mourned the killing of Saud Fayez Al-Houeila Al-Ajami along with 30 of his mostly Kuwaiti followers from the FSA, the Free From Syrians Army, near Idleb, north west of Syria by SAA, the Syrian Arab Army
The killed terrorist was the head of Qumam Health Institute in Kuwait, the Wahhabi sites mourning him were proud of his financing of the terrorists in Syria, recruiting radical terrorists from all countries to operate in Syria under the FSA umbrella and its Nusra Front branch.

Some Syrian rebels are taking amnesty from Assad

Hundreds of men who took up arms against President Bashar al-Assad are defecting back to the government side

Hundreds? Of the many thousands that have fought, are still fighting and amongst all the dead.
This always was a foreign destabilization.


Where the seeds of  discontent are being sown prolifically:

  Sisi calls for mass protests in Egypt to confront ‘terrorism’        

Terrorism being muslim brotherhood supporters....

 Egypt’s top army officer on Wednesday called for mass street protests to give him a mandate to confront terrorism three weeks after he removed the elected president.
Egypt army raises pressure on Islamists with call for rallies   

A senior member of Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood movement, Essam El-Erian, said Sisi's appeal represented a threat, adding that it would not halt Islamist protests urging the immediate restoration of the president. "Your threat will not prevent millions from continuing to gather," Erian wrote on Facebook.

El-Erian says Sisi’s appeal represents a threat. Which, of course, it does.
No doubt the Egyptian military is taking their NATO orders to stir up the populace. Create the conditions for civil war...... then Israel will simply have to move on the Sinai

I encourage the Egyptian people to not take the bait. Don’t allow the elite psycho’s to play you to your own demise and the ruin of your home.

There you are all done! It wasn't to bad, was it?
Don't miss today's first post.

Who is Kevin Annett? 

There is decency in the world and we should not lose sight of that.


Who is Kevin Annett?

A big thanks to McJ from the Winter Patriot Community for shining the light on this video
I enjoyed it thoroughly, therefore, it must be shared.

About an hour long.

His site has long been in the sidebar here: Hidden from History; The Genocide of Canada's Aboriginals

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

War against Iran, Iraq and Syria?

Anonymous left a Pipelinestan piece from Pepe Escobar @ AT:
Thanks, it works very well with the pieces I already had set aside for today's post. we go

Picture Iraqi Oil Minister Abdelkarim al-Luaybi, Syrian Oil Minister Sufian Allaw, and the current Iranian caretaker Oil Minister Mohammad Aliabadi getting together in the port of Assalouyeh, southern Iran, to to sign a memorandum of understanding for the construction of the Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline, no less.

 Pipelinestan  is one of the fundamental reasons (but,not the only reason) for the proxy war in Syria. Against the interests of Washington (and Israel), for whom integrating Iran is anathema, the pipeline bypasses two crucial foreign actors in Syria - prime "rebel" weaponizer Qatar (as a gas producer) and logistical "rebel" supporter Turkey (as the self-described privileged energy crossroads between East and West).
This pipeline plan  seems linked to Assad's 4 seas strategy covered oh so long ago, here at the blog
Also related to this post Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Qatar: Pipelineistan at work
And probably about 100 other posts on the topic of competing pipelines. I won't relink them all, that would be just overwhelming.

 The US$10 billion, 6,000 kilometer pipeline is set to start in Iran's South Pars gas field (the largest in the world, shared with Qatar), and run via Iraq, Syria and ultimately to Lebanon. Then it could go under the Mediterranean to Greece and beyond; be linked to the Arab gas pipeline; or both.

Before the end of August, three working groups will be discussing the complex technical, financial and legal aspects involved. Once finance is secured - and that's far from certain, considering the proxy war in Syria - the pipeline could be online by 2018. Tehran hopes that the final agreement will be signed before the end of the year.

Europeans - who endlessly carp about being hostages of Gazprom - should be rejoicing. Instead, once again they shot themselves in their Bally-clad feet.
But, then Europe follows the dictats of the US and Israel...see the news of Hezbollah's military wing being labelled a terrorist group 
The US and Israel are ecstatic. Or perhaps they are on ecstasy? I don't know?

Pepe touches on this development in his piece: "Round up all the Prada jihadis"

Well, that is one brand name choice..
Designer jihadis- Jihadis by design
The European Union decided to act; meekly bowing to US and Israel pressure, the EU - itself pressured by the UK and the Netherlands - blacklisted the armed wing of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.
The pretext was the false flag bombing in Bulgaria. Covered previously at the blog. Israel/Canada and the Bulgarian Bus Bombing

Pepe continues along, well within the lines of acceptable discourse. That being controlled discourse

“As a graphic illustration of utter EU cluelessness - some might say stupidity - Britain, the Netherlands and France, especially, followed by the others, have just branded the organization that is fighting jihadis on the ground in Syria/Lebanon "terrorists", while the jihadis themselves get away with it. So much for European ignorance/arrogance”

It is not utter stupidity, nor is it ignorance/arrogance, that the EU branded the organization fighting jihadis on the ground in Lebanon and Syria. It is intentional and falls well within the NATO led agenda to prevent legitimate state affiliated entities from fighting NATO’s Islamist Army in nations that are on the NATO destroy list. The decision is in fact rational, well thought out and follows along the lines of the global order/world army agenda of NATO. But, then Pepe gets paid and I don’t. So he won’t dare to say that.

So what's next? It's not far-fetched to imagine the EU totally forgetting about a pipeline that will ultimately benefit its citizens and issuing - under US pressure - a directive branding Iran-Iraq-Syria as a terrorist axis; lobbying for a no-fly zone applying to all; and recruiting jihadis all over for a Holy War against the axis, ( see break out news from Iraq. All NATO Islamist Army fighters- AQ)  supported by a fatwa issued by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

Quoting from AQ jailbreak article " The carefully orchestrated late-night attacks killed dozens Sunday, including at least 25 members of the Iraqi security forces.

The prisons in Abu Ghraib and Taji house thousands of prisoners, including convicted al-Qaeda militants. Exactly one year ago, al-Qaeda’s Iraq arm launched a campaign called “Breaking the Walls” that made freeing its imprisoned members a top priority.
Looks like the recruitment is already in play! No it is not far fetched to imagine the EU going along to get along.

This news should come as NO SURPRISE to anyone.

Congressional panel approves arms to the Syrian opposition (Openly)

The House and Senate intelligence committees have approved CIA weapons shipments to opposition fighters in Syria, allowing the Obama administration to move ahead on the stalled program, senior congressional and administration officials said Monday.

Despite ongoing “very strong concerns about the strength of the administration’s plans in Syria and its chances for success,” the House committee reached consensus “after much discussion and review,” Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) said in a statement.

The infrastructure for the program, which also includes training, logistics and intelligence assistance — most of it based in Jordan — is already in place and the arms would begin to flow within the next several weeks.

One last piece because it was such a good example of spin:

Blue Coat Surveillance Devices Used in Iran, Syria and Sudan, Experts Find   
You are supposed to believe..”There’s a lot of controversy around the sale of web surveillance devices to governments that are known for violating fundamental human rights”

Unless it is the US government/NSA? Then violation of fundamental human rights is just hunky dory and not worth mentioning.

The piece would then have you believe that it was the governments of these nations that was using these devices. But, was it?  

“In Iran, for instance, six active devices have been spotted on the networks of Internet service provider (ISP) Max Net, and on the networks of the Information Technology Company, which is managed by the country’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

In Sudan, a web-monitoring device has been discovered on the networks of the Canar Telecom ISP. In Syria, devices have been identified on the networks of state-owned Syrian Telecommunications Establishment.

In addition, Blue Coat products have also been spotted in countries that are subject to more limited US sanctions, such as Côte d’Ivoire, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, and Zimbabwe”

All nations mentioned are ones that  the one world order/ imperial power have an interest in spying on.

Humanity is the worst obstacle to it's own higher learning.......

The context for this saying is the conforming oppression of society upon the unique individual.

"Humanity is the worst obstacle to it's own higher learning. More then anything else that might be cited (such as language skills or imaginative facilities) this is what makes our species unique. We are encouraged by society to serve and perpetuate the given order, not the higher order of evolutional striving"

John Lash


Monday, July 22, 2013

Syria, Iran, Egypt: Making friends and influencing people

Interesting piece on Syria from this weekend from CNN

With some help from Anon's links in the previous post. Thanks Anonymous, who I still wish had a name.....
Just the highlights

 "United States needs to determine an endgame in Syria before it takes further military action in the beleaguered country"

"Escalated involvement in Syria by the U.S. military would lead to “a full-throated, very, very serious war.”

"When asked what if anything the U.S. should do to topple President Bashar al-Assad's regime, Mattis said the United States must first consult with regional powers to determine a framework under which to operate before engaging militarily"

John Kerry is in the ME presently...  

And...the US is shoring up "friends" in Lebanon:  "The 71 military Humvees were offloaded at Beirut Port in the presence of senior military officers and the U.S. defense cooperation office in Lebanon"

   “Then we need to be very clear about our military end state and political end state. Otherwise you'll invade a country, pull down a statue, and say, 'Now what do we do?'” Mattis said"
"The Obama administration has been reluctant to enter another military engagement, but announced in June that it would provide military support to start rebel fighters after it determined al-Assad’s forces had used chemical weapons - a red line that President Barack Obama warned the regime not to cross"

U.S. military prepares for potential chemical weapons in Syria

 The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, told a Senate panel Thursday that he has military options for Syria -- should the president ever give the order. That order might come if Assad's chemical weapon stockpiles are in danger of falling into the wrong hands. U.S. troops are training for that, and we went along.

 About 1,500 paratroopers dropped out of the night sky from an altitude of just 800 feet, bringing with them nearly 190,000 pounds of equipment. They were the first of some 4,000 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division parachuting into an exercise designed in part to prepare for the worst in Syria.

After seizing an airfield in the woods of North Carolina, they launched a helicopter assault on a compound where, for purposes of this exercise, chemical agents were believed to be stored. Their mission: get to the chemicals before they fall into the hands of terrorists who would use them against Americans. 

Maj. Gen. John Nicholson is commander of the 82nd. "As we look at the evolving situation -- Syria and other places around the world -- we're preparing to deal with the reality of securing chemical weapons," he said.

Prepping to secure 'chemical weapons'
"Mattis cautioned that setting up a no-fly zone would be a complicated and costly endeavor that is not a pragmatic military solution in a conflict where most of the violence is occurring on the ground"
"The retired general also said the administration’s plan to supply arms to the rebels is not without risk, as the weapons could get into the wrong hands. But that risk can be mitigated by thorough training, employing the secret services of surrounding countries and using U.S. special ops to monitor the situation"

Official: Al Qaeda-affiliated groups gaining strength in Syria

 I thought the US was ensuring arms only go to the 'good guys' ?

Concerning Iran

 If al-Assad falls, it would be the “biggest strategic setback in 25 years” for Iran.

One thing Mattis said he knows for certain is that should Iran get a nuclear weapon, Israel would launch an airstrike on Iran’s nuclear facilities

Muslim Brotherhood & Egypts break up for Israeli benefit?

Solutions: Boycotts and Buycotts

James Corbett: Personal Responsibility

Or, keep blaming McDonalds for making you fat???


Larken Rose on the Religion of Statism

Posted by
Larken Rose, the author of The Most Dangerous Superstition, joins us today on the program to explore the linkages between statism and religion. Is a belief in governmental authority analogous to religious belief? Or is it simply a religious belief in and of itself? If so, how best can we break the news to the dogmatic adherents of the religion of government that their god doesn’t exist?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dokku Umarov threatens Russia & the Olympics with terror - VIDEO

Recall just the other day, in this post, Irish Infantry to Golan. Israel everywhere. Samantha Power grovels & more

I stated:
" Oh and heads up! Russia and the Winter Olympics!
Keep that one at the back of your mind..... "
As if on cue!

Dokku Umarov threatens Russia with terror-

 Baku – APA. Caucasus Emirate Emir Dokku Abu Usman ceased moratorium on operations in heartland Russia and urged to prevent Olympic games in Sochi, APA reports quoting  

 He pointed out that the peace initiative of the Caucasus Emirate to halt military operations in heartland Russia was perceived by Moscow as a weakness, not as an act of goodwill.

 Russian invaders and their minions intensified the persecution of Muslim civilians and increased the number of civilians they kill.

 In this regard, Emir Dokku Abu Usman said that from now on, there would be back strikes in Russia's heartland. At the same time, he emphasized that the operations would target the Russia's ruling regime.

 Emir Dokku Abu Usman also urged the Mujahideen not to allow the Olympic games to take place in Sochi on the bones of Russian-killed Caucasians.

Abu Osman and Tim Osman? Interesting.
KavKaz is linked to western intelligence and particularly to Finland.
And Dokku Usman is alleged to have been an influence on Tamerlan Tsarnev
That will be a story for another day. Oh yes, it will.
Because the Boston ‘bombers’ weren’t connected to Russia randomly.
A contention I made clear over several posts, including my initial and correct prediction that the the bombers would somehow be connected to Russia, for the purpose of and in preparation for future narratives

April 16/2013: Bombs at the Boston Marathon

Followed by April 19/2013- Wow Chechens in Boston framing Russia

Laying out the what, why, how etc., in the series below..

Boston Bombing: NATO- Taking the fight to Russia ....

Pt 2- Boston Bombing: NATO, Oil and the Battle for...

Part 3- Boston Bombing : NATO, Oil and the battle ..

Thursday, July 18, 2013

US/Britian talk of using force in Syria and "refugees beg for a no fly zone"

and news of a report from the "FSA" that Assad transferred chemical weapons.... (Of course this pack of lies originates in Israeli media. It does however present a very convenient lie that can be used against Syria, Lebanon &Iran)
scroll down

The refugees begging is over the top. So, I will save it for last. (before updates) Along with the picture of John Kerry

“Senator, I am in favour of building a moderate opposition and supporting it,” Dempsey said. “The question whether to support it with direct kinetic strikes ... is a decision for our elected officials, not for the senior military leader of the nation.”

The use of kinetic strikes, a military term that typically refers to missiles and bombs, “is under deliberation inside of our agencies of government,” Dempsey said.

“There are a whole range of options that are out there,” Navy Adm. James Winnefeld, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said of the planning for military action in Syria. “We are ready to act if we’re called on to act.”

Dempsey acknowledged in response to a question from Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican, that Assad’s forces have the upper hand in Syria.

“Currently the tide seems to have shifted in his favour,” the general said.
UK: UK 'ready to act' on Syria chemical weapons-  

No mention of just who in Syria has been using those....Clue: NATO backed mercs

General Sir David Richards says UK may have to go to war to tackle Assad

Military chief says 'we'd have to act' if weapons fell into al-Qaeda hands
Britain 'would have to act' to stop chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria falling into the hands of al-Qaeda terrorists, the outgoing head of the Armed Forces revealed today.
One of these actions could be to implement a no-fly zone, but General Sir David Richards warned that the Government has to be prepared to go to war if it wants to limit the powers of the Assad regime.

The Chief of the Defence Staff, who retires today, said: ‘If you wanted to have the material impact on the Syrian regime’s calculations that some people seek, a no-fly zone per se is insufficient.

‘You have to be able, as we did successfully in Libya, to hit ground targets... so you would be going to war if that is what you want to do.’

And finally, the begging refugees. Sounds like a music act?
Let's put our hands together for the Begging Refugees
Cue screaming audience- 
Not trying to sound callous- But, begging refugees? Begging to have their country, homes and fellow citizens bombed to smithereens.... Psy-op

Syria refugees "begging" John Kerry for no-fly zone

"We are begging you for a no-fly zone," said Jamalat Abu al-Hariri       
"You as the U.S. government look to Israel with respect," she said. "Cannot you do the same with the children of Syria?"

That question is right on the spin target.  I mean, really obvious stuff

And John Kerry’s response? He is so concerned...very concerned. He cares

"I think they are frustrated and angry at the world for not stepping up," he said. "If I was in their shoes I would be looking for help wherever I could find it. I share their passion and frustration for the plight that they face on a day-to-day basis."
 Mr Kerry the ‘humanitarian” If humanitarian means supporter of mass killings, that is.
Yuk, ew. Check the pic out. His hand on his heart. The sincerity of it all.....

Secretary of State John Kerry greets a group of Syrian refugees during a joint meeting with Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh (sitting, R) at the Zaatari refugee camp near the Jordanian city of Mafraq, July 18, 2013.
Secretary of State John Kerry greets a group of Syrian refugees during a joint meeting with Jordanian officials

It doesn't get anymore contrived then the screaming headline and the absurd photo

UPDATE HERE AND NOW: Syria's rebel commander expected to visit United States

Syria's top rebel ( AQ) commander is likely to visit the United States next week, U.S.-based Syrian opposition representatives said on Thursday, and he is expected to make a plea for speedy U.S. arms shipments.
General Salim Idriss, who leads the rebel Supreme Military Council, is expected to go to New York for meetings at the United Nations and will perhaps also visit Washington.
  Mariam Jalabi of the Syrian National Coalition and a U.N. Security Council diplomat confirmed plans for Idriss to visit the United States.

YNET NEWS: Beware the tailor made Israeli propaganda 

A Free Syria Army spokesperson, Faid al-Masri, said that the Syria regime recently transferred to shipments of chemical arms to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

According to reports on the Lebanese A-Nashra news website the transfer occurred in the vicinity of Damascus in recent weeks, with Iranian coordination. The reports were unconfirmed by other sources. Recently, the Syrian regime claimed it has unearthed a rebel-owned chemical arms stash in the Qaboun neighborhood in Damascus. (Roi Kais)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Irish Infantry to Golan. Israel everywhere. Samantha Power grovels & more

Time for another news round up. Let’s see what I was able to corral ?   
Going long 
I can't get over how often Ireland comes up in relation to the destabilization of the  Middle East.
They seem an odd affiliate on the surface, but, scratch just a bit deeper............

Irish troops are going to Golan as part of UN force
Does anyone find that odd? Suspicious? You should
The Quneitra border crossing between Israel and Syria, as seen from the Israeli side of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights last week.  A Government spokesman said the Irish troops would  be acting in an observer capacity in the area. Photograph:  Baz Ratner/Reuters
The Quneitra border crossing between Israel and Syria, as seen from the Israeli side of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights last week.

More than 100 Irish troops are to be be sent to war-torn Syria as part of a United Nations observer force later this summer.

The Government yesterday approved the deployment of a 114-strong mechanised infantry unit to the Golan Heights at the request of the UN.

Two problems I have with this beside the obvious 'boots on the ground' feel

 # 1- Not so long ago Russia offered to send troops to the Golan border to act as peacekeepers..
The UN declined. Why?

# 2- Ireland is within the sphere/domain of Muslim Brotherhood influence or worse

Muslim Brotherhood- Globalists

Countries of activity 

We have all read about many Irish MB fighting for the ‘cause’ in Syria. We are or should be aware of the Irish MB fighting in Libya. The Irish MB on the Mavi Marmara. All of them connected to the MB globalist, NATO war terror machine. I hope you have been paying attention?
 So, who are these Irish troops going to be? Is this a way for the UN to surreptitiously, in their role as a  NATO consort globalist organization, increase the numbers of NATO backed fighters at the border...
That is certainly what I suspect.

Speaking further of Golan:

What is Israel up to? Clearly the Israeli media is covering up IDF/NATO backed mercenary activity at the border with nonsensical, contradictory stories. It would make sense that activity is on the increase and is attracting more attention

 Syrians who infiltrated IDF posts were thieves

IDF Spokesman Yoav Mordechai denied that terrorists infiltrated an IDF post and shot at soldiers on Tuesday. He said that metal thieves had crossed the border, were shot at by the IDF and then Syrian elements returned fire
Preceded by this news

IDF scouring Syria border area after gunmen open fire on troops

Israeli military does not believe gunfire came from Syrian rebels, but still cannot say who opened fire Tuesday night.

Preceded by this news-

Syrian rebels seize IDF post, exchange fire with soldiers

During a routine patrol by an IDF unit, the unit observed suspects in an unmanned post in south Golan Heights just east of the border fence.

The suspects, who turned out to be Syrian rebels, fired at the IDF troops, which fired back. IDF troops were rushed to the scene. No injuries were reported. The results of the IDF fire are yet unconfirmed

And  as Anonymous points out...... thanks anonymous!

Israel crashed, intentionally or otherwise, one of it’s drones that was over the Sinai
The UAV crashed near the youth village of Nitzana on the Israel-Egypt border. The crash was caused by a technical problem, according to the IDF.
Israel Air Force Hermes 450 UAV (photo credit: Elbit via Tsahi Ben-Ami/Flash 90)
Israel Air Force Hermes 450 UAV

So called terror attacks are on the increase in Sinai, despite, or perhaps, because of an increase in US military & Egyptian military presence in the Sinai.

The violence has spiked again since the overthrow of Islamist president Mohamed Mursi this month. Militants have attacked security checkpoints and other targets on an almost daily basis, killing at least 13 people.
It all seems to be ‘going to hell in a handbasket’? And Israel seems central to it all in the ME.

TTP has sent fighters to Syria
 Seems plausible. There were previous reports of Pakistani fighters present in Syria
So, more on the way is very believable, particularly at this time.

By the way the TTP- Tehrik Taliban of Paksitan is yet another bunch of NATO backed fighters.
Certainly not the lowly fighter. But, the higher ranks? Definitely!
I have numerous posts on this bunch

TTP Organization sends fighters to Syria to battle Assad
Speaking of the UN. Obama’s nominee Samantha Power is singing the right tune

"We see the failure of the UN Security Council to respond to the slaughter in Syria - a disgrace that history will judge harshly,"

She also said she sees at the United Nations "unacceptable bias and attacks against the State of Israel," and "the absurdity" of Iran serving as chair of the UN Conference on disarmament.

Power is expected to easily win Senate approval to the UN post
She's 'in like flynn'


Russia- Holding biggest war game since the fall of the Soviet Union

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday watched Russia's biggest military maneuvers since Soviet times, involving 160,000 troops and about 5,000 tanks across Siberia and the far eastern region in a massive show of the nation's resurgent military might.

Dozens of Russia's Pacific Fleet ships and 130 combat aircraft also took part in the exercise, which began on Friday and continue through this week. Putin watched some of the drills on Sakhalin Island in the Pacific, where thousands of troops were ferried and airlifted from the mainland.
Part of the maneuvers was intended to simulate a response to a hypothetical attack by Japanese and US forces

Russia breaks into top 5 of World Economies- Overtaking Germany

Reuters / Anton Golubev

Oh and heads up! Russia and the Winter Olympics!
Keep that one at the back of your mind..... 

 Sochi is also worryingly close to the north Caucasus, a predominantly Muslim part of Russia that has been immersed in a bloody civil conflict for two decades. Last year Russia lost 296 soldiers and civilians in the north Caucasus, according to Caucasian Knot, a monitoring organisation, almost as many soldiers as America lost in Afghanistan. “Imagine holding the games in Kabul,” one American official says

Turkey: Protests Can’t Alter Ankara’s Syria Policy

****And please don't miss today's previous post!

James Bamford: NSA, US Space Command & the Global Brave New World of Surveillance