Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fukushima: Radiation Millions of Times Over Safe Limit, after more then 2 years

Fukushima radiation millions of times over safe limit-
WSJ reported the other day....
The radiation is millions of times higher than Japan's acceptable limit under normal circumstances.

Radiation of 750 million becquerels a liter of cesium-134 and 1.6 billion becquerels a liter of cesium-137 was recorded, Tepco said. The normal limits for the two potentially harmful isotopes are 60 and 90 becquerels, respectively. In April 2011 a combined 1.8 billion becquerels was recorded.

"The level of radioactivity is potentially serious but the impact would depend on where it is found," a Tepco official said

Potentially serious? Who is the Tepco official kidding. We are two years and 5months into this catastrophic global disaster. Unprecedented in scale. 3, yes 3 nuclear reactors in meltdown from day one.

Potentially serious?

Tokyo Electric Power Co. has detected a high level of tritium in water under its stricken FukushimaNo. 1 power plant.

TEPCO detected 8.7 million becquerels of tritium per liter in water taken on Friday from a cable trench running under the turbine building of the No. 2 reactor, about some 50 meters from the Pacific Ocean.

And where is all this highly radioactive water going?   
Fukushima Operator Announces Plan to Release Radioactive Water into Pacific

Since the incident TEPCO has been pouring water over the damaged complex reactors to cool them for more than two years,(unsuccesfully) still contaminated water has been building up at the rate of an Olympic-size swimming pool each week since then. Three months ago TEPCO stated that the space to store the irradiated water was limited and asked for government approval to shift groundwater with “low levels of radiation” from the stricken facility to the Pacific via a "bypass."
The water has already been pouring in the sea
Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority head Shunichi Tanaka cautiously told journalists, that he believed that the maritime leakages since Fukushima were ongoing, stating, "I think contamination of the sea is continuing to a greater or lesser extent. It was contaminated at the time of the accident, but I think it has been continuing for the last two years.
For very nearly 880 days now contaminated water has been pouring into the Pacific.
What is in the water is in the soil

Mutant Slug

What is in the water and soil is also, obviously in the air

But on a rooftop in Fukushima, radioactive cesium levels were at the highest levels observed in the past year, according to the Asahi Shumbun newspaper.

The publication reported that University of Tokyo associate professor Ryoji Enomoto found moss with 1.7 million becquerels just over 50 kilometres from a crippled nuclear-power plant.

Where is the media on all this? How about the political class? The UN? 
All of them largely deadly silent.
Where are all the pseudo environmental groups? Paying lip service, but, not much else
Very similar to the co-opted human rights groups. You know the ones that condemn in lock step with the NATO agenda? But, stay almost silent on the NATO global killing spree. 

I say almost silent, because groups such as HRW make just enough noise to maintain a semblance of credibility to those that don’t really pay attention.

All these global players have a vested interest in not wanting to bring attention to the global catastrophe that is Fukushima.  It would interfere with their ‘man made global warming’ fear campaign and push to create their global control grid, while imprisoning humanity in open air prisons.

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