Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood- Part of the Globalist blight on humanity, indeed!

Finding this article, Connecting the dots , felt to me the same as finding that impossible piece in the puzzle and fitting it in to the entire picture.

First a sufficient definition of Globalist/s. What or who is a Globalist/s?

The Globalists are a conglomerate of individuals, interest groups and large corporations who actively seek to eliminate all countries to create a global border-less society so that they can centralize, reduce and standardize all economies, production and the processing of natural resources so that they can directly control, manipulate and influence the decisions we make to ensure they maintain their power, control, wealth and historical influence.
In other words conspirators in the creation of a one world tyranny 
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Basic info out of the way, how do the Muslim Brotherhood fit into the globalist puzzle?
Make no mistake the Muslim Brotherhood does fit right into the globalist puzzle. The one world global tyranny. In my opinion this one article and the accompanying pdf’s say so much....

Trial revealed complicated network of the Muslim Brotherhood finances
Dubai: Little was known in this country about what has transpired as an amazing web of links and collaboration between the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and affiliated groups in the UAE and other Arab states.

But the trial of 94 Emiratis, which concluded yesterday with conviction of 69 defendants of being members of a clandestine group that plotted to undermine security and seize power, revealed a vast political, ideological and financial network led by the Muslim Brotherhood main front, the Europe Trust, led by senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Ahmed Al Rawi.

According to documents obtained by Gulf News yesterday, investigators have concluded that “ the Muslim Brotherhood has a global footprint, with the UK and Ireland serving as important hubs for international Muslim Brotherhood leadership activity.”

They also said that “members of the UAE branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Islah [whose members have been among those convicted in Abu Dhabi yesterday] are active in Muslim Brotherhood networks in the UK and Ireland.”

UK and Ireland. This explains so much!  Why we have Irish citizens of Arabic descent looming large in amongst the mercenary fighters in Libya and Syria.  Mercs in Syria with the accents of an ‘englishmen’

“Entities affiliated with Al Eslah in the UAE and the UK have been tied to global terrorist support activity, as identified publicly by U.S and other counterterrorism authorities,” one document said.

The documents also explain a long history of shadowy activities and links led by exiled Muslim Brotherhood leaders who had escaped their homelands and found safe havens in the UK and Europe to lead and propagate the Brotherhood’s cross-border activities.

You absolutely must look at these pdf’s!

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!

 Al Islah's global links

Countries of activity 

 Muslim Brotherhood operations at a glance   

In the Gulf, officials have always warned of the Brotherhood threat as the group doesn’t recognize modern state sovereignty and prevailing laws.
Muslim Brotherhood globalists are right in there with PM Harper, President Obama, Cameron of Britain, Bush the elder, David Rockefeller and so, so, so many others. They are all 'globalists'
 How is that globalism working out thus far?
Exploitation of humanity, impoverishment, human trafficking, global misery, endless war.....
At a press conference with his Ukrainian counterpart, Kostyantyn Gryshchenko, in Abu Dhabi on October 12, 2012, UAE Foreign Minister Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan denounced the Brotherhood as “an organisation which encroaches upon sovereignty and integrity of nations”.

“The Muslim Brotherhood’s thinking does not recognise borders or sovereignty of nations. So, it is not unusual that the international Brotherhood organisation works to make inroads upon sovereignty and laws of countries,” he added.
The court documents show how money was channeled from different charities in the UAE, run by some of the Islah members, to the Europe Trust though a complicated web of intermediate companies and institutions.


  1. The dots are connected and just as many of us have suspected for a long time, the MB is being manipulated and used. The same goes for much of the anti-MB factions. Chaos and destabilization has always been the goal. The globalists play all sides to achieve this.

    What's sad to me is that overall the people were better off under the dictators. What a thing to say? The goal seems to be to never allow the people to even get back to what little they once had. Puppets, IMF loans, austerity, poverty, warring and bickering factions. Divide and control. Same as always.

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  3. Interesting the response to Kenny went to email?

    So, here it is

    thanks for stopping by Kenny :)
    since you are one of my faves, I was interested in what you thought of this bit of news
    Manipulated and used, yes, but willingly
    At least for those at the top, getting their pockets lined with cash
    the low level dupes are being killed, maimed abused.
    (though this cannot happen unless one allows that)

    "Chaos and destabilization has always been the goal"
    and wow, can the elites ever work this system

    "What's sad to me is that overall the people were better off under the dictators. What a thing to say?"

    As awful as it is, it's true. Egypt has gone right down hill since Morsi took power.
    The protestors, mostly impoverished had to have hoped the situation would improve and yet, it worsened
    Kind of makes one think of the true Obama believers, they were filled with hope and what did that get them?
    Life in the US has gotten worse and will get worse still

    Same as in Canada
    where they are waving the young Trudeau at the people
    as the next god/saviour
    roll my eyes-

  4. I've had the same thing happen a few times lately where comments go to email, I hit publish from there, get another email that it was published but doesn't show on the blog. Had to copy and paste the comment from the email and manually put it in. ???

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  5. It's been a busy past year for Naguib Sawiris.The eldest son of Egyptian billionaire Onsi Sawiris sold nearly all his shares in Russian telecom giant VimpelCom, which had acquired the Sawiris' Orascom Telecom in a cash and stock transaction in 2011. Naguib set up Orascom Telecom Media and Technology, which has a 75% stake in Koryolink, North Korea's only cell network. Sawiris sold his stake in Telekom Austria to Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim's America Movil in June 2012. A month later, his Weather Investments entity bought Canadian mining company La Mancha from French nuclear giant Areva for $317 million. Sawiris founded the Free Egyptians Party in the aftermath of Egypt's revolution and has been a vocal opponent of the Muslim Brotherhood; his party did not back the election of President Mohamed Morsi.

    Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris returned home on Friday, ending a self-imposed exile that began after the election of President Mohamed Morsi last year, and was warmly welcomed by a government grappling with an economic crisis.

    Sawiris, one of Egypt's most prominent Coptic Christians and a critic of Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood, was greeted at Cairo airport by an envoy of the Islamist president who presented him with flowers.

    He arrived on a private jet from France with his father and eight other family members, an airport official said.

    Sawiris buys Sudan Gold assets

    Sudan says the telecom system went down for an hour before the attacks.

    1. Naguib Sawiris was greeted by Islamists at the airport though he did not support Morsi?
      Returned home. Just this past friday?
      I must look into this

  6. "Connecting THe Dots" linkie no workie, Pen!
    Try this -

    "In the Gulf, officials have always warned of the Brotherhood threat as the group doesn’t recognize modern state sovereignty and prevailing laws."

    Presumably this is code for "the Brotherhood is working towards the Caliphate" which would make sense as the Zionist bankers (Globalists) will pit the MB Caliphate against the 'Christian' west to create WW3 with the jews emerging from the rubble to rule the world.

    1. thanks James, I fixed the link
      much weirdness at the blog today, blog disappearing
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      did you look at the pdf's
      the countries
      the web of intrigue
      it would be interesting to cross check some of those intermingled entities with Israeli/NATO/US/EU entities

    2. Yes, I had a look at the pdf's. The organisations chart presumes we know that these characters belong to the Muslim Brotherhood. There might be more to the story.

      I read years ago that the Muslim Brotherhood had links to another brother hood, the Brotherhood, Scottish Rite Masonry, principally through their lodge in Jerusalem.

      The CIA and Masonry are as thick as thieves and it's been long accepted that the MB is run and paid for by the CIA. The CIA's raison d'etre is to facilitate the wishes of the international (mainly jewish) banks.

      Speaking of 'run and paid for', the intermeshed organisations and characters is typically what you get when Big Money is greasing the wheels. As an example, pre WWII German industry (all of it) was controlled by a group of 100 men sitting on various interlocked boards. These men were, in turn, beholden to the four major German banks at the time who put them there.

      APea did a story on one of the MB's finance guys at the time of the first revolution. I can't remember his name but I don't recognise it or his face in the cast of characters in that chart you linked to.

    3. I remember thinking at the time that this MB finance guy (and the rest of the MB financial structure) could not thrive in a financial world dominated by jewish banks without their tacit approval, at least.

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      If you can come across AP's post leave the link?

  7. Egyptian military coup under way

    1. Perhaps the replacement has come to Egypt?
      see info left by anonymous above?

  8. we never see this sort of revolution in the west and esp not US

    1. that's because the west is already slavishly obedient

  9. Thanks for the pdf's and the analysis!
    Really frightening...