Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Any US strike against Syria likely to last hours not days??

Consider this an update on the earlier post from today. Syrian strikes sooner rather then later: Israeli intel lights the way. Iran? To get up to speed you might want to read there first
If this latest report is accurate, what has changed?
Was it the NATO non assistance?
Fox News and there is a video there you may wish to take in

Any U.S. strike against Syria is “likely to last hours not days” and probably would not come before the British Parliament votes on military action Thursday, a senior U.S. defense official told Fox News.
Sources tell Fox that a strike would be led by the U.S. Navy and its assets positioned in the Eastern Mediterranean and that it would be limited in scope.
Four U.S. Navy destroyers are in position, along with at least one nuclear-powered submarine. A British submarine is also available if Britain’s Parliament approves military action.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke to his British and French counterparts by phone Tuesday during a trip to Asia. In an interview with the BBC, he said the U.S. military was in position and “ready to go.”
According to U.S. military officials, there are no plans in the initial mission to strike or secure President Bashar Assad's chemical weapons, which are spread among 50 different sites, some of which are underground.
Wait a minute, I thought this was punishment for daring to use chemical weapons? You know the ones that Syria didn't use?

In fact it is not even possible, experts say, to use air strikes to carry out surgical strikes on chemical weapons storage facilities, despite suggestions from some U.S. legislators in weekend interviews that that be the preferred action. Air strikes would release those toxic chemicals into the air, potentially causing more mass casualties.

“It seems to me that what we're looking at here is sort of shock and awe light,” said Retired Major General Bob Scales, a Fox News military analyst and former commandant of the Army War College. “That is a simple cruise missile strike from mostly sea-delivered platforms launched outside the umbrella of Syrian air defense intended to strike high visibility targets like command and control or perhaps some missile and weapon placements.”
The current goal, according to a senior U.S. defense official, "is to deter the regime from using chemical weapons in the future and to degrade its capabilities...we have a military solution for that." (baloney)

Pentagon officials confirm that strike plans do not include regime change, so there is little need for waves of air or missile strikes over several days.
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Martin Dempsey has said repeatedly that "there is no military solution" for regime change in Syria.
According to one senior U.S. defense official, in response to reports that a window to strike could open as early as Thursday, "the window to strike is open now from a military perspective. The decision about timing is political."
The decision about timing is political. As I mentioned the other day. In this post: Use of Force against Syria just days away? It looks that way.
Changing the situation on the ground for the NATO IDF Islamic Troops

NATO has called an emergency meeting in Brussels on Wednesday. No decision to strike is likely to be made before then.


  1. And it really sounds like the US is taking the cowards strike at Syria
    Staying far away from Syria's defence system
    Watch the video and tell me what you think? Is the US concerned?

  2. http://www.eutimes.net/2013/08/putin-orders-massive-strike-against-saudi-arabia-if-west-attacks-syria/

    got this from Maria at Ziads place. what do you think?

    MariaAugust 27, 2013 at 3:42 PM

    You guys need to see this, I really, really hope it is true:

    Putin Orders Massive Strike Against Saudi Arabia If West Attacks Syria

    If West attack Syria, Saudi Arabia s going to be turned into a crater.

    thanks Maria!

    1. This is a Sorcha Faal distraction.


      Why wouldn't Russia strike Israel instead? Strategically, SA needs to go too but I don't recall any Faal report ever coming true.

    2. ty kenny

      i had some issues with the whole saudi russia scenario,should have stayed with the gut!
      what do you make of the fox story kenny?

  3. http://www.eutimes.net/2013/08/putin-orders-massive-strike-against-saudi-arabia-if-west-attacks-syria/

    Source is Sorcha Faal (such a failure).

    Aka David Booth...couple of other aliases.

    Batting average; 0


    1. thank you also
      I read it and missed the source
      and like I said to Kenny, i had my doubts and should have stuck with my gut feeling on the saudi/russia bandar stuff

    2. sorcha fail...so likely not true and an attempt to take on russia

  4. Has anyone actually seen or heard from Bandar himself? Or has he resumed his his multi year hiatus? It is worth considering that everything being said about the US stalwart ally Saudi is not nearly what it appears.

    1. "It is worth considering that everything being said about the US stalwart ally Saudi is not nearly what it appears"

      which is why I should have stuck to my feelings and not even linked that other piece
      SA seems divided and I have never been sure if Bandar was dead or alive

  5. 'West seeks to drown Syria in blood' - Abdullatif Sener, former Turkish Deputy Prime Minister


    "Abdullatif Sener: Unfortunately, the West’s stance rests on some clear-cut principles. It constantly uses double standards and always sticks to a position that enables it to achieve the desired result in each individual case. The West is always guided exclusively by its own interests. It doesn’t matter to the West whether something is true or untrue. What does matter is who supports and who opposes it. This behavior is unacceptable in international relations. Compliance with norms and rules is crucial prerequisites for a sustainable system of international relations, which the West defies these norms, and its position towards Syria is glaring proof of that and the acme of hypocrisy..."

    вот так

  6. US begins war on Syria as early as Thursday, officials say


    "Senior American officials say the United States has planned to launch missile strikes against Syria “as early as Thursday” in order to punish Damascus over the alleged use of chemical weapons.

    The unnamed officials told NBC News on Tuesday that the “three days” of strikes would be limited in scope, and aimed at “sending a message to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad rather than degrading his military capabilities.”

    On Monday night, four US warships were deployed in the Mediterranean within cruise missile range of Syria..."

    But As Ziad has written (at SyrPer), it is the cruise missile armed subs that are probably the worst threat. Unless each is being clandestinely tailed by a Russian sub, how many of these are present, and where they are would remain unknown to Syria.

    вот так

  7. Hello Penny,
    Apologies for this off topic comment.
    this movie UNBREAKABLE deals, artistically, with what we discussed last week. the villain takes petty vindictiveness to the ultimate extreme. vengeance on a monumental scale, while simultaneously seeking those who might thwart him. The last scene explains this twisted tale. sorry ya gotta go all the way to the end. but I assure you the ride is worth it.

    1. Peter:
      apologies for the tardiness
      I will watch over the week end
      the news has got me very, very concerned

    2. yes penny mass murder in Syria ...been goin' on for two years now. I only mention this film cuz it deals with the "elite mentality" that literally design(last scene in film has the evil genius in his office with black and white tiled floor.. very masonic) the mass murder.
      Millie Cyrus porn is all interrelated. the PTB are criminally insane but nevertheless brilliant genius'. with unheralded high tech weapons(literal and figurative/psychological) of mass destruction.

    3. Hey Peter
      I am glad you did mention it! And look forward to watching it

      ". the PTB are criminally insane but nevertheless brilliant genius'. with unheralded high tech weapons(literal and figurative/psychological) of mass destruction"

      can we say brilliant but deadly evil?
      That is sooooo much more fitting
      And they know us so well.. years of psycho analyzing, manipulating and drugging the masses

    4. As for Milley Cyprus I have been ignoring all that surrounds her
      I saw a couple images and thought oh porn for the kiddies and kiddie porn
      how degrading for humanity

  8. US readies to strike Syria at Hyades Last Quarter Moon. http://bit.ly/19XVYjA

    1. http://www.sonoma.edu/users/v/vegalu/eschatology_files/strike.pdf


      Mozaffar, couldn't leave this at your blog, but tried to
      however something about 'click jacking' and it was blocked
      I had noticed the last quarter moon was this thursday and news of the strike on that day was a bit startling. So the concept had been rolling around in my head
      Not so much because it is important to me personally, but I had read previously Israel is big on this kind of stuff, which is weird, because they are a theocratic state and reading the stars or the moon would be heretical
      So whatever?
      two pdf's someone took the time to make the connections

  9. evidence of who did th CW attacks and yes its the insurgents
    jamse corbett interviews activist in syria

    theyve out the whole thing behind a subscribers waLL TO http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/2013/08/27/bfp-syria-report-satellite-imagery-proves-syrian-chemical-weapons-attack-staged-by-rebels/

    1. thanks brian
      I saw the video
      at some point in time I will post it

  10. evidence of who did th CW attacks and yes its the insurgents
    jamse corbett interviews activist in syria

    ful podcast
    27 Aug 2013
    Interview 730 – Ayssar Midani on the Syrian Chemical Weapons Hoax

    Posted by Corbett http://www.corbettreport.com/?powerpress_pinw=7862-podcast

    Ayssar Midani, a French Syrian citizen and political activist, joins us from Damascus to talk about the latest developments in Syria. We talk about the history of the terrorist jihadi insurgency in the country and their prior use of chemical weapons, the latest attack and claims of satellite evidence proving that the attack was not launched by government officials, and the likely consequences of a US-led strike on the country.